How Boise State QB Kellen Moore and his receivers exploited Georgia's defense; Miller says TD was first kiss 'times a thousand'

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

ATLANTA — Maybe the most stunning part of the Boise State football team’s victory Saturday night at the Georgia Dome was how open the Broncos’ receivers got.

Senior quarterback Kellen Moore repeatedly threw short passes to receivers who had found holes in the Georgia Bulldogs’ zone defense, leading the Broncos to a 35-21 win.

“That was how we figured they were going to use their personnel,” offensive coordinator Brent Pease said. “We didn’t know they were going to be as wide open as they were sometimes.”

Moore was 28-of-34 for 261 yards and three touchdowns with one interception. He never threw a pass over 25 yards in the air.

“We had plays called (for deep balls),” Pease said, “but we knew, the coverage they were playing, it would take that deep route out of it.”

The Broncos receivers — one of the team’s question marks entering the season — did a nice job catching the ball and just as importantly were aggressive in turning those short throws into bigger gains.

That was most apparent on the touchdown catches by redshirt freshman wide receiver Matt Miller and senior tight end Kyle Efaw, who turned upfield and fought through multiple defenders at the goal line.

“Coach (Robert) Prince always preaches that — get vertical,” Miller said. “So I’m going to give him the credit for that one.”

The other key for the Broncos was the protection afforded Moore by an offensive line that played largely with three sophomores who hadn’t played extensively before. Moore wasn’t sacked. He did throw an interception under pressure in the second quarter.

“It allowed us to find those holes in the defense,” Miller said, “and obviously with Kellen he can pick a defense apart pretty easily.”

The Broncos also benefited from their hurry-up offense, which moved so fast at times that the Bulldogs couldn’t keep up. The hurry-up was instrumental two of the first three touchdown drives.

Pease wanted to break it out earlier but because the Broncos didn’t run many plays on their first few drives he needed to stay in the base offense to use the plays he wanted to show early in the game.

“Once we got going, we saw (the pace) hurt them a little bit,” Pease said.

Pease was making his debut as the Broncos’ offensive coordinator after five years as the wide receivers coach. The Broncos generated 390 yards and picked up 24 first downs compared to the Bulldogs’ 13.

“Pease did an excellent job,” coach Chris Petersen said. “The first game out of the gate, he mixed it up well and called a very good game.”


Miller, who is from Helena, Mont., provided the quote of the night. He said it a couple times, with slightly different wording.

Here’s his take on scoring a touchdown on his first college catch:

“I can’t really put it into words how good it felt. It’s kind of like getting your first kiss times a thousand.”

Miller is a big name in Montana. Everything that’s reported about him in Boise gets repeated in his hometown paper.

“Probably going pretty nuts,” Miller said of the reaction at home. “I got a lot of text messages and phone calls this week. I couldn’t wish for greater friends and family back home.”

Miller started the game and finished with five catches for 57 yards. He’s the first freshman receiver to start the opener since Petersen arrived in 2001.

“It’s great, but it’s a football game,” Miller said. “I’ll wake up tomorrow and be a normal human being. We’ve got to start focusing on Toledo now.”

If Miller sounds well-coached, he’s not. Coach Chris Petersen compared Miller’s low-key attitude to Moore’s.

“You think Kellen has no emotion? Matt takes it to a new low,” Petersen said.


Boise State’s starters on the defensive line were outweighed 329-282 on average, but the Broncos recorded six sacks, harassed quarterback Aaron Murray much of the night and limited the Bulldogs tailbacks to 72 yards on 22 carries (3.3 yards per carry) with a long of 12 yards.

“We wanted to go into the game and just be more physical than the O-line,” said senior defensive end Shea McClellin, who led the team with seven tackles and 2.5 sacks. “We wanted to play fast and physical and relentless, and that’s what we did.”


Senior cornerback Jerrell Gavins looked like a shut-down player in the opener. The Bulldogs tried to go deep on him three times. He intercepted one pass, nearly picked off another and blanketed the receiver on the third.

“I thought Jerrell was very, very good,” Petersen said. “I’m really pleased and proud of Jerrell.”


The polls don't come out until Tuesday this week.

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how'd your sucks do? lsu spun the ducks upside down and they quacked up.

rack ME dope...

I assume you didn't watch the game

because you were watching BSU-UGA.

