Boise State football coach Chris Petersen's take on the run game: 'It's not any one thing, that's the bad news'

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Monday that the Broncos’ lack of production in the run game has several contributing factors.

The Broncos are averaging 3.4 yards per carry. They set a school record last year at 5.4 yards per carry.

“It’s not any one thing, that’s the bad news,” he said. “It’s a combination of us just not staying on our blocks and not reading a few of the blocks correctly. We have to play better there. We have to up the game in that department.”

WORD is the audio from the press conference.


The Broncos face Nevada on Saturday (12:30 p.m., Bronco Stadium). The Wolf Pack’s rebuilt offense has been racking up yards this season but has had trouble scoring. They are 1-2 after a 35-34 loss last week at Texas Tech.

“They’re at the point where they’ve developed guys and they can put them in and they’re not in a rebuilding situation,” Petersen said. “And I think they play hard. I know that they’ll give us fits, like they always do.”


Petersen said he hadn’t met with the training staff yet and didn’t have any injury updates. Senior center Thomas Byrd is week to week and is not listed on the depth chart for Saturday’s game. Sophomore Matt Paradis, who left last week’s game with an injury, is listed as the starter with Cory Yriarte as the backup.

“Each had something here and there to kind of add to the (rushing) woes,” Petersen said of Paradis and Yriarte, “but overall they played well.”

Junior tight end/fullback Chandler Koch did get into the Tulsa game, his first action of the year.

Petersen also didn’t have an update on defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn, who remain sidelined with eligibility issues.

“Same as it was week one,” Petersen said of his frustration level. “We’re extremely frustrated and hopefully we’ll get these guys back soon. I don’t have any new information.”


Nevada will play two quarterbacks this week with one getting more of the work, coach Chris Ault said. The starter won’t be determined until later in the week.

Senior Tyler Lantrip has been the starter but redshirt freshman Cody Fajardo played well last week against Texas Tech. Fajardo was 4-of-6 for 59 yards and a touchdown and he rushed 10 times for 139 yards and two scores. Lantrip was 11-of-18 for 191 yards and one TD with seven carries for 17 yards.


Boise State’s internal players of the week were wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker (offense), cornerback Jerrell Gavins (defense), kickoff specialist Trevor Harman (special teams), defensive end Shea McClellin (lineman), safety Hazen Moss (Hammer), fullback Jamal Wilson (scout offense), safety Lee Hightower (scout defense) and defensive back Eric Agbaroji (scout special teams).


Nickel Hunter White will continue to be the holder. The kickers like “how quickly he gets the ball down and he can move the laces quickly,” Petersen said. “He’s pretty consistent regardless of where the snap is.”


Petersen wasn’t satisfied with the second-half effort in last week’s 41-21 win. The Broncos led 34-0 early in the third quarter.

“We’d definitely like to play better in the second half,” he said. “The energy wasn’t the same as it was in the first half. Some of that was some of the guys who haven’t played a lot, which was a little bit understandable.”

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Ω New stadium complex in Kuna.

ugly has posted recently that, rather than going ahead with current expansion plans for Bronco stadium, relocating to the Kuna area, where there is plenty of room, would be a better move for the long term.

After much consideration and a bit of research, I think that's a great idea. There are, however, some obstacles that would have to be overcome.

On the positive side, land isn't the issue. There are several areas near Swan Falls Road, Poen Road, and Kuna Cave Road that would provide more than enough room for a (large) stadium, parking, and the requisite stadium amenities. Expanding Idaho 69 (Meridian Road) to provide access should not be much of an issue. That may including bridging the New York Canal south of E Kuna Road, particularly if a site east of Swan Falls Road and north of Poen Road is selected.

Remove the State Board of Education from the equation, go with private and bond funding. Design the venue to be multi-use: concerts, rodeos, Idaho's Biggest Swap Meet, motocross, monster trucks, new park for the Boise Hawks, etc.

Concourses would be populated by local food and merchandise vendors (more revenue). Coffee kiosks and beer/wine (local crafters/wineries) gardens will provide even more income. The tailgating areas, yet more. And of course, there would be catering and suites in several clásses.

On the obstacle side, there are a number of fault lines running west, south, and east of Kuna. These are Lesser Holocene faults, meaning they have been active in the last 10,000 years and are still considered active. This means involvement (approval) by the US Geological Survey prior to any groundbreaking.

Also, because of the proximity of Lake Lowell (under the jurisdiction of the US Department of the Interior and its bureaus: Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, and US Fish and Wildlife) studies by and authorization from all of those agencies undoubtedly would be required.

