SI features Boise State football on the cover; Broncos climb to No. 4, No. 5 in polls

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Sports Illustrated is going with two covers this week — and one features Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. Click on the thumbnails for larger images.

The national cover features LSU.

Boise State's cover will be distributed throughout the West — to Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Boise State headline is, “It’s Go Time: Boise State is BCS Busting (Again).” Boise State also has a small headline on the LSU cover. Here is the href="" target="_blank">story.

Boise State was on the cover twice last year — a regional college football preview cover featured defensive stars Jeron Johnson, Ryan Winterswyk and Brandyn Thompson, and a cover the week after the Oregon State game showed the Broncos running onto the field. This is Moore's first cover appearance.


The Broncos jumped two spots in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Tuesday. They are now ranked No. 5. They moved in front of Stanford and Oregon. Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU and Florida State are the top four teams. TCU is No. 25 and Georgia fell out of the poll.


The Broncos moved up one spot to No. 4 in the AP poll, jumping Oregon. They received two first-place votes, same as the preseason poll. The top three are Oklahoma, LSU and Alabama. TCU is No. 25 and Georgia fell out of the poll.


Here’s the AP poll:

1. Oklahoma (32) 1-0 1,448 1
2. LSU (17) 1-0 1,415 4
3. Alabama (9) 1-0 1,409 2
4. Boise St. (2) 1-0 1,310 5
5. Florida St. 1-0 1,196 6
6. Stanford 1-0 1,154 7
7. Texas A&M 1-0 1,033 8
8. Wisconsin 1-0 1,031 11
9. Oklahoma St. 1-0 981 9
10. Nebraska 1-0 947 10
11. Virginia Tech 1-0 906 13
12. South Carolina 1-0 843 12
13. Oregon 0-1 828 3
14. Arkansas 1-0 752 15
15. Ohio St. 1-0 606 18
16. Mississippi St. 1-0 594 20
17. Michigan St. 1-0 530 17
18. Florida 1-0 382 22
19. West Virginia 1-0 357 24
20. Baylor 1-0 284 NR
21. Missouri 1-0 242 21
22. South Florida 1-0 221 NR
23. Penn St. 1-0 147 NR
24. Texas 1-0 135 NR
25. TCU 0-1 130 14
Others receiving votes: Arizona St. 119, Auburn 85, Southern Cal 69, Georgia 52, Northwestern 40, Maryland 34, BYU 33, Iowa 29, Houston 27, Utah 24, Notre Dame 22, Michigan 17, Air Force 11, Pittsburgh 11, UCF 10, NC State 8, Hawaii 6, Tennessee 6, Arizona 5, N. Illinois 5, Southern Miss. 4, Clemson 1, Georgia Tech 1.


Here’s the USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

1. Oklahoma (43) 1-0 1,454 1
2. Alabama (9) 1-0 1,412 2
3. LSU (7) 1-0 1,366 4
4. Florida State 1-0 1,198 5
5. Boise State 1-0 1,197 7
6. Stanford 1-0 1,180 6
7. Oklahoma State 1-0 1,038 8
8. Texas A&M 1-0 997 9
9. Wisconsin 1-0 988 10
10. Nebraska 1-0 910 11
11. Virginia Tech 1-0 863 13
12. South Carolina 1-0 827 12
13. Arkansas 1-0 786 14
14. Oregon 0-1 752 3
15. Ohio State 1-0 686 16
16. Michigan State 1-0 584 17
17. Mississippi State 1-0 497 20
18. Florida 1-0 375 23
19. Missouri 1-0 309 21
20. Penn State 1-0 247 25
21. Texas 1-0 231 24
22. Auburn 1-0 197 19
23. Arizona State 1-0 189 NR
24. West Virginia 1-0 185 NR
25. TCU 0-1 140 15

Dropped out
No. 18 Notre Dame (0-1, lost to South Florida 23-20), No. 22 Georgia (0-1, lost to then-No. 7 Boise State 35-21).

Others receiving votes
Baylor 117; South Florida 97; Iowa 44; Utah 42; Georgia 35; Houston 31; Northwestern 30; Arizona 28; Central Florida 18; Hawaii 17; Michigan 15;North Carolina 15; Clemson 13; Northern Illinois 13; Southern Mississippi 12; Air Force 10; Notre Dame 8; Tennessee 5; Brigham Young 4; Maryland 4; Georgia Tech 3; Washington 3; California 1; Cincinnati 1; Texas Tech 1.


Here's my ballot. I went LSU-Boise State at the top because they played quality opponents on big stages and won convincingly. The rest was a challenge because so few teams played games that showed who they are/aren't. I also had trouble with how to treat Oregon because I didn't see that game. I didn't want to penalize them too much for actually playing someone. Before anyone jokes about Nevada, I dropped them not because they had a bad bye week but because I thought three teams played their way into the Top 25 and only two played their way out.

