Rex Rammell faces misdemeanor, not felony; bizarre new details emerge

Former U.S. Senate and gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell will face only a misdemeanor charge of battery stemming from a confrontation on his Idaho County property.

The Lewiston Tribune had originally reported Rammell would face a felony — which, if it stood, would preclude the perennial candidate from seeking office again. But when a formal complaint was filed Friday, the charge was a misdemeanor.

The article also weaves a bizarre tale of the events leading up to Rammell's arrest. In a plot twist that would do Yosemite Sam proud, Rammell and his business partner blew a gold mine during the escalating dispute.

But first, let's backtrack a bit. Rammell had originally allowed William Shira's older son, daughter-in-law and two young children to live in a house Rammell had been leasing.

Reports the Tribune's Kathy Hedberg: "Instead, Rammell said, the entire Shira family of about 15 people moved into the house without his permission and when he demanded they leave, the Shiras refused. Later the Shiras did leave but did not remove their belongings. Rammell said he and Keith Keyser, his business partner, moved all of the Shiras' belongings off the property and blew up a mine the Shiras claimed was full of gold.

On Sept. 8, Rammell said he was hunting for bear and spotted William Shira and his son, Than, back on the property near the mine. Rammell confronted the men, demanded they leave and the argument escalated. Rammell said he kicked at William Shira and Shira came back at him with a crowbar but did
not make bodily contact. Rammell said he attempted to place the Shiras under citizen's arrest, but the Shiras scoffed at him, then left."

A sheriff's deputy arrived when Rammell was attempting to carry out the citizen's arrest, and he arrested Rammell.

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Shouldn't these reports be in the entertainment section?

At this point, it resembles some sort of white trash reality show.


Please don't give Rammell ideas.

If anyone else

blew up a mine, the feds would be all over them for an act of terrorism.

Like that guy

in McCall who was having some fun with homemade explosives. Rammell actually blew something up.

KR, you really need to get some.....

professional help as you grapple with your "Rammell Fetish".


I decided to post this because I thought it important to correct a factual error. Rammell faces a misdemeanor charge, not a felony, as the Lewiston Tribune originally reported.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Professional Help

Actually the reporting was straight forward and informational. Perhaps tetpilot should look into his paranoia as he seems to see the enemy in every shadow. Tet, when the dog starts telling you what to do you will know you're over the ledge.

I guess I should start reading the Lewiston Trib......

so your corrections make sense.


Golly! I never thought I'd see Rex Rammell and bizarre in the same sentence! /sarcasm

Does Rex have voices in his head, giving him his marching orders? In a sense, "becourteous" is right - it's entertaining from a distance. Kinda like Jerry Springer.

citizen's arrest

This says it all, KR

So you can get arrested for

So you can get arrested for asking people to leave your own property? If they both swung at each other why didn't they both get arrested? A citizens arrest is still allowed under the law, albeit an archaic law. I agree Rammell has a few screws loose but I don't see where he has committed a crime here. What am I missing here?


If they are leasing the property, there are procedures that have to be followed to evict someone. I don't know if it's considered a crime if you don't follow procedure or if it's a civil issue.

My bad, they came back

he should have called the cops instead of taking the law into his own hands.

Compounded Issue

Also, the report says they were hunting. If he was trying to citizen's arrest someone while armed that could complicate things a bit.

Hunting Crows I assume,

with a crowbar.

Oh, no senior

they're not all living here, they're just visiting.