Boise State will make sure tailback Doug Martin gets his touches, whether by ground or by air

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State senior tailback Doug Martin has more receiving yards (147) than rushing yards (127) this season. He’s averaging 3.0 yards per carry but 18.4 yards per catch.

He has averaged 25.5 offensive touches per game and ranks seventh in the nation in all-purpose yards (189 per game), which takes into account his kickoff-return yards.

Offensive coordinator Brent Pease hopes to get Martin at least 20 offensive touches a game this season. He averaged 17.6 touches last year.

“I don’t care if it’s rushing or receiving or whatever, he’s touching the ball,” offensive coordinator Brent Pease said. “I definitely feel comfortable feeding him 20, 25 times.”

Martin took a screen pass 71 yards for a touchdown last week at Toledo. He finished with a career-high 122 receiving yards.

“He’s playing as well as he’s ever played for us,” coach Chris Petersen said. “He’s running hard. He’s kind of the Energizer bunny. He’s always the same — he gets hit hard, he pops right up and jogs back to the huddle. He’s one of those guys who gets stronger and tougher as the game goes on. Knock on wood, if he can stay healthy, I think he’s poised for a really good year.”

Pease credited the Georgia and Toledo defenses with containing Martin in the ground game.

“The first game, there were men out there,” Pease said. “Those guys were big. (Toledo) is a team that did a lot of line stunts up front and that’s tough on our guys. … They were smart — they didn’t go for him shoulder pad to shoulder pad. They were going for his legs.”

Martin’s presence has helped open space for the pass game, which is averaging 363 yards per game. The Broncos are averaging 137 yards on the ground — well below their goal of 200, but many of those yards have come late in games as the Broncos clinched victories.

“We’re getting the right yardage when we need to,” Pease said. “I know our goal is 200 but still when we rush for 147 we’re happy with it.”


Tulsa first-year defensive coordinator Brent Guy was the defensive coordinator at Boise State from 1998 to 2000. He also was the Utah State coach from 2005 to 2008, facing Boise State every year.

That gives the Broncos a pretty good idea what to expect from the Hurricane’s defense. However, they expect some differences from what the Hurricane have shown so far this year.

“They’re learning on the fly,” Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore said. “… You’re going to see a much better team this week.”

Guy was the defensive coordinator at Louisville in 2009 and the linebackers coach in UNLV in 2010.


Tulsa’s difficult September took a turn for the worse Wednesday when former linebacker George Clinkscale died. He played for the Hurricane from 2005 to 2009. Here is a story on his death.

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Martin is a force to be reckened with.

Still no word

on Geraldo and Ricky? The NCAA looks more like a bunch of jerks each successive day as they hold up these two guys from playing after the hard work they have put in--both in the classroom and on the field.

I was under the impression

I was under the impression that Boise State were the ones holding them. I think it's CYA thing until they are sure there are no issues.

If the Netherlanders are held out

for much longer, I wonder if they can take some kind of red-shirt year and try again next year? Does anyone know?


They've both used their redshirt years.


Did TBK show?

The Big Surprise, P2 Was Razor...

Cab shows up, gets out a walker, and Razor enters. That guy is 90 if he's 5 I swear.....


so let me get this strait. TBK posts once after over a year of being gone, says he will be at the ram which is a couple of feet from where he works. He doesnt show..... And NOBODY thinks that is a major deal?
1. TBK is definately still on the boards, how else would he post as soon as he comes up again in ban-gate2
2. Coupled with ugly's lack of ag knowlege, Id go ahead and just assume TBK= Ugly

Did I Say

TBK was or wasn't there?

Thanks for lunch Wiz!

VNDL, razor, tfunk, JL, Wiz .... it was really nice to finally meet you guys. Let's do it again sometime

More details coming...

stay tuned....

No worries

kid, we charged it to Chadd...................

Chadd? I told them Murphys account...

Eh...the Statesman covers it, either way.


We talked about making it a monthly.

My pleasure.

Great to meet you and thanks for coming!

a monthly thing eh?