Three bad Oregon fumbles, two by a true freshman, resulted in 3 easy TDs for LSU. That was the ballgame. Too bad because without those three plays Oregon probably would have pulled out an ugly victory. LSU has some stud defensive players - very, very fast team speed on that side of the ball. Their DEs were faster than most college RBs.

Their offense, however, was underwhelming, and I think they'll lose at least a game or two this year - so that's good news for BSU's chances later on when the bowl picture starts to come into focus.

Ida, you got beat

and saying that without three fumbles you would have won is something that is beneath you as a fan usually. We dont need oregon to lose anymore games we are just fine thanks. We need LSU, Oklahoma, and nebraska to lose games..... But thanks for still showing your elitism. We like it.

Oregon got beat.

Never said they didn't. But they gave up one TD on a recovered fumble and two very short fields back to back in the third quarter. Don't spot 20 points and the game is very different.

Hopefully they can address ball security, Golpashin's spot on the OL and find some receivers. If they don't address those issues before ASU or Stanford, pulling a three-peat seems rather unlikely to me. Defense, overall, should be fine with Harris and Alonso back.

Good luck the rest of the way.

Gee and if BSU's secondary

made two tackles Georgia would have been shut out...... It is sooooo stupid to say if we didnt "spot" them 20 points.... Talk about denial!!! But to be fair if BSU had lost I probably would have been talking about dutch players...

There is no "spotting" in football. It isnt golf, there is no "handicap" LSU earned those 20 points. You just dont like how they earned them. Oregon is overrated and for such a touted offense really struggles when it actually has to play somebody good. I watched the game this morning and we all know Les miles is to coaching what barney fife is to law enforcement. Oregon actually should be hitting the panic button. I dont see a Pac whatever championship in the ducks future. AND I LOVE IT!!!!

If ifs and ands were pots and pans there would be no jobs for tinkers.....
Everyone has excuses.... and guess what yours smell like?

Thanks for the good luck wish though.

You're right

I don't like how LSU earned those 20 points, because better execution by Oregon and they don't get 'em. That was kind of my point.

exactly ida

you are one of the good posters on here. You are smart, knowlegable and fun. Dont blow it. Imagine the respect you could get instead of excuses you just said, we got beat, the best team won. We need to work on some things. im sad.
If you owned up to it it would tell us a ton about your fanhood and character.
Cmon man

Ida duck we spotted georgia 21 points


Stay classy

Err, something.


You post really good football stuff most of the time.

'Cept when the Ducks lose you fire out the What If's.

Maybe thats normal, wishful thinking.

I know when Reno beat us a lot of our posters blamed a single play, the missed FG. The more knowledgeable ones knew different. It never come down to 1 kick and we also knew we got drubbed most of the entire second half.

Give up the what if's and woulda coulda's. It's part of the game, and anyone can always go there.

Also, this is another example (we have gone head to head on this before) @ the Ducks legacy of losing the big ones and this was a big one if your in the hunt for a Natty..

Can't argue

Chip Kelly has won some big games, but still none OOC. The more of those that he loses the harder it is to justify.

Those fumbles were good plays by excellent LSU defensive players stripping the ball, so they get full credit for earning those 20 points - I just hate to see Oregon lose on plays that wouldn't have happened with better execution.

Ida Thats True

for any fan for any loss his team takes.

Don't know about the rest of the guys, I was pulling for Oregon.
I wanted another SEC Team to take a dump. I wanted LSU to drop. I wanted a good game for a Western Team.

Just didn't happen.

Yah, Don't Ya Just Hate That?

Without a bad angle on Boykin's 80 yard run and without an off sides penalty giving UGA another play after they had punted and without a blown safety coverage we would have shut UGA out......

Didn't see the game

but the box score looks about like I was expecting.

Yeah and you forgot to

Yeah and you forgot to mention your running back James was kind of being a little girl? He got barely stepped on/kicked in the ankle and sat out. Really come on now it's a big time game that could determine going to another BCS title game or not. Seriously don't just assume that because we are BSU fans we were only watching the BSU bs Georgia game. I watched both games and Orefon just seemed to be manhandled by LSU. Oregon lost their only pass thrat from last year in Maehl, not saying Oregon doesn't have the talent for one of their other receivers this year can't step up but until they prove there is another receiving threat Orefon is going tl get shut down in their run game especially if their RBs don't man up and shake off some bumps and bruises.

Oregon's OL

was manhandled at times. Oregon's defense held up pretty well although it wore down late with LSU's no huddle. Offense and special teams betrayed the D in the most of the second half, too.

