Boise State defensive coordinator says Broncos' effort vs. Toledo 'was not acceptable'

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski and a couple players said the Broncos were missing their defensive “edge” Friday night at Toledo.

The Broncos allowed 15 points, 349 yards and seven third-down conversions in their 40-15 win. One national columnist, Gregg Doyel of, wrote that the Broncos have “the defense of a lower-level SEC team” after seeing them in person for the first time.

Kwiatkowski and coach Chris Petersen also said the defense needed to show more consistent effort after the opener against Georgia, but this was different.

“The first game, we’re nitpicking,” Kwiatkowski said. “The second game, that was not acceptable.

“There were too many guys not playing full speed or being physical or just cutting it loose. … The video doesn’t lie. You can see the guys when they play that reckless, full speed all the time. And you can see when there’s an edge missing.”

Junior linebacker J.C. Percy said the players knew when they walked off the field that they hadn’t played their style. The video confirmed it.

“The coaches are absolutely right,” he said. “We didn’t play to our best ability and the ability we know we’re able to play. So we’ve been really practicing on that. That’s a big emphasis for today and tomorrow and hopefully it carries over into the game.”

Practices leading up to the Toledo game were missing something, too, Percy said.

“We had kind of an OK week of practice leading up to Toledo and you practice like you play,” he said. “We didn’t practice to the best of our ability, so we didn’t play to the best of our ability.”

One sign that the Broncos weren’t playing to their standards was the lack of defenders around the ball. They usually gang tackle; against Toledo, they relied more on individual players to make tackles.

“We gave up too many plays, too many yards, too many points,” senior nickel Hunter White said. “That’s not our standard. Our standard is we’re trying to shut every team out. We understand that’s not going to happen every week, but that’s our standard. … We’re such a fanatical defense, when we kind of lose that edge effort-wise we take a big step back — and we can’t take any steps back.”

Kwiatkowski said it’s difficult to keep the same level of intensity throughout the season but he isn’t sure why a lapse occurred last week.

“Every year there’s always a little funk somewhere in there,” he said. “I don’t know if it was the bye or what it was. It just wasn’t what we want and it wasn’t what (the players) want.”


One word keeps coming up when the Broncos talk about Tulsa: speed.

“Probably the biggest thing that stands out to me is just speed, all over the field,” Percy said. “Their running backs are fast, their receivers are fast, their quarterbacks are fast. … One of (the running backs) would get out and everybody would have an angle on these guys and then they’d just leave them in the dust, these big Oklahoma State guys who were top recruits, guys who are supposed to be super fast, and these guys are just leaving them like they’re standing still.”


The Boise State-Toledo game drew a 2.2 rating and more than 2.7 million viewers, according to Toledo’s athletic department. That’s believed to be the largest audience for a Toledo game and the largest for a game played in a Mid-American Conference stadium.


Here is the parking information for Saturday's game against Tulsa.

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Absolutely! It seems like in too many areas

of life these days people are not held to standards, the number 4 team in the country just got called out by their coach. This is what football is about. Now, will these men respond?

Ω Think we're gonna see ...

... lots of flying to the ball. Bet it looks a whole lot different on Saturday.


Hate to be Tulsa on Saturday. Here it comes.

So were Auburn of last year?

We have a lower level SEC Defense, but probably the best offense in the league = Auburn, National Champion. Thanks Gregg!


They definitely looked swarming to the ball at all and when that doesn't happen then it's up to an individual to make good tackles......those were definitely not there either. Usually the defense is as much fun to watch as the offense.....not last week. I'm pretty sure when a coach calls you out like this you are going to see a big response from the defense.


What he said. Watching the game I saw lots of missed tackles that were unusuall for those guys. Combine a bad night of defense and their fantastic kicking against someone who could take advantage of it and oh my...

Toledos O

They really had a good game plan for Boise, they were able to spread them out which didn't let the broncos do their usual gang tackle stuff. Yeah the Broncos didnt look the best but there was still a W at the end of the game and by a large margin.

I would agree it wasn't

the best Bronco D I've seen. But, when you realize that they were one trick play to holding Toledo to 6 points, it doesn't seem so bad.


They may have been just one trick play from holding Toledo to just 6 points...but on the other hand, they were two red zone turnovers from it being a 40-30 game. Those turnovers were key, and we must continue to produce them. The secondary needs to get better, and the overall intensity needs to increase.

Good point

I'm watching the replay on ESPN3 right now. The missed tackles really stand out.

It was the laziness and missed tackles in the 1st

half that was the problem... Sickening.

