Boise State football coaches don't expect missed kicks to become 'long-term issue'; roster updates; Tulsa QB questionable

By Chadd Cripe
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True freshman Jake Van Ginkel will join the kicking competition for the Boise State football team this week, but special teams coach Jeff Choate said it’s important for the Broncos not to overreact after redshirt freshman Dan Goodale and junior Michael Frisina each missed a PAT last week at Toledo.

The kickers have been solid in practice, especially from short range.

“I really don’t see that as being a long-term issue,” Choate said. “We’re definitely concerned about it right now. We’re going to put a lot of focus and energy into it. … Especially on the extra points, there was no empirical evidence to suggest that was going to be a problem.”

Coaches say the snaps from Chris Roberson and the holds by Joe Southwick could be cleaner, but PATs should be made regardless of those factors.

They will consider some other options at holder — punter Brad Elkin, nickel Hunter White and wide receiver Matt Miller — to see if the kickers are more comfortable with someone else.

“We definitely need to get those guys in a comfort zone,” Choate said.

I’ll have more on the kicking situation in Tuesday’s newspaper.


Roster updates, according to coach Chris Petersen:

— Sophomore Spencer Gerke is listed as the starter at left guard but Joe Kellogg is expected to play. Kellogg missed last week’s game with an injury.

— Fullback Dan Paul remains week to week with a groin injury and backup Chandler Koch is getting closer to a return, but the coaches are looking at other options. Defensive players Mike Atkinson, Tyrone Crawford and Tommy Smith have appeared on offense at times this year.

— Petersen didn’t have an update on the status of Geraldo Boldewijn and Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe.

— Senior Cedric Febis is back in the starter’s role this week. He didn’t start last week because he was working with the second team while his eligibility was reviewed.

— Running back Jay Ajayi is working with the offense in practice, rather than the scout team, but the coaches haven’t decided to play him yet. If the running backs in front of him stay healthy, the Broncos don’t need to use him this year.

— Nickel Corey Bell and defensive back Lee Hightower, who previously were on the bubble, are expected to redshirt barring injury.


Boise State’s internal players of the week were quarterback Kellen Moore (offense), linebacker Aaron Tevis (defense), safety Hazen Moss (special teams), defensive end Tyrone Crawford (linemen), linebacker Blake Renaud (Hammer), quarterback Jimmy Laughrea (scout offense), Bell (scout defense) and linebacker Mitchell McCarthy (scout special teams).

Moore also was honored by the Mountain West and Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award.


Tulsa quarterback G.J. Kinne is questionable this week. He sustained a knee injury in the game early Sunday morning against Oklahoma State.

“He has made it clear, as I have, that this is his senior year and he’s going to play as soon as he’s available,” coach Bill Blankenship said.

The Golden Hurricane (1-2) are preparing with the idea that freshman Kalen Henderson will start.

“We’ve got to move forward that way,” Blankenship said. “If our quarterback can play and he doesn’t practice a down, he’ll play.”

Henderson was 6-of-20 for 104 yards and two touchdowns with three interceptions against Oklahoma State.

“He started out shaky,” Blankenship said. “He had a tough first two or three series. But he led us to 27 points and threw a couple touchdown passes.”

The Hurricane’s most dynamic player, wide receiver and kick returner Damaris Johnson, is suspended indefinitely while he faces a felony embezzlement charge. He won’t play at all this year, Blankenship said.


Other highlights from Petersen:

On Tulsa: “I like their offense. They’re creative. They can run the ball. They spread you out. They can do it all. Always near and dear to our hearts is somebody who can really run the ball.”

On sloppy tackling: “That’s a little bit the nature of those spread offenses. We have to play harder. We have to play with better energy. That’s going to help our tackling. We can’t put it on one guy’s shoulder to tackle these really good athletes in space and expect that to happen all the time. … The defense, they did a decent job for the most part. As coaches, we care about the score but once the game is over we don’t care about the score. We look at the tape and say, ‘Are we playing as well as we can? I think there was a clear consensus that we can play better.”

Here is the audio of his press conference.


A New York Times study says Boise State has the 57th-largest fan base in college football. Not sure how strong the study is — it somehow figures Georgia Tech has more fans than Georgia — but it’s interesting.


Check out Murph’s Turf for a look at how the Mountain West is approaching conference realignment.

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Whatever you do not mistake facts with your own opinion.

Which part are you meaning?

This: "— Running back Jay Ajayi is working with the offense in practice, rather than the scout team, but the coaches haven’t decided to play him yet. If the running backs in front of him stay healthy the Broncos don’t need him this year."


That's actually pretty much what Petersen said — they're good, as long as nobody gets hurt.

I agree with you just asking what he meant

My concern with Ajayi is in a few weeks. I would hate to lose Harper or Martin in week 5 and have Ajayi with no experience yet on Special Teams or carrying the ball. I dont think we are that deep at RB now that Johnson is out.


Apparently you have Chadd Cripe mixed up with Brian Murphy.

You're referring to the guy

You're referring to the guy who we ask to grade the Broncos every week?

G.J. Kinne

I read somewhere that he has a torn MCL - I don't see how he'll be up and running on Saturday. I hope he is - he and his team (along with OK State) really got the shaft last weekend with the insane decision to start a football game after midnight.

He won't

He's out 4-6 weeks.

I'm not saying it's right, but

They almost had to play that game or cancel it altogether. The costs to reschedule for travel... would be prohibitive. If they cancel they still have the initial travel costs ticket refunds etc. Again, I'm not saying it was the right decision but economics had to be the reason they just kept postponing.


It's a bus trip. 70 miles from Stillwater to Tulsa.

I think the TV slot was the determining factor. Just an opinion

There reschedule problem

was they didn't have open date

at least that's my understanding.

Tulsa schedule

I asked the coach about that today. He said neither team wanted to play Sunday because they both had big upcoming games and they didn't have a mutual off date. So they decided if they could begin warmups by midnight, they'd play, and they beat that deadline by a few minutes.

You HAVE the solution to the kicking problem on the roster

His name is Trevor Harman - HE should be doing the placekicking on this team. He has the stronger leg by far - that is why he is, and has been, the guy who does the kickoffs. Also he kicked 22 of 26 field goal attempts in H.S. with a long of 50 yards and he made 85 of 87 P.A.T's in high school as well. Why they aren't utilizing Harman as the placekicker this year is baffling to say the least.


They didn't want one guy training in all three disciplines. It wasn't the best thing for Brotzman. Harman is focusing on punts (he's a candidate for that job next year) and kickoffs. He isn't training field goals/PATs.


time is running out we will be in league play in a couple of weeks.... fix it! The voters will be beating us up and have a time with us not being able to kick a field goal. How many teams in the top ten can't kick an extra point? We all wanted to be in the uppers now we need to produce or go back to the WAC. It's a small part of the game but very important


Seems like a LOT of kickers when we're in scholly reduction for a few. Are all these guys on schollys and do you have a gut/opinion if that will change next year?


Only kickers on scholarship are Elkin (senior) and Van Ginkel. If Harman kicks well this year and is the starting punter next year, I would think he'd replace Elkin on scholarship.

A time for action - get a foreign kcker

Now that I have had a chance to get things into perspective, I nnow realize BSU is onto something of greaty long term benefit by recruiting foreign players.

Wiz recently requested I come onto this thread:

Submitted by wisdomman on Mon, 09/19/2011 - 5:05pm.
Plz go to the kicker thread and issue formal approval for Pete to recruit a foreign kicker....


I don't know if it will make much difference but I would strongly encourage BSU to go to Australia and/or New Zealand and/or New Caledonia and/or the Federated States of Micronesia and recruit a good kicker or two from the wonderful rugby talent that is found in the Western Pacific area.

Rugby players are great kickers as well as great tacklers and overall 'ballers' in general that get an increase to their seratonin level by having a desire for agressive and hard physical rough tackling and contact. I am kind of surprised BSU has not tread on those areas in search for a good kicker.

Because Australian Rules Rugby requires all players to be good kickers as well as tacklers, it makes sense that a great overall athlete could be found that could be part of special teams trickeration more than is currently the case.

I for one would like to see Coach Pete recruit a Maori Warrior blood line kicker.

Or, as in the movie (Replacements) starring Gene Hackman, their kicker was a professional soccer player from England. He was a great kicker.

I am beginning to think that we could get a very large percentage of our team from overseas foreign recruit talent. Huge linesmen could come from Japan and the training grounds for the sport of Sumo.

Just some ideas and grist for the discussion mill.


Ω You forgot ...

... Borneo.

Aussie Kicker

They gave that idea a shot with Nick Vlad from the Melbourne area. For whatever reason he didn't make the team.

They Just Didn't Have

a coach or former coach down there to provide the proper "referrals"...

Vote Vote Vote

Vote once a day everyday

I think the kicking game will get there soon. I have faith in our team and our coaches.


the kicking game will improve and two....BSU won't have to rely on the kicking game this year, so it really isn't a big worry.