Boise State football stays at No. 4 in AP poll, jumps to No. 4 in USA Today poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team remains No. 4 in The Associated Press Top 25 and jumped one spot to No. 4 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll, both released Sunday morning.

The Broncos have a nearly identical point total in AP — 1,309, down one from last week. They still have two first-place votes, as they have had all season.

The Broncos gained 17 points from the coaches to 1,214, moving three points ahead of Florida State. Florida State was one point ahead of Boise State last week.

The top five in both polls are Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Boise State and Florida State. The top three teams are separated by 25 points in AP and by 81 points in USA Today.

TCU is No. 23 in both polls.

The full polls and my AP ballot are below.


Here are the former Boise State football players who are active in the morning NFL games, with their uniform numbers and team in parentheses: Winston Venable (49, Bears), Quintin Mikell (27, Rams), Titus Young (16, Lions), Chris Carr (25, Ravens). Austin Pettis (Rams) is not active.

Update for the afternoon games: Legedu Naanee (17, Panthers), Richie Brockel (47, Panthers), Brandyn Thompson (32, Redskins), Jeron Johnson (32, Seahawks), Daryn Colledge (71, Cardinals).


The Top 25 teams in The Associated Press college football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Sept. 10, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote, and previous ranking:
Record Pts Pv
1. Oklahoma (32) 1-0 1,441 1
2. Alabama (9) 2-0 1,422 3
3. LSU (17) 2-0 1,416 2
4. Boise St. (2) 1-0 1,309 4
5. Florida St. 2-0 1,194 5
6. Stanford 2-0 1,161 6
7. Wisconsin 2-0 1,091 8
8. Oklahoma St. 2-0 1,034 9
9. Texas A&M 1-0 1,023 7
10. Nebraska 2-0 893 10
11. South Carolina 2-0 888 12
12. Oregon 1-1 848 13
13. Virginia Tech 2-0 830 11
14. Arkansas 2-0 768 14
15. Michigan St. 2-0 598 17
16. Florida 2-0 511 18
17. Ohio St. 2-0 461 15
18. West Virginia 2-0 419 19
19. Baylor 1-0 374 20
20. South Florida 2-0 347 22
21. Auburn 2-0 343 NR
22. Arizona St. 2-0 306 NR
23. TCU 1-1 166 25
24. Texas 2-0 153 24
25. Mississippi St. 1-1 128 16
Others receiving votes: Michigan 104, Southern Cal 68, Houston 32, Maryland 32, UCF 31, Missouri 23, Northwestern 19, Penn St. 18, BYU 14, Tennessee 13, Washington 12, Georgia 8, Georgia Tech 2.


1. Oklahoma (44) 1-0 1,453 1
2. Alabama (8) 2-0 1,410 2
3. LSU (7) 2-0 1,372 3
4. Boise State 1-0 1,214 5
5. Florida State 2-0 1,211 4
6. Stanford 2-0 1,165 6
7. Oklahoma State 2-0 1,072 7
8. Wisconsin 2-0 1,033 9
9. Texas A&M 1-0 1,001 8
10. Nebraska 2-0 911 10
11. South Carolina 2-0 863 12
12. Virginia Tech 2-0 842 11
13. Arkansas 2-0 825 13
14. Oregon 1-1 754 14
15. Michigan State 2-0 639 16
16. Ohio State 2-0 566 15
17. Florida 2-0 498 18
18. Arizona State 2-0 353 23
19. Auburn 2-0 331 22
20. West Virginia 2-0 304 24
21. Texas 2-0 260 21
22. South Florida 2-0 230 NR
23. TCU 1-1 211 25
24. Baylor 1-0 171 NR
25. Mississippi State 1-1 125 17

Dropped out
No. 19 Missouri (1-1, lost to then-No. 23 Arizona State 37-30 OT), No. 20 Penn State (1-1, lost to No. 2 Alabama 27-11).

Others receiving votes
Michigan 97; Central Florida 49; Houston 43; Northwestern 31; Penn State 29; North Carolina 23;
Missouri 21; Tennessee 21; Georgia Tech 9; Maryland 9; Clemson 8; Washington 7; California 6; San Diego State 3; Georgia 2; Iowa State 2; Brigham Young 1.


