BCS director explains process for Mountain West waiver process

By Brian Murphy

The Mountain West and Conference USA have not contacted the Bowl Championship Series about the ramifications of a potential merger, BCS executive director Bill Hancock told the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday.

The leagues are discussing a football-only “federation,” according to MW commissioner Craig Thompson. Neither league as an automatic berth in the Bowl Championship Series at this point.

“The commissioner group has not talked about it at all,” Hancock said.

Hancock also outlined the process by which the Mountain West could submit a waiver for AQ status.

If the league meets the qualifications for requesting a waiver — which the Mountain West is expected to do — then the 12 members of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee will vote. The Mountain West needs nine yes votes to receive AQ status for the 2012 and 2013 regular seasons and subsequent postseasons.

The Big East received a waiver for the 2008 and 2009 regular seasons. Hancock said that vote was unanimous with all eight members of the committee at that time voting in favor of the league.

Hancock said the Mountain West would likely submit its application for a waiver soon after the 2011 season and the Presidential Oversight Committee is expected to vote in December.

“I would think we would stick with that same timetable,” Hancock said.

All 11 FBS conferences have a representative on the board as does Notre Dame. Boise State President Bob Kustra is the Mountain West representative. Idaho President Duane Nellis is the WAC representative.

Hancock said the conference commissioners will meet in the first quarter of 2012 to discuss the format of postseason football after the current BCS contract ends. The contract runs through the 2013 regular season and its postseason.

“The commissioners will decide what format works best,” Hancock said. “The process will be thoughtful and deliberate. It will not play well on Twitter.”

He said the BCS has the ability to wait until the conference realignment shuffle currently playing out is finished before making any decisions.

“It’s halftime. We have the luxury of waiting until the game is over,” Hancock said.

The other members of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee:

Graham Spanier, chairman (Penn State)
Scott Cowen (Tulane)
John Jenkins (Notre Dame)
Mark Nordenberg (Pittsburgh)
John Peters (Northern Illinois)
Bill Powers (Texas)
Gary Ransdell (Western Kentucky)
Max Nikas (USC)
Charles Stiger (Virginia Tech)
Robert Witt (Alabama)

With Pittsburgh and, perhaps, Texas changing conferences, it could lead to different members being added to the committee.

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We know for sure...

With Nellis, it will not be unanimous. He will never vote for the MWC to be BCS...especially since BSU is a member.

Why should he

After what the BSU President called the University of Idaho, I hope that they are 1 vote short and it is the vote from the vandals.

Maybe cause its the right thing to do?


He Wouldn't Do That.

The man has way tooo much integrity to let anything like that influence his vote. He will vote for what he feels is the best for everyone...no matter what his personal feelings might be re BSU/Kustra

But it's still The Cowboy Way...


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Robert of Eagle

...is the perfect example of why I hate vandals. You are irrelevant to the discussion of college football. We won't play you up there. Ever. You don't matter. Get used to it and go away.


is another reason why we constantly see ignorant jabs back and forth. Not sure what was so out of line with Roberts comments. It's sad for a school pres to make openly ignorant comments like Bob did, bottom line. Can't get upset over the truth. Now shake hands and I'll take you to go get a kiddy cone. :)

You left your Buster Browns on the playground, Quicks.


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Robert of Eagle....as a fellow Vandal, I feel your

pain too....

However, Boise State is good....last year they had their chance at Rose Bowl....they had their NC chance too....

This year dont know yet, but I will still root for BSU cause of Boise and they do represent the State of Idaho, even though they have not marketed well....

Yes, we had the days....in Moscow, we welcomed them with opened-arms and red carpets....treated them to italian food at gambinos....we won, and not a big deal....

Now our Boise Brethren have turned the other cheek....forgot who we are or were....laugh at us....say we are pitiful and give us goodbyes with the finger....

they will need us in 2013 and beyound....Vandal Nation will return

Yeah Ugly...

and tell Robert to pay no heed to what BSNM says about the U/I and Vandals. He "sounds" real close...real close..to what P2 says re the same...

Oh..Why will BSU need The Vandals ?

Wiz....Boise will not need the Vandals

per se....

In the past, Vandals were all over Boise....now the influx is from all over....so Boises future problem is not Moscow, but from loyal fans from all over such as Stanford, Oregon, Utah, etc....