I don't think James was being a "little girl," but he didn't look himself last night.

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Chadd, I know Coach Pete and staff do not report injuries, but from your vantage point are there any significant injuries?

Any reason Stanaway played in the 3rd and 4th qtrs over Ioane? I know Ioane took a bad angle at Boynkin on that 80 yard run but Stanaway looked lost back there.


I didn't even talk to Pete. The way it worked, I had to go to the locker room to get players/Pease and Murph went to the press conference for Pete/Kellen. ... From what I know, Kellogg is out a couple weeks. Tevis was out late but I don't think it was a serious injury. Paul they thought would play early in the week so I don't think he's out long. Expect Koch and Makinde back soon. That's everything I know about, but it's hard to keep track during games so I might have missed somebody.

As for safety, it appeared the Broncos had several blown coverages on the Ioane/Stanaway side of the defense. Not sure if one was better than the other. Gavins told me he and Jamar Taylor traded sides at times and he was dealing with some calls he didn't even know, so there was some confusion back there. They probably figured they had less chances of a bust with Stanaway on the field because he has more experience.

What was with ESPN

Good Lord, what was with ESPN, with ALL the Long Media timeouts they took. 4 minutes of commercials every 4 minutes. Long game just due to them.

I loved our hurry up offense, but just as we were getting it going and wearing down the dawgs, ESPN jumps in to give them a big rest period. ESPN treated this as a major bowl game.

Replay coverage

We were wondering about that, too. And the instant replay coverage was pretty lacking as well, I thought.

But all that would have been A-OK if only we could have also watched the Oregon game. What a scheduling SNAFU.

It also was annoying to

see that stupid SEC logo every six seconds especially when they looked so over matched.


It gave you yet another thing to WHINE about


thats cuz of the fine print in the tv contract that the sec negotiated with espn...

Anybody see if

Ajayi got in the game on special teams?

One of the things I was worried about

was conditioning late in the game. 4th quarter BSU looked to be the more physical team. That has been a concern. See Nevada and Va tech.... the boys looked good. Would have been nice to be up three scores in the 4th and let southwick play wih the sec boys....


Can you see us now?


BSU did look to be in better condition than the dawgs. If the game had not been played indoors the humidity might have made some difference since the players from Georgia are used to it. It appears the broncs are going to be a team to be reckoned with once again.


I didn't see any BSU players treated for cramps...I did see a couple of Dawgs cramping. Maybe I missed it...?

Great win for Boise...

...they took it to Georgia, the mighty SEC and pretty much had their way. Moore looked like the polished, seasoned senior he is and Boise looked like it would have beaten LSU. They played great D and dealt with an extremely holstile environment like champions.

No excuses from me on Oregon's loss. A plain old buttwhuppin. Turnovers are part of the game. When you get them you have a good chance to win, when you commit them your chances of winning diminish. If they don't figure out how to take advantage of the pass, the run will be stuffed all season. I belive they will figure it out. Lots of talent in Eugene.

Time for BDuck to eat crow...or is that duck??

Boise has talent and lots of it. They have an under rated coaching staff who prepares their team better than any Ive seen. They are always prepared for the game, opponent, venue etc.

I still believe that Boise would not have undefeated seasons playing in a BCS conference, but for now, that is a moot point. They play where they play and until they lose they have to be taken seriously.

Nice job Boise...never thought I would say that but you deserve it.

All you bloggers may hate ol BDuck, and never fear, I'm still me, but after seeing what I have seen from Boise over and over now, Boise IS a factor in the BCS race for the NC and that is a factoid!!!!

What Bduck????????????????????

No rack that??

Not this time wisdomman...

...Boise deserves kudos not only for what they did yesterday, but for what they have done and what they have built...

I may feel different if at the end of the season Oregon is 13-1 and Pac12 champs and Boise is undefeated...but right now I want to see Boise in the NC game against the SEC. Boise has earned it.

I for one am soooo sick of the SEC and all the superior talk. Yes Oregon has fallen flat against them but I still refuse to believe that as a conference they are soooo much better than everyone else. Boise proved that yesterday. Maybe Georgia isn't considered a top SEC right now, but they always have been, they recruit better than a handful of schools and Boise pretty much controled the entire game.

