Kustra responds to NCAA report, says school wants to make sure 'this doesn't happen again'

By Brian Murphy

I just spoke with Boise State President Bob Kustra about a number of topics related to the NCAA's report on the school's rules violations.

Here are some highlights:

— On whether the school will appeal the NCAA's findings: "We don’t know whether we’re going to appeal on some grounds, but at this stage, we want to take a little bit of time. We have 15 days to look at that. But we certainly do understand the process and we’re focusing on the future and we’ve made some key decisions here to make sure this doesn’t happen again and we don’t find ourselves in this position."

— On whether his decision to fire Gene Bleymaier was part of the "key decisions" the school has made: "It's focusing more intently on compliance and compliance education, it's hiring a new compliance officer, it’s searching for a new athletic director, and a new level of leadership that will bring us into compliance in all we do. It’s a package and that package certainly includes the decision to find a new athletic director."

— On the school's commitment to compliance: "Since he’s been here, it’s very clear to the coaches I’ve talked with, it’s very clear to the interim AD, that John Cunningham is the guy to take this compliance program forward. I have made personal commitment to the coaches and the athletic department staff the other day that we will invest the requisite resources that the compliance director tells me is necessary to assure compliance will all NCAA rules and regulations."

— On the ongoing case involving three Dutch football players and their status: "I think it’s close to a partial resolution, I don’t know whether or not the whole case is going to be cleared up. There’s three different individuals involved here. We always take those one by one."

— On if this was a case of the compliance department missing a problem: "I don’t think it’s always the case of a compliance officer not catching something. What we have to make sure we do very well here is educate our boosters and make sure that they understand what boosters can and cannot do. That will be an important component moving forward, that we not just spend time working with coaches and not just spend time working with student athletes, but that we work with boosters as well to help them understand that it’s hands off when it comes to certain kinds of behavior that they may have been accustomed to in earlier years when this was a small program and the NCAA rules were different. That’s no longer the case in this world that we live in."

— On football coach Chris Petersen: "I am completely confident that Coach Petersen thought he and his staff were doing the right thing according to the NCAA rules and regulations. Coach Petersen has been frustrated throughout this entire process about rules education about getting more information, having access to compliance officers, having compliance officers at his doorstep, spending a lot of time with compliance officers over the course of the last few months."

— Kustra said he hopes to announce a search committee for a new athletic director and hire a search consultant within the next few days. On what he is looking for in a new AD: "I'm looking for somebody that can really do an overall analysis of the department in terms of its capability in raising the funding it takes to keep up a major program like this in all sports, especially sports like football and basketball. We’ll obviously be looking for someone who knows how to take advantage of incredible national fan base that we have and use the latest in social media and other marketing and public relations techniques that will ramp up the program and eventually lead to better fund-raising for the program. When you look at the size of our budget, it just simply cannot sustain a program headed in the direction of ours. When you look at who we compete with, we’re beating teams and programs that have budges double the size of our athletic budget. The next athletic director is going to have to be somebody who really not only knows how to work with coaches, hire the best coaches, but work on the outside in building up a national fan base and a regional fan base that raises the money for the program."

— On conference realignment: "The Mountain West presidents were on a conference call last week to discuss that because we too want to make sure we’re positioned appropriately. Nothing to report at this time. It was a discussion. We’re keeping our ear to the ground, doing everything we know how to do to be ready."

— Kustra said no conference, such as the Big 12, has contacted Boise State about possibly entering the league.

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Booster misbehavior...

...being discussed by the President in connection with the Dutch Brothers can't be good.


One can see the NCAA is all red tape. But one can also see that the dutch situation will be interesting. I think the kids will be cleared to play but the actual fault finding will go on.


Vote for Coach Pete and Kellen once a day everyday.



I hope they get this settled pretty soon and get those young men back on the field.

Go Broncos

I agree....

and don't forget you can vote for Kellen for Heisman everyday too! http://promo.espn.go.com/espn/contests/nissan/heisman/

I too hope our dutch guys get back on the field soon. Here is to a great game this weekend against Toledo...Go Broncos!

It'll definitely...

be a great game for BSU. Not for Toledo, but for BSU.

Clean House

Why are the Sr Women's Admminstrator, some existing compliance staff, the men's tennis coach and his assistants (one who is the current womens' coach who at the time hit with a recruit) still employed?

Because they weren't in trouble. NEXT


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Dutch players,

Great, a "partial resolution." They haven't done anything wrong; get with it and clear these kids to play. You're so afraid of the NCAA (which is what they want) that you can't let Coach Pete run his program.

A wake for Wiz, 22SEP11, 12:00 noon

Several of us board posters are putting together a wake for the demise of Wiz from these Statesman football blogs.

We will be meeting for lunch at approximastely 12:00 Noon, 22 SEP 11 at the Broadway Ram near Bronco Stadium.

Every poster who reads this is invited, regardless of what school and/or football team you support.

This will be an opportunity to meet fellow posters and share our thoughts concerning Bronco football, College Football, or just football in general.