When Boise is in super conference and maybe a record of 6-6, will the outsiders be loyal to Boise????

In reality...

the Vandals do not need the Broncos. Life will...and does...go on...Playing the Broncos gave a lot of Vandal alumni a reason and purpose to travel to Moscow to watch a game. But, at the end of the day, the athletic department can make it work financially without playing Boise State.

I'M OKAY with that reality.

Yes sif1960

We have always been able to secure the paycheck from Nebraskas, USC's and others. That will not change. Lately, I am not sure which beating is worse. Coach needs to improve the level of talent in recruiting and he knows this, trust me.

So Ugly...

was that your way of retracting your statement? I see no correlation in BSU needing Vandals in 2013 and beyond and your reply that you are talking about out of region/state bandwagon fans.

Superconference? Doubt that on the horizon. Will the "outsiders" be loyal to Boise? If they are true fans, yes. Wiz is an example. I am a 49er fan for decades. Ups...downs..near, far. Still am. I know the "pain" you refer to.

Edit: TY for the well wish..


because TWO whole BSU fans could NEVER hate the vandals.... AGHHHHH this is soooo frustrating with the accusing people of being multiple users. I have been here for over two years I deserve better.

Fine: I am this guy, Ugly, TBK, Vandals Rule, weisberg, bduck, VNDL, FO and Harleyslackwater. Its all me.
can we just move on!

If you are me.

If you are me, then lose the anger attitude prevalent in most of your posts. You scream about talking football yet you continually hunt for reasons to throw rocks at Vandals. Your football talk consists of defending your prescious Donks whenever a constructive or concrete ctiticism is laid out. I seriously doubt your ability to post anything else. You harbor serious delusions.

But you're uglyphobic?


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.


Having made the trip more than a few times i can say i never saw a red carpet, just rude, drunken students with puke on their sleeves.. I have received many fingers and returned a few. Cleaned up after drunken vandals trashed my home town after a well-deserved beating. You vandals are done. All you have or will have are memories. Enjoy them. Tell them to your kids. Relive your drunken fantasy in the comments section. Vandal village will dwindle in obscurity.


I don't recall seeing you post before. Welcome to our boards. There are many regulars here.

Some of us are Meeting Thurday the 22nd at High Noon at The Ram on Broadway. Feel free to join us and share some ideas and talk some football.


Shwit Wiz....just say P2 come on


PS. I do wish well on thursday. I must work and drive is at least 240 miles, one way....I will appear at another one....


Excuses. And more excuses.

I should of figured Robert of Eagle was a Vandal. I remember when SWfunin1960 came on and pretended NOT to be a fan of any team but all teams. Sure. Pegged. Both of these sorry whiners.

This is why I really like vandalsrulebjc. He makes fun of some of us "donks" but theres no delusions of grandeur and such cry baby antics. I hear karma and laugh. Im sure the natural forces are mad at a university president for hating on some hooligans. Have you clowns lived anywhere else in the world? Do you leave the bubble? Karma would be best served decapitating abusers, corrupt people in power who take lives secretly and finding ways to serve justice for really bad souls. Karma would give us back those people we love who we have lost, give us our young soldiers who gave their lives and compassion right now for those who need it. Seriously. What a pathetic attempt to make yourselves feel better, Vandals.

Many of you chose not to donate through the years. Many of you choose not to drive the many miles to Moscow for each home game. Many of you have chosen to pound your chests and yet still do nothing. So the success of the team you hate in Boise makes you sick. Makes you wake up each morning and "like" the comments on a Statesman thread that could be construed in any way negative against the team you hate so bad. You've reached the age you are and let a football team dictate how you feel? And call for Karma when your feelings are hurt. Shameful.

I was running on the Greenbelt tnt

I passed by the campus and stadium and they were working out the kinks for the PA system. Hopefully its better this year. But what caught my attention was the number of young people walking and riding. I was shocked how many were 18-22 range. It felt like a real campus. That wasnt the case 10 years ago. The enviroment has been changing and will continue to change. Cant wait to see what the campus does 10 years from now.

Yep JL

wife & I rode bikes down to art in the park last Saturday. All along the belt are young students, even on weekends, studying...picnicking..playing some lawn ball..gettin lovey...real campus feeling.

