Boise State football breaks record for season-ticket sales, has fewer than 600 left

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State has fewer than 600 season tickets remaining for the 2011 season.

The school has sold a record 23,503 season tickets so far. The previous record was 22,996, set last year.

To buy season tickets, call the Athletic Ticket Office at 426-4737.

Boise State also has fewer than 70 club seats available in the Stueckle Sky Center. The Sky Center will have an open house from 4 to 6 p.m. Sept. 9. The phone number for club seats is 426-2582.

Individual-game tickets go on sale Sept. 14.

In addition to season tickets, Boise State holds 5,000 tickets for students and 1,800 for visiting teams.

Here's how Boise State has fared in season-ticket sales since 1998:

1998 11,384

1999 11,537

2000 12,924

2001 12,183

2002 12,678

2003 14,199

2004 17,537

2005 19,467

2006 19,494

2007 20,904

2008 22,380

2009 21,782

2010 22,996

2011 23,503 (so far)

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This is great....good sales

records....maybe they can build the additional 20,000 seats and fill them up....

Hope I can get a ticket to the Air Force game?

Ugly...Help Wiz Out Here.

Wiz does not understand the data. Wiz wants to know how record setting ticket sales relates to your scientific bumper sticker data. Wiz would also like to know how it relates to P2's fairgrounds survey.
Wiz wants to know what it all means!
Can you help Wiz??

Wiz....excellent question....

I took Biostats 605 at Idaho State University in around you are in good hands....however, to answer fully may be a dissertation, so I'll keep it short....

First, good job on a possibility of skewed interpretation of data....if you look at their numbers, season tickets have gone from around 11,000 in 1998 to over 23,000 in does this mean there are 12,000 more Bronco fans since 1998????....or could it mean something else????

For instance, is the growth consistent with population growth in the Treasure Valley?....Lets use 2005 data as an 2005 season ticket sales are reported at 19,467....let assume populace in treasure valley in 2005 at around 580,000 people....thus this is 1 ticket sale for every 30 people in TV....

Now in 2011, the season tickets has grown to 23,503....thus 4,036 more sales than in 2005!!!! Yahooo!!!! But, let say population has grown to now 792,000 people in TV area....thus, 1 person in 33 bought a season ticket....

So the growth is actually 3 less people eventhough there are 4,036 more ticket sales....

So one could argue that if you include population growth, ticket sales have slowed since 2005....

Good question wiz....

Ugly, Wiz is Confused

Wiz is humbly trying to understand. Wiz wonders if the geograhical boundaries of the "TV" have changed since the population samples.
Wiz is wondering if student ticket allocations have changed, up or down, during your sampling period, thus increasing or decreasing available sales.
Wiz is wondering if stadium capacity has increased during your sampling period.

Wiz has so many questions and not enuff answers. Help?

Yes Wiz, those are things you need to know....

Student tickets are 5, that up or down? Don't know? Most likely down, just guessing....

Lets say main Treasure Valley area is from Mountain Home to what is the growth rate of this area since 1998? Since 2005? Is the growth rate of TV area growing faster than ticket sales?

Instead of expanding Bronco Stadium....maybe we need to build Vandal Stadium in Nampa? For Vandal football, skip Moscow....go where the Metro and growth is....On game day, the Vandals are flown to Vandal Stadium in Nampa where it has 10,000 more seats than Bronco Stadium? There are plenty of Vandal alum in TV area that may just fill those seats....while the Broncos are playing New Mexico State, the Vandals, nearby, are hosting Texas A&M....

Wiz, lets say Broncos build 55,000 capacity....and it is your job to study the demographisc of the area to make sure it is a sell-out most of the time....but then, Vandal Stadium gets competition for those seats....

Do you need to know the demographics of the average Bronco fan?

Talk about misleading statistics!

Your argument has validity only if your statistics regarding Treasure Valley population are accurate. Unfortunetly, they are wrong, so your conclusion is wrong. The Treasure Valley has a population as of Jan 1, 2011 of just under 600,000. Where in the he!! did you get the idea that there might be 792,000 people here? Give it another 15 or 20 years and you might be close. Your figure for 1995 is also a little high...but it's close.

The problem here might be that you took that Statistics class at ISU. Ever heard the term "gigo". WOW! try taking that class at UofI next time.


Well ... Ugly IS a U/I grad......

Razor...coupla peas in a pod??


Do you know what the price of shovels (big ones like Komatsu) is around here?

