State Board issues statement supporting Boise State president after firing of athletic director

By Brian Murphy

The Idaho State Board of Education, which has so far avoided public comment on last month's firing of long-time Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier, issued a statement Tuesday in support of Boise State President Bob Kustra.

"We are in full support of Dr. Kustra and his decision. We appreciate the support that has been expressed for Dr. Bleymaier. We fully support however, Dr. Kustra and believe there is continued optimism for Boise State in all areas; academics, student life and athletics. It is a personnel matter and as such we’ll have no further comment. We need to remain focused on what is really paramount in Idaho; increasing educational opportunities and attainment for all Idahoans to secure a viable future," SBOE President Richard Westerberg wrote in the statement.

The statement comes two days after the Statesman published a guest opinion from former Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) president Rich Fedrizzi. Fedrizzi called on the State Board "to review this matter and at least have a hearing and consider reinstatement" of Bleymaier.

"Gene is the sacrificial lamb. Please don't sit by and let this pass without your serious consideration. It is your responsibility to the state, the institution and the individual," Fedrizzi wrote.

In the guest opinion, Fedrizzi wrote, "How does one man have the power to terminate the AD with 29 years at Boise State? Professors have tenure, what happened to the AD. Not even a review or a hearing? Letters to the SBOE have gone unanswered."

Kustra briefed board members before firing Bleymaier, though such notification was not required. The board received seven total letters on the firing, according to its spokesman.

Kustra said Bleymaier was fired because he wanted to new leadership in the wake of NCAA sanctions. Boise State's athletic department was found to lack of institutional control by the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

"I determined that new leadership will be needed as we commit ourselves to the highest level of attention and enforcement of NCAA standards, and also continue to move Boise State athletics to the next level of success," Kustra said at the time of Bleymaier's firing.

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Beginning of the end

So the state board must now cover for Kustra's knee jerk decision? BK has been good for BSU in a lot of ways but this is symbolic of the arrogance which is finally catching up with him. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see certain well regarded individuals in the athletic program depart for greener pastures (pun intended)as they won't want to work in an environment where the university pres has asserted personal control over the program. Gene may have made some mistakes, but his termination is more than a little overreaction.

who's being arrogant?

look in the mirror.

BSU is suffering with sanctions because GB let some bad things happen on his watch. You would have been fired...just like GB was fired.

So Tatertalk.....

BK AND The Board is wrong? Just wanting to clarify your position...

If you are talking about

Chris Petersen as one of the "well regarded individuals in the athletic program departing for greener pastures"....I don't think there will be greener pastures for Coach Pete as he is on the committee to find his own new boss....and I'm pretty sure his input will be I think he will be ok since he will be hand picking his new boss.

Wow, what a joke

The SBOE is responding because Fedrizzi overstepped and called them out. 7 total letters in support of Bleymeir? Looks to me like some people have waaay overestimated his importance to Boise State. Good riddance, he drove the program into this mess of lawsuits and NCAA investigations. 29 years of good service are not an excuse for the debacle that has occured over the past year.

Any other profession would have ended up the same, long tenure is not some sort of shield against incompetence. Grow up Taterbrain.

It was really over 50 letters - SBOE spokesman misspoke

Actually, The State board office received about 50 letters on the firing of Gene Bleymaier. Seven of them were sent by mail and almost 50 were sent by e-mail. Kind of changes the story, huh? This still has not been corrected in the Statesman.

Sam Sandmire


It will be interesting, in time, to see how the Big Money support of Gene speaks in the future about Gene's sacking.

Will they be complimentary and supportive of Bronco Bob, or, are we in for a bit of internecine warfare that will do some damage to the Broncos?


PS - For some reason, I am still not counting Gene out, yet. Maybe down, but not out.


We know each other..been a while though..I hope you're still "driving" well.

Thank you for posting your correction. Myself, I wondered about the "count" when that statement was released.

Hope your Ladies do well !

Best wishes to you!

It was a hack job but the Pope isn't going to straighten it out.

Voices and aren't going to aid in restoring anything, nor should you expect it.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

My response to Rich Fedrizzi

29 years is a long time. In the past 29 years, we've seen the Berlin Wall come down, we've seen Cal Ripkin go from rookie to retiree, we've gone from the Commodore 64 to I-phone apps. In short, we've seen a lot of things happen in the world around us, so it's not surprising at all that Gene Bleymaier was here when necessity birthed the need for new facilities and new programs. Times have changed and the leadership at BSU wants to head in a new direction without Bleymaier. Your bestist buddy in the whole wide world got axed - deal with it and move on

No one has backed Gene

on these boards more than I have. And as much as his firing saddens me. It was the right thing to do. I have issues with BroncoBob being out of town when it was announced, but the firing had proper cause.


"Beginning of the end"? Are you trying to suggest that Gene's termination is the end of BSU football? A president firing an AD isn't "asserting personal control" over the program. Tell us taterdribble, who should be responsible for midconduct in almost every sport at BSU, the janitor? Hell, maybe we ought to fire VNDL for letting it happen.

Sacrifical lamb

I am going to laugh my rearend off now if BSU sinks to the bottom.

Sinks to the bottom?

Impossible, Idaho has a firm grasp on the bottom. Between their pathetic athletics, their former University Presidents who willfully mislead the SBOE and end up fired for their crimes, (University Place anyone?), and the Yardley report pointing out what we all know about Idaho's erroneous delusions of grandeur, there's no room for Boise State to even come close to sinking to that low. Maybe, if Kustra embezzles, and some National Reporting service ridicules our school as lazy, out of touch, and with an unearned sense of academic importance- MAYBE then, we'll come close to sharing the bottom with Idaho.

Until then, you can rest easy knowing that everyone laughs at the Vandals.


Of what? Bottom half of the Top 10? So like ranked 6/7 or 8? Bottom of the BCS bowl options? So, instead of the Sugar, BSU is forced to the Fiesta Bowl...or Orange Bowl? Hmmm! Let me see?

BSU haters all point to the demise of BSU like it is a forgone conclusion. Immediately after Kellen Moore graduates, or Petersen leaves, or Hawkins leaves, or something else happens. For years, all of these things have been the tipping point, sending BSU inot the abyss.

BSU has already survived them and flourished, grown and succeeded quite nicely. Honestly, at this point, as a BSU fan, I see only upside with gradual, calculated and well managed choices/options. Maybe it is because of the leadership that BSU develops and the overall atmosphere...which is where the haters seems to want to focus their attention. Again...hmmm?

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ps - Coach Pete and BSU will thump Nevada.

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Everybody is welcome.

Hope to see many of the old faces there and many new ones as well.

Again, 21 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram, Board Meet Up


PS - we will also, be having one on 13 OCT 2011, 12:00 Noon, Broadway Ram cuz Apache 64 will be in town that day and it would be really cool to get to know him.
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I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Murphy..Wake Up Out There !!!!

chat this week?

Thanks !!