Boise State to appeal football penalties levied by NCAA

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State will appeal the NCAA penalties imposed on its football program, the school announced Tuesday.

The appeal is limited to the penalties the Committee on Infractions levied in excess of the penalties self-imposed by the university.

The additional penalties were three scholarships for the 2012 and 2013 football seasons and three fewer contact practices during spring ball in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Boise State’s self-imposed penalties were three scholarships for 2011 and three fewer preseason practices in 2011 and 2012.

The appeals process is expected to take two to three months (see timeline below). There is no timeline for a decision after that. Only one of 13 appeals has been successful since the NCAA changed its appellate rules in 2008.

The appeal is decided upon by the Infractions Appeals Committee (members here). It appears the only argument available to Boise State, because the school is appealing only the football penalties and not any of the findings of violation, is that the COI decision "was excessive and is an abuse of discretion."

Boise State coach Chris Petersen said he was “disappointed” when the penalties were announced Sept. 13. Later that week, on his radio show, Petersen hinted at frustration.

“We could talk for days, I’ve got so many thoughts and opinions on this deal,” Petersen said. “But I’ve kind of learned that it’s probably best that I say that we were surprised by it, but we’ll do what we have to do. The one thing I appreciate about this program and our kids is whatever we have thrown our way, we’ll adjust and adapt and we’ll keep rolling.”


Here's the appeals timeline, according to Boise State officials:

— Boise State had until Wednesday to notify the NCAA of its intent to appeal. The NCAA then will acknowledge receipt of Boise State's decision.

— Boise State will have 30 days from the acknowledgement to file its brief.

— The COI will have 30 days to answer the brief.

— Boise State will have 14 days to file its rebuttal.

— It's unclear whether Boise State will have an in-person hearing or how long after the process has been completed that a decision will be announced.


Notes on the appeals process, from the NCAA:

— There are five members on the committee. At least one of the members is from the general public and isn’t associated with a college, professional sports organization or athletes in any way. The other members must be a staff member of an NCAA school or conference.

— An appeal is NOT a new hearing that provides a second chance to argue the case. The Infractions Appeals Committee will reverse or modify a ruling of the Committee on Infractions only if the individual or school can prove one of the following:

• The ruling by the Committee on Infractions was clearly contrary to the evidence;
• The individual or school did not actually break NCAA rules;
• There was a procedural error that caused the Committee on Infractions to find a violation of NCAA rules;
• The penalty was excessive and is an abuse of discretion.

— The appeal can be handled in written form or through an in-person hearing.

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the university committed the violations the chances of winning on appeal less than the school getting a bid to a major football gamor as usual Kustra blame the fall guy as usual

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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

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Good for them

I've always wondered how we went from "Summery Judgement" to penalties just because they found an idiot tennis coach...........


No wrath like a woman scorned!

Who's being penalized?

Taking away scholarships? Seems that's against some deserving students/athletes.

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SIF and tfunky are right about Bronco Bob & Bad Karma

He has been saying all along about Bad Karma caused by Bronco Bob's comments about Vandals, (students, family, friends, and fans being Nasty and Inebrated).

I used to think that the initials 'BK' stood for Bob Kustra.

Now I can see where SIF is right on target and I now think Bronco Bob's real initials stand for 'Bad Karma'.

Where will all this Bad Karma lead to. It is kind of like the Limbo Rock - How Low Can You Go?

It is very interesting being a Bronco Fotball Fan and watching how the Bad Karma is affecting BSU. I don't want it to affect the Bronco Fotball Team - just Bronco Bob. So far the Bronco Football team is still winning games and in contention to get a BCS Bowl Bid. But the GB firing thingy did make Bronco Bob look kinda bad, mean, and ruthless. Maybe Bronco Bob had cause for the firing, but it still was a chicken chit way for him to have handled it, by being out of town when the announcement came, like tfunky has reminded us.

Tfunky is right on with that one, regarding how Bob Kustra handled the GB firing announcement and how it was all very low class and crummy the way Bronco Bob handled it. Unless I misundersdtood what tfunky was saying. Maybe I read itwrong and tfunky was saying it was god that Bronco Bob was low class. I get confused sometmes.

All I know is the Bad Karma thingy seems to be catching hold and gaining momentum.


You crack me up VNDL

First, you may be one of 4 people in the entire state that even remembers what BroncoBob said about attending games at U of I, let alone believe that all bad things can be tied to the "bad karma" contributed to such a minor issue.

Second, Yes, I thought BroncoBob not being in town for the announcement was a bit chicken chit.

Third, the "bad karma" is only gaining momentum in your vivid imagination.

tfunky Correct Me If I Am Wrong...

but didn't Gene pick the date for release? He knew about the termination prior..and wasn't Kustra on a pre planned triP? Certainly they both knew and discussed that. If I'm correct, then I don't know if I'd call it c.s.

Kinda sorta

From what I understand, Gene wanted some time before an announcement was made,BroncoBob gave him until a certain date. The date he picked happened to fall on a day BroncoBob was out of town. And from what I understand a somewhat important out of town trip. I still think BroncoBob should have been here, You and I have both run businesses, you don't can key (and popular) management without being there.

Well Funky...Certainly

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You prolly think that the Men's Room on the first floor of the SUB by the book store running out of toilet paper the other day was coincidence.

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Just wait and see. More stuff is gonna happen at/to BSU and it will all be attributed to Bad Karma, in time.

Once the Bad Karma wave is in motion the only thing that can dampen it and stop it is for Bronco Bob to issue a statement of retraction and/or an apology. Until then - don't ever walk under any ladders at BSU or break any mirrors. And, it is critical to carry a small piece of wood in your pocket to knock on. Those without the wood will perish and vanish. Nobody will know what hapened to them. So if you make a phone call someday to somebody and they are not there to answer the call - chances are they haven't been knocking on wood and are gone to the Great Beyond.


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