Mountain West keeping eye on conference realignment

By Brian Murphy

ATLANTA — The Mountain West will hold a previously scheduled executive board call on Tuesday, commissioner Craig Thompson said Saturday night. The ongoing conference realignment talk will be high on the agenda.

"There couldn't be a better time to call," Thompson said after Boise State's 35-21 victory against Georgia in its first game as a member of the Mountain West.

"It wasn't necessarily for this. There's just so much innuendo and rumor and hearsay and you read the ticker on all the sports things about this guy is talking to that guy and this president is talking. Until things happen, they don't happen. There's just so much out there. We're doing our diligence."

Texas A&M has announced its intention to withdraw from the Big 12 and several outlets have reported that Oklahoma is considering a move to the Pac-12. Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas could go West with the Sooners. Missouri and Kansas could have suitors — the Big East, the Big 10 or the SEC — under those circumstances.

The Mountain West could make an attempt to lure some or all of the remaining schools — programs like Baylor, Iowa State and Kansas State. Or those schools, perhaps with Missouri and Kansas, could attempt to rebuild the Big 12 by poaching teams from the Mountain West.

"There's several options to take and several things to look at. That's all we can do right now, set up for all these different things," Thompson said.

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MWC Re-Alignment

One big issue that haunts the periphery of any such talks is that the MWC would not improve in quality but retrograde. Discussions elsewhere always see the better Big 12 teams, as an example, going elsewhere and the MWC, if it survives, picking up the dregs. Four super conferences means four - sixteen team leagues. That is half of the current 120 or so D1 teams, coalescing into the BCS.

The others, the left over’s if you will, will be the disenfranchised, weakest and least competitive programs. The idea of the uber-conferences is to increase income and exposure by weeding out those who take more than they give. They are the perennially weak sisters of the poor, to borrow a line from Ohio State's Gordon Gee. You can include BSU in that according to many scenarios. The reason is always that the greater Boise area doesn't supply enough athletes worth recruiting or eyeballs that spend money.

Whoa my friend

JLF, I didnt get way more than half of that.

Seriously tho, this is the biggest fear I have as a Bronco fan. Worse than any loss or injury. Couldnt stomach being a Top 10-15 program the last decade and be left on the outside looking in.

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JLF must be the master of realignment. Certainly I understand your thoughts, but to make it sound so "done" as if you were the leader bringing it about is rather absurd.

Some of what you say could indeed happen. Some may not happen. To say KSU, Iowa State, Baylor are the "dregs" seems quite ignorant. Any of these programs would "add" value to the MWC given it's current membership, and not detract. Value is added in more ways than winning football games.

This Is Not The Only Venue

where discussions like this take place. In fact the mega conference re-alignment discussion has been ongoing for quite a long time. Sorry to break the bad news to you but you really ought to get a score card.

Cool story, bro!

Your other Internet forums where people are discussing "mega conference re-alignment" sound cool. Share some links, bro? We all want to be super cool Internet elite like you!

Correct...Outside Looking In...

Simply stated, rich get richer and poor get poorer.

Lets face it (I know you BSU loyal will hate this, but it's the truth)BSU very likely is outside looking in.

Not up to academic standards of the majors. TV market area that is irrelevant to the money base. Recruiting beds that mean nothing. No impact in other sports (that can be revenue generating). If BSU has a chance, it's because the dogfight to become the 4th super will want the football boost to their numbers to keep them qualified. That, my friends, is NOT the SEC, PACX, Or The Big 10 +6. It's who survives tween the Big 12, ACC, and Big East. I find it remote that BSU would get an opportunity when compared to the # of Teams left out fighting to become one of the final 16 of the remainders.

What happens then? I expect class action by the remaining 54 FBS teams left out, Congressional and court involvement, and who knows how long that will take to sort out and run its course.

Sorry! No one hates the inevitable more than me!


You state the idea of the supers is weeding out those who take more than they give. Tell me whom has been dropped by the PAC12, SEC, Big12, or the Big10? They are all adding, not weeding out.