Ω Ivy

Grow it all over the stadium exterior ... and anywhere the students don't use their tickets. That will fake out those who worry about academics (prop up a couple of old profs for a photo-op) or those who bark about empty seats.

Someone better warn Kustra...

with the change in demographics and the increase of younger students there exists the great potential that BSU will have an increase in drunken, juvenile, borish, etc. behavior (i.e., a real college feel). He may not like the results.

and yet you're a better person

by retaliating with ignorant comments? When someone takes a swing it isn't considered classy to take a harder swing back. Stick to the positives, exercise a little tolerance and quit YOUR whinning.


And your experience with 'swings' was as the target, I assume.

You strike me as the type of guy that I could walk all over and wipe my feet on your chest to get some dog poop off.

Nah, not convinced that it isn't classy to take a harder swing back.

But thanx for playing. Please come back when you have something informative and meaningful to contribute to the board (could be football or just about anything).


Since I'm Reborn...VNDL....

on the boards, I wont even guess which former girlfriend gave him his "handle"..Nope Not Wiz, not goin there..

Sorry Quicks

Cant help but think how insightful your post is...

Actually, come to think of it, I dont remember a post you had that was insightful. Ever. Time to change that username and come back under something else.


Welcome to the board.

It is hard to imagine how we have gotten along for so long without you being here.

I kinda feel rescued.

Hope to see you Thursday 22 Sep 2011 at 12:00 Noon at the Broadway Ram. We can break bread together and share some god times.

So glad you are here. There are very few Vandal Haters on the boards these days. Only two that come to mind now - P2 and you.


PS - Anytime you want to discuss the merits of letting Vandals run your life or make important decisions for you because you are mentally inferior (not most - 99.999% of all Broncos - just you), please feel free to initiate such a topic line and I am sure there will be some that will participate.

Ω What is this?

Some sort of spiritual revival? I'm not going there to share "some god times".

disclaimer - "Spirit, spirit, yes we can. Spirits, spirits, down at the Ram!"

whos confirmed


Ω Think VNDL had a list ...

... of some kind.

P2 is in the (chicken) coop. ugly says he's counting chips.

Ask a priest

Oh wait, wrong word


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Seems Kinda Fishy, Don't

it Razor?

If VNDL tries to "SAVE" me, I'm like the Kansas 70's hit single.....

Ω Don't go "wayward" on us.

Carry on.

I will have a couple Kirkland water bottles

if anybody wants to be baptized. We can do it in the parking lot. Just let me know; stand still, and I will pour a couple bottles of the water over your head.

In fact, I think I will get a couple of cases of the bottled water, and each one of us can pour a couple bottles of water on anybody who wants to be baptized.

Prior to the baptizm, I will have some forms for the candidate(s) to sign, giving 10% of the candidate's life earnings and real property holdings to the Church, effective the moment the Holy Kirkland Water touches their head.

So far the only Deacons in the Church are the Founders of the Church, Wiz and me. That means of the 10% tithing, half (5%) is for each of us. Others can be Deacons, too, and share the joy and spiritual bounty. But - first - they got to get baptized.


i'd be happy to

be a follower...count me in as a deacon w/ no personal income or ant proof of income.

Ω Guinness, yes ...

... Kirkland, no.

Baptized in the parking lot of a brew pub. Sure.

Well, at least we can use "Holy Kirkland" as a divine expression of disbelief ... henceforth.

Water Ina Bottle...Would That Make A Certain...

attendee jealous? I mean...Like...afterall...would that be an infringement of a "certain" domain?

Geez VNDL we maybe better make him an honorary Deacon (no cut of course, lessen you wanna share yourn)....

Wiz - I would be willing to sell 'futures'

If anybody that shows up for lunch this Thursday wants to buy a 'future' percentage of the baptizm contyract with the Church and they are not yet a Deacon. That is okay.

