Boise State football program suspends student manager with ties to Dutch players

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State has suspended offense team manager Floris Mendonca from the program indefinitely, athletic department spokesman Max Corbet said Tuesday.

Mendonca is from the Netherlands and has ties to the three Boise State football players who have been sidelined while the school investigates their NCAA eligibility.

The school didn’t provide a comment on whether Mendonca’s suspension and the players’ eligibility are connected.

Mendonca’s job is a student position and he is receiving a scholarship for undergraduate studies.

The offense team manager works with the coaches in the office but also is able to help with drills at practice. It is not a coaching position and was added this year.

According to a story that appeared in the Idaho Statesman on Sept. 26, 2008, Mendonca attended Boise State’s football camp in 2005 with Cedric Febis. Febis, a senior safety, is one of the players whose eligibility is in question.

Mendonca returned home and began coaching football. In 2008, he brought 10 players to the Broncos’ summer camp. That group included defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn, who are now sophomores at Boise State and are the other two players in question.

Notably, the 2008 group also included Jeffrey Bediako, who plays at Idaho. The Vandals have no concerns about his eligibility, coach Robb Akey said.

Five of the 10 players Mendonca brought to Boise played for local high schools in 2008.

"It's a dream for them to come over here and get the chance to earn a scholarship," Mendonca told the Idaho Statesman in 2008. "If they stayed in Amsterdam, (college coaches) wouldn't see them. The most important thing for them is to have the chance to go out and fight for a scholarship. You never know what's going to happen."

The players, who are not exchange students, were required to obtain academic (F-1) visas, pay Boise School District tuition, meet eligibility requirements for the Idaho High School Activities Association and find host families before they arrived in mid-August of 2008, according to the Statesman story.

Mendonca became an assistant coach at Boise High in 2008.

He was Boise State's assistant video coordinator the past two seasons.

That's not a good sign.

That's not a good sign.


Per our convo yesterday in which you said the UI was not to be held responsible........

Like They Are Going To...

"find host familes" on their own?


The problem is...

it looks like they are playing the "you get us the big guys and we will "find" you a job, or....."give" you a job.....or even "create" you a job. That may not be happening, but it can look suspicious.


an idiot


It can look suspicious? Thats your take? Really?

Does anyone in their right mind think Coach Pete is doing shady deals on Ok players from Holland?


I didn't say that. Second, if there isn't any issues and there would be no problem with any of their dealings with this individual, why is it a story and why did they suspend the person? It is probably nothing, but these are the type of things that cause suspicion and come back to bite programs in the butt, especially if one of those "ok" players turns out to be more than okay and becomes an All-American.

Your funny

No one said the suspended dude wasnt shady and/or its a conflict of interest to have him around the team.

Let me spell it out for you dude. YOU DONT GET IN TROUBLE BY THE NCAA OR BIT IN THE BUTT BASED ON SUSPICION. As corrupt as they may be, they deal in facts.

Getting in trouble by the

Getting in trouble by the NCAA isn't the only negative thing that could happen. A shady story making national headlines about a corrupt BSU program could be just as bad; and no one needs to get into trouble for that to happen. And I don't know if you know or not, but journalists, newspapers, sports shows, tabloids etc. don't have to deal in facts.

Are you serious?

I had no idea "journalist, newspapers, sports shows, tabloids etc dont have to deal in facts". Good work. Thanks for educating me.


some civility and politeness on this site. It's nice to see someone saying thanks and complimenting good work. Keep up the great job and thank you.

If you want civility then stop posting garbage...

If you post lame stuff you get called out. Its that simple and easy.

Some of us have been around here for years and have been able to talk football occasionally. We dont tolerate noobs, haters without validation and posers. You seem like a poser, TMD. And if tfunky calls you out, (and as I scroll down Ive seen he has) then you must be a poser.

Thank you...

for your constructive feedback. It lacks a little of the politeness and civility you showed in your previous post, but it is appreciated nonetheless. However, I must say, I now see why there is a lot of negativity and frustration in the responses. If posting of "garbage" won't be tolerated here, there is a large issue. Since, most of what is posted is "garbage". Thanks again for the clarification and constructive feedback.

It didnt lack honesty tho....

And your very welcome.