You know things are going to be good when even Murph

Seems to be a little hopeful or giddy about conf alignment.
MWC gets leftover big 12 teams. Good for BSU and AQ status.
Big 12 raids MWC Good for BSU. This time the alignments are about football strength and marketability. Good for BSU
In murphs chat he brought this up and now this. I am liking the sound of realignment. Although it is tough to watch especially since the whole big 12 thing and MWC thing will take a while to settle down after the big names make a big splash.

Not So Quick

Sport is somewhere near the bottom of the decision maker's bullet chart. It really is about money. If you are a Pac 12 president, snob appeal is critical too. I mention that because some folks think we are a natural. According to the Honolulu Advertiser a few years back, there is nothing quite so gauche as an overgrown community college pretending to be a university. You can read that to mean Boise State.

It is hard to tell what the Big 12 survivors will be interested in except that their AQ status may be their hole card given the real money making programs will be wooed while the money takers will be booed. It may even be the last ticket on the last train out of town. Some schools are naturally afraid of becoming the subject in "survivors need not apply". How does the university tell Title IX programs that their check will bounce so please don't try to cash it until after pay day - with no payday in sight?

While money is the big driver no doubt

so is marketablilty. And BSU is a great brand that is in the National headline A LOT. I have faith that when all is said and done that teams like Iowa, kansas, and some other historical programs get some sort of a piece of a pie. And for a different reason I think the politics of it all get BSU and some other MWC teams in. I am really optomistic about this. 90% of bronco nation will hit the panic button when Texas, texas A&M, Oklahoma and others make their move. But in the end There will be a spot that is better than the current spot for BSU..... Especially if we get any kind of a sniff of a NC game this year. Can you imagine the stink if then the BSUs are shut out. Congress will probably not get involved now, and i dont think the BCS is scared of congress any more than a political problem right now. But if a non AQ ends up with a NC before these superconfrences are formed then all bets are off. If this process "kills" programs in real states from real schools there will be a rebellion.

pride goeth before the fall.

Pac Conference and Big 10 are about snobbery

Big 12 isn't. They don't push for academic excellence, they don't demand giant stadiums at super-rich schools, and they practically discourage conference parity. That's seriously Boise State's advantage. Boise State has a national following, plenty of controversy, and a cowboy mindset. If they could bring BYU and Nevada along with them (to provide regional rivalry), they'd be a perfect addition.


1) No Tv Market

2) No Recruiting beds

3) Academics below standards

4) No sports (other than footbal) revenue producing etc etc


Well stated.

I am glad there are a few Donks who see the light.

perhaps I'm wandering around in left field

but to me, I see the two main driving forces behind expansion to be football and TV revenue.

I don't think Larry Scott gives a hoot about academics. Afterall, this is 100% about money and it appears that the PAC 12 is headed in the right direction with it's national and regional networks. Hypothetically, BSU wouldn't need to be in a large market because they're already geographically inside the coverage area of what will be the Pac-12 'Mountain' Network. Right now, there's only two teams in that coverage area; Utah & Colorado, and the only way to pick up addional subscriber revenue in that region is to add additional schools, possibly BSU and Nevada.

And I Don't Necessarily Disagree In Concept...

My post was in reference to the Big 12 inclusion. Face it, the Big 12 loses lots in TV Market, Recuiting beds if the other 4 leave. My point was, WHEN that happens, that Beebe will have the other schools on his list that fill those voids, or better fill them, than BSU...which IMO, puts BSU further down the list.

Larry Scott may not give a rats about academics, but let me assure you the Chancellors/Presidents DO. He can't make a decision like you suggest w/o their approval, and I don't see it happening anytime in the near future.

Here's another consideration....Solvency. How solvent is BSU? With capital, endowments, grants etc when compared to The PAC12 schools? I don't pretend to know, but I would guess it isn't even close. In these times, would you hook up with a school with those limited resources?