The same will hold true for the Birds of Prey which also is in proximity. This is a National Conservation Area under the BLM. Studies and signoffs there for certain.

I did read a report that cryptocrystalline quartz has been located in Kuna area, but do not know if mining rights are in play. Will have to check with the State Department of Lands to gain more information.

The hurdles do sound somewhat daunting. However, if they could be overcome, a Kuna location makes perfect sense. Wide open spaces, easy access, central to both Canyon and Ada counties ... plus not far from all the eateries on Eagle Road!

This will go a long way in removing the stigma of BSU being a Boise team and promoting it as Regional Destination University.

razor....Ugly is touched....Ugly is


PS....You can pin this one....


so the old Bronco stadium? New Ed. buildings?....practice complex? ...Training complex??

Wiz....not necessarily all that....

The contiued expansion of Bronco Stadium makes no sense....look at is a dead end....that what has always irked me about the dumb expansion projects....any dufus from Boise knows that the Broncos and the College wants to expand on the same few blocks....

Ann Morrison to north is an obstacle....Broadway to east is an obstacle....the college to the west is an obstacle....

So do you spend multiple millions on a dead end?....

or do you move to a location where it can be done right immediately?....

Bonds and Bronco Nation and donors....that is the way....

The old facilities can still be used for training, practice etc....

So Ugly...

Who owns the sucker? Does BSU own it or rent it?

wiz....dont know who owns it with

bonds and donations?

The Broncos and Boiseans keep acting like their team needs revamped old hardware....Is Boise #5 or not?

That is why I asked my famous question about what is the population of the Boise metro area? I knew some Boise dufus would give population of Boise thru Nampa....

The metro area is really Mt Home thru Payette or Weiser....In ten years, this metro area will have over 1 million people....Are you saying someone from Payette is not willing to drive 1 hour to BSU game? In ten years is the current stadium fit for growth?

Investing in Bronco Stadium (current one) is like investing into US Savings Bonds....It is like a losing race-horse owner trying to revamp the Seattle Slew....

You are rebuilding Rome, because you have no 'real' futuristic thinkers in the area of Rome....that is why empires fall....

This time, 'Do NOT do as the Romans do'....

Build you dumb ba$tard$!!!!!

UGLY...I Have to Ask.......

It would seem to me that the BSU "Emporer" would have looked at every viable option, including an off site brand new facility, before he rubber stamped spending $50 mil on the old "Coliseum" ? I mean, he had to know 50 mil was just the tip of an iceberg, that more would be dumped in later for more seats. Did we spend a bunch painting our used charriott instead of tradin her in on a new one?

Can we ask for a refund?

Wiz....From an emperor, there are no


If the end result was to only add 10,000 more seats and that was it, then rebuilding Rome is fine....but they are not stopping their....if I remember correctly, the final goal is around 55,000 we are lokking for about 14,000 more after this project.....

Question: Why did Pete just come out now and say time is right and we need 10,000 seats?....are their 10,000 disappointed fans at every game because they did not get a ticket?

Something is fishy....the frictions have started....

LOL Ugly...

Why Pete?

Ever occur to you he was aiding a fundraising effort by endorsing a need for 10k seats?

Obviously not...


has a point...I'm sure that once we have a new administration that environmental issues can be waived for a new stadium in Kuna.


I think it should be turned into the world's largest Potato Chip research center. We have much to learn from Russet's..........


Did you look at security? No BPD..Ada Sheriffs? Gonna be a smaller issue to resolve?

Ω Didn't look at that part.

It would be in Ada County, so Ada County Sheriff for sure. Don't know how shared coverage works: Kuna Police (can't be many of them right now), Meridian, Canyon County Sheriff, ISP? Pinkerton?

Somebody here probably knows how all that works.

Also, forgot about blimps. Must have them for a couple of home games. Can't think of everything.

If it came off, what a shot in the arm for Kuna. New center for western football. Not all would like it.

I believe a

Bullet Train should be built between Boise and Kuna so that our cheerleaders may ride in comfort to and from games.......

But B41

Did you actually put some thought into the post?


between bites.......

Run game blocking ??

Guess I'll worry about run game blocking when our great little ole pass blocking o line cant pass block. But dont think thats gonna happen. So keep up the good job boys.

Move makes sense to me.

I like the idea of moving the staduim also. Where I dont know, but parking will never be cured without building tiered parking. Also down the road it would make room for education building expansion.
Think its time to bite the bullet and git er done.

Ω Another "small" detail ...