2 Boise State
3 Oklahoma
4 Alabama
5 Stanford
6 Wisconsin
7 Oregon
8 Arkansas
9 Okla State
10 S. Carolina
11 Virginia Tech
12 Michigan St.
13 Florida State
14 Texas A&M
15 Miss St
16 Baylor
17 Nebraska
18 Ohio State
19 USF
20 UCF
21 West Virginia
22 Missouri
23 Hawaii
24 TCU
25 Maryland

Dropped out: Notre Dame, Auburn, Nevada
Also considered: Florida, Toledo

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Kellen Moore on the cover of SI

Kellen Moore deserves this. His consistently high level of play over the past 3+ seasons is almost unreal.

Kellen Moore to New Bride

Does this white jersey make me look fat? Kellen looks like the Pillsbury doughboy on the cover of SI.


BSU, starting in Top 5, manhandles a Top 20 and does not receive any additional 1st place votes. Media bias at its best....

so true wisdom

meanwhile auburn stays in the top 25 after barely getting by utah st.

Thats bull too. Auburn was

Thats bull too. Auburn was lucky in the last minute or two. Ok they won, but should of dropped a couple. Was a crappy win if you ask me for a "big" name SEC team.

Respect is scheduled

Don't worry...they still have six RANKED teams to play--they will trip up somewhere--probably against (2) LSU or (3) Alabama. Respect is scheduled.

Don't worry....

after BSU has another undefeated season and the other "top" teams that don't look that "top" falter, they will have no choice but to give BSU their shot at the title and a well rested injury free BSU team will shock the world in the National Championship game. It's all smooth sailing from here.

If there's bias, it's not from this week

Try to think about it objectively. The only team to lose first-place votes was Oregon, and obviously anyone who thought Oregon was a potential #1 team would give full credit to LSU for beating them. The only way there could possibly be bias is if Boise State DID steal some #1 votes from LSU, who manhandled a top FIVE team.

Nobody jumped Boise State, and if people thought Oklahoma and Alabama were #1 teams before, they certainly wouldn't change their minds after both teams absolutely routed their opponents, far worse than Boise State beat Georgia.

If you want to complain about bias against Boise State, complain about Georgia dropping from #19 to UNR after losing to an allegedly top 5 team. Otherwise, let's stay calm and let the season run its course.


I can agree with that. Call me defensive in that regard. Alabama did lose 8 1st votes by beating an insignificant Kent State.

Ω That's not quite right.

"The only team to lose first-place votes was Oregon ..."

Oklahoma 36, 32, -4
Alabama 17, 9, -8
Oregon 4, 0, -4
LSU 1, 17, +16
BSU 2, 2, 0

Oklahoma 42, 43, +1
Alabama 13, 9, -4
Oregon 2, 0, -2
LSU 2, 7, +5

Other than Oregon, Alabama was the week's biggest first-place vote loser.

good point

I can still see how LSU was then rewarded those #1 votes but I was wrong in making the direct correlation.

I think

You're looking way too hard for disrespect. BSU beat a now unranked team and moved up 2 spots in the poll that matters, and is set to move to #3 when Oklahoma or Florida State loses in a couple of weeks.

It's still really early, but could be setting up as BSU's best shot at getting into the big one. I hope it happens because I want to see that matchup.

from the sporting news

nice article.


That will have all the "Urban Ites" up in arms....

truth can hurt wisdom

meyer will return somewhere someday i suppose.

I know it it better for BSU but...

Baylor got hosed by the Coaches does TCU end up 25 ahead of Baylor??

great point rarely

good indication of how the polls rarely make sense.

That's absolutely

That's absolutely ridiculous, isn't it? These teams have had exactly one week to prove what they're made of, and Baylor proved it, and it wasn't enough. ESPECIALLY when you consider that Baylor is #26, right next to TCU, which means that the average voter looked at the two teams side by side and still decided Baylor wasn't as good.


Has Kellen's QB rating from Saturday's game been posted yet? I haven't heard mention of it. The whole team looked just amazing.... Also good: Hedrick looks like he has the potential to carry us forward through the next few years.

Go Broncos!



But tfunk...

...did the math in his head. Officially.

Kinda sorta

The NCAA has posted the first week, 170.07 is now official.


That's right. And Moore had a 133.96 after the Oregon game in 2009 and 134.11 after Virginia Tech in 2010, so starting with such a high number sets him up for a monster final rating this year. The main difference: He completed 82.4 percent of his pa$$es, which is the second-highest of his career.

Then Vote for Moore

Here's the web link for the O'Brien Award. You can vote every day in it. The site is a little slow, but worth the time if Kellen gets the award.

Here ya go

Whoops sorry about that

b81 beat me to it...guess its so good it needs to be posted twice.

Ω On cue ...

... some of the SEC "leemings" are chiming in with same old, tired excuses.

Great article.

No excuses from this SEC

No excuses from this SEC fan! You guys won as you beat a low level SEC team that is 0-2 and unranked. Congratulations and good luch with Toledo.


would love your thoughts after theteleconference on Conf realignment. What is the feeling in the MWC about what is possibly going down.


no penn state on your ballot?? you buzzard!!!

