Petersen hopes for answer on Dutch players this week; fullback Dan Paul is doubtful for Toledo game

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen said Sunday he hopes to “know something soon” on the status of the Broncos’ three players from Amsterdam.

Senior safety Cedric Febis, sophomore wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn and sophomore defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe were held out of the opener against Georgia while the school looks into their NCAA eligibility.

The players are practicing with the team.

“Like you guys, I check every day,” Petersen said at his weekly press conference. “The NCAA doesn’t work during the weekends. (Boise State executive director for NCAA compliance) John Cunningham has been doing obviously an extremely thorough job.”

Petersen hopes to get some clarity before the Broncos return to the field Sept. 16 at Toledo.

“I know we’re going to know more and we’re really hopeful that we will (have an answer),” he said.

Petersen said the issues involved came “very much out of left field.”

“There was no indication that there were any problems at all,” he said.

He said he didn’t know the exact scope of the problem or what could be at stake for the players and the program.

“They’re looking from A to Z,” he said. “I don’t know everything myself.”

Petersen said he needs at least a couple days of notice to use the players in this week’s game. The Broncos travel Thursday. Coaches haven’t determined how the players will be used in practice yet.

Petersen also said the whole situation has been difficult on the players involved.

“We need to not lose sight of that — these guys are crushed,” he said. “Cedric has been here a long time and he finally gets an opportunity (to start) and the day before the biggest game of his life, or a couple days, it’s like, ‘This isn’t going to happen.’ So that’s been really, really hard. We’re just trying to be as supportive as we can to these guys and we’re just really hopeful that we get them back.”


Injury updates:

— Starting fullback Dan Paul is doubtful and “week to week” with a groin injury.

— Tight end/fullback Chandler Koch is at least questionable.

— Cornerback Ebo Makinde, who missed all of fall camp and the opener with an offseason chest injury, will return this week.

— Left guard Joe Kellogg, who was injured in the Georgia game, has made good progress. He’s “day to day,” which is better than originally thought.

— Defensive tackle Mike Atkinson, the tight ends and possibly linebacker Tommy Smith will take the fullback snaps.


A couple other highlights from Petersen:

— On the Broncos’ 14 players in the NFL: “They’re good players and good kids. It’s awesome for them to get to chase their dreams.”

— On Toledo’s performance against Ohio State: “It’s not that surprising. Even when we played them last year we had one of those games where kind of everything went right for us (BSU won 57-14). I remember walking off the field thinking, ‘This is a pretty good team and they’re only going to get better because they were all young guys.’ … If you watched the tape of the game against Ohio State, they played right with them. It’s not a fluke. It’s a good football team.”

— On defensive end Shea McClellin: “Shea, to me, is kind of the Kellen Moore on the other side. He always has a good game. He doesn’t have a bad game. He might have a play that’s not exactly how we’d like it, but the bigger the game the better he’s going to play.”

— Petersen said he was in the office, preparing for a game against Central Michigan, when the terrorist attacks happened on Sept. 11, 2001. He talked about football’s role as the nation healed then and remembered this weekend. “That’s the beauty of sports in this country,” he said. “It brings people together and you can free your mind from real problems for a little bit of time.”


Here is my earlier post on the polls.

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Coach Pete.

A class act, as always.



Thanks Chadd for the update

"Very much out of left field".

Doesnt sound like the Broncos knowingly broke the rules which is a relief. And I do feel for all three of the guys held out, but Febis a little more.

It would be nice if the NCAA could act with some sense of......

urgency and understanding that these are good kids who have worked hard and just want to play the game - I just don't think the NCAA is capable of such action.

The whole thing is ridiculous

Let the kids play!! When they get back in action I hope they all tear it up.

This is just wrong

Why should these players have to sit out until the NCAA gets its act together over who knows what? Its not like they committed some heinous crime like letting someone sleep on a couch... There seems to be a lack of institutional control at the NCAA.

I'm not sure the NCAA

is even involved at this point.


Yes, exactly.

I have been wondering the same thing. Is it a BSU investigation or a NCAA investigation.

Is it possible the new Compliance Guru for BSU is the one doing the investigation and Coach Pete is being left in the dark about it pending the outcome of the investigation?

It is all so strange.


Given that BSU's Compliance Officer has been moved......

out of the office of the AD - it is logical that the Compliance Officer and Pres. Kustra are conducting the investigation in a way that is intended to show the NCAA that BSU has not lost "institutional control." Keeping Coach Pete on the "outside" of the investigation helps demonstrate this to the NCAA (at least Kustra believes that to be true).


What you say makes good sense. a plausible sceario, for sure.

