Boise State 40, Toledo 15 (final)

By Brian Murphy

Postgame notes

Chris Petersen in the post-game: lots of questions about the great Kellen Moore; not happy with the kicking game (Boise State missed two extra points). Injuries: Said DT Darren Koontz left the game, but did not think it was serious.

First quarter

After a strong run from Doug Martin on the first play from scrimmage, Boise State's drive fizzled with two dropped passes. Toledo converted a third-and-15 and a third-and-9 en route to a touchdown.

UT — Danny Noble 24 pass from Austin Dantin (kick failed), 11:35. Key play: Adonis Thomas took a screen pass for 20 yards on third-and-15 and Dantin kept on the option for 20 yards on third-and-8. Drive: 8 plays, 64 yards, 2:02. Toledo 6, Boise State 0

BSU — Tyler Shoemaker 26 pass from Kellen Moore (Dan Goodale kick), 6:56. Key play: Tailback Doug Martin took a swing pass 22 yards on third-and-5 and outran a defender to the edge for a 7-yard gain on fourth-and-1. Drive: 9 plays, 68 yards, 4:33. Boise State 7, Toledo 6

BSU — Martin 71 pass from Moore (Goodale kick failed), 2:45. Key play: Martin took the pass wide to the left, slashed all the way across the field through traffic and bolted to the end zone. Drive: 4 plays, 87 yards, 1:28. Boise State 13, Toledo 6

Second quarter

BSU — Tyler Shoemaker 1 pass from Moore (Michael Frisina kick), :17. Key play: Matt Miller made a 22-yard catch, Kirby Moore grabbed a 24-yarder and Shoemaker made a nifty catch on a fade in the end zone. Drive: 7 plays, 64 yards, 1:05. Boise State 20, Toledo 6

UT — Ryan Casano 34 field goal, :00. Key play: Frisina kicked off out of bounds, giving the Rockets the ball at their own 49-yard line, and Eric Page made a 19-yard catch. Drive: 4 plays, 34 yards, :17. Boise State 20, Toledo 9

Third quarter

BSU — Kyle Efaw 12 pass from Moore (Frisina kick), 6:30. Key play: Moore absorbed a hit while firing a 20-yard pass to tight end Gabe Linehan to get the driving going. Toledo helped with three penalties for 31 yards. Drive: 8 plays, 89 yards, 2:15. Boise State 27, Toledo 9

Fourth quarter

BSU — Shoemaker 18 pass from Moore (Frisina kick failed), 5:58. Key play: Martin got the running game going, moving the Broncos much of the way down the field. Drive: 6 plays, 56 yards, 3:12. Boise State 33, Toledo 9

UT — Adonis Thomas 1 run (Casano kick failed), 4:33. Drive: 6 plays, 73 yards, 1:20. Boise State 33, Toledo 15

BSU — Drew Wright 8 run (Frisina kick), 1:30. Drive: 6 plays, 43 yards, 3:03. Boise State 40, Toledo 15.

Pregame notes

• Boise State did not travel either of their top two fullbacks — Dan Paul (ankle) or Chandler Koch (leg) — to Toledo for Friday night's Boise State-Toledo game. Neither played in the opener against Georgia. Defensive tackle Michael Atkinson played the first snap at fullback.

• Offensive lineman Joe Kellogg did make the trip.

• Safety Cedric Febis, who missed the opener against Georgia with eligibility concerns, is on the trip and expected to play.

• Bronco Beat writer Chadd Cripe has a blog post on what to watch for in tonight's game.

• There will be pregame and halftime fireworks at the Glass Bowl.

• Toledo is also dealing with some injuries. LB Dan Mulls is out. LB Robert Bell is questionable after being listed as out earlier in the week.

Senior CB Taikwon Paige is doubtful and will not start. Freshman CB Keith Suggs will get the start. The Rockets also lost starting safety Mark Singer for the year before the season.

Pregame coverage

• My column on how Boise State's recruiting and scheduling locations don't always match up.