Here’s my AP ballot. It’s still extremely difficult to gauge these teams and I’m making some big changes week to week as I try to figure it out. For example, Wisconsin has looked impressive the first two weeks — but its wins are over two of the worst teams in America right now, UNLV and Oregon State. I gave South Florida a big bump last week for beating Notre Dame, but dropped them this week because they didn’t deserve to be way ahead of Michigan, who did basically the same thing. It’s going to take a few more weeks to get it all sorted out.

2 Boise State
3 Oklahoma
4 Alabama
5 Wisconsin
6 Stanford
7 Oregon
8 S. Carolina
9 Arkansas
10 Okla State
11 Virginia Tech
12 Michigan St.
13 Florida State
14 Texas A&M
15 Baylor
16 Nebraska
17 Auburn
18 Miss St
19 Ohio State
20 UCF
21 TCU
22 Arizona St
23 West Virginia
24 Maryland
25 South Florida

Dropped out: Missouri, Hawaii
Also considered: Florida, Texas, Michigan, Tennessee, Toledo

And why would they move up

And why would they move up in the poll? Oh yeah...Cuz they beat Oklahoma a few years back?

who said they should?

Lame really? Come on. Stop being a loser. The Broncos have been a Top 10 team the last 5 years

Ω Well, it's either that or ...

... leeming, idot, or moran.

Looser fits just fine.


I honestly thought about saying "looser" just to be funny but only a few of us would have gotten it.

I also wanted to tease Chadd about Nevada and the preseason Top 25. But last week he said no joking about it.

Ω Nevada had tons of yards ...

... and was very balanced. Of course, they gave up two games worth of yards, too. They also had the ball for over 38 minutes. I didn't see the game, but I'm guessing Nevada is a whole lot better than the score suggests.

That was a tough deal for them ... their first game and against a highly motivated opponent.

lamesched is only a capital and period away from weisberg.

if you're going to be that simple

about it you have to also say TCU, the team that went on to beat Wisconsin in the Rose....oh, and then there were those two wins against Oregon who went on to the Championship game after. If you're going to hate at least hate with facts.


has trouble posting a relevant comment.

I've been following Bronco Football

for 56 years, and to see us in the top 5 surrounded by perennial powerhouses such as LSU, Oklahoma, Alabama, and Florida State still seems surreal. Whodathunkit....Sunny...

Ω Yep, and just look at all ...

... the perennial powerhouses not even close:

Michigan, Miami, USC, Penn State, Iowa (frequently up there), Texas, Missouri, Tennessee, and many more.

Little ol' Boise State ... right in the middle of the dance floor.



Ω It wouldn't be that hard for you ...

... to become a "contributing" poster instead of a thorn.

Constantly haranguing BSU gets you (and many others) nothing but swift counters. Then again, maybe you hate all things BSU and this is your outlet.

Your "Amen" post is the only one I can recall that hasn't been negative.

Curious B Duck

leaves after "seeing the light" and now Lame tries civility.. Makes ya wonder.....

Ω Not buying any of it.

We'll see as the season progresses.

One thing that is clear for the time being is that there are far fewer detractors this year than last. Lots of spouting before the Georgia game ... and that's all gone.

The so-called arguments (including SoS, which will come up shortly) used to bring BSU down just don't hold up. Even the national media (sans May) has relaxed in that regard. Pretty hard to deny what happens year after year. Play Boise State ... expect to lose.

Well Done Chad!

At least you ranked UCF. What else do they need to do to show that they are a Top 25 team?

Ω BSU picked up 17 points ...

... in the coaches' poll without playing. Florida State wins 62-10 over Charleston Southern, gains 13 points, and loses a spot.

Where's the east coast bias? Georgia's close loss to So. Carolina lending even more credibility?


think you are right razor, but I won't pretend that I understand these polls.
When you figure it out, let us know!


Ω Maybe later

The polls are so strange. Last year (for most of it) I thought the computer rankings made more sense than the polls. At the end, though, it seemed that the computers short-circuited.

You'd think a BCS formula that has only three components (once the six computer services are averaged to one number) wouldn't be so hard to figure out.

Blender, please.


Don't forget to vote for Kellen in The Davey O'Brien award. He is at 22% and in the lead.
Austin Petttis is #83 Rams

Don't forget Pete!