What do you think the investigation centers around:

1. Host family recruiting violations (gifts/food/transpo9rtation),

2. Visa irregularities and problems,

3. Working and getting paid withiout official work permit authorization to do so,

3. Something other/else?

Given that it is a BSU driven investigation to jimpress upon the NCAA the fact of BSU's new fou8nd interest in Compliance and seriousness of same; to you see this investigation actually finding any wrongdoing or will it conclude with a 'Well, we looked hard into the allegations and vould not find any shuuporting facts to substantiate the allegation(s)'.


Does the investigation automaticaly conclude some sort of wrongdoing and some minor sanctions/wrist slapping to show the NCAA that BSU 'takes action and has institutional control'? After all a couple of players would be expendable to Bronco Bob and his quest for Public Image Greatness, I imagine.


I think it centers around.....

Staying in host homes following high school graduation and becoming fulltime students at BSU.
On your 2d question - that is the issue Kustra hasn't been able to come to grips with - see my comment below.

evidently it's an ncaa investigation

“Like you guys, I check every day,” Petersen said at his weekly press conference. “The NCAA doesn’t work during the weekends.

Read more:


Yes, that is how it reads.

Looks like it is an NCAA investigation that has BSU scrambling for facts.

I am just curious how the NCAA got tipped off about it. It must be the anonymous letter JLandon and tfunky refer to.


just a guess but

I think the letter went to BSU and then BSU contacted the ncaa for clarification, not sure, but then again all we can do is speculate until we do know something which I hope is soon


My question is what prompted local high schools to change their rule allowing foreign students to play after one year in high school? Just seems like a nervous Dr. Kustra is looking for ghosts in the attic at this point. This is silly, particularly when it is hurting three young men who have been model student athletes by all accounts.


Does Bronco Bob want to sacrifice 3 players lilke he did Gene to portray an image as a Tough Compliance Believer?

Actually, what would those 3 contribute to the Broncos in the long run anyway? They can be replaced and their schollies shifted around when they are history.

I think they are gone and they just don't know it yet.

And, I highly doubt the NCAA is involved with any investigation at this time. It is a Bronco Bob show, fabricated to make Bronco Bob be viewed as a No BS type of college President in the eyes of the NCAA, in the hopes the NCAA will give BSU some grace in any forthcoming sanctions stemming from the current ongoing NCAA investigation of the 'sleepovers and such'.

I am curious. You state the local high schools have changed their rules allowing foreign students to play after one hear in high school. What exactly is the change as I don't follow high school football?



VNDL what are the odds

that bley was aware of something shady and that this is part of the fallout? You know I side with and love the bley but what if he gave a nod and a wink at things and just hid them from ole kustra... could it be that this dutch thing is why kustra and bley had it out and bley lost?

I Raised That Question

a week ago. At the time, no one wanted to talk about it. It has to be part of the Kustra Bley issue, IMO.

Edit: Just look at the timing of the announcement of the new compliance officer.


Good point. A definite possibility. I saw a chasm between the philosophy between Bronco Bob and Gene last fall when Bonco bob was talking about doing away with the BCS and instituting playoffs, Coach Pete was for keeping the BCS intact and no playoffs, and Gene was not openly committal about anything. It made me wonder then about the longevity of Gene. at BSU.

You may be right on.


Well, I dont think BCS or playoffs was it

personally no one at BSU has any power other than their own opinion on that one. But I dont believe that Gene gets fired, in the middle of a NCAA investigation, then 3 players are held out.... seems shady to me. I am not blaming gene on this. Imagine if your boss and an audit comittee went though all your work with a fine toothed comb.... its like looking in someones undewear drawer, you are bound to find a few stains....


"I think they are gone and they just don't know it yet."

What exactly makes you think this?


If the scenario of Bronco Bob wanting to sacrifice the 3, as a show and proof that he is serious about complying with NCAA rules, as an attempt to lessen any sanctions of the current NCAA investigation of the other Summer Mess; then Bronco Bob has already made the decision to sacrifice the 3 and send them on down the road.

Also, remember BSU did the self inposed sanction of giving up 3 scholarships a month or so ago as part of the other Summer Mess.

Why the number 3 for schollies given up. I wondered about that number when I frst learned about it. These 3 Dutch Boyse could be the Bill Payers. They are expendable as far as Bronco Bob is concerned. Retaining them is of no political lvalkue to Bronco Bob, but sacrificing them and sending them on down the road would benefiti Bronco Bob's image with the NCAA as a tough college President, committed to ensuring compliance with NCAA regulations, regardless the cost.

At least that is a possible scenario, as I see it.