• Quiet impact: Development of young offensive linemen pays off for Boise State

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Trick Plays???

Thanks for the update Murph! Can you tell us if we're going to see a trick play or 2 tonight? I can't recall the last time BSU pulled a trickeration. These plays keep opponents guessing & are exciting to watch. I hope we aren't abandoning the plays that made this program famous.

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What An Idiot !!!!!!!!! Big Idiot !!

Mark May...just now...yet again..BSU can't play in a big conference..week in and week out. No quality depth.

I guess the moron May doesn't know how may we play on the O Line..The D line. The LB's. The 8 receivers that caught balls.

I gues he doesn't realize that if we WERE in one of those conferences, our depth improves even more from the recruiting and the budget increases.



Good grief.....Did BSU forget how to tackle? Have an idea the D is getting a butt chewing right now.

you got that right can bet it is back to tackling practice 101. Did one week off cause that?
anyway good job Broncos

Ω How lucky is BSU?

Kellen is amazing. Cool, in total control, and incredibly accurate. Highly doubtful we'll ever see another one like him.

Maybe not but the fact would seem to be we've had many...

good quarterbacks and talented offensive players over the years. No matter if the years were good or lean there were always players that stood above the others in the leagues we played in.

We have enjoyed the teams and since the 80s, the last 15 years alone they have elevated the level of teamwork to some form of art and it is astonishing.

I still can't get over the number of serious, season-ending injuries and even the tragic end of one (concussions). Concussions may be somewhat of an X factor but they could prevent more of them with adjustments. The NFL is doing it and college sports should as well.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Kicking game

Gotta do something about these missed extra points. Kellen is unreal playing small ball (I know, the term is baseball but Kellen takes it to football).

penalties, arm tackles

not seeing things we should be seeing on defense. offense is running along nicely but too many penalties there as well.

Speed of The Game on D

Is it just me...or do we seem to play up or down to the speed of the game on D...rather than set the speed?

Ω The whole team looks like ...

... a work in progress. Most of what we are seeing is really good ... certainly good enough to get the nod at #4.

There are some hiccups that, I believe, come from working in new players ... lots of them. Maybe more than we've seen in several years. This is crucial for next year given the number of seniors that we have. That stated, I don't think this team is anywhere near its potential.

Speed on D? Dunno. Only saw the second half and it looked pretty good to me. Toledo does have some fine athletes and some good O schemes. From the part I saw, Iloka had a great game.

Did you hear what Holtz said at halftime? About BSU no longer having the playmakers (i.e., Titus and Austin). Maybe he can't handle ten different names or can't differentiate Dallas from Mitch (incredible catch) ... as opposed to two or three. Maybe he shouldn't sit anywhere near Mark May.

If Toledo hadn't shot themselves twice in the red zone, it wouldn't have been 40-15. Toledo is not a bad team.

If I was a BSU player,

If I was a BSU player, coach, or fan...I would be embarassed to death! BSU shouldn't be ranked in the top 25. To believe you are ranked in 4th is just a bald face lie. Way to go Broncos!! Keep playing the little guys...very smart

Ω You should be embarrassed (correct spelling) ...

... being about 1 for your last 52 in your outcome "predictions". Well, by that and being the #1 dinglefritz on the blogs.

Keep trashing, we're laughing.

How Did

that word fly w/o the dashes, stars, etc breaking it up?

Ω You can use anything in the subject line.

Maybe Mrs. Olson changed her filter and words such as embarrass or lamelass are now okay.

ps - Not intended to encourage misuse.

You ought to realize...

Mr. Olson received some frilly dresses, corsets and hats from overseas recently ;-)


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

blow hard lame

and keep trolling because it is all you can do. BSU just keeps on winning and you keep on whining. Must suck to live here in the fall fo you huh?
Wich team do you support again?

If you were...

If you were a BSU player or coach you'd have a better grasp of spelling and grammar.

Great Game!!!!!!