Big Package....Stats were of

relativity....I used a few assumption, but the TV area of Mountain Home thru Weiser I believe is closer to my estimates....Add up the known populations of all those city within that area....

Lets use Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Hidden Springs, Kuna....alone....what is their populace in 2011?....what about the folks not in city limits of same said area....Boise is what @200,000....then the others are added to about 100,000....then country folks of same said area of around 30,000....this is 330,000 just in one area and not including Caldwell and Nampa....

He11, even Marsing added 8 folks last year....true 6 of those were acounted as folks that finally left Parma....

Yes, Bronco season tickets have increased, but so has the populace of TV area of said boundaries....

Hey Ugly...Lookie Here....

This clown is challenging your data!

Wiz is not qualified to dissect such, so you will need to jump in here and defend!

Vandal pride is ON CALL..

You can't just take this crap like a spandex biker, you gotta huevos a pair up!

wiz....bigpackage errored in that he is using

population stats for the Boise Metro area....this area does not include southern Caldwell onto Weiser....The Treasure Valley does....

Don't people from Payette or Weiser drive 70 miles to a Bronco game?....70 miles is nothing for football fanatics....

Yep Ugly

Wiz has canoe paddled 700 yards to games (Autzen) and driven 150 miles (49ers) so yep, u r correct. Wiz thinks perhaps a 100 mile circle should be used for population baselines.

UGLY WINS! Same as potato chip deal! Yet again!

Really Ugly...........

Obviously, the Wiz has far too little to do.........Somebody did beat the Wiz.........

DOC !!

Good to "see" ya!

Come back more often.

Actually, Wiz just returned from a several month vacation from the blog...

Comments From Friends/Family Across The Nation...

Here's some comments re the Game:

Son in So Carolina: "I hope they beat the pants off UGA...these SEC people think the sun rises and sets in their conference". USC fan that just relocated there

Uncle in Texas: "Beating them like you did VT is not acceptable. They are no better than last year and were mediocre. You need to stomp them"

Brother in Okla: "If you're truly a Top 5 team, you'll handle them decisively physically" (He is becoming a believer. Lives near Tulsa and warned me about them before we played tham last)

Son in Law in Nevada "It's a chance to make a statement, again, for Non AQ Teams. The MWC and WAC could use a big win there." (He's a baseball coach ar UNR and formerly UNLV)

Friend in Florida: " UGA will hand it to you like they did before. A middle run SEC Team is better than any MWC Team". We did bet..each to cover.. bag of oranges vs sack of potatoes

Friend in Oregon : "If your D is up to last years standards, You'll win" Die hard Duckie..worked with him and went to some Autzen games with him.

Son in Calif: "No doubt, BSU rips em"

Nephew in Nebraska: "UGA wins, wears them down on the ground" (True Husker mentality)

These are from phone conversations this past week. Strangely, most called ME to say hi and talk about the game. They also wanted my take on this years team, in depth.

Ω "Divulgence"

Wiz did not divulge the game plan, did Wiz?

Wiz's sons, uncle, brother ... smart.

Wiz's nephew ... send to ugly for lessons.

Of course his sons are smart...

take after dad.

We better do the first play contest tomorrow. Im gone first thing Friday to the ATL.

Why does hate us every year? They say UGA wears us down and picks the puppies to win 22-20.

Ω Now that you have t2 straightened out ...

... haven't been through ATL in many years. All I remember is a huge airport (only there to connect).

I've thought about the first three plays all day. Play #3 assumes the first two didn't get a first down. Whatever happens, I'm looking for the long one as early as is feasible.

If field position is okay (say, better than our own 35):
1 - off tackle to Doug (assume short of first down)
2 - bomb (sideline)
3 - tight end on a cross

If field position is not so hot (own 20 or worse):
1 - off tackle to Doug
2 - quick out
3 - draw or screen

If field position is terrific (in Georgia territory):
1 - bomb
2 - some kind of slant or hitch in the middle
3 - fly sweep, reverse, or some kind of misdirection

ps - Do you suppose ugly cleaned the blackboards when he was in elementary school?

pps - Biostats 605: über tuber

ppps - Too easy to play the same, tired strategy. Copy and paste, just like bcluck.

The 1st Play Will Be...

a hand off to Doug behind the center. Byrd will position block the Nose in the direction the nose takes, in other words, give the nose his position and seal him. Doug will cut to the vacated position for a nice gain.

It's a quick hitting play.