I'd be down for that. Could I suggest that we make it a dinner thing instead of a lunch thing?

Ω We kicked that around.

It was a pleasure to meet you and catch your insights.

What needs to be determined is the best day (evening) of the week to congregate. Try to make it more or less a regularly scheduled affair (or roast, take yer pick).

espn's thursday night football?

If we were to do it on Thursdays, we could watch football while we talk football.

It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer though


Work tends to be overrated. Necessary maybe, but not as much fun as jawing about things like BSU football.

Good thought on Thursday evening. Need to have everyone weigh in.

Wiz's Busy Work Schedule Limits The Time..

to just about anytime....

You kids ever hear of email??

it's convenient and private :)

Ω That's the next order of business.

I feel like I won something, and we didn't even hold a drawing.

It was terrific to finally attach names and faces ... about the best four hours I can remember. Lotsa laughs and great discussion.

Well said Razor

Exactly how I felt.

Pretty awesome. ALotttttta confirmation today....the kid was really cool.... Razor Wiz and tfunky are always the 3 smartest people in any room.... VNDL is The Don of all.

Ω Thanks, JL

One thing I learned was that there were a bunch of people in that room who know much more about cfb than I do. A couple with inside info, a couple more with plenty of years on the Bronco scene ... and everyone sharing the same kind of passion.

How crazy is it to see someone show up in a U of I shirt while wearing a BSU hat?

And, now I know where to go for a loan!

Yeah Razor...

I went to a Raider/49er game once with a Raiders cap and a Jerry Rice jersey. Thats why I accused B41 of having identity crisis problems. I almost got the jersey ripped off me. It was touch and go for a bit..

Are you talking about me?

or are you talking about me?.......................

Ω Ya see ...

... this is why we've got to make this a monthly.

Great line.

Its gotta be monthly...

gotta have a name gotta have a menu ...Im so amped the people in my life are looking like I lost my mind. Never would of thought I have thought this boards holds such great dudes. Too bad more of you didnt come. Honest. I do feel bad for ya. It was that good.


absolutely enjoyed putting a face to a name. sounds like a great time and I wished like heck I still lived in Idaho.

JL...Clone Alert !!

some melonhead used your "JL" on a chat question...

Ω Uh, errr ...

... how does that fly?

Good choice if you have to impersonate.

You must have read through the replay to find that. Anything good?

So So

Lot of alignment questions, typical wise azzes. nuttin real juicy-

Ω You do realize ...

... that everyone else reading this thread must be thinking, "What in the héll are these guys blabbing about?"

I saw that....kinda flattered

Wiz I saw that..wasnt a bad question but still kinda weird.

I wonder what VNDL will say...

JL, Honor

comes many ways.

Taking a vicious hit and having to pretend it didn't hurt.
Being cloned on the boards.
Standing up for a loved one when they are wrong.
Having P2 answer a post.
Showing off a black eye or split lip.
Getting expelled from the boards.
Calling a guy out, in front of your spouse or g/f, and hoping he stands down.
Getting flagged.

Theres a long list...for sure..

Ω You left one off.

Getting drilled into the blue by JL.


Love those hits you can hear in the parking lot...

Ω JL, your sentiment ...

... about VNDL being "The Don" couldn't have been more accurate. He is one very unassuming man. Did you hear him say (when questioned about being relatively quiet) that more is gained through listening than talking?

I've respected him for a long time now ... and gained a measure more today.


Very much so. Hes very unassuming. Very thoughtful. Waits and waits for others to respond first shows me his grace. Then he says something absolutely sharp.

Everyone there gained my respect a hundred fold. The word I think of is magnified. Just feel like I met up 5 great friends I havent seen in a long while. How cool is that?

Well, If yall

vouch for TBK then I am willing to be civil.
TBK: hopefully we can move on... Welcome back!

JL I noticed that on the Chat, it wasnt me. I thought it was really you and that you all were done with lunch.

It is possible that someday I would consider joining, but I still have reservations.