Grinning ear to ear

Don't forget to vote for Coach Pete who is in 7th place now and Kellen who is in first with 25% for the Davey O'Brien award and 2nd in the heisman watch right now. Vote everyday once a day @

There is no way in hale the

There is no way in hale the Broncos should be ranked period. When you start beating the big boys week end and week out...we'll talk. I havent watch a game in over 20 years...just get my info from the actual boise fans

and there is no way you will ever have anything reasonable to

say about boise state. you are a moron in weistards class.

Relatively speaking, I haven't seen one in two years (no cable)

So there is a different reason, perhaps?


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

You havent watched a game?

ohhhhh your opinions make much more sense now....

Ω Go tell ...

... Mark May. He might be the only one dumb enough to listen to you.

As far as "we'll talk"? Maybe later, much later.


What about Lou "sufferin succotash" Holtz. Boise State doesn't have any "play makers".
LOL. Complete tools.


I think they call it "wet brain". One time he says BSU is no one, next time he gives BSU nothing but accolades.
Yeah he is a great PAST coach bla bla,but I hate they way he butters his bread on both sides.

I thought the 1st half was sloppy

I am VERY concerned about our kicking game. 2 missed PATs and NO field goals in two games. Pete telegraphed the confidence problem in the kicking game by faking the FG. I will have a coronary if TCU is on the blue, up 9-7 and BSU has to kick a game winner. The recievers were struggling. A couple of messy touchdown, a couple of drops. Especially early. But that is the great thing about being a BSU fan. Win by a ton and whine about missed plays!

kellen looked AWESOME.

Ω P2, beat me to it.

Yes on concerns about the kicking game. Didn't see either of the PAT misses, but cmon ... that's what those guys practice over and over. That has to be fixed.

I was hoping they'd kick that 51-yarder. Make or miss, just see if we could get it the distance.

Didn't see the receivers having any problems (only saw the second half). There were some great grabs.

What Do You Expect, P2"

We can't recruit a "foreign" kicker......

Yeah..It's amazing, the kicking. Did you see the extra points we did make? LOL..BARELY on a's like hold your breath on an extra point.

That job is still up for grabs, obviously..


Lets get busy recruiting a foreign kicker. Should be lots of real good occer players in Europe or South America that would love to come to Boise, I would imagine.

Also, lets not forget to lok at the rugby players around the globe. Australia and New Zealand have some mighty fine rugby players who can kick a football a mile.

Maybe BSU could recruit in Pakistan or Afghanistan, as they have players that have a game where they kick a sheep carcass around a field. I would think a fotball would be easier to kick than a sheep carcass. If they can kick a sheep carcass accurately, just think what they could do with a little football.

The world is the limitless talent bowl for BSU to explore.


On a serious note

I wonder if Pete will burn Van ginkel's red-shirt?

Maybe he should try not washing it and leaving it in his car?


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional

Talent Search

Checking the rosters U of I has 9 players from Idaho, BSU 27. It looks as if U of I should try recruiting in their own backyard.

I would have to agree

Everyone but Moore and Martin just looked a little off, maybe even a step slow. Not all the time but more often than not.....

Potter...I Thought

he was clutch tonight. Not big stats. Critical receptions and yards that were very important, at the time..

Boise's Team will go undefeated this year

ad even possibly vie for the BCS Natty.

It would be great if Boise had a team that won the BCS National Championship.

Really put Boise on the map, once and for all, without any dispute about SOS or other common old saws to preclude the greatness that is Boise.


VNDL..Your Bizarre Posts Have Me Wondering...

is the "Wake" meeting on the 22nd at the Downtown Ram still on? I guess I should now say.."At High Noon" ? P2 states, has you depression turned you off to the idea?

I'm not surprised you posted that you'd be wearing a Vandal hat..true colors showing and all.....

Possibly your embarrassment will be a hidden excuse for cancelling?

Party/Meet Up still on for 22 SEP 11 at 12:00 Noon

at the Broadway Ram. I will be there.