I am not saying this is the truth or anything factual based, just that it is a possible scenario in my eye.


That is a possible scenario - the only weakness in it.........

is the public outrage that would ensue if 3 students/athletes were "sacrificed" in the name of compliance. The public perception will be "these kids did nothing wrong" - and that may be a fact. I think we who support BSU athletics in various ways expect senior leaders (Kustra) to find an equitable solution. Finding the solution is why we aren't hearing anything about this - Kustra has painted himself into a corner. He has pressure from the NCAA, pressure from Coach Pete to get this resolved quickly, and he knows he'll get plenty of criticism from fans if he acts too heavy handed on this. He may have identified a problem - he has yet to identify a reasonable solution that will not alienate everyone who has an interest in this. My advice (as if anyone asked) - make a decision in favor of the students/athletes, stick to it, make the NCAA act with the heavy hand (if there is to be such action), tell fans/supporters that the NCAA is the bad guy on this. That's is his only viable option if he wants to keep whatever public support he has following the firing of a reasonably popular AD.

tetpilot - Good Post

Your post was well thought out, balanced and reasonable.

However, I am not sure Bronco Bob cares, one whit, about any modic@m of public support. He has demonstrated he iswilling to alienate many Idahoans from any support of the Broncos due to his Nasty and Inebriated Vandals comment.

That action alone, has cost BSU much standing in the eywes of many Idahoans, many of which are Vandals who have supported the Broncos over the years (and yes there are thousands of Vandals who are either grads of both schools or who have attended Bronco games and own Bronco Gear, in addition to their Vandal Gear). Bronco Bob does not care if he alienates public support or not. He is smart enough to know that most members of Bronco Nation are focused on only one thing - WINNING. Most members of Bronco Nation have no connection with BSU other than having bought Bronco Gear at COSTCO or Walmart and watching the Broncos make history by winnilng football games.

Sacrificing the 3 does not put the Broncos winnilng football games in jeopardy - and - Bronco Bob knows this.


geesh VNDL

that horse is so dead.....


never got your comments on the pycho department at UI.... Could have been your daughter you know... Just wondering what your thoughts are.

P2 - What a stupid post you have

How is the mrudering actions of one crazy psych professor an indictment of the Psych Department at the UoI?

I guess by logical extension, any murders that happen in Boise would be attributed somehow to BSU.

Your post was ludicrous.

I have no real thoughts about it, other than it was tragic and my sympathy goes out to the murder victim's family. The perp killed himself so justice was done in the end, saving the taxpayers the burden of housing him for many years at great expense. I am glad he chose to end it by killing himself. - just sad he took an innocent life.


And another question

speaking of a person speaking out when he shouldnt....
What did you think of Spears pulling the public opinion politcal move when gene got fired... He came out and said he had a deal on his desk for a game and he hoped bleys firing wouldnt gum up the works..... Man talk about classless.
Dude gets fired and spears takes a scheduling shot. that is coooooold blooded, nasty and inhiebriated.....

P2 Yawn

Another stupid question.

Time to go do something important and take a dump.


Sorry vndl

Perhaps me using the psyco issue in previous posts has tainted my intent. I was interested in your opinion on both issues. You were a dad who sent his daughter to UI and when this hit you had to have thoughts run through your head. If you dont want to talk about it I understand. It has nothing to do with football, or anything so I know it is off topic. Just wanted to pick your brain. Seriously bro, not trying to be a pest. You were MIA when this all happened and I was wondering what a parent of a vandie thought is all. Well, that and if you think there will be a high dollar lawsuit or if the UI did anything wrong.

And with spears, it enraged me that he took the opportunity to push a game in the midst of someone whom he says he respects firing. Personally I think Spears has NO such game on his desk. I thought it was as see through and low class as it gets. I honestly understand your hatred of bronco bob now. It sucks when someone takes a cheap shot.

If you wish to drop it just say so, but I am having a rough day today so maybe go light on the insults, k.


I have no opinion of the crazy psych professor that murdered the young woman in Moscow, other than he committed a crime and kiled himself. It happens in all cities all the time. Nothing unusual about it. Aberant behavior that resulted in the murder death of an innocent young woman. Both were connected with the UoI. So what. The UofI didnt murder the young woman; the crazy psych professor did. I am sure BSU has some Bipolar professors/instructors as well, but am not going to hold BSU accountable for crimes committed in Boise by BSU students/faculty. It appears you are just stretching an opportunity to bash the UoI.

As far as Spear goes, I don't really know much about it, as it happened during my 2 week hiatus from the boad and hospital stay. I don't care to learn about it either, as I couldn't care laess if BSU and Idaho never play or play another game in any sport. If it happens or doesn't happen is of no concern to me.