So, not in left field, but not even in the Park!! (lol...jk...)

Seems that PAC presidents have given Scott carte blanche

They hired him with huge expectations and he's delivering. All I'm getting at is that the regional network already exists and it could be BSU's only way into the conference.

I gotta go with T2 on this

The politically correct answer is that academics are what keep schools like BSU out. But that is a lie. It IS all about money and TV market. Maybe 20 years ago academics mattered but now... no way we are taling BILLIONS with a B of dollars. If the pac whatever could redo things now WSU, OSU and the like would never get a sniff. And honestly, a kid comes out of high school with deent but less than stellar grades and there really is NO seperation of admittance between BSU UI WSU OSU and the like. Stadium size, city size and TV marketability.... that is the conference criteria even for the presidents.

Ok Twice Taters and Maters..Wiz Relents

on this.

Here is the PAC12 Handbook...248 pages of rules and regs

This sucker is in depth, the real McCoy, and NOWHERE are there any MINIMUM standards for institutional acceptance to the conference. There's a passage that the Board can ASK a potential candidate for ANYTHING they want to look at and review it. But basically, they can include ANY institution they want, as long as 3/4 of the board votes YAY, or 8 out of 12. Same with kicking someone out.

So...while they may have some standards they look at, nothings in cement. Scott is a powerfull man. So the argument that I HAVE MADE, and OTHERS HAVE made, is meaningless. No written minimum requirements re academia.

EDIT: Math correction, 9 of 12...DUH!

Isn't it sad....

that there is a college conference that doesn't "push for academic excellence"? And isn't it sad that you are saying that would be a better fit for BSU? Shouldn't universities "push for academic excellence"? Maybe even over athletic excellence? Just a thought. But then again, it is probably arrogant and snobbish to think that institutions of higher education should be about academics.

no not arrogant and snobbish

just ignorant and foolish.
BSU' goal is to become an academic institution. It will take a while and as nothing to do with football. Conferences are about money, money goes back to the school, the school improves.

Talk about...

ignorant and foolish. EVERYTHING about BSU revolves around football. BSU IS football. If there football team was not as successful as it is, the only people that would know about or care about BSU would be the students there and some people in the Treasure Valley.

Its fine if you dont

know enough about football, or college athletics to understand how the relationship between academics, money, and football works but dont come on here with this "adademia" stuff if you really have no clue how it works, what conferences do, or what money, name brand, and football has to do with BECOMING a better university.
Its old and tired from someone who just says something because it is easy to say. Some of us cared about BSU when football was not king. Some of our families go to BSU, Some of us have seen how far and how fast BSU is coming along. im proud of that, and I appreciate that some of it was due to football. It benifits us all.


notice how I said the students and "some" of the people in the Treasure Valley. I am aware that there would still be people that cared about BSU even if they didn't have a football team. I'm just saying that at this time everything about BSU revolves around the football team (which does include academic improvement due to increased revenue). My point was not to take away from the football team or their accomplishments nor to down BSU as an academic institution. I was just pointing out that it is sad that some would look to make decisions for a university (such as switching conferences) solely on an athletic agenda and especially looking for solutions that don't push academic excellence. I admit it is ignorant and foolish, but as much as I love college athletics I would love to see universities be about academics first and athletics somewhere down the list of priorities. It would be better if they truly were Student-athletes rather than Athletes who are provided an educational opportunity for playing their sport (especially football). I am aware this is ignorant and foolish, but that was my point. And yes, BSU should be very proud of their progress (both athletically and academically).

I get what you are saying

but conferences have NOTHING to do with academics, nor should they. No body cares if the physics team from the SEC gets more contract money from ESPN...
I suppose we agree mostly and I want what you want but I also want there to be no suffering, no poverty, no hate, no killing, no war... ETC but short of JC coming back around we will never live in that world so until then, I will have to cheer the troops, and cheer the Broncos.

