Both sides make their point in grizzly killing decision

U.S. Attorney Wendy J. Olson dismissed criminal charges against Jeremy Hill for the killing of a grizzly bear on his property near Porthill in Mother's Day.

But Hill agreed that he violated the Endangered Species Act for killing the bear after he knew his children were safe inside.They gave him a ticket and he paid a $1,000 fine.

Hill had become the latest cause celebre in the long-standing dispute between westerners and the Endangerd Species Act. Idaho’s congressional delegation and Gov. Butch Otter had come to Hill’s defense along with many of his neighbors who raised more than $19,000 for his defense.

“I am thankful that the government has dismissed all criminal charges against me in this case. I received a federal civil ticket and have paid the $1,000 fine to avoid putting my family through the emotional strain and the cost of a trial," Hill said in a statement. "I am glad this issue has been resolved out of court and I am looking forward to putting this unfortunate incident behind me.”

During the course of their investigation, state and federal wildlife officials were unable to establish the location of Hill’s children when the three grizzly bears were first sighted in the yard, about forty yards from the Hill home. Hill informed law enforcement that he last saw his children outside playing basketball in front of their home, but that he did not know where his children were when he saw the three grizzly bears near his pig pen.

He stated that he was concerned for his children’s welfare but, Olson said in the press release, by the time Hill fired the final shot, he was aware that all of his children and his wife were inside of their house.

So when he first shot the bear his fears of the threat to his children was valid. But the third shot was not defensible, legally.

"The bear I shot was badly wounded, and I believed at that time that it would be very dangerous to leave the bear wounded, possibly posing a threat to others," Hill said. "I also thought the humane thing to do was to put the wounded bear out of its misery."

Olson said she dismissed the criminal charge in favor of the citation in part because of Hill’s prompt notification of his actions to Idaho Fish & Game officials. Perhaps the political outcry had a little bit to do with the decision.

“The United States Attorney’s Office well understands Mr. Hill is a concerned husband and father who wants to protect his family,” said Olson.

But she and federal officers wanted to make their point that its not alright to shoot an Endangered Species, especially ones as valuable as grizzly bears unless a life is threatened.

“Anyone who observes or hears of a grizzly bear near campsites or residences must immediately contact fish and wildlife officials,” She said. “Federal, State and Tribal officials are mandated to act immediately and effectively to remove grizzly bears from populated areas.”

I suspect that Idahoans are going to hold her to that.

Glad that's over

This grisly ordeal was more than most people could bear.


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My conclusion is, if ever in such an unfortunate predicament to shoot a grizzly - don't call anyone. Recover the bullet and get outta Dodge.
Legal or illegal that would be my point.

Thanks Jeremy Hill for "standing up to injustice"!

There are over 30,000 grizzly bears in Alaska. A total of 50,000 in North America. That # is from DoW.

Our friends in Russia have 120,000 of them.


Stand up to justice?

Really? He didn't stand up for anything. He killed a bear he didn't have to kill. When he fired the shots, he knew his family was safe.

Now, he doesn't belong in prison for that, so they got their pound of flesh out of him. He learned a lesson, I'm sure.


The first two shots he did not know where they were. Mr Hill, being the man of integrity that he is, told the court that the third shot came after he did know where his family was. He could have easily lied and gotten away with it, but chose to do the right thing. I don't know, maybe I am reading into it to much here, but I would guess that, whether Mr. Hill's intention or not, that third shot put the bear out of it's misery.


I have to agree with you bm. I'm glad that the government did not pursue this further. I think we all know how much common sense the U.S. Government has. Myself I don't think he should have even gotten the $1,000.00 fine. He was defending his family. The last shot could have been to put the bear out of its misery or just plan adrenaline flow after the fear he must have had for his kids.

I am all for our taking care of our planet, the problem is that most environmentalists have less common sense than our government.


Disagree with ya bad, neither one of us was there, I can't say that for sure and I doubt you can either.
When a Griz is on your property, you can't sit around wondering. And yes I grew up with friends that had ranch property next door to Yellowstone, and I have been there done that...

Wise Judge

Judge Judy justice from Judge Wendy.

The Country is about to fail and this is what ......

is front and center in the Statesman's mind.

Seriously, felonious mating on thee. Move to Norway, plebe.


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Grizzly killing decision

be held hostage in your cabin by grizzly bears or shoot the grizzly bears?

Let the grizzly bears kill your live stock or shoot the grizzly bears?

Call fish and wildlife officials while grizzly bears attack your home, family and live stock or shoot the grizzly bears?

Grizzlies are probably an endangered species because it's us or them.

Wow, I wonder if Mr. Hill owned a gibson guitar


May Les Paul's spirit rot their tiny government Boss Hogg minds.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.