I don't know P2

Watching the game again, I see the D busting their butts to the ball, they are just not wrapping up or putting the guy down.


I've watched this game twice (DVR) and I hear what you are saying. However..Pete said it...Pete K said it..The players admitted it..lack of intensity and need to play harder.

No excuses.

WAC 2.0

After 3 weeks of football kudos to whomever can tell me how many WAC teams have winning records? What about the MWC?

Also, can someone please tell me why Vandal fans call the MWC "WAC 2.0"?

One other thing

I'm noticing, they were a lot "meaner" against Georgia.

I believe it's....

because when things are said and done the MWC is going to look pretty much like the WAC that BSU left. Next year the top MWC teams will be BSU, Nevada, Fresno St., Hawaii....sound familiar. Basically the MWC will be a second version (2.0) of the WAC. Of course, things may change drastically with all the new conference realignment, team movements, etc.

Wrong, thats not why

How close is that EWU campus to Moscow? Im sensing a Vandal apologist.


not the first time I've been wrong. So, why is it? Also, EWU is a little closer to Moscow than BSU to answer your question. Not sure the Vandals would want me apologizing for them, however, nor necessarily need me to do so.




Tulsa has a tough schedule and will probably beat the Broncs Sat. If they don't win, it should be close..Pete. lay off the "D"...They are not "all american"

Ω Close, like in ...

... 51-12, Boise State.



is wiesborg........

Ω Or a comparable idot

Tulsa has 11 turnovers in 3 games. And, doesn't have their starting QB.

BSU's defense is pizzed over a C- at Toledo.



take yoru Mcdonalds paycheck and lay it all on Tulsa.... Then cry yourself to sleep. I feel or ya. BSU wins an INSANE amount of games. If you are a BSU hater, life in the fall must suck....

last time ...

I checked ,football was a team sport. We won't play weakest link-we need an undefeated season with all the seniors if they want a championship or BCS game. Make it a memorable season!!! GOOOOO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

Then I gather we're forfeiting that game?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


Where is Hout this season? I suspect you donks felt he would be a big factor and a team leader. It does not appear to be the case. It would not surprise me to see someone else taking his reps after some time. The untold story is when Blount decked him. Most would be up and would require 10 men to restrain them. Hout, he just took it. I condemn Blounts punch, but it did tell a story about Hout and the makeup of his chemistry.


We've talked about it on these boards. The last couple of games havent been his best. I dont know if hes 100% healthy. Hes splitting equal snaps with Jonathan Brown and my understanding is hes used primarily on running downs. He was out of place, lost on the field, at least 3 times against Toledo. Im hoping we see the real Hout, the all conference Hout from last year, really soon.

I never thought Hout.

I never thought Hout was that tough. Perhaps I am wrong. I can tell you this. If I were Hout, I would pray to the almighty to be drafted by Tampa Bay. Healthy? Either he is or he is not. I am not aware of any injury reports. Was he hurt this fall?

Hout injury

Ive heard that broken foot/ankle still might be bothering him. I know he was held out of some stuff earlier this summer. Im not sure whats going on there so I dont want to make any excuses. Hes not playing up to the ability he needs to or is expected to, but the season is young.

I dont think he'll get drafted. But a free agent deal at Tampa Bay might be fun.

Are you in town for the Revival today?

Not Brown

Hout is splitting snaps with Tommie Smith, Brown's reps are coming at nickel where Hunter White also plays.

As far as the idiot Vandull who commented that Hout didn't go after Blount, he apparently is too stupid to remember that Coach Pete had ahold of Hout and was chastizing him for saying something to Blount. Did you notice Blount didn't start acting like a man after his cheap sucker punch, until he had several teammates between he and the Broncos?

Yup it is Mr. Smith

Brain fa&$.

these boards are all mine!!!

Im running around naked as a jaybird on the boards while everyone is out and VNDL's party!

Ω And you missed ...

... a great one!!

VNDL's synopsis forthcoming.

* About as good as it gets...

Just a great group today. Couldnt be more impressed with the class of each one. Pretty awesome.

Gotta get a name for the group. When Churchill was denied into a prestigious group called "The Club" he formed his own called "The Other Club". It turned out to become more popular than the original.

Whatever the name, its already exclusive.

When the Window Of Opportunity Appears Closed....

build yourself a door.....

Too much...

information. But just for my sanity, I am going to pretend you are a very cute, athletic cheerleader. Please don't inform me differently.

Read From The Oklahoman re OU TX Big 12 Beebe...

looks like OU felt Texas was conference commish, not Beebe...