My posts are not bizarre at all.

They relect the truth. As razor has correctly noted the Broncos are indeed a professional team and it is Boise's Team and not Idaho's Team.

Nothing worng with that at all.

When one thinks of BYU, one thinks of the Mormon Church. When One thinks of Notre Dame, one thinks of the Catholic Church. When one thinks of Nebraska, one thinks of the entire state of Nebraska. When one thinks of Boise State University, one thinks of the town of approximately 200,000 population named Boise, that has a wonderful football team.

Look what the Packers have done for the town of Green Bay in Wisconsin. Green Bay is known as a Football Town. Same with Boise with what the Broncos have done for Boise. Boise is known as a Football Town.

With the downturn in the economy and loss of hig tech jobs in Boise, it is great Boise has something to be known for. Football is Big Business in Boise and has replaced high tech as what Boise is known for.

VNDL honestly

your stuff is getting old.

The truth is

There are more Bronco fans in north Idaho than there is Vandal fans in north Idaho. There are more Bronco fans in eastern Idaho than Weber State, Utah, Utah State, and Idaho state combined.

But VNDL has never let a little thing like facts stand in his way.

tfunky okay here is a fact

that could change by Monday.

Right now Boise's Team is Number 4 in the nation. I hope it stays that way. But, after watching the one dimensional Broncos in action against Toledo, would it surprise anybody if the fact is changed to Boise's Team not being in the 4 spot come Monday night?

Boise's Team proved they could be a force passing the ball - that is a fact.

The O-Line did a wonderful job with pass protection blocking, but the run blocking game sucked. Martin got his yards on his own - to his credit.

Tackling sucked in the first half - did improve in the second half, however.

Moore is a master at spreading out the ball on pas@es.

Kellen is Boise's Team. Without Kellen you have no Broncos that would be rated as # 4. I hope nothing happens to Kellen or we might not get an undefeated season.

It kinda worries me how Coach Pete got outcoached in the first half of the Toledo game. Especiall in the first quarter where te left side of the Rocket O-line stayed still like statues, Boise's Team defnders blew pass on a blitz, the Toledo QB dumped a little screen over the heads of th onrushing bull rushers and wham - the immobile O-Line of Toledo got into action and mowed down Bronco Team players in a run into the end zone. A beautiful play really.

I was left flat after the game. Granted Boise's Team won and by a ton of points, but the old fire of Boise's Team did not come out most of the game. Kind oa a snoozer.

I sure hope Boise's Team remains in the # 4 position and that fact remains intact.


Ω Pro football

Sometimes it just happens this way. Here's a "dimensional" comparison. The short passing game is often referred to as an extension of the running game. Rod Gilmore made a couple of statements to that effect on Friday ... basically, a long handoff. With Kellen putting the ball on the mark time after time, it makes sense to use it ... when needed.

Patriots vs. Dolphins, 9-12-2011

Patriots total yards, 622; passing 516 (48 attempts); yards per pass 10.8; rushing 106 (22 carries); Brady had 4 TDs and 1 INT; pass/run ratio, 2.18:1. Very imbalanced.

Broncos vs. Rockets, 9-16-2011

Broncos total yards, 610; passing 465 (43 attempts); yards per pass 10.8; rushing 145 (38 carries); Moore had 5 TDs and 1 INT; pass/run ratio, 1.13:1. Almost perfectly balanced if you are looking for a 1:1 ratio in play selection.

The fact that yardage wasn't balanced was as much a product of what the defense gave you (and took away) as your ability to achieve success in what you called. So, maybe put in some extra work on blocking, getting a fullback involved, etc. to try to balance the yardage ... if that's even all-important. The point is that the play calling was most definitely NOT one-dimensional.

Looked a whole lot like pro football.

And that has nothing to do with cheeseburgers and couches.

Razor How Stupid

of me not to check the facts. I didn't realize BSU had TRIED to run that much...didn't seem like it. Perhaps thats the number 2 reason play action worked so well...we know the #1 reason...