I still think Oregon will have a great season, but it just may be Boise's dream season!! Any yes, you can rack that!!

real gent in the making

I almost never post becase this mostly becomes a p*ssing match on this board. But tis must be said you are going to be a real gentleman in the near future. Welcome aboard.

BDuck a gent?

I wouldn't be so optimistic, Lewiston (just read yesterday's posts - things don't change overnight). I can't imagine what we would be reading today had yesterday's outcomes been reversed. I think we'd be better served to just ignore his/her posts, but then I guess what fun would that be? Nice job Broncos!

for dinner tonite...

im gonna wok my dawg and have stuffed duck.

mmm Mmmm yummy...

rack me!

Anyone know why Hedrick was

Anyone know why Hedrick was in before Southwick


wildcat running package designed around his scootin' ability..

Playoff needed

Boise beat Oregon two years in a row and would have beaten them last year too if there had been a playoff. We keep feeding the SEC our second or third best teams for the "BCS Nat'l Championship" game. If there had been a few Utah's, TCU's, and Boise's in there, the SEC wouldn't be 5-0.

Some of these PAC-whatever teams should at least schedule Boise with a home-and-home on a consistent basis. We're a bus drive away from some of these places that rarely set foot in Boise.

What a great Georgia game. It had a different feel to it. I think this is a new milestone for Boise because it's the first game ever that Boise just flat over-powered a big time team full of "5-star" recruits. They normally get it done with terrific skill and maybe even some razzle-dazzle, but not this time. Boise ran over Georgia.


So next week Boise should be ranked #2...before all you haters go off let me explain. Off the top 5, Boise and LSU (oregon)are the only ones who played ranked teams. LSU obviously should be #1, and Boise is #2 for that reason. Oklahoma and Alabama played easy games...Not saying that Boise should stay there, but next week they should. As soon as top teams start beating tuff opponenst, the leap frogging will begin. But Boise should be #2 if just for one week. That is all.

Kudos from Georgia Guy

Hey UGA Grad here,
just wanted to say congratulations on winning.
It looks like your program is continuing to grow and is heading in the right direction.
Keep expanding your stadium and keep taking your recruiting up a new notch every year like you've been doing and you guys will be great.

Georgia is on a downward spiral (3 years and counting) so I'm really starting to feel for Coach Richt. He's a great guy so I hope he doesn't get fired. Maybe He should take a sabbatical and spend some time with the Boise coaching staff...
I don't think most SEC fans would suggest that for their coaches, but it would probably be a great idea.
Anyway, kudos for the "W".

farmer ted

this is what bothers BSU fans so much. You are not our big brother offering us advice. you might want to take care of your oun household first. Keep expanding our staduim adn get better recruits and we can be great???? We are great. You guys suck. You should be coming to us for advice.
1 fire your coach
2 get a QB that is smarter than an average georgian
3 prepare for a game.
4 play hard!!

Georgia sucks!

Not my intent to offend

Yes, we do suck. Yes, my thoughts about expanding your stadium (which you are currently doing) and continually upgrading your recruiting (which by your coaches own words, you are doing) still stands.
As far as coming to you for advice, I believe that is what I just said we should do.
In hindsight, maybe I should have used the word "elite" instead of "great". You do have a great team.
I've only been on this blog for a few days...I even posted once on how much more cordial it is than the one on the Atlanta Journal Constitution website.
Anyway....congratulations on your win.

Thank you

just a little sensitive here.......
Good luck and I hope Georgia wins all its games from here on out..... unless we meet in the NC
He hehehehe

FarmerTed....Dont be too nice....

to P2....He has Anger Management issues....

Boise won decisively....

The season has just begun....


sorry posted twice....what to expcet?

No worries

I can understand being a little sensitive. After all we're talking about college football...which is more inflammatory than politics & religion combined!!

Georgia will be lucky to go

Georgia will be lucky to go 50/50. Im thinking the Bengals could have beat Georgia so would you BSU fans quit building them up to some big power house. BSU was lucky to come away with a W against a very weak football team. Good luck Broncos!


You have said some good things about our team and fans. Its hard for many of us to receive compliments because we rarely get them, and if we do, they are back handed. Forgive us, we sometimes jump to conclusions too fast. We've had two too many trolls to fight and its sometimes hard to talk actual football because we are defending our team daily. We wish we could throw away the pride but at our ages we have to settle for who are now.

Keep checking in reguarly. We honestly wish the best for UGA, mostly for our own sake. And a little for fans like you.



You guys hang in there