Ill be danged about TBK.... shows a lot of moxie... Good for you TBK.
Glad you all had fun and I hope you will understand if i make fun of you a little while secretly wishing I was there.

I Knew That P2

-and I told the others that I had a hunch you wanted to be there.

It's safe. It was a blast. I called TBK to confirm and he returned my call. His words.."bygones are bygones'. He had a wealth of input.

You should come.

P2's Fear of Small Groups of Real Humans

P2 sez, en parte: " . . . hopefully we can move on . . . "

Uh, I think everybody has moved on but you. So - you can change the word 'we' to 'I'.

Whether or not you join us in the future is certainly your choice. We are all 'at choice' in most everything we do in life.

Your reservations are simply that - 'your' reservations and I respect your fear of the unknown and small and large groups of people. Prolly the best course of action for you is to remain a live-in House Mouse/Husband/Mom while leaving the social aspcts of human character development to those who are sociable.

There is great deal of fear attached with venturing to a place like the Broadway Ram for lunch with your Fellow Man, I am sure.

Possibly writing about it and then burning what you wrote might be good therapy. I understand sometimes it is recommended that people keep a Journal about their fears and then destroy the Journal when they have healed and overcome their fear(s). If you have these fears possibly you could write about them and then send it to me and I would be more than happy to look it over for you and see if you have gone deep enough in your self-appraisal and analysis. Just mail it to me. You could trust me not to make copies of it and send it to a few other Board Members, as your anonymity is crucial to your Trust Level of your Fellow Man and Other Board Members. I know I could share it with VandalsRuleBJC and he would only share it with the students of the Mass Communications class he teaches at Idaho. You could trust me with this journal stuff if you write one. Honestly, you could. Scout's Honor.


Ω See ya ...

... made it back in fine fettle.

P2 really does need to show up. I mean, after all, credibility is somewhat of an issue. No matter the recluse. He'd probably steal the show.

razor - yes credibility is an issue

I don't think P2 will ever show up for a Board Meetup as I think he may not be who he has said he is and it would become glaringly obvious if he showed up in person.

Of course, P2 is always welcome, as is any person who visits the Football Boards (goes without saying); but, I just don't see him having the intestinal fortitude to overcome his unreasonable expectations and a myriad of unfounded fears, to ever venture out of his manufactured home and travel to the Broadway Ram.

Actually, I think he might have grave personal financial concerns and spending ten bucks for lunch and a drink might be a limiting factor. I think a Cup-o-Noodles is considered as 'home style cookin' around P2's house and a can of smoked oysters and a box of Ritz crackers would be considered an Epicurean Delight savored only on a Special Occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, or a family reunion picnic.

P2 - if you have your ears on I will buy you your lunch and treat you to lunch at the Broadway Ram if you will ever join us.


And Since When is Fear Spelled.....

I N S E C U R E ?

Wiz thinks that Joe Vandal outta get that Nawlins kettle brew woman involved and get ridda P2's problem with the group deal. No need for a journal..or notes..or tear stained dialogue re fears and insecurities, as recorded for permanent record. A record that a true Scout would not divulge...BUT..what about a Brownie? Can't trust them Brownies as I recall, they always told...Heck, I tasted more'n 1 as the word spreads..

What was that Gal that made the trek to Moscow every year? She could waylay in Boise for a day or 2 and whip up a brew to solve his issues...

Wiz - I got kicked out of Cub Scouts

for eatin' Brownies.


VNDL...Board Benefit Suggestions...

We prolly should look at a couple things...

Those that work and can't make a noon gig..maybe a night deal once ina while like TBK said so some can come after work hours? Maybe rotate em?

Those with kids..maybe outta hire a babysitter, free of charge, so those that gotta take care of the kids can come too?

Those that have transportation problems...I could volunteer for shuttle service?

Just some thoughts...

Ω Not like jumping out of an airplane

Might even find something you like, P2. Like smart, respectful people.

Ω Shovel, please ... again!

Make that a large one.

I'll Buy Your

cab fare next time Razor...hahahaha

Ω Thank you ...

... very little.