Yes, I would say there is a lot of negativity due to posters pushing "Post comment" without thinking or reading.

Like for example, look below this post and read X15. Hes saying this shady guy and the Dutch players is linked. If you look another post down, its exactly what I said an hour before. But he calls me out thinking hes a really smart guy, but doesnt get its already been stated by the exact guy hes trying to make fun of. Thats being a noob.

You're funnier.

Of course the two things are related. Duh!

What two things?


This is plain weird

Of course its related.

The kids still earned scholarships. Its not like they are really 30 year old grown men, are they?

Did the NCAA ask Boise St. to dump the would be recruiter?

For What?

Why was he suspended? This isn't national security for goodness sake. BSU/NCAA needs to start talking openly.

Wiz Gets Kilt............

Well guys, Wisdomman has been evicted from the site. Thats a wrap for me.

I'll read but done posting.

Have a great season!

Go Bronco's!!


Are you serious?

What? Did you get a confirmation email?


Had cable email when I signed up and no longer have that. I was logged out and it tells me the username is no longer recognized when I try to log on.

Its ok. SM don't want me I'll move on..I am gonna cancel this one too.

Confirmation wiz is brocno.

I always thought..... Sounds like we all are in jeopardy. Lots of stuff coming to light today. NCAA, boards....
The sun shineth on all things.


I copped to that a year ago, on the boards

Maybe it has to do with Visa issues

That's why I use American Express.

What did you do wiz?



All I know is my post re a certain poster paying bets got flagged and deleted and boom...dust

Good Luck my friend. Outa here

Well h3ll

Maybe it's time for me to go as well.............

Wiz....if you are referring to was not me....I have never flagged anyone....the last time I exited for alittle bit, this also happened someone is playing a joke....

I am not mad at anyone....all of you guys are great bloggers abd good football fans....

I decided to leave cfb blogging till Fresno for other reasons....and none of them have to do with any comments by fact, most comments on these posts are either funny or informative....

Also, whoever flags is not hidden....the statesman knows who the flaggers are....I can tell you that 100% it is not Ugly....

I wouldn't take it serious....someone is playing a joke.....


If The Statesman is willing to ban wiz because of other people flagging his comments, can we faithful readers submit our respective "unflags" to have him reinstated? It's bad enough that the Statesman computers ban common English words like har***ment, but blocking someone from commenting should be easily undoable...


I passed along your thoughts to our online folks, who made the decision. They asked me to remind everyone of our policy: is happy to provide a forum for reader interaction, discussion, feedback and reaction to our stories. However, we reserve the right to delete inappropriate comments or ban users who can't play nice.
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I get it chadd

but the thing is that we all have been guilty of any number of those violations. Arbitrary enforcement on a user such as wiz is unfair. I understand that the statesman does not have the time or resources to police these boards but i dont think a day has gone by that I or anyone else hasnt violated the policy. While it can get a little crazy on here arbitrarily banning people will ultimately harm the quality of discussion. With newspapers being one of the last bastions of the 1st amendment I would expect they would be a tad more tollerant.


If you guys have questions or concerns, you're best off e-mailing I don't have anything to do with policy decisions and don't know the specifics of this situation. ... Chadd

Chadd Cripe.

Are you taking time to attend VNDL's party for Wisdomman? Since you are so far removed from the equation and do not know anything about the specifics, it seems to me you would take no fire at the lunch. Why not attend and support some of your loyal, frequent posters? I will check back tonight for your reply.

I'd think that would be a conflict of interest, no?

Don't turn this into a vendetta. It won't serve you. Chadd can't say much about the policy of the company he works for. He's not for us nor against us. This is his job.

..."it seems to me you would take NO FIRE at the lunch"...

Is this a lunch, or a promise? If I were a Corleone family member my feet would itch some.

C'mon! There are more mixed messages than, "Would you like to see the new stadium spot, Mr. Hoffa"? ;-)


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

got flagged yesterday

not sure why but Im fairly certain I didn't violate policy. I called someone the male version of nancy grace so maybe that was viewed as a personal attack? I thought it was a no harm no foul joke but oh well. Just a thought but in the wake of events why admit that you knowlingly violate policies on a daily basis? Not really the best way to lobby for anything is it? Maybe we all need to chill for a while?
Seems that the dutch issue is a BAA booster issue. You think the BAA leadership will be following the AD out the door?

tomato2 - yep - we need a new BAA Board

I told you yesterday that I did not flag you. I did not. I have no idea who did.