TMD, can you answer this


What entity has raised more private money in the last 7 years, academics or athletics?


I can't. I would have to get a look at the accounts receivable and find out how the money was raised and distributed. I haven't looked at any of the revenue data so I wouldn't have the foggiest idea which entity has raised more private money. I can take a good guess, but I truly can't answer your question. Good question, though.

So then TMD

"EVERYTHING about BSU revolves around football"

is nothing but an uneducated comment.

Glad we could clarify that....

So, then....can you answer

this: How many professors could you pay with Coach Petersen's salary? And/or how many professors could you pay with the BSU football budget and how many departments could be funded with that money?


First, none, you can't pay professors with private funds, which is what pays coach Pete's salary.

Second, you mean the football profits? Hard to say, but let's say for argument sake that the $600,000 a year that the Stueckle Sky Center pays to BSU academics each (to cap out at $1M) year were to go straight to salaries and the average salary was $100K, then the answer with just those funds is 6.

Anything else?


Coach Pete's salary comes from both public (state) and private funds. Also, you might want things to get more under control as well. If they weren't worried about raising enough "private" funds to pay the coaches what they get, you might be able to go to a game for $5 and pay around $50 for season tickets. How much do those go for now? It's nice they care enough to gather "private" funds to pay the coach so the rest of us don't have to pay. :)


$150K of Coach Pete salary comes from state funds (which he promptly donates back to the university). Coach Pete's salary is guarantied through the life of his contract through private funds, there are no concerns of raising the funds. Your ticket theory is interesting, has this worked anywhere in America? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

As I said earlier, your comments are uneducated and ignorant. Do some research, learn the "facts", and then come on back.


It aint worth it. I pegged him as a troll from the very first post he made. Hes been looking for an argument and is in way over his head.

He won't be back

for a while. He needs to go to his professor to get his rebuttal and that will take some time.

AND ANOTHER.............

Case Closed !


Ω Where is the talk about football?

"Sad", "academic excellence", "arrogant and snobbish", "I would love to see universities be about academics first and athletics somewhere down the list of priorities ...", "accounts receivable", "... how many professors could you pay with the BSU football budget ...", "If they weren't worried about raising enough 'private' funds to pay the coaches what they get, you might be able to go to a game for $5 and pay around $50 for season tickets."

Blog topic: "Mountain West keeping eye on conference realignment"

No input on topic and no discussion about football strategy or tactics.

Yeah, we all go off-topic at times. However, this guy has an agenda that has nothing to do with football. He hasn't been around very long and I don't recall one post that even approached Xs and Os.

ps - Wiz ... does this put you back at 4, or does tfunk get it?

He Ran Off...

from my spat with him the other day. Came back and strapped the master it's funky's kill..

Ω Toes in the water.

Funny why so many don't try that first.

"There is no team on BSU's schedule that will want to win bad enough to put together a complete game against BSU ..."

If that statement wasn't a big clue, nothing would be.

Followed with:

"BSU is almost the only team in the country disciplined and prepared enough to play four full quarters of football ..."

Sage and soothsayer. Go say that to Les Miles, Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, Bo Pelini, or a host of others.

"... they may have given 4 FULL qtrs of effort, but not 4 FULL qtrs of GOOD effort ..."

Just "going-through-the-motions" effort then?

"If I'm there [sic] coach and my job is riding on the guys that were playing Saturday, I would be dusting off my resume and practicing to answer some interview questions, because his job security is in serious trouble."

Good plan ... practice answering interview questions.

Noob with a vocabulary and thesaurus.

Yeah Razor...That's The One I Hooked Him Up On..

the 4 quarter effort crap.

I at least get an assist....


Bronco talk isn't cool anymore, it seems like

Been out of the net for a few weeks. Had to get a little surgery and get 5 inches of my colon cut out. So you guys can't call me an azzhole anymore, cuz I ain't got one (at least not as big of one anymore).

I remember just last year and a few years before that many residents of Treasure Valey and Magic Valley were consumed with all things Bronco Football.