State Pen

should be ranked jo pas age. Until he dies and they get an actual coach.

no go p2..

paterno doenst need to die or retire...but he does need to retire his kid and galen hall and get some offensive brains in there for ONCE!! should be so lucky to have an influence that would be anything close to 0.1% of what paterno has accomplished, so i wouldnt hammer the guy til you put your $$$ where your mandibles are.

I have accomplished MORE than jo pa so have you probably

just not in football. please tell me that your standards are higher than drooling.

I can drool faster than that old vegie any day.
Im all for honoring a legend but this is sad. jo pa cant even tell you who the president is much less call a game. Anyone who believes his headset is turned on is a fool.

getta grip p2....youre delusional.

i fell off my chair reading your claim that you have accomplished more than paterno. *cue twilight zone theme music*

yep..your name recognition and impact you have had on the nation over the decades sure puts you over him huh? *hums 'what kind of fool am i*

how pathetically moronic can one get to make such allegations in your last sentences? are right there at penn state and seeing all that goes on in team practices and meetings arent you? and who's the fool?

there is no limit to the degree of hymenism one encounters on this planet. congrats...youre the new poster child. and i thought weisberg was a dope.

Get a sense of humor Penn

not everybody hates your grandpa. Just me, and anyone else that appreciates football instead of history class. But anyway, he will be dead soon and then penn state can move on....

Any Truth To The Rumor...

The Nittany's will go back to the single wing??

Don't know

but the rumor about the SEC presidents voting Texas A&M into the SEC is true - pending Baylors legal action

Ω What great timing!

Right at the start of the season we have almost as much focus on conferences, defections, and realignment as on the games. This has got to take a toll (i.e., distractions) at some point on teams' performances.

If the Big 12 collapses (looks more likely in lieu of this and what Stoops said about canning the Texas rivalry) and then starts scrambling to stay alive, I hope BSU (whose name will undoubtedly be tossed around) keeps the blinders on.

Oh You Know They Want Them....

it's just a matter of formalities. And Legalities..

Real question is..who's next for the SEC?

Ω Raid on the ACC?

Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech?

I Am Amazed

they aren't raiding the Big 12 further and competing with PAC(whatever) for OK and TX and OKST.

FlaSt is a given, IMO..

Ω Bet that's come up.

Oklahoma, OK St., and Texas probably see better pickings in the Pac-12. Plus, they then get a greater presence in California recruiting.

Don't know for sure, a guess.


seems to be all into controlling their TV stuff..betting the SEC may not want to touch that.

Ever wonder if there's a pucker factor going on with CBS, ESPN, etc over this expansion and the looming possibilites of having to renegotiate already staggering contracts?

Ω Yes, and NBC ...

... prolly is in the mix somewhere. They must want a bigger piece of the pie ... and to get away from that fiasco called Notre Dame.

And then there is Rupert. Went big after the NFL ... gotta have an eye on cfb (more than a few bowl games).

I think OU and Texas to PAC12 is a done deal

I just dont know who else goes to make it 16...TT and OK St? I think OSU goes but not sure about Tech.

I know Wiz doesnt like this...but Big 12 commish Beebe is bent on keeping his conference. It'll come down to a battle between Beebe and Thompson. I mean look at the leftovers...Kansas, Kansas State Baylor Iowa St. Mizzou (probably to Big 10). Then theres BYU. I think Beebe tries to raid the MWC and grab Air Force CSU and a few others.

Wiz Don't Like It Cuz

Beebe will need things BSU doesn't have. He'll need to replace a recruiting Bed and TV presence in Texas, like SMU...Houston..Also in Okla...Tulsa?? Obviously I won't rule out the possibility, but I feel BSU would be way down on his list.

Also, we need tfunky to weigh in...What does the Big 12 need, OFFICIALLY, to remain an AQ Conference with regard to number of "formula" teams? If they lose "X" number at once, are they automatically milk toast ??

I don't know wiz

The demise of the Big 12 (as we know it) seems to be right around the corner. And if that happens, Beebe can only blame himself for not telling Texas 3 years ago that there is no "team" in "conference. I do believe the economies of a 16 team conference are flawed and will, ultimately, not survive. I also believe that the Longhorn network, or any individual team network is doom to fail, I think Texas might finally realize this.

I honestly have no feel for who is going to end up where, but if I were Beebe and Thompson I'd be checking the ego's at the door and huddling up on strategy to save both conferences.

I was thinking the other day that 6-7 years from now we won't have the SEC or PAC2 or Big 10. We will have Channel 34 east and channel 22 West and Channel 16 Mountain........

Totally agree about Texas

But the part about Beebe and Thompson checking the egos at the door may be skewed. I hope for their sakes they do drop the pride, but as we've seen among all the commishs' in power thats doubtful.

Somewhere I see Karl Benson in two scenarios. One, hes locked himself in a closet in that high rise he reigns from. Or, hes pushed off all the stuff on his desk to the floor and is sitting on top of said desk, legs crossed, rubbing his hands together.

i wish they would wisdomman... might improve their sucky running game compared to the past few years.

That was my point...

and unusual for PS to suck in the ground game...