State Board approves Dona Larsen Park construction; three Dutch Boise State football players remain in limbo

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The State Board of Education approved construction of Boise State's Dona Larsen Park on Friday by a 7-1 vote.

Stacy Pearson, Boise State's vice president for finance and administration, immediately e-mailed interim athletic director Curt Apsey.

"Start digging," she wrote.

Construction at the former East Junior High site is expected to begin this month. The $6 million project is scheduled for completion in time for the 2012 high school football season.

Dona Larsen Park will include track facilities for Boise State and a high school football stadium for the Boise School District. It also could include a new Boise State softball stadium.

The board had declined Boise State's request in August over concerns for pedestrian safety. Those concerns were mollified by a detailed presentation from Boise State and the Boise School District. However, the board continued to raise concerns about whether Boise State or the Boise School District would be legally responsible for any incidents at the events. The motion to approve construction included a stipulation that Boise State enter into a use agreement with the school district that puts all responsibility on the school district.

Boise State now turns its focus to the new football office and training complex in the north end zone of Bronco Stadium. The school plans to ask for construction approval this fall, ask for financing approval in February and begin construction in March. That project is scheduled for completion in summer 2013. The track in Bronco Stadium will be unusable as soon as construction begins, so Boise State's track teams will need a temporary home for the spring.

The Dona Larsen Park motion passed the board by a 7-1 vote. Bill Goesling of Moscow dissented after raising concerns about the part of the motion that requires the Boise School District to take all responsibility for its events at the facility. The school district wasn't represented by legal counsel at the meeting.

The project will be paid for with donations that already have been secured.


I met with Apsey today for a Q&A story that will appear in Sunday's paper. I asked him about the eligibility issues surrounding the three Boise State football players from Amsterdam — safety Cedric Febis, wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn and defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe.

Apsey said the school is still in a fact-finding mode — the issue involved was recently raised — and hasn't reached a conclusion.

"We're still doing the research and doing all we can to ... figure it out," Apsey said, "but up to this point we're still sitting in the same position we were a week ago."

The three players were held out of the season opener against Georgia.

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Who was the no vote and why?

Who was the no vote and why?

Good Question JB

What were the parking changes from last time?


Added the voting info above.... the change in the parking was that they provided a detailed report. They didn't do that last time.

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Noth End Zone

Chad, the next phase with the North endzone, when it is completed will in crease seating compacity to what? Just curious.

North end zone

That is not an expansion of the stadium. That is the football offices and training facility. The final design will be out soon and it's possible they'll include a little seating in it but that's not the purpose of this project.

re enzone

Thanks Chad.

Bill from moscow

my my my sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same.
That vote was nasty....

my, my, my...

from moscow. imagine that!

go back to heII.

go back to heII.

get their fingers around it????

They are either eligible or not right?


it was cause Geraldo changed his name and the other two signed as witnesses :) ?

Don't forget to vote for Kellen

Hope they figure it out soon about our three players, like before the seasons is over.

Vote everyday once a day @

Kellen with 21%

Kellen up to 21% of vote....easily in 1st place....I vote every time I read the reminder in these blogs!!!

Expansion plans...

first phase should add 3,300 seats.

they scrapped the expansion idea months ago

the focus right now is on a new football complex - no additional seating

I think....

stadium expansion is far more important than a new football complex. The indoor training facility is fairly new, but we're not gonna get more butts in seats without (do I even need to say it?)seats.

Youre wrong

Coach Pete has said time and time again the most important thing to the Bronco program right now is a new football complex. It has absolutely nothing to do with the indoor training facility. This new football complex is the number one thing sold to new recruits. Recruits Pac 12 schools are fighting for. Seats will come in time. Win first with great players great facilities and a great staff.

A New Stadium makes more sense because

there is no room for expansion of the current one....probably should build stadium towards Kuna area, west of airport....

The old stadium can be donated to Vandals....

But JL

It's not like we NEED it. Our recruiting is doing just fine without it. A new complex may bring in new recruits, but additional seating will bring in revenue. This school needs revenue to expand both athletically and academically. With the added money, we can make this school better.

What exactly will this new complex consist of? New Lockers? New workout rooms? An "I Love Me" wall showing off our trophies? Yet, unless the school charges $5 entrance fee for the general public, it's not bringing in money.

I still think this idea should be left until after expansion. And expansion should be pretty easy: close off the upper part of the south end zone (making it look like a "U"), and extend and round the East/West sideline bleachers on the north end. Those 2 changes alone would add about 10K seats. That's 10K more people paying at least $20/game. The school could make an extra $200K each home game, and that's not even including concessions.

How much could a new complex bring in?


If you were 18 where would you want to go

a 15 year BSU facility


Work in fast food. College isn't realistic straight from HS now.