Our Church has a Plan for prospective Deacons to buy a single future for $10,000. This is a one time purcase with the money going to the Church prior to any mass baptizms. Should any baptizms actually take plce with 10% of the candidate's wealth being tithed to the Church (initially with 2 fully vested Deacons) the ownership of a 'future' would allow the holder of that 'future' to become a fully vested Deacon. Of course there is the Deacon Application process to consider and the nonrefundable Application Fee, payable to the Church prior to any baptizms and as part of the Deacon Application Approval process which would include the receipt and proof of payment of the purchas of a single $10,000 'future' and the nominal $5,000 Deacon Application Fee. Once a Deacon is approved, that Deacon will be fully vested and will share in an equitable percentage of any/all revenues generated by the Church and shared by all Deacons on an equitable basis. In essence, a type of Sub-S corporation model.

It must be totally understood how much money it will take to operate the Church in the future. While aspiring Deacons and baptizm candidates might think it is a large amount of personal wealth, they should never lose sight of the fact about how much it costs to get spirituality and a soul cleansed, packaged, and ready for delivery to the Pearly Gates.

Nobody said spirituality was cheap. It is a true axiom:

The more you put into something the more you will receive in the end.

To get some real good spirituality will cost some bucks - but - improving the chances of aceptance at the Pearly Gates seems to be a minor expense.

Not only is Thursday an opportunity to meet one another, yak about BSU fotball, and have an enjoyable lunch among new found friends - it is also,an opportunity for board members to become Deacons in a revolutionary style Church, which will traditionally hold their services during the half times of Bronco Games. And it all starts with pouring bottles of Kirkland water over the heads of any unwitting and gulible stooges and noobs who may be desirous of being baptized in the parking lot.

As for me, I am going to sit inside at a table in the lounge and engage in football talk, eat some good fish and chips, sip iced tea, with the more normal board posters who are not interested in being baptized or becoming Deacons; as we laugh our azzes off at those who show up and have no humor or common sense.


Ω More like ...

... the Burley Gates.

Ω Vandal Nation "may" return ...

... to find nothing left.

It was over long before the current (now discontinued) streak was at the halfway point. How could anyone look at the shifting cfb landscape now and not recognize that? Idaho isn't irrelevant; but the caste system now being constructed leaves U of I no room at anything other than the bottom of the second echelon. Can they scramble out of that? A long "maybe".

Or, take what is probably a more realistic approach and go to FCS. Spokane and Cheney are very proud to have "National Champions, EWU" signs on I-90.

Boise State, for all its desires and efforts, isn't guaranteed a spot in the upper echelon. This is the current #4 team in the nation; a perpetual top 10 team with no assurances at present.

Idaho isn't irrelevant. It's just out of place, along with 40 or 50 other programs which soon will be shown "their place" with the realignment of cfb. I don't know who is laughing (it isn't justifiable), thinks U of I is pitiful, or gives a juvenile salute ... those aren't the types I would want to engage in any case.

You and everyone else who thinks Idaho can survive at the FBS-level in the soon-to-be super-conference era probably should take a long look at the prospect. Like I stated, even Boise State is not assured. And, like it or not, BSU is miles ahead of Idaho.

razor....I agree....

Boise is the future and Idaho is the past....just remember your brethren....

Again, such a disgrace.

You disgust me, yet again. You are on the Donk bandwagon and beg for remembrance for your so called alma mater? What a runt thing to say. You are not a Vandal. You are a cowardly idiot.

And you're the hater what loves him. CHA CHA CHA


I've just failed miserably trying to be incognito.

Thanks FO....Vandalrules does not need any

enticement....what he needs is a newspaper and directions to the Help Wanted ads....

I don't know...

I think people in southern Idaho suffer from feeling like they are the center of the universe. If you take a hard look at the census definition of a region it becomes clear that U of I, Washington State, University of Montana and Eastern Washington are part of the same region. These institutions compete for the influence of alumni and fan bases within the region. What I don't think folks understand is the size of this region not only in a geographical perspective but also the amount of the population resding. I think what WSU accomplished several years ago compared to what EWU, Idaho and Montana accomplished a few years ago indicates the region has lots of potential to field competetive football teams.

I agree there are challenges...but with the right leadership it will happen.

Ω Same region?

Hélls bells ... should have been their own state. I grew up in Seattle and heard nothing but that for years. Went to school in Spokane and Cheney and heard nothing but that for years.

As far as, "... people in southern Idaho suffer from feeling like they are the center of the universe ...", they probably haven't gotten too far out of town.

razor....you keep forgetting....