The key to building a successful Bronco Nation is not increasing season ticket holders but increasing 'brand' loyalty and interest from those who watch the Bronco Games on TV in the comofrt of their own homes or sports bars.

I know that many people got disgusted with never knowing last Spring or for most of the Summer if the majority of BSU games would be shown on packages or not (Cableone kept its customers in the dark until ony about the first of August). And to top it off its about 15 buck a month for the package times 5 months of needing the package to watch Bronco games equals about $75.00 additional expense for many 'Bronco Fans'. That is quite a lot of money to these folks.

Many Bronco Fans of previous years seeem very apathetic this Fall, for some reason. I have a neighbor who is a BSU grad and owns an engine repair shop in town. He traveled to the first Fiesta Bowl game and has a blorange mailbox and flies Bronco flags most of the time during the Season. His mailbox got taken out by a potato harvester a few weeks ago and he replaced it with an ordinary silver aluminum one. I asked him why not another Bronco mail box. He told me they were too expensive anymore. Not like a few years ago and have almost doubled in price since he first got his back in 2006.

He follows the Broncos better than the average Bronco Fan, but he isn't following it like he used to, he told me. He wants the Broncos to win a Natty but isn't interested in spending the $15.00 per month to get the Cableone sports package to be able to see all the Bronco games. He told me he can follow then on the internet and just check in the mornings to see if the Broncos won the previous day/night.

He is a typical 2011 Bronco Fan, I am thinking. Everybody wants the Broncos to win a Natty but less and less are willing to support the cause/effort with money. The logic being - if I got a Bronco hat 2 years ago, why buy one this year - this is my Lucky Bronco Hat (this translates into not wanting to spend 25 more bucks for a new hat and using the rationale of it being a lucky hat as a reason/justification to not buy a new one.

Has BSU priced the Broncos out of the average Joe Blow Bronco Nation Member market?

Thank God BSU has gotten a national image now and sells its geedunk all around America to First Time Bronco Buysers, cuz I think BSU would be in real trouble if they were dependent on repeat Bronco Nation customers here in Idaho or Idahoans outside of Boise and Ada County.

Not a lot of Bronco oriented football talk or smack so far either.

I am curious why that is. The only smack I am seeing thee days is the same old worn out saws on smaking the Vandals. I don't see any Bronco smack talk on

There wasn't realy much Dawg/Bronco smack talk before the UGA game. I am baffled why the largest amount of smack talk is against the Vandals and the Ducks by the Broncos. I guess some people just can't let go of a hatred or a resentment.

I would love to see more football oriented talk on these boards - especially analyzing games and play call selection and execution and such. We don't do that much anymore.

While BSU did remarkably well against UGA, I can still see lots of room for growth. Imagine what the Broncos would be like if they were firing on all cylinders at the same time and during the same game.

Go Broncos.


PS - Most of ou guys don't know how wonderful it is to be able to take a normal dump, and take it for granted. Next time you are on the throne, just thank your Higher Power for the ability to pass gas and fecal material. It is absolutely wonderful. Just can't say enough good things about it. Spread the message.

Ω Pinned ... and a GREAT BIG WELCOME BACK!!

Gotta grab a brew before reading this one.

[Edit - Okay, you are right about not enough in-the-trenches football chatter. However, there have been some other things that have kept the blogs interesting. Once you go back and read through the threads, you'll see them. It's almost like we've been trying to shake the off-season banter and aren't fully rolling ... yet.

Part of the problem is that the troll and drive-by crops are very poor this year. Another factor is that the national bashing is way down ... and perhaps the focus on pending super-conferences, TCU and Oregon losing out of the gate, and BSU doing what BSU normally does ... part of a late-summer malaise.

Even the controversies over the possible NCAA sanctions, the AD change, and the suspensions of the imports have waned.

Things will get heated, though. They always do.

Glad you are doing well.]

