Boise a no-fun zone? Noise complaint ends Hyde Park 'Til Dark concert series

So there I was in the parking lot behind 13th Street Pub & Grill last Saturday, grooving giddily with a few hundred new friends to the funky-fun raps of Gift of Gab. Riding my shoulders, my 3-year-old was grinning and waving his hair like he’d been raised by wolves or something.

The summer atmosphere was quintessential North End nirvana — old hippies, young moms, happy kids, all scarfing down barbecue, dancing to a great live performer and having a blast at a fresh concert series called Hyde Park ’Til Dark.

Then an angry neighbor crashed the party. He complained about the noise. He called Boise Police.

You can guess how things went down after that, right?

Police confronted 13th Street Pub co-owner Mike Morrison, who says an officer read him a “laundry list” of people who would be ticketed because of the city’s noise ordinance: Gift of Gab, any member of the band, the business owner, etc.: “He was threