Here are a few matchups to watch in tonight's Boise State-Toledo football game

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

TOLEDO, Ohio — I’m posting matchups to watch on every game day. Here’s what I’ll be watching tonight when Boise State and Toledo meet at 6:05 p.m. MDT on ESPN.

Toledo WR Eric Page vs. Boise State’s defensive backs: Page gave the Broncos problems last year and usually delivers in big games. Boise State doesn’t like to adjust its defense to deal with slot receivers like Page, which could give him some matchup advantages. It would be interesting if Boise State does something like put cornerback Jerrell Gavins on him all night, but that’s unlikely.

Boise State’s run game vs. Toledo’s defense: The Broncos ran the ball effectively enough against Georgia, busting some big runs in the second half, but they’re searching for more consistency in this game. Tailback Doug Martin was bottled up by the Bulldogs and seems due for a big game. If the run game produces, that will set up the play action that Boise State likes to use to hit the deep ball — an element that was missing from the offense in the opener.

Boise State’s WRs vs. Toledo’s secondary: The secondary is one of the Rockets’ strengths, but they’ll start a freshman in place of senior Taikwon Paige. Look for Kellen Moore to attack Keith Suggs right away and find out how ready he is.

Special teams: I think this could be a fun part of the game with some explosive return men and question marks at kicker. Toledo has nothing to lose — so watch for a fake.


Some random notes:

— Toledo is hoping for a sellout tonight, which would be its first crowd of 26,000 since 2007.

— Twelve of Toledo’s 22 offensive and defensive starters are seniors.

— Toledo is 4-0 at home against ranked teams. Three of those wins came against MAC teams.

— Toledo has beaten a BCS-conference team in five straight seasons. Next chance: next week at Syracuse.

— Boise State is 8-3 vs. the MAC.

— Boise State kicker Dan Goodale was one of only nine freshman kickers to start season openers this year.

— Boise State is 31-3 in non-Saturday, regular-season games. The losses were to arguably the three most talented non-Boise State WAC teams of the past decade — Fresno State in 2005, Hawaii in 2007 and Nevada in 2010. Two of those losses were on extra-short weeks. The Broncos had a full week of preparation for Toledo because of a bye last week.

As always a great job



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Not too worried about....

wide receivers giving BSU problems. BSU always rises to the occasion when given a challenge. Also, the quarterback has to have time and opportunity to get the ball to the receivers. Don't think Toledo's quarterback is going to have enough time.


we are going to have a good game tonight. Don't forget to vote for Coach Pete who is in 7th place now and Kellen who is in first with 25% for the Davey O'Brien award and 2nd in the heisman watch right now. Vote everyday once a day @

thank you!

Thank you for reminding all of us to vote...I appreciate it! :)

Here is to a great game glad Cedric is back!


Ok Wiz' Take on 1st Series...

Broncos will want a better rushing game than UGA was. They will want to create the stage by reminding Toledo right away that they can't cheat in the secondary/LB due to play action.
1st play..playaction fake to Martin dive...TE pass to the flat.
Then bang bang Martin carries. Heavy does of rushes. Then Bang..Kellen hits his 1st long one for a TD to Tyler or Matt..probably in the 30-40 yard range, on normally a rushing down/yardage setting.

Weigh in and lay your vision out.

Hope I"m better at this than my morning 18 round...LOL. 86...trouble all season keeping the "snowman" off my card. Seems one always finds it off the tee to OB land...

Ω Where did you play?

I'm playing for the first time since May with my B-i-L on Monday. Hoping I can navigate past the windmill and the water trough. Actually want to play Falcon but my B-i-L wouldn't like that brute. Prolly have to do something tamer, like Boise Ranch, which I don't like.

Noticed Chadd on today's chat thought the Broncos would go deep early. Did he read my script (totally wrong) from last week? I'll stick with that, given decent field position. If they can get out 7-0 early, then I'm thinking Martin and Harper, get that ground game cooking.

Then again, since I am a terrible OC, might retreat to the swamp to hang with (where is he?) richfrog.

Is It Worth

watching the replay? (chat)

Steer away from the Ranch...Aeriated/sanded greens a few days ago..doubt mowable yet. Played Eagle Hills, no tips, my buddy wont go to tips. I get a bird or 2, pars, and singles. If I could ever get the couple of doubles and lone ranger triple or 4X gone, I'd hover on 78-81. Pattern is..I try to press a hole rather than just manage it.

Stick to that forecast all'll be right eventually HaHa.. ;)

Ω Thanks for the heads up.

Will have to come up with something else.

Gonna miss the game (or at least a big chunk of it) ... wedding rehearsal. Might have to sneak out the the car for a quick listen.

If I ever get the first sequence right, I'll be shocked.

ps - The chat replay will only have a couple items of interest. Apparently lots of questions were posed about Ricky and Geraldo. Chadd didn't put those up and said he had nothing new. The one I liked was when P2 asked if anybody was about to be banned. Must have been sweating. Murph replied to just follow the rules.

LOL Razor..

P2 really asked that? Coulda been an imposter.

Reason I disagree with Chadd and your opening series is this:

BSU on ROAD...ROAD..Will want to stay out of down and LONG.. especially, IMO, on the 1st series. They'll open it up after a lead.

Now watch Pete throw the yolk as well as the white all over my face...

DVR the game..

Ω Yep, he did.

Sure, could have been a joker in the deck, but I think it was for real. After all, how many posters would be "endangered" to the point of asking such a question?

We saw practically zilch in terms of the so-called trick plays against Georgia. A few wildcats with Hedrick and maybe a couple of misdirections. With the long prep time since, I'm thinking the bag might be opened a little wider tonight. Not right away, but maybe after more "conventional" success.

ps - Maybe the "Flag Leaderboard" is being watched closely. P2 is in front, you know.

How Much Is The Statesman Paying

You to track the flags for them? Free Paper daily? HaHaHaHaHaHa

Never thoygh 'bout P2 and the flags...yeah, maybe he's felling like he has a target on his back.

However, my communications with the admin..they do say they don't view all flags as a TOS violation. Some of the flags are more personal and petty than true violations.

So. I'm does FLASt OK game impact BSU? I think the loser (If OK) falls below us. If OK wins, they stay up. If FlST wins, they jump us (IMO). So..the point of my drivel has no affect on us moving up or falling back.

Ω Right, I'm covert ops

We knew that about the flags. Just think back to Cre8 and SunnyS.

Probably no change in BSU's rank re: the OK - FL St. outcome. One stays, the other drops. BSU drops only if they play poorly or the score is close (or something worse).

Will check in after the game.

Well Ok Then..Razor Bourne...LOL

Yeah.Wasn't it Cre that blow darted VNDL over and over? Then kept denying it. Was it VNDL or aqfunk logon? Don't remember.

This game is close enough, in time frame, for writers and coaches to remember and compare the results w OhSt. Opportunity to BSU to make a statement. I hope we play 4 quarters with ATTITUDE.

What posessed you to finally get married? HaHaHaHa

Ω Yeah, it was Cre8.

Think she was the one who kilt the VNDL logon.

Loved seeing what Drew Wright and the backup O line did at the end. What a freakin' bulldozer!

Married once ... enough for me. Bad for "discretionary" time (e.g., golf).

Cost Me The Pizza..That

Wright kid...I had 34-15... LOL.. Good For Him!...He was excited! The back up O Line?...Naw..Just ask Mark May..we dont have quality depth..

Ω You actually had 15?

That's a pretty unusual number.

We should get VNDL to do a search on "I hate Mark May" with his magic Copernic software. He'd max out with over 6 million hits.


Figured them for 1 td, going for 2 and missing, and the rest 3 field goals. Didn't happen that way..but hey 15 = 15

It was me at the chat

confirmed. Running scared... But have you guys ever noticed how awesome the statesman is? I am s suprised there are are no trolls and everyone seems to be educated and civil. there are no idiodic opinions.

Ω What? P2?

I can go along with fewer trolls ... most (except lame) seem to have run out of ammo.

But idiotic opinions? There's a surplus.

/sarc off

This Isn't Going to be Easy

This just might be a closer game than Georgia (just saying)

I understand how...

you might feel that way, but this is going to be easy. Definitely won't be closer than Georgia, but it won't surprise me if Toledo plays at least as good as Georgia did. Still....BSU is going to humiliate Toledo.

BSU will rack up over 500 yards and put 50+ on the scoreboard

I agree, easy game

Want the old "Game Day" formatt back

Hey Statesman, whats with this new Bronco Blitz. Please go back to the old "Game Day" formatt. Used to get a LOT more information regarding the game that way, such as 'by the numbers' and when Broncos got the ball vs the other teams, etc. This new formatt leaves a lot to be desired. If anyone feels the same out there, then please let these guys know.

My new view is

BSU football is about the college team that is supported by a city (Boise) and a region (Treasure Valey). It is not a state oriented team like Nebraska is (as Nebraska represents the State of Nebraska). Boise State University does not represent the State of Idaho. It represents oise. This is where I have been having a hard time squaring my support for the Broncos and noticing the wide gap of support for the Broncos by Idahoans around our state.

I have wanted te Bronco to win a natty to bring great honor and credit to the State of Idaho.

It has hit me between the eyes these past several days, that college football is not about the representation of any state; it is purely big business. BSU has been very successful and will continue to grow because they cannot compete wilth other football teams for talent and must go overseas to get talent. I have realized this fact. BSU just can't compete for top level American talent and must go overseas to get big wide bodies they can develop into the Bronco mold/mindset. Nothing wrongwith it at all - it just ookme awhile to understand and accept that fact. My prblem was that I thought BSU could compete with other football teams for top level American talent, but I have seen the light.

I still support the Broncos and want them to win a natty. It matters nothing to me anymore where BSU recruits its players or how they recruit them or develop them or what they do after their eligibility expires. They are kinda a substitute for a professional football team - just on a college and regional basis.

The Broncos are simply the replacement for a professional level sports team in Boise. Nothing more. I have been naive to thnk the Broncos could ever be Idaho's Team as the Cornhuskers are Nebraska's team. It will never happen. That goal is not part of BSU's Goals and Objectives. BSU wants to be Boise's team and will succeed in that vein, for sure.

Fugly has been right about this, all along.

Go Broncos.

Win a natty for your fans in Boise, around the state of Idaho and the nation.

The Broncos have done a wonderful job and have a tremendous record for a regional colege. Prolly the best that has ever been for a regional colege football team.

It is really just a geographical coincidence that they happen to be in Boise.


And you back this up how?

Oh, that's right, BUMPER STICKERS......


You're Sounding, Lately, Like Another Fanny Hurt Vandal..And

I'm mad at you for obviously smokin something really fine and not sharing. ;)
We agree a lot VNDL but not this one.

Do poeple outside of the TV, or even Idaho as a whole, view BSU as a regional institution? If yes, you'll have to give me some solid statistical proof. If no, then case closed.

How would you explain BSU merchandise just set an all time record, ranking 38? Thats fairly high, considering the number of AQ Big Conference institutions, wouldn't you say? I can't prove it but I do not think the TV supported the record sales.

Recruiting. Why, all of a sudden, would you think BSU could compete with the big boys when it comes to recruiting? We are not in a Southern bed, a Texas bed, or a Calif bed. We are in 1.2 mill for the entire state. We have never had 4 and 5 star recruits (like the big boys you want us to compete with), and now you expect us to? We've always gotten it done with the 2 and 3 stars. Re the Foreign players, the 2 new ones had offers from Pitt, Tulsa, and another I can't remember right now. They sent their tapes to many schools.

Regional? BSU WAS regional until 1965 when the 1st started awarding BA's. Has there been enough history to lose that perception? I doubt most people on a National level even know that or think of it that way at all. We all know old school Vandals (in part) still think that way and recognize BSU as such.

Nebraska? You want to compare BSU's short existance AND emergence on the FBS scene to a tradition and history as rich as Nesbraska? Thats laughable.

Perhaps BSU will be recogized as Idaho's school...some day..but die hard fanny hurt Vandals will have to look at this whole thing as "Idahoans" 1st. You know I want the Vandals to succeed, and I know you want them too.

We've shared thoughts before about U/I always controlling BSU for years and they do not any more. Heck, BSU only has 75,000 alumni.

Pass the pipe my friend. You have a new view? Quit seeking it out the rear view mirror and take a look thru the windshield...


As much as Idahoans want BSU to be Idaho's team - BSU does not want that.

I never compared BSU to Nebraska. I said BSU could be Nebraska's Team like Nebraska is if BSU were to market in that vein.

But BSU just wants to be Boise's Team which is fine. Boise needs a professional team that is successful. The hockey, arean, baseball and B-Ball teams have not fared too well.

The reality is proly that Idaho is too small of a state populationwise to even support a State Team anyhow.

BSU makes a good Town Team. Let it stay that way, as long as it is winning, I guess. Not too many other towns of 200,000 have as successful of a football team. We should be glad Boise has one. and the opportunity to go to retailers and buy Bronco Gear. Not all towns have that. Not all towns have an opportuity to win a BCS Natty.



Never thought you'd be so easily influenced by Fugly and a lack of bumper stickers in Pocy...;)

I don't live in Poky

I see a lack of bumperstickers and car flags in Magic Valley compared to last year.

Just got home from a group picnic we had to go to in Jerome. Maybe 100 people were there. Many are Bronco fans. We talked about the game. Nost said it was flat and they were dissapointed in Bronco O-Line and how the O-line can pass protect well but can'g get a push for run blockking. BSU has become a one dimensional team - passing. Most believe BSU wil go undefeated and are not that interested in going ga-ga with flags and such as in prior years. Jut take the games as they come in an understaated fan support way (code words for if we win cool, if not oh well).

The visible support and electric support is just not there this year.

That is what I have noticed.

But asctually it is not a big deal if the support is there or not. The only important thing is that the support from Boise Broncos is there for Boise's Team - the BSU Broncos. The rest of Idaho have other teams to support - BYU - Idaho - Utah State - Weber State - etc. Teams which are closer to Idahoans than Boise's Team.



I think the Weber State gear is pretty cool, where can I find their store?

B41 O/T

Is your team gonna pull it out or are you dropping 2 in a row?

Looks like a lil hangover from last weeks drubbing..............


Check the recap of the Wy game.....

Wyoming is 3-0


Great news..we need the help. True fresh qb..interrsting.

Sure could use the SDS offense to show up big time vs Wazzou

Nice That Vandals Support BSU...

yeah..U/I graduates students and they head to the TV and Boise to enter the work force. Even the Silk Tie Lawyer guys come on down, cut ambulance chasin commercials, and start preying on the insuance companies.

Many have posted, here in the past, that the cancelled rivalry game should resume in Boise, with alternating "home" teams. It's been stated that would be a financial benefit to the U/I as there are soooo many Vandals located in the TV. So it's nice to know that
Boises Team" represents sooo many Vandals, and likewise, sooo many Vandals support "Boises Team".

Yep..thats prolly how it is...

I will admit

I have my fair share of Bronco Gear.

But now that I have learned from razor that the Bronco's are Boise's professional team. There does not seem much sense in me spending any more of my money to support Boise's Team.

I will watch Boise's Team from the TV distance and follow their progress and root and cheer for them and their success from the comforts of my home, a friends house, or sports bar. No need in actually buying a ticket to watch them, as I don't live in Boise. I would feel guilty taking up some Boise person's seat.

I suppose ther are some Vandals who live in Boise and support their town's team.

I have stated before that I am not in favor or reinstating the rivalry games bwetween Boise's Team and the Idaho Vandals.

Boise's Team has outgrown Idaho and needs to focus on doing whaqt is best for Boise and not Idaho. Idahoans have voted with their feet this year that they don't consider Boise's Team to be Idaho's Team.

I don't think Idaho is Idaho's Team either. I think we live in a state where rodeo, fishing, hunting, and skiing and winter sports are king.

Prolly a good thing BSU is not trying to leave the confines of Boise, in the mental prception of the major fan base. They are Boise's Team and should be darn proud about it.

Things BSU could do to be Idaho's team.

1 Realize that the rest of idaho is too uneducated to understand BCS, rankings, polls, TV contracts or bowl games. How could they, they are used to UI and ISU
2 give away free toothbrushes for pocy area for each persons tooth.
3 print bumper stickers in both english and spanish
4 offer 2 for ones at the planned parenthood for the purchase of a gameday shirt.

10 years ago BSU was idaho's team. UI was that fancy booklernin school up north where rich people went and BSU was that tech school in a dying city. My how times have changed.

Ω "It is not a state oriented team ..."

If Boise State University football is not a "state oriented team", and you or anyone else feels like it should be ... that failure or perception of failure falls on those who refuse to embrace. Not on Boise, the Treasure Valley, or on BSU. It isn't bandwagoning or anything related to alliances. If you don't want to be part of the party ... don't.

The players can (and do) come from all over ... just like the rest of the student body.

They aren't a substitute for a professional football team. They ARE a professional football team. Define "professional". Dollars, couches, cheeseburgers. It's all the same. They are being paid to go to school and play football. The ruling bodies (some should be in bags), the NFL and NCAA, are the main difference. One day college players will get paid (stipends or salaries) and it will be out in the open and fully legal and accepted.

Who, in right mind, could dispute that college football is the minor league of the NFL? It doesn't matter that only a small percentage make the jump.

The Broncos are no longer a "regional college". They are as national as can be. Did you watch the game and then SportsCenter after? BSU and Kellen were the headliners (for the umpteenth time).

Who would be favored, BSU vs. Nebraska? Right now? BSU, that's who ... either field. That isn't regional ... that's big-time national.

VNDL hasnt been the same since his

ahem... medical incident. And it shows. I think he is depressed. I saw him do this about a year ago too.

P2 I just had to get my thinking straight

It is just that it hit me between the eyes thaat I had been viewing the Broncos as an externsion of Idaho.

It was my naivete and expectation that BSU was representing our State that was faulty in my thinking.

I am over that now. Like razor has said, BSU is a professional team. Now that I have retooled my thinking to accept that fact, I am even more of a Bronco fan. I find no need for me to ever contribute money to the Broncos in the future, as they are being so successful they will need no individaul fan contributions, as the Dallas Cowboys or the Green Bay Packers do not get contributions from individuals.

It is not how the Broncos get to the point of winning, it is the winning that is the important thing. It is not about supporting the Broncos, it is about whether they win or not. Who cares where they get their talent, as long as they win.

Winning is the only important thing about Bronco football. Nothing else really matters.

I have changed my perspective about BSU football. I now see it for what it is - a professional team, as razor has stated.

Go Broncos - make Boise proud.


In case you change your mind VNDL

Twin Falls Bronco Shop
Magic Valley Mall space 129
1485 Pole Line Road East
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301

This store was opened in August. Apparently the high demand for Bronco gear in the Magic Valley was behind the decision to open this new store.

Bronco Mall

Looks dead inside the mall.

Not like it used to be.

Have been there.

The Twin falls Mall is not the place to shop anymore. Maybe Macy's and Sears, but that's about it.

More selection at Fred Meyers and Walmart. Prices are lowr at Freddie's and WallyWorld, too.

I will bet it closes soon.


Cedrick Febis playerd in the Toledo game

Does this mean the ButchBoysGate is over and all three of them are cleared of any irregularities and/or NCAA rule violations?

Did the other two players travel with the team to Toledo?

Anybody know the answers to these questions?



Bout all we know at this time