I am baffled by your sudden interest in my opinion on Vandal things. Makes me wonder and be suspicious a little bit, as to what agenda you are building up to, is all.

I am sure it will result in some form of Vandal bashing, knowng you and your hatred for the Vandlies.


You may be 100% correct on all this. I just see Dr. Kustra.....

as the consumate politician. A politician's highest priority is to get re-elected. I think even he understands he is on pretty thin ice with the public (and big money people) after GB's firing. Again, you may be 100% correct - I just think Kustra is influenced by "self preservation" as all politicians are.

One flaw in your theory

Pete came out a couple weeks before the Georgia game and said they were taking all 3 scholarships this year. This was weeks prior to the issues with the 3 came up (unless you believe that coach Pete is also in on this "sacrifice").

You'll need another reason for the president of a University to actually pick out three student-athletes and ruin their college careers so he could prove a point.


I never said it was my theory - just that it was a possible scenario - which it is.

None of us know what the Real Deal is. If you do, please share it with us.

Until more is released about the situaton with the 3 Dutch Boys, speculation will continue. That is what blog boards are for.

BTW - what is your theory and/or possible scenarios about it. I see you criticize other poster's theories and possible scenarios , but I don't see you posting any of yours.

Care to share and stick your neck out?

Just a thought.


My scenario is not

as sexy as yours.

I think the new head of compliance started going back through all the players files (doing a review of each player) and flagged these three for some reason (He may have had foreign players in a prior job). I believe the relationship, post high school, with the host families is the main problem.

Same thought tfunky...

I think Cunningham reviewed it after the letter, and is now asking for clarification from the NCAA. I think the problem lies with the host families and percieved extra benefits.

Someone has a vendetta. No one writes a letter without signing their name unless they expect backlash and retribution or they are trying to muddy up the waters. The whistleblowing lady Broncogal1 comes to mind.


I had not heard of an anonymous letter.

Care to elaborate?

Who received the letter?

What did the letter suppoosedly charge?

Been gone for a couple of weeks and am playing catch up with this situation.



That rumor hit the blog here. Poster said he/she has inside info that an anonymous letter hit the NC2A and an investigator came to town and visited the high schools. Never verified..never replied to inquiries to the origional post.

Yes thats right Wiz

I had wondered if that poster had many any more posts and I think youre right. I dont remember any more that he/she did.


Its been reported that an anonymous letter was received by the NCAA questioning the eligibility of the 3 Dutch players. What it says no one can verify. Thats been the subject of all the speculation. But the letter is true from what I gathered. But I cant find any evidence either. Whether the NCAA got the letter and asked the Broncos to conduct its own internal investigation or the Broncos were already conducting their own or the NCAA didnt tell the Broncos until after it started, is the question. A poster a few weeks ago had claimed the NCAA had sent its cronies to the area high schools the young men played for to interview and gather information. I called BS on this but a source I talked to (not named thebroncokid) said he had heard this too. Could be true. Could be a blatent lie to make the Broncos look good and the NCAA to look bad. Dont know.

As Chadd reported, Coach Pete said it came as a surprise. So it wasnt known to him until a few days before the UGA game. He also said "John Cunningham is obviously doing an extremely thorough job". One may read into that Coach Pete believes hes taking his sweet time. Or maybe not. Way too much information that we dont have.

Hey Chadd

Any info on if there was an anonymous letter or not? Have you heard anything on the subject?


Yes - too much we don't really know.

No point even speculating about this anymore.

Whatever happens we will read about it in the news or on this blog.

We are just like dogs chasing our tails at this point.


I keep hearing about the "letter"

But no one has confirmed it yet as far as I know. If it were sent to BSU, I would think Chadd could get his hands on it through the records act. If it went to the NCAA, we're out of luck.

(I think the $40K gal is the odds-on favorite if there was a letter)


"I think they are gone and they just don't know it yet."

I took this to mean that this actually was what you thought........


There are several possibilities for this mess with the 3 Dutch Boys. As I said last week, I have absolutely no idea as to what is going on with the investigation and I really doubt any of us posters do either.

If you know something other than the speculation we have been engaging in and the possible scenarios we are tossing around, please share it with us.


I did.

I posted what I think.......




weird........ OBNUG right after ugly posts about schedule...

Could it be ugly is a submarine torpedo from the obnug site?

How did the local Idaho high schools change

their rules about foreign students playing football.

Charlie referenced that local high schools had done so.

Anybody know what the changes were, as Charlie has not come back to anser my question many posts above?


The way I understand

it. They can no longer just come over for one year only.