Give it a rest. You got flagged by somebody. It has happened to most of us. Join the club.

You do raise an interesting point concerning the leadership of the BAA. Maybe it is time for new blood on the BAA Board. New blood to educate Bronco Boosters as totheir relationships with the Bronco athletes AND to light a fire under fundraising efforts for stadium and project expanion.

The BAA Board has gotten complacent and stale and filled by old codgers who haven't changed with the times.

Also, a refreshed effort needs to be made to educate Bronco Boosters about the rules of dealing with athletes. I know there is a link on the BAA web page about the rules, but one has to be interested in finding the link to begin with to know its contents.

Maybe a public education campaign needs to be undertaken informing members of Bronco Nation as to how far they can go in dealing with any Bronco athletes. So far, I am learning that the best policy is to have nothing to do with them and never show them any appreciation or kindness, as buying them a soda could unwittingly ruin an entire Bronco football season down the road.


probably so

I'm not a BAA member so I'm not in the know about whether or not there needs to be some changes made, maybe I should join bu I'm in full agreement with you in regard to the need of a public awareness campaign. Maybe a PSA on the video board prior to games. and in addition to Petersen and Socha doing milk commercials, they could have a 30 second spot telling BAA mmbers to visit a bsu/ncaa compliance website and stress that boosters are a big part of the program and it's just as important for them to comply with ncaa rules as it is with coaches. Could be a great chance to launch not only a public awareness campaign but to also launch a membership drive.

I'm betting that once a new AD is hired we're going to see a lot of changes in a variety of areas. Who knows, maybe this will all turn out to be a good thing down the road for the future of the program, but in the interim, it's horrible for the players who are caught in this nasty web, as they did nothing wrong. Hopefully, they'll be ok and can get on the field soon and move past this, but if not, perhaps special considerations might be made. If Cam Newton's ncaa elgibility hung on whether or not he knew what his dad was doing, then the same should apply to our kids, because unlike Cam Newton, they had no idea anything shady was going on.Maybe someone should start a facebook page in support of the Dutch players similar to what was done for Brotzman. That would be kinda cool to see and would probably mean a lot to the kids. Anyone here facebook savvy?

Ω Banning Wiz ...

... really stupid. That was the pinnacle of stupidity.

Do these yokels ever read anything other than flagged comments? "Ooh, ooh, he hurt my feelings!"

Easy way out, morans.

Trouble in River City

I am not hearing too many "Bring Gene Back" chants.

Can you say "LOIC", "LOIC", "LOIC"

I bet the LOIC charge sticks and Gene is implicated in controlling the compliance department.

As for the Dutch connection, does not look good - probably some influencing going on...........

BroncoGal1 loves Gene

She even wrote a post demanding Kustra bring him back. She was pretty adament hes the best AD in the country because he attends all events, not just football and basketball.

At The Funeral...

For Wiz...

1) send all flowers to the Kniesology Dept at BSU

2) Send all cash donations to potato farmers

3) I surrender my flags on the leader board, via my will, to aqfunk

4) I respectfully request you guys roast me on the boards.




I hope you are not gone. But although you and I never slept together I always wondered what it would be like. Ill miss you big guy.....


Boise State wanted to be considered one of the big boys, so it looks like things are working out for them. More evidence that Boise State is a big time program. Not really a bad thing.

You know TMD

you are an absolute TWIT. You know nothing about BSU, let alone college football. Do us all a favor and go back to the TMZ board......


sent me over here. They said I wasn't intelligent enough for the TMZ board, but that I would be a great fit for this board. ?


If Compliance had been doing it's job????????

thin skin

I have been booted before, too. If that is as thick as your skin is, then adios. We aren't the end-all tell-all in the world, just regular Bob's trying to enjoy being monday morning QB's. Thick skin required.

Dutch Oven

Probably means BSU had an insider bringing these players to Boise, finding them Hosts, then steering them to the Bronco's. NOT GOOD!

Um no...

The players had scholarships to other places and some went to different schools.