Three Boise State football players from Amsterdam won't play against Georgia, including starting safety

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will face Georgia on Saturday without three key players — all from Amsterdam.

Senior starting safety Cedric Febis, sophomore wide receiver Geraldo Boldewijn and sophomore defensive tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe are being held out of the game “due to a review of their NCAA eligibility,” according to a release from Boise State. They did not travel with the team.

The decision is not related to academics or violations of team rules, the release said.

Coach Chris Petersen addressed the issue at a press conference in Atlanta. Brian Murphy has that story here.

All three players competed for Boise high schools before joining Boise State.

Febis was expected to replace four-year starter Jeron Johnson at strong safety. Redshirt freshman Jeremy Ioane will start in his place. Ioane chose Boise State over Notre Dame and improved in fall camp but wasn't yet fighting Febis for the starting job. Defensive backs coach Marcel Yates has said several times that his physical style of play will show up more in games than in practice, which is a trait he shares with former starter Jeron Johnson.

Boldewijn was listed as a co-starter at receiver and is the Broncos’ fastest wide receiver. His absence likely means a larger role for redshirt freshman Matt Miller. The Broncos also were likely to play speedy true freshman Dallas Burroughs — and that now looks like a certainty.

Tjong-A-Tjoe was on the Broncos’ second-team defensive line, which rotates into games and plays a third or more of the snaps. His likely replacement is junior Greg Grimes.


If the eligibility problems affect past seasons, here's which games each player has competed in:

— Febis played in every game except the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas in 2010 (Boise State 11-1 in those games), every game in 2009 (14-0) and at least six games in 2008, including the Poinsettia Bowl (5-1), according to the NCAA stats site and Boise State's media guide. He was the Broncos' Special Teams Player of the Year in 2010.

— Tjong-A-Tjoe played in every game last year except the opener against Virginia Tech (11-1).

— Boldewijn played in every game last year (12-1).

Records for reserves getting into games aren't great, so it's possible those numbers aren't exactly right.


Here's some info on Ioane that's running in tomorrow's paper:

Ioane, who is from Hawaii, is an intriguing prospect. He chose Boise State over Notre Dame and Washington and immediately was considered a future star. He improved through fall camp but wasn’t pushing Febis for the starting job yet.

Ioane is only 5-foot-10, 192 pounds but his strength is his physical style of play — a style that translates better to games than the controlled environment of practice.

“His biggest part of the game is hitting people and being physical,” defensive backs coach Marcel Yates said in the spring. “… That might be where he can separate himself from the other guys.”

Yates said last week that he hoped Ioane, senior Travis Stanaway and junior Hazen Moss would push Febis.

“I hope those guys behind (Febis) continue to get better to push him to be better,” Yates said. “Either he keeps the spot and they get better or he doesn’t keep the spot and they pass him up. The competition thing, as a coach, is what you want.”

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Is this a joke?

Wow. WTF is right.

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Are you kidding me

This is the biggest bunch of Baloney, These kids went to School in the states and this is just now coming out the day before the game.

the timing is bad for sure

There's certainly some concern how much they planned on those guys during practices. I like to think that Coach Pete was aware this might happen weeks ago.

Interesting Timing for a "Review"

Broncos will still win by 10.


reviewing their eligibility the day before maybe the biggest game of the season? We've had SEVEN MONTHS of off season, WHAT THE BLEEP!!??

too true!

hard to not go straight to a conspiracy theory isn't it? What a bunch of crap, you cant tell me that someone, somewhere, didn't intentionally wait until last minute. Really Lame NCAA

The NCAA is not

involved in this (yet). This is BSU's doing.

How is this BSU's Fault?

What happened that would make this issue come up now?


The stuff Im reading says the NCAA is already involved.

Somethings not right

Chadd, is the NCAA already on this? if so, did we report it? or did they find it? and if they found it, when?

Anonymous Letter

I've got a friend who's talked to the players about it. Apparently the NCAA received an anonymous letter telling them about shady recruiting tactics to get the Dutch kids. So they sent a compliance officer to Boise this last week. They were at BK, Capital and Boise High asking questions Tuesday and Wednesday. Boise State isn't sure yet what the outcome will be and if there will be any suspensions. But they're taking precaution and not playing those three just in case. If they are found to be ineligible, and they play in the game, we would later have to forfeit the win. And no one wants that. Smart move by the Broncos. Horrible timing by whoever sent that letter. They just better hope Bronco fans never find out who they are!

Anyway, time to move on and play hard!
Let's go Broncos!!!!!

Did they make the trip?



According to they did not make the trip.

Wow! Seriously smells fishy

After reading that article, it seems to indicate that they were cleared last year but magically, they are not cleared the day before the big game this year. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. C'mon Broncos, stick it to the man and blow those dogs out!

NCAA goto Russia

The NCAA is a joke of a governing body. Abolish it and the BCS now!

Febis has been in the program for four years....

and this is the first time his eligibility is questioned. Seems more than odd to anyone else?

The defensive secondary might be in a little trouble.

This is two things...

1. The NEW compliance person at BSU raised questions, and did not get it to the NCAA in time to determine, or knows they are simply not eligible.

2. The NCAA not responding to BSU as fast as they the NCAA quickly responding to Miami

SOme of which could seem like preferential treatment. My guess is, BSU knows they may not be eligible for some reason and is being safe. Now the question is why?

because they....