... would be the turf. Has to be blue for the Broncos. But, would the Hawks go for that if they were in the mix? Wouldn't affect play, but would the traditionalists scorn? Or, buy into a new look?

Southeast Boise is the best

A great location for a new stadium would be just off the freeway South east Boise - vicinity approximately Isenman Road and East of Micron.

Simplot owns the land and could donate it to BSU.

The problem is, if it is a BSU owned stadium then no alcohol sales (beer).

However, Fugly might be on to something.

Lots has to be thought through regarding ownership, the SBOE's involvement, Ada County's involvement revenue generation.

The cleanest way would be for BSU to own the stadium and not have any professional baseball team involvement. Keep it purely a BSU pursuit.

This idea really does deserve some thinking and discussion.

Possiby, we could get Cripe to have a thread devoted to this topic. I am curious if Bronco Bob has thiought about this. Maybe Cripe could interbview Bronco Bob and find out if this concept has even been considered.

Ownership of the land would be critical and if the Simplots donated the needed land (for stadium and parking lots and infrastructure) that would be a large hurdle overcome.

I could get behind being on a committee to study this concept if Bronco Bob would want a Blue Ribbon Task Force/Committee to conduct a study about the feasibility and present it to him.

I have to admit, when I think of just improving Bronco Stadium, with no regard to Long Range Growth of BSU (parking, academic buildings, dorm, and etc), it seems to be just throwing money away for the long run.

Why not do it right and build a stadium South East Boise with easy access on and off the freeway and with adequate parking to support future parking needs.

Just some rambling thoughts.


PS - I would bet that if our Board Members wanted to work on a project, we could do a very good job, with the years of shared and varied experiences we have had wih construction projets, project and program management, budgeting, business development, marketing, and lots of other professional experiences. We could do a study and present it to Bronco Bob. A form of grass roots plenary involvement. If Bronco Bob does not like the concept, all he has to do is just say so. No BSU monies would be involved - wouldn't cost Bronco Bob a dime.


one of the great experiences of last years Virginia Tech game was all the drunk Hokies. I'm serious! I was at the top of the second level and Hokies were jumping up and down on the top of the back of their seats! While I watched in horror just waiting for somebody to go crashing down 40 or 50 seats it never happened. All of the drunkeness was a sight to behold. It was precious and a spectacle! At any rate, I don't think a private/public partnership would be all that bad of an idea to build an ideal multipurpose stadium that meets many of the needs that you and ugly have outlined.


Alcohol sales are up to SBE. They OK'd sales in the Sky center and IMO will, within the next 5-6 years OK beer sales in the entire stadium.

Pretty Strict Deal Too...

They cut off (Sky Center(EXACTLY) at end of 3rd quarter. Not 1 more drink past that. They inspected EVERY floor's bar top to bnottom, inside out, and it's contents last Saturday. When they rent for a wedding, etc, the cutoff is also very strict, specified in the Rental agreement and not 1 minute past.


This is true at all stadiums, pro or college. I read that insurance companies are forcing this issue to try and curb property damage and personal injury incidents.

And Your Take on That?

beer in BSU's stadium? I have mixed emotions. Prolly stems from inumerable bad experiences at pro football and baseball games. I guess there's something about the sanctity of taking your family to a game w/o having to deal with drunkeness and the unfortunate problems the "exceptions" bring to the "norm"..-


Let's be realistic, there is more alcohol consumed just a 100 feet outside the stadium for 5-6 hours leading up to the game than can possibly be sold in a half inside the stadium. There is some very simple technology developed that could restrict each purchaser to a set number of purchases. At the end of the day, the additional revenue that beer sales could bring cannot be ignored.

Oh I Know That B41

I just don't want to see the deal turn into an oversized "Kibbie" ;)

VNDL...What Is That Smell?

Does Kuna have a sewer District or are they septic? Would the sewer station handle all the CRAP from 50-80,000 there in 1 big dump? Or..would a new Coliseum need 1500 of it's own septic tanks? If so, what about seepage to the Snake drainage? Which way does the breeze blow and how will the residents feel about that?

I'm being quite serious here..I'm beginning to think Ugly's idea isn't very well thought out..too many issues he has no answers for...just has a concept. Not knocking him or his idea..just laying out simpleton stuff...


They must have a a fairly large sewer system, I mean Cowgirls is located in Kuna, right?

Wiz - forget Kuna

Look at South east Boise just east of Micron. Sewer could be tied in with existing infrastructure and lots of room for development, growth , and future parking lots.

The Kuna idea does not work.