Again everybody is invited. I anticipate a group of a dozen or so. It will be interesting to see who actually turns up.

I will be wearing a Vandals hat and will initially be in the bar lounge eating area, proly sitting at one of those round tables om a bar stool.

I hope to meet many of you and drink a toast (iced tea for me that time of day) to the memory of Wiz and the insight he brought to these boards for several years.


PS - I have talked to Wiz on the phone a few minutes ago and he will definately be there to meet some of his fellow posters.

I enjoyed

his comments, and still am at a loss as to what happened. Are we looking at a Thursday here? We'll all have to give up our undercover names and subject ourselves to ridicule. Oh well, I look forward to being there!!


Gosh...earlier today I read the posts and Wiz's announcement. I don't understand why this is happening. Meanwhile, I sure wish that I could fly to Boise to join the crowd on the 22nd. This is a sad loss because I enjoy reading what the Wiz has to say. There have been days when reading what the Wiz had to say MADE MY DAY BETTER.

Ω No so fast, VNDL.

I'm not buying this whole demise thing at all. AT ALL!!

Not trying to be heavy here, but, if Wiz really were to eject, he would be leaving something he likes behind (unnecessarily so) ... and quite a few people who consider him a valued blog friend, as well.

And for what? Because some mod lost her abacus then decided enough "strife" was enough?

Not buying.

ps - "The Adventures of Wiz" trumps the NCAA findings, the "Imports", the upcoming game, the stock market, global warming, and just about everything else as the story of the week. And he's gonna sashay away from that??? YGBFKM!!!

better watch it razor

those acronyms could get a blogger busted:)

Ω Whatsamatta ...


Stands for: You Gotta Be For KiloMeters.

Thanks, NCAA

for taking what the tennis program did and placing the blame on the football program. Could it be that the problem here is in fact a "lack of integrity control" on the part of the NCAA in its zeal to set back a non-AQ program that is on a meteoric rise to national prominence? The common cliche "it is what it is" so over used these days has unfortunately been changed by a corrupt NCAA to "it is what it isn't"--and it's our call, sucker.


Drop women's tennis and call it the "Mark Tichenor Legacy". Put up big signs all over campus with Tichenor's face with the caption "No Women's Tennis Ever Again". Give those scholarships to expand the cheerleader unit.

Yes, start a Title IX furor. Here we go again.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

There's a stunner

"Kustra said no conference, such as the Big 12, has contacted Boise State about possibly entering the league."

BSU should be contacting the Big 12

I might be mistaken but I don't think he SEC called up A&M on a whim and said hey...wanna join the SEC?

Evidently Fiesta Bowl wins aren't impressive enough for BCS bragging rights, but now that BSU has earned some serious NCAA violations and are on probation perhaps now we've got some street cred and are worthy of a BCS conference because we all know it's not who what or where you play, it's what rules did you break and how many did you break. Bring on the BCS/Mega conference invites babay cause BSU has finally arrived!
Do the BCS crime....do the BCS time!

'this doesn't happen again' IT DID

Offense team manager Floris Mendonca is a street agent with the three kids from the netherlands.

This is just like Oregon paying $25,000 to get a player. BSU had this person on the staff with the students for three years.

I would think that will be more painfull than the news today when it comes out.

Since BSU is on Three years of probation from Sept. 13, 2011, through Sept. 12, 2014 with this is going on the "Death Penalty" is now one item that the NCAA can use.


Take a look at the probation dates that you, yourself, stated in your post. Since the Dutch players were suspended and Mendonca was canned prior to the start of the probation period, nothing related to that case can be construed as a violation of the probation.



Dutch Boys get under the wire on NCAA Probation Violation

The issue with the Netherlanders is not within the time period of the NCAA probation. It was "discovered" prior to the judgement (such as it is).
IT DOESN'T COUNT or allow the NCAA to nail Boise State as part of that sanction.

The issue does not keep the NCAA'a nose from poking around though. In my mind they've already proven they are out to give the Broncos a hard time. This business over the $5,000 is incredibly petty. OSU, Miami wouldn't even quiver over it. There definitely IS a double standard.

As the ESPN writer (Andrea?) put it, claiming that kids who come a couple of days early merits an unfair competitive edge it nutz when some schools bring the kids in the previous spring.

What happened to the couches being given to Summer Camp kids from the sticks? The NCAA seems to have substituted "team practices" for Summer Football Camp. How convenient and helpful in trumping up charges.

Next thing we'll read on ESPN is that the suspended manager was a dope dealing slave trader for a gay sex club....ugh, spare me and let's play football!

And hey,....

when all is said and done, it was all worth it. Bleymaier's methods resulted in the Fiesta Bowl opportunities and wins, bigger conferences, more $, nationwide attention, etc. Regardless of what happens they can't take that away and even if BSU were hit will penalties that made that difficult to continue, they will always have this period of history and the accolades and accomplishments that come with it. So, if it cost a little to get what was gotten, I would say it was all worth it. Imagine if BSU were in the shoes of say, the University of Idaho. I would say a few penalties from the NCAA for wrongdoings is a good price for the results.