Name the Score contest for Boise State-Toledo with Murphy prediction

By Brian Murphy

It's back! I'm proud to announce that the "Name the Score" contest will return for its third straight season here at Murph's Turf. Many thanks to Chicago Connection for providing the prize — a gift certificate for a free pizza — each week.

The rules are pretty much the same as they have been, but for any newcomers here they are:

Boise State and Toledo meet Friday at the Glass Bowl in Toledo and here is your chance to predict the score and win a prize.

Place your guess with a winner and both teams' score in the comments down below and we will pick one winner. (Please limit one guess per commenter.)

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

Listen to my audio prediction.

All entries must be received by 5 p.m. MT on Friday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

BroncoBeliever was last week's winner. He picked the Broncos' 35-21 victory against Georgia on the dot.

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Let's go with....


It would be worse, but since Toledo's at home I'll give them two field goals.



TheTruthTeller predicts......

BSU 45
Toledo 14

boise state wins

boise state 55 toledo 17



BSU Wins

BSU 35
Tol 21

Go BSU!!!

BSU 42 Toledo 13


Boise State 44 Toledo 13

Boise State 44
Toledo 13

BSU 55 Toledo 7

BSU 55 Toledo 7

BSU 58. Toledo 13

Our defensive line wreaks havoc on the QB who won't be able to get in rhythm with Page. Offense does it's usual and stays on the field a lot due to BSU-defense.

BSU 45 - Toledo 10

Go Broncos!

BSU 27 -- Toledo 9

Toledo is pretty darned good. Play hard!

BSU 48- Toledo 27

Their star receiver is too fast for our corner but the QB won't have much time to throw.

BSU 42, Rockets 20

Secondary gives up another easy TD

BSU 49 Toledo 17

BSU takes this one without a sweat.

BSU 44, Toledo 21

Go Broncos....Sunny

Boise wins 42-3

Toledo's a very good team, but they're Ohioans, and they're deluged every day with tales of how Ohio State is the greatest team on the planet. They almost beat TheOSU last week and it's going to make them believe they can beat Boise State. Combine that with a short week, and they're going to be grossly under-prepared.

BSU 57, Toledo 31



BSU 44

Don't forget to vote once a day everyday

Hey Murph

What's wrong with the audio? Quality's far too good.



BSU continues to roll

BSU - 38
Tol - 21

rockets shut out

Boise State- 41


Boise State - 38
Toledo - 23

34-24 Broncos

Toledo is a lot better than some of ya think....

I don't think so....

I think Ohio State made them look better than they are. BSU will not make that mistake.


Go Broncos!!


bsu holds them to 2 field goals and 1 touchdown in the 4th quarter. bsu will score high the first half and slow down the second due to subbing out the first team


BSU does not allow pitty points at the end.


I bet they will get points in the 4th. we always slow down in the 4th when where way ahead

Boise Stae 48 Toledo 14

Go Broncos!

63-3 All BSU

BSU will annihilate Toledo and make them look like the pitiful team they really are.



57-3 BSU

Go Broncos!!!

52-6 BOISE!!!

52-6 BOISE!!!

Broncos 42- Rockets 10

They beat the spread and Kellen does not play the 4th quarter.



55-13 BSU

55-13 BSU

BSU 52 Toledo 17

Moore pass for 400+ yards/4 touchdowns, Martin rush for 150+ yards.


Wow Murph that almost sounded like a professional audio clip. Congrats!

48-10 BSU

BSU -48

BSU 49, Toledo 10

Go Broncos!

Wait? Where is the big

Wait? Where is the big write up that Toledo is a huge powerhouse and it will be such a great victory for BSU?

They don't do that anymore...

because next to BSU there are no powerhouses. BSU is now their own powerhouse and noone needs to create fake respect for them.

It was delayed

by the write up about what a huge douchebag you are. Every time you comment, everyone else looks smarter.

The write up would probably include the fact that Toledo would've beaten Ohio State last week if the Big Ten refs hadn't stepped in to save the day for the suckeyes.

It's a given...

after their great performance against Ohio State. When a team comes within a touchdown of beating the Buckeyes IN COLUMBUS, there is no need to talk about how good they are. Toledo is no longer a "Little Sister of the Poor", since Gee Gordon allowed his school to schedule them. This automatically makes Toledo a legitimate team.


Did I understand your post correctly? Just b/c OhSt schedules someone it automatically legitimizes the opponent? Would that apply to Akron the week before, a 47-0 loser? They are a MAC Team as well..
Maybe it came out wrong or I don't get your drift..

I'm sure RMS will correct me if I'm wrong but I think he meant

that as a joke in response to Gee's criticism of BSU's, as he put it, sister's of the poor scheduling

Yeah T2

sometimes hard to read the sarcasm/dry humor on the boards. The reason I had trouble "reading" the intent was the fluff up for Toledo in their perf. vs OhSt(well deserved).

Another win for BSU...

BSU - 41
Toledo - 16