I am talking about just off the freway by the first freeway interchange just about 2-3 miles South of Micron; on west or east side of freeway. East side is best cuz Simplot owns the ground. Was gonna be part of Liberty, Idaho (the planned community/town that Simplot had envisioned at one time.

He gave up on that idea when Ada County refused to give him free property taxes for spec homes he would build. He thought he should have a property tax free community/town, but Ada County didn't see it his way. S he didn't complete the concept.


I think it is bigger than a breadbox

Excerpt from the main article:


Petersen also didn’t have an update on defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn, who remain sidelined with eligibility issues.

“Same as it was week one,” Petersen said of his frustration level. “We’re extremely frustrated and hopefully we’ll get these guys back soon. I don’t have any new information.”


I have a feeling we are all gonna be surprised when we finally find out what this is all about. It must be fairly serious if Coach Pete is not even knowledgeable about the investigation and/or what the status is, and apparently has not even been read into the situation by anybody at BSU (supposedly).

It makes me wonder if Coach Pete and/or other coaches are being looked at under a microscope as part of this 'in house' investigation. This has been ongoing for almost five weeks now. Still no resolution as to whether or not the players were involved or not involved in potential NCAA violations. As I understand it.

Is it possible the slowness of the investigation might be due to somebody 'lawyering up' and BSU having to go through somebody's legal counsel to get financial/banking records. Possibly this is about more than giving the players cheeseburgers and rides around town.

Is it possible financial/bank checking account records are being looked at - kind of a 'follow the money' thingy.

This thing must be more serious than just giving simple gifts of food and lodging to the players. If the 'boosters' crossed a simple line and gave food or lodging, it doesn't seem like it would be a big deal for the boosters to just admit they screwed up/didn't know and get on down the road. I think it is more than that. Some bigger bucks must be involved, other than ten bucks for a burger, fries, and a shake.

Again, I think we are all gonna be surprised when we finaly learn what the extent of it is.


You got all that

from "I don't have any new information"

That's some active imagination there VNDL......


Yes, I did.

Also, Apache raises a good point.

Possibly, the investigation is looking at the real ages of the Dutch Boy players when they played football for the Amsterdam Crusaders. I stil canot reconcile, in my mind, those pics of Amsterdam Crusaders and them being high schol kids. In the pics they look like extremely well developed full grown adult men in their early 20s.

Who knows, maybe the investigation is lookin to get their real birth records and/or high school and gneral schooling records to find out the chronology of their attendance at schools in the Netherlands.

Possibly it is not part of the investigation and their age is not a question, I dunno. None of us do.

All we can do is just sit back and wait for the news as to what is happening. All I am saying is that we will prolly all be shocked at what we hear. This thing is morre serious than meets the eye, or else it would not have lingered on as long as it has.


Maybe inside the milkshakes and cheeseburgers were tons of

US Silver Dollars????

Fugly - the Dutch Boyse are telling fibs

I don't know if it is along those lines, but then again, I don't really know if it isn't either.

One problem is that if the internal BSU investigation is looking at financial/banking/checking records - the BSU investigators do not have the power to force the records - if they run into resistence from any 'booster' who has 'lawyered up'. The only way to get access to that information would be through a subpoena (requiring the filing of a civil suit or a criminal case) and the discovery process. Of course the 'booster' could always voluntarily provide the information - but if they have 'lawyered up' it is next to impossible as the BSU investigators do not have the type of authority to just gain access to the records. The same with birth records and other records in Amsterdam.

Who knows, maybe the Dutch Boyse did play pro ball in Amsterdam before going to Boise high schools and holding themselves out to be younger kids. Again, those pics of the Amsterdam Crusaders leads me to believe it is more of a mature adult men's club than a club for little boys.

Also, I just got done reading an article that the Dutch Boyse had planned to come to America and Boise to play high schol football. They had worked and saved their money from working in a theater and parcel delivery service BEFORE ever coming to BSU Footbal Camp, to beable to afford the trip. This does not square with what the Dutch Boyse have said in the recent past interviews with Boise reporters, that they attended the BSU football camp and liked it so much they decided to stay in Amrica and attend high school in Boise.

Which is it?

They planned to come to America and play high school football before they left Amsterdam and saved their money up to do so -


They made a decision to stay in Boise and play high school football after the BSU football Camp, because they had fallen in love with Boise and Amrican style football?

Their statements seem somewhat inconsistent.

I don't think the Dutch Boys are being truthful.


So you've stooped to

calling kids "liers".....

Come on VNDL, really?

I mean writing about phantom boosters, phantom bank accounts, phantom street agents, phantom false birth certificates, phantom fixed visa's, etc etc is one thing. But calling a couple kids liers because you have a active imagination, is just not cool.

tfunky =- you are stretching the truth

I never called them liars. This is what I said, en parte: " . . .
Their statements seem somewhat inconsistent. . . I don't think the Dutch Boys are being truthful."

I intimated they were fibbing.

I never accused them of being liars.

But, what if I had - itj would have been to the same end. Not telling the truth or witholding the truth. Same thing.

Just wanted to set the record straight and demonstrate how easy it is to tell fibs - just like you did when you said I had called them liars, when I had not.



isn't a fib a lie?




PS - It does appear in a very glaring fashion that tfunky was lieing when he said I had call the 'kids' liars, when the word 'liar is not in my posting even one whit.

PS - Whats with the 'kids' thingy anyway. These are grown men we are talking about - not little Cub Scouts watching their Pinewood Derby cars.

"I don't think the Dutch Boys are being truthful."

Let's do that again

"I don't think the Dutch Boys are being truthful."

I'm afraid you are trying to stretch......

Lying =

"the telling of lies, or false statements; untruthfulness: "

"telling or containing lies; deliberately untruthful; deceitful; false"

tfunky - I agree - let's keep doing it

Just gives more opportunity to express how the Dutch Boyse have not been forthcoming nor thruthful.

I believe there is more to this story than meets the eye.

But by all means keep this string going if you want to. It just provdes more impetus for readers to learn how the Dutch Boyse have fibbed a wee bit.

Thanx for your interest.


90% of what you post

is complete unsubstantiated speculation, which is fine and makes for humorous reading. But when you decide to call kids liers, fibbers, whatever, with absolutely no proof but your imagination run a muck, I feel compelled to call you on it.

With that done, I will move on

tfunky - here is a solution for your angst with my postings

Only read every tenth word. You will get the good stuff, then.


VNDL..."If BSU's Internal Investigation"...

I don't think BSU is investigating anything. I think they are completely waiting on NCAA clearance. Remember, it was BSU that suspended them from playing, not the NCAA. The logic of why Febis was cleared and not the other 2 MAY be the time line..not sure..but Febis goes back a lot longer and the circu-mstances may be completely different.


A couple of weeks ago, it was reported the investigation was of BSU's making and not the NCAA's making.

This has led to even more confustion about what is going on.


PS - In all fairness, I have read conflicting pieces that intimate the NCAA is conducting the investigation and BSU is just waiting to find out what the problems is and the other is that BSU is conducting the investigation, in house, as a slef-clean up measure if there are any real problems; then BSU can take the actions and report the actions they have taken to the NCAA. I dunno what is the truth here and Coach Pete is not more forthcoming with members of th media when he has been asked about it. His silence, is a Red Herring, in and of itself, by my way of thinking.

I suspect that Petersen is focused on coaching football

Hate to say it but those 2 players are pretty insignificant to the overall success of the team. Could be that Pete really doesn't know anything and isn't asking anything because his focus is on the players who are playing. We all know that Pete doesn't allow distractions to get in his way. Why should this?

tomato2 - heave ho - over the side - both of them go

Yeah, you are prolly right.

Could be that Coach Pete has already written the two Dutch Boyse off.

They really are pretty insignificant to the overall success of the team. They have had a lot of hype, but no real contributions of any impact. They have become unwelcome distractions, at this time.

I guess it really doesn't matter if they get suspended and kicked off the Broncos or not. The only thing that matters is that Coach Pete is focused and fixes the running game, so BSU can continue to win games.


Naw he hasnt written them off

I watched them both before and during the game. They were cheering on teammates, talking to all the guys and BSing with coaches. They seemed to be part of the team like anyone else. Its the Redshirt guys waving towels standing on the bench that seemed a little distant from the team...but that happens every year, every game. Geraldo and Ricky are just doing exactly what they are coached to do and what feels natural. It wouldnt surprise me if these two are reinstated soon and Coach Pete provides no more further details. With injuries I would say Ricky would be much needed on the dline. And Geraldo can open up some things deep.

Ω At least ...

... nobody ever speculates or comes up with wild ideas ...

'round here.

VNDL does make a good point

Coach Pete isnt going to tell us anything and he pretends like he knows nothing. I guess thats his right. But its also frustrating. We all know the local media doesnt press him because Pete just gets grumpy. These are two good kids we are talking about that someones done a disservice to (allegedly) and they are still being held out/suspended. Does their playing or not playing effect the overall health of the program? Probably not. But they are good players and have worked hard to be where they are at. Hopefully this is resolved soon.