I'd rather have a job of low means than become a slave of school funding debt with no idea of what I really want to do in life. It's an obscene waste without a plan and a crapshoot still.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

You can't compare the two schools

Georgia already has a huge stadium, and the butts to go in those seats. After 100 yrs of college footbal, and being in the SEC, they can afford a new facility.

Boise State is too new to Div 1 to be buying up the big-boy toys. They need a larger fanbase (hence, a bigger stadium) in order to afford those toys. Right now is NOT the time.

Oh, and if a was an 18-yr old football player being courted by BSU or Georgia, assuming I get playing time at both places, I'd lean Georgia. Why? It's in the SEC! It's an AQ conference. It's got a huge stadium full of 100,000 fans screaming "for me". Georgia has more media exposure. THAT is why I'd pick Georgia over BSU.

And, THAT I think is why the stadium expansion should be more important.

But, ours opinions are irrelevant at this stage. The school will do what it thinks is best. I can only live with their decision, even if I think it's not the wisest. You guys make think it's brilliant, and it very well could be. I just think it's a cosmetic issue.


We do recruit against the PAC2 and they have just what Georgia has. Our football facilities aren't 2nd class, they are third class. If we don't improve them we won't have to worry about more seats.


Correct me if I am wrong, but BSU has had trouble selling out vs some of the lesser league opponents. LaTech, SJS, NMS, UTST, and some noncon lessers. It's hard for me to buy into the "just build the seats and the fans will come" theory. I can't see the UNM, SDST, Wyo, UNLV's of the MWC changing that. Perhaps the 1st MWC season but then what? We've been undefeated and Nationally ranked before as well.

Check these pics out of the locker rooms. I've seen High Schools with better.

Yes, it's a split opinion and I'm sure there are fans whom will take your stadium position and fans that would take the facility position. are right....finally?

Without the 'Great Rivalry' how will seats be filled? Only one way, Boise goes Indy and schedules Texas, BYU, USC, etc...

You Are Too Funny Ugly.............

And you've advocated building a new stadium...LOL


I hear what youre saying and I felt the same way you do now. Im not calling you out nor think I know more than you. Part of more seats=more revenue is a misnomer. If you can fill 45000 seats for every game, than by all means build 45000. Even the greatest homer, myself, can agree filling 45000 seats for New Mexico is a wish list for 2016, at soonest. Bronco Nation is coming along, but as VNDL and many others have pointed it, the fan base is growing little by little. And from my understanding, the North End Zone will close first. Its not cost effective yet to add seats on the South by enclosing it. Im bummed about that because closing the North ruins the awesome views.

Our facilities are extremely outdated. The Broncos pride themselves on a "blue collar" mentality, true, but our weight room, training room etc are beyond even that. Its unfortunate, but 18 year old recruits like the "wow" factor. We did as kids ...and heck, sometimes I do now. Its just a part of maintaining the excellence and getting better the Broncos are always talking about.

Last, but most important is Coach Pete. He has input, and strong input on what the priorities are for building a better program. #1 on his wish list is the football complex. Ill trust him hes right.

Maybe a good story would be how our facilties stack up against some of the elite in college football. Or if not elite, Top 40 or something. I know Chadd has written about it some. But maybe we can get a little more insight as to why Coach Pete believes a football complex should be #1.


If you haven't watched the Link tfUnky posted, by all means do so. 15 minutes of your time.I'm not saying BSU needs a facility like UGA's, but hey..we can dream.

Look at it this have to build a product before you sell it. We have a great product and the trick is to keep it that way and improve upon it. The video will give you a better "feel" of the pride, tradition, etc involved with recruiting. BSU is building that, and we need to showcase it to incoming potential Team members. A recruit needs to take a tour and feel like he wants to become part of it all.

Look at Moscow. Dump facilities and they can't recruit athletes..thus...empty seats. Moscow can sell the college experience with the education. The small town, the university atmosphere, 100 year tradition, etc. Then you take a trip to the Kibbe and the recruit asks.."What time does my bus leave?"..

I promise you..that facility gets built, we stay strong, even stronger, and the seats get built AND they sell.

Just my take..

PS WATCH THE VIDEO...Everyone wants BSU to become AQ and truly BIG TIME. This is what Big Time programs do re facilities. Oregons is even Larger and just as state of the art.

What will BSU do with 'Old'....

Stadium when new one is completed?

Also, Moscow has never had a sell-out....even in Kamiah Kid days and Idaho wiping out the Broncos year-after-year, you always saw 300-1000 empty seats....sure it was reported as a sell-out, but visually it never was....

If the Kibbie Dome had a 'true' sell-out, then many fans simply did not show up....

South End Zone?

Really? Are you still mentioning south end zone after they have said that filling in the south won't really add seating? It will add just a couple thousand seats but the cost of construction is too great to recover the costs fast enough to make it worth it. Besides the Construction in the south will be a lot easier when the old offices are gone, therefor making it more cost effective.

When the new AD comes in I'm sure he'll evaluate expansion needs

I've only seen drawings of the new football complex which appears that it'll be built in the NE corner of the stadium. To me, it seems like it would be a better idea to build a 3-4 story complex on the entire north end and incorporate it with the NEZ seating. Seems like having it in the corner isn't a good use of space but what do I know?

Doubt That

Kustra has rubberstamped current plans, they're drafted, planned, funding working. New AD won't have anything to evaluate. Besides, wouldn't be too smart to rub the plans wrong with his boss having approved them and set them in motion.

The more BSU stonewalls on the Dutch Bros...

...the more I think VNDL might be close to the mark with some of his crazy theories about the nature of the problem.

Crazy Theories?

Doing research and asking legitimate questions are crazy theories?

Well...Okie Dokie then...

The "get Our Arms Around It" statement indicate it's a mess so the next legitimate question is...Who dropped the ball over the last (5) FIVE years to let it turn into a mess?

Since I rarely post here...

...I don't blame you for not knowing when I am kidding.

So don't call me a d-bag, bro. ;)

Can't Go There Bro...

P2 Banned the use of the term...'-)

I'm highly concerned about this. Highly.
To me, mulling it around in every direction I can, I wind up 2 places. 1) there's information they didn't know and SHOULD have known. 2) There's information they KNEW and hid, swept under the rug, or chose to ignore. Neither are good.

I tend toward #1...

...but I agree, neither is good. I would suggest a possible #3: Somebody simply got confused trying to harmonize student-visa requirements with conflicting NCAA regs related to improper benefits.

In order to get a student visa, a non-citizen must demonstrate that they can cover their tuition and living expenses without off-campus employment, either from doc*menting their and their family's own resources in their country of origin or from a signed affidavit of sponsorship by American citizens providing support.

In light of Couchgate, you can see where I am going with this.

It's A Great Point Sandbagger

and one I wasn't aware of...the Student Visa-Finacial Position requirement. That could make some sense, as at least 1 Visa was renewed fairly recently. Yep. I see your writing on the wall.
Thanks for the info.

You're welcome...

...and just to be clear I have no idea what is really going on. Some of what we need to know to accurately judge this situation is hidden behind a privacy firewall that a mere journalist won't get the necessary subpoena to breach. I'm not even sure if the NCAA can get it without the student's permission.

That said, I've had to sort out conflicts between two sets of contradictory regulations enough that I am never surprised when something goes haywire in the process (and, shockingly, the people who wrote the incompatible regs are never sympathetic...). I'm only speculating, but I can easily see this happening in an understaffed compliance department that has never dealt with an international student before.

Or it may yet turn out that BSU's new compliance officer is just being very, very careful in light of recent events.


even if the compliance dept is a 1 person band and or understaffed, one would think an International Student Athlete would be HIGH on the Priority list, if not on top. I'd have a problem biting down on that scenario (excuse).

You are right... that it would make a lousy excuse. If you know there's a conflict, you'd better run it down carefully. The problems come when you "don't know what you don't know," much less who to ask to find out, when faced with a unexpected and complicated situation.

It would be interesting to find out what exceptions, if any, NCAA regs make for international students. There are certainly enough non-Americans competing in Olympic sports at American universities that this must have come up before. And BSU had a Canadian on the football squad recently, did they not? This probably shouldn't be uncharted territory.

Assuming we are even barking up the right tree...

Racial Discrimination

if these guys came from say "KENYA", they wouldn't even have to show there birth certificates, right? LOL

Actually I was thinking earlier

that if their last names were sanchez the NCAA would never touch it. But I gotta believe that it hasnt gotten that bad in real life.... But as T2 says, racism is EVERYWHERE..... And Im sure your motivation with the kenya comment was motivated soley on race. That is the only reason anyone could ever oppose the Messiah....

How many compliance officers have we had in the past 5 years

it's been a few hasn't it?

4 Plus

The new one.

that could be the reason for the Dutch mess

were they fired, if so, I wonder why? Did they all resign? if so, I wonder why.

No wonder Kustra moved the compliance office out of atletics and into his offices

They weren't trained to comply very well I suppose.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

I hate it...

...when I reply to the wrong place. Goofy board structure...


We're at the same position that we were a week ago? This could take weeks/months and is not fair to the three players involved--and their future careers. Both the school and the NCAA should also be obligated to keep the best interests of the players in mind while looking for infractions. Frankly, I can't trust an NCAA that is in the back pockets of the BCS powers whose agenda is clearly to keep Boise State out of the NC game. This is nonsense, and the facts of where these kids resided in high school and what kind of aid they received should be readily available.