Don't forget to vote for coach Pete for the Liberty Mutual coach of the year too. He needs some help right now.

Don't forget Pete

Thank you, I have voted and will everyday. Vote for Coach Pete and Kellen!

BCS Argument

True fans, you will love this video.....

I love the Tostitos crunch-off....


But I can't believe someone went to that much trouble.

Coach Pete

He only needs 440 more votes to take first place. I think we can do that real quick! Come on guys!!

BSU v. Oklahoma for NC

BSU rising, getting more respect....BSU v. Oklahoma for NC when all said and done. Georgia will win plenty of games in SEC and give BSU boost in BCS standings.

That would be funny

I think Boise State would steamroll the Sooners for one simple reason: Oklahoma will drive itself crazy looking for trick plays. They'll be so worried about a fake punt that they'll never send anyone back to catch the ball resulting in an average post-punt field position inside the 5 yd line. They'll ignore Doug Martin rushing at the with the ball, and tackle Shoemaker instead. Heck, the fear of trick plays may even cause their offensive line to tackle Landry Jones "just to be on the safe side".

Ya, it wouldn't be pretty.

Please explain why BSU

Please explain why BSU should be ranked higher. And don't say we just beat Georgia, or we be Oklahoma or Oregon a few years back. I just watched Oregon embarass Nevada who beat you last year. You seriously think you could be Oregon this year? I don't see any "power houses" in the MWC. Enlighten me.

It is impossible to enlighten

a dim bulb....Sunny...

Just as I suspected...but

Just as I suspected...but keep dreaming


Hes just a bitter fan whos still upset his team lost to the Broncos and finds fullfillment in belittling a Top 5 program (again) that writers and coaches from across the country vote for.

Lame...keep dreaming about what? The Broncos are ranked 4th. Not by Boise St. fans. Not by homers. By hundreds of voters. You do get that, right?

Lame..Too Funny

You tell us not to use past history games yet you cite one to attempt to make your point. Doesn't that strike you aa a bit stupid, lame, or even hypocritical?

Coaches all across America ranked us higher, I'll take their opinion over yours all day and all year.

Now beat it...putz..


He says dont use past games then uses a past game. Hes not the brightest light.

Heres whats funny. One day, the Broncos will lose. And when he finds out he wil be overjoyed and jump on here and think hes been vindicated. Then he will tell his boyfriend all about it and feel proud. He'll be the winner and the rest of us losers. Yep. One day.


I'm sure the BF will "reward" him properly.............

Ok lame. I will

1st Nevada is down a four year starter and is a she.ll of last years team which actually was a BSU loss not a nevada win anyway. But we arent supposed to talk about "past games" right?
2nd oregon is a pass happy offensive team. That can score MANY points against inferior defenses. But when a defense steps up that is when oregon has problems. See, CAL, LSU, BSU.... an on and on. Many teams can and will beat oregon's chip kelly. TCU could beat them, most SEC defensive teams could beat them and I think you might see a pack whatever team beat them. So, without really focusing on BSU outcoaching Chippy and holdig the duckies to 0 first downs in a half and keeping blount (supposedly the next big thing) to -5 yards and a safety.... without really factoring that in.... Oregon struggles when it gets shut down offensively. On the flipside BSU can do quite well in low scoreing games...(ask TCU)
now lame, you are an idaho fan too.... is it just that you hate BSU???? Come on man!! Join the love train. Isnt it about time you got to ENJOY a football season. GO BSU!!!

Here's another explanation

If a team wins a solid game over a good team (not by a few points to a massively inferior team), and a team ranked above them loses, then this team WILL go up in the polls. It's the natural course of events in polls such as these. If a team just below them wins bigger over a stronger team, then that team will jump our team (like Alabama and LSU have been doing to each other the last few weeks).

THAT is why Boise State did and should have moved up. Now, should they be ranked higher than #4 this week? No. They did not play, and no team above them lost. If any of the Top 3 teams had lost, then I would expect Boise State to move up accordingly. Why? Again, it's the nature of a poll like this.

Please, try not to sound so indignant that the Broncos are making a name for themselves. They were ranked #5 pre-season. You really need to come to grips with that. Quit allowing jealousy to rule you.

You aren't seriously comparing...

... this year's Nevada team to last year's, are you?