Crap ! Wiz" Fun Over Now...VNDL is Back

Well gotta shorten the list of stuff I can't do anymore (and get away with it)

Bashing Vandals

Pickin On Fugly

Runnin Posters Off

Faking Stats (juss kiddin)

AQ, Welcome Back!

Perhaps Bronco fans are taking the Bronco's for granted? Ala..We'll win and continue winning, someone else will buy the blorange, plenty being al...etc ??

I can tell you this...while your post indicated a decline in support, I do feel there's a National increase in support..nothin scientific or printed or any Fugly surveys of bumper stickers, just talking with friends and family all over the country...but..those aren't contributors, you know?


Wiz - noncontributors and carpetbaggers

I agree with what you say - many Bronco fans are taking the Broncos for granted to a greater degree than ever. Unfortunately taking someting for granted does not translate into 'support for the program' - cold cash contributions do. Bronco supporters need to free up their cash contributions and do a little belt tightening. Who knows maybe not drinking one latte a day could result in an expansion of Bronco Stadium becoming a reality in a few years if Bronco Supporters could get serious about appreciating the greatness of BSU Football and what BSU Footbal has done for BSU and the City of Boise and make that committment instead of 'lip service'. It appears, many beieve it is innevitable for the Broncos to win a Natty per status quo - so why do anymore than has already been done (contrbutions toward stadium expansion and Bronco Football team development)?

It is great that many non Idahoans are beginning to follow the Broncos and buy Bronco Gear in other states. When does that growth market level out and become sturated? I am curious though, how many people that buy a Bronco hat at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, CA would pony up any money for the expansion of Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho? How much you thnk? Or a young servicemember from Ohio watching Bronco football in Afghanistan and telling his wife he wants a Bronco jersie for his B-Day in October. You think he is gonna give $50.00 to BSU for Bronco Stadium expansion?

I definitely see a decline in support (financial contributions) from previous years. Especially donations earmarked for stadium expansion.

I really hope 2011 is BSU's year for a shot at the Natty. Who knows if BSU brings home a Natty, maybe the donations will begin flowing like water cuz of all the grateful members of Bronco Nation who want BSU football prominence to continue.

I highly doubt it, though. If BSU wins a Natty not much wlll change on the donations/contributions front. Maybe a little more for a short while. BSU simply does not have the alumni base nor the City of Boise, a population base large enough to depend on for any meaningful infusion of private monies.

The big difference will be in the big monies generated by the Athletics Department to fund the Academic side of the house. The biggest growth we will see is an improvement of BSU academics - which is what BSU being a Footbal Factory, is all about. At this time BSU is positioning itself to be a Regional University of Distinction. If the Broncos win a Natty, we will see BSU increase its positioning goal to be a Complete University.

These are exciting times we live in to follow Bronco football and all it has to offer BSU and the City of Boise

Go Broncos.


Welcome back old friend

I had heard a couple of weeks ago that you were doing better and were serving a minor league rehab stint at the Magic Valley Time News political blog. Your arrival is good timing, things have been so slow here the committee was considering a motion to petition the Statesman for the reinstatement of pool-boy. I started missing you so much I started to actually read ugly-ugly posts. I must warn you, much has changed, such as bcluck. Since the double whammy of the Ducks loss and the Bronco's smokin UGA, bcluck has started wearing a blue/orange tutu and singing k*um-by-ya to all things Bronco (he his being watched very closely).

Welcome back, I am looking forward to solving all the things wrong with college football.....

You read ugly posts?

He is not a Vandal. He is stupid. He is a pretender.

Ω tfunk, that's darned near ...

... a ½ flag right there: "reinstatement of pool-boy".

Full flag if you include Deema.

Did we ever find out if Deema was real?

Did anyone call the coffee shop?

As real as

the connections inside the athletic department.......

One day I have to be clued in

I took a 10 day sabbatical to Vanuatu and missed the whole da-m-n-ed thing.

People were disappearing left and right the weeks after...some never reappeared.