Because they must of slept on the floor of a team mate and were bought a big mac meal by a cheerleader. (in other words pure bull puck)


Boy is this going to put a lot of pressure on the D. I just can't see the O moving the ball real well with all these young recievers and now missing the #1 guy. It's going to take another Moore Miracle to pull this off...

I try not to buy into

I try not to buy into conspiracy theories, but this is really pushing it.
"The decision is not related to academics or violations of team rules"

What does that mean??? Is it immigration??? I've been under the impression that they all played prep ball here so I highly doubt they played "pro" in Europe.

The timing, the secrecy,... something stinks here.

NCAA Violations

Do the NCAA violations go deeper than previously thought?


Did you even red the article?


Check out the link I posted above. They're saying that the players are undergoing a review of eligibility by the NCAA. Yes, BSU is choosing to hold them out of the game to avoid penalties for playing potentially ineligible players, but if they are determined ineligible, and were ineligible for past seasons...Tjong-A-Tjoe and Febis both had game time last year.

Then you also read

that it has nothing to do with violations.

Nothing to do with Team Violations

We really don't have enough information, and I'm obviously just speculating. If the NCAA is reviewing their eligibility, and they are not eligible for this year, fine. If they weren't eligible for previous seasons, that is an NCAA violation. I believe they specified that this isn't a team violation issue to point out that it has nothing to do with team rules.

I'm just trying to think of what the eligibility issue could be - and I can't think of any reason why there would be eligibility questions that only apply to this year, unless there was some sort of improper benefits in the off season.

It could be absolutely nothing though.

seems pretty convincing

that it has to do with them not being American. Otherwise that's a pretty astounding coincidence.

Lot's of CANADIANS...

...have come and gone with the BRONCOS!!! Still have one playing now!

article doesn't specify

it simply states that it wasn't due to academics and it's not because they violated team rules. It could very well be related to the ongoing ncaa investigation, but my guess is that UGA is questioning their elgibility and BSU chose to play it safe

What a bunch of

sock chucking, cork soaking, mortar forkers the NCAA is....Sunny...

It's not called the dirty south for nothing

Mark Richt is a desperate desperate man and will evidently do anything in his power to win this game and not lose his job. I've now become very concerned for Kellen because if Richt is pulling this, who's to say that he's not going to try and knock Kellen out of the game and gain that advantage as well. I'm sure that BSU is just playing it safe by not playing those guys, but geez...

How do you blame this on Richt?

The bsu players in question didn't even make the trip to Atlanta. I would love to see what evidence you have that Richt was somehow involved in this.

Thankfully, you're not a member of the media

Because you would have already had your libel suit put on you. You have no clue, no evidence, no anything that Mark Richt or anyone affiliated with UGA had anything to do with this. You throw that crap out there as if your team isn't already under an NCAA cloud. Couldn't possibly be something that was found out during that investigation now could it?

are you saying that my press pass isn't real?

Likewise, you have no clue, no evidence, no anythimng that Mark Richt or anyone affiliated with UGA had anything to do with this. BTW Mark Richt eats poopie burgers


You need to hurry over there and stock up on tin foil.

The Athletic DIrector

Should be able to answer any and all questions regarding this matter. Has the Statesman Attempted to contact him?

nope, he's been inebriated and nasty all day

said Kustra


I cannot believe this......

smells like SEC to me

This really smells of SEC to me to protect UGA at all costs. and with SEC refs for the game too, what bull dung this is. Hopefully our players are saying this is bull dung too and will take care of it by playing harder for these guys.

2 words CAM NEWTON.......

Really NCAA??? Does this have to do with the new compliance officer who is a HORNED FROG ALUM?


This is just straight dumb. Tjong-A-Tjoe played last year. I think it is an over-reaction to what is going on with the rules committee. Doesn't matter how you slice it, it is still dumb.

Why now?

Are you going to tell me that someone didn't know about this "WHATEVER" it is, before the day prior to the game? This stinks... If they are NOT eligible then the same standard had better apply to ALL college football teams. The NCAA continues to cast a dark cloud over the entire football season. It was bad enough dealing with it in the preseason now we have to put up with this nightmare during crucial games of the regular season? I understand that Boise is doing this as a CYA just in case, but holy crap this is totally pi$$ poor timing. BSU did not need this distraction hours before gametime.

What's up

Either the NCAA has Boise State paranoid to the point of immobility OR there's something up with this. When you see all the crap that other players and teams get away with, its becoming an obvious joke. Why don't they just tie the player's hands behind their backs.

Not Surprised

Now you know why it is so difficult to play in the SEC. It is not the talent you face week in and week out, its the team of lawyers whispering in the opponents ears about possible violations. No wonder they need more and more money, lawyers are expensive.

If they were cleared to play last year then why not this year? I guess they must need to get cleared every year?

We'll find out soon enough.

We aint seen nuttin' yet...

Watch the guys in striped shirts from the SEC take over the game if BSU starts to get a leg up. We're talking the deep south here...good old boy tactics run rampant.

Thinking about all the African Players and Runners

that have been taken into the SEC and the ACC, and who have zero questions about their elegibility, this works towards the foul ball side of the ledger.

African players???

Really??? Really reaching there aren't you? There is a BIG enough talent pool right there in the southeast that SEC schools don't need to go to Africa to recruit .. gimme a break, that is at best laughable.


"they're f'n everywhere" just ignore that dude

Yo JLandon, I pulled out the race card just for you little buddy! ;-)

It made me laugh for sure

You've had great points today t2.