This is a play that will work all day, vs the 3-4, UNLESS the LB's shrink and fill the gaps...and if so..Katie Bar the door when Kellen gets those med. lanes to throw in. 100% completions..

Good to know!

I don't have to try now.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Same thoughts

So this is first and second down, with #3 being 3rd down, if needed.

If field position is okay (say, better than our own 35):
1-Play action pass WR
2-Handoff Dougie left side
3-Pass to TE

If field position is not so hot (own 20 or worse):
1-Off tackle to Dougie
2-Play action pass WR
3-shotgun middle of the field pass WR

Field position in UGA territory
1-Play action bomb
2-(shotgun) draw
3-(shotgun) pass

I think we both agree on the bomb in UGA territory. At Home the Broncos like going for the bomb when backed up...anyone else remember Lou Fanucci?

Like wiz says, I think Doug runs and runs well. Every dawg fan is saying Byrd cant handle their nose. We'll see. Ran into some Fresno players and they all hated Byrd. Said he was a nasty as*&%#le. Sounds about right.

Ω Like I said ...

... little kids on Christmas Eve.

Any of the scenarios work for me. Wiz is right about the quick hitters. If Georgia can't stop the inside run, we can all head for Katie's Bar to lift a couple.

Now, who would be barging to make Katie want to bar the door?

White helmets in action

Around the 55 second mark

Razor...I Think JL Nailed It..

when he posted 'bout Pete being eerily confident, like he was holding something back. I thought about that a lot...and I think I know what it is.

I think he knows we can shred a 3-4 D. I think he knows we have the personnel and the game plan and know our reads and can execute.

3-4 puts huge pressure on the nose and backers. The QB is the key. He MUST read and check off when he spots a "tendency". Kellen can do that. With a play like I described, it will force a LB to be the 4th DL, even upright, and more man to man in the secondary. It's ALL reads..and I think Pete knows Kellen's got it down.

Ω Give a great coach ...

... a month to prepare for a bowl game (and this is), and then look out.

Chris Petersen holds his cards (and his words) much the same as Don James did. I was there and followed the Huskies through their rise to the top (I have almost every game from the late 80s into the early 90s). This is only different in that the school is smaller and has a shorter history. But the rise is very similar.

Sure hope he likes it here as much as he says.

Yeah and I was there watching the RPM

offense of the early to mid 80s....I watched the WSU v UCLA game where WSU dominated until the final 3 minutes where two interceptions were thrown and UCLA won....When Washington though, Rypien and the RPM wanted to win....they had will-power....

Boise is better and Georgia knows it....hopefully this is not a 'Dewey Defeats Truman!!!!' article....

Boise is great, but we don't know Georgia's will-power until about 65 hours from now....

Did you feel that

kind of a trimmer....


Thx man. Like off the charts!

Blood starting to flow

a little faster.......

Ω tfunk

That was fantastic. pjohn56 put together a remarkable video.


Looking forward to a banner year!


How to define a football player who's "athletic"?

Seems Georgia has "better" athletes, just trying to figure out how that works.

Good Question For The Master Ugly!!

He'll have a divisional quotient with squared bi-factors multiplied by data frequencies to define it.

But..seems to be a "fashionable" term for the media doesn't it? Is it leaps? long jumps ? twists and turns? Gymnastic abilities? Remember when trainers started putting football players in ballet lessons for "balance"? I'm sure all of that enters..but how do you measure it?

Great question.

PS. In college we defined certain females as "athletic"......

BSU4342 is smack talk....

Georgia and fans are more nervous about this game than Boiseans....I have observed both blogs and media stuff....Georgia alittle mouthy and Boise, quiet....the BullDawgs are nervous and therefore the smack talk begins....

Usually the side that is most nervous and has the most to lose starts to smack talk the most....

If Georgia loses to BSU, they will not recover for USC....they won't and they know it....this game defines the season for both teams....


Did not Oregon go on to become PAC2 champions after losing to BSU?

Did not VT go on to win the ACC champion after losing to BSU?

Georgia could very easily beat USC after dropping a game to BSU

How about this one

Personal favorite, turn up the volume

Had Forgotten the

all orange with blue trim uni's...

Found this leaked video

of Bulldawg training

Ω May I have exclusive rights ...

... to this entire thread? There are four or five comedy sketches herein. Maybe even a full-hour variety show.

Some things cannot be explained.

Thought you'd like that


I suspect...

that defined Dawg athleticism, eh?