Here's what Nevada lost this year:

  • Starting QB, who accounted for 95% of their passing yards last season.
  • Top 2 rushers, and a total of 75% of their rushing yards last season.
  • Three of their top 6 leading receivers, and a total of 28% of their receiving yards last season.
  • Four of their top 8 tacklers, accounting for 30% of all tackles, 44% of all tackles for loss, and 46% of all sacks from last season.
  • They also lost 2 starting OLs, 2 starting DLs, their starting punter and their starting kicker.
  • They rank 93rd out of 120 teams on Phil Steele's combined experience chart this year.

This season Nevada is a shadow of its former self.



Thats some deep trash talk

Really? Geezus, and here I thought lame was actually legit...

Ω Thorn

Idot, leeming, moran, and looser ... all rolled up into a tight little bundle of trash.

Sunnyslope and I are a bit old I reckon

I'm 69 and been following BSU since 57 or 58. Like Sunny I find it refreshing even when we're ranked down in the lower teens. Hard to believe that BSU is included with all the power teams from the old days. Not only included but can beat them on any given day.
--Who would have thought back 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago--


After reading all of this bs all that I could muster is: GO VANDALS!


What does that have to do with anything. 3-8? That isnt something to cheer! that is BS... Coach akey's interview at halftime during the BG game, now THAT was BS!!
You seriously want to vandie chest bump on a thread that is about the RANKINGS!!??

SIF 1960 & lamesched....good points....

BSU is good though, but we must wait until 5th game....the first 5 teams BSU faces are now 2-7....Georgia will win with a challenging Coastal Carolina....

At the end of 5th games for BSU first 5 opponents, they may be somewhere between 10-15 or 12-13....

What does this mean? It means BSU fans need to root for SDSU, TCU, Air Force, and Gerogia to have a very good year....

Also, it means BSU must RUTS whenever possible....

It also means that BSU could be ranked #3 in a few weeks and then get leaped frogged by another cfb with tougher SOS....

Idaho has a tougher schedule in 2011 than Boise....this could haunt Boise again at their run for an NC....

All of this will unfold in 5-6 weeks, after all cfb have completed their 5th games....

Ugly please back up your assertion

That at the end of the year UI will have had a tougher schedule.

P2...the assertion is an asuumption thus

far after only 2 end of 5th games, the SOS will come out to unfold....

Idaho has Texas A&M, Virginia, BYU, Hawaii, and Bowling Green....those teams appear tougher now than TCU, SDSU, and Air Force....Idaho's teams may finish well above 50%....whereas BSU opponenets may be 50% or less by seasons end....

This only matters at a chance at NC....does not matter on how good BSU is....the Broncos are very good again....

Ugly please back up your assertion

That at the end of the year UI will have had a tougher schedule.


Idaho, who they played, whether they win or lose, is absolutely meaningless to Boise State.

Nothing Idaho does will affect BSU in any way.

Nothing Idaho Does????

Didn't you mean......Everything Idaho doesn't do??

BSU4342....if that were true, then why are the Vandals the

second most talked about team on LUGNUTS????

Did not obnug say not-to-root for the Vandals as one of their BSU games of interest of one star games for week #2?

What we have is Bronco football superior to Vandals and they love pounding all of the nails firmly into the coffin....Broncos think that thru strong nails and the coffin firmly established, that the Vandals will be buried once-and-for-all....

What about the Resurrection?

That day will come again....

As for the Broncos, I am rooting for them to when the NC....

ugly I think it is on poor taste

to conjure up images of vandies in coffins..... Given the recent pride of your school.

Sometimes ugly, the resurrection happens and one might find themselves in Hell. That is a vandie resurrection. there is no redemption for drunken losers.
Vandies, may not survive the economics of football. period.
geesh 1-4 successful halves of football against a 1aa team and here come ugly talking up strength of schedule and the vndies returning!! unbelieveable how idiotic he is. In fact so unbelieveable you have to wonder if it isnt an act. miss the point....the

Vandals are not that good....the Broncos are very good....the Vandals will win nothing....the Broncos have a solid chance at NC and another BCS bowl....


It could change with how the first two weeks have end of week #5, we will know....

I just find it ironic that the Vandals, a nobody in todays cfb, may have a tougher schedule than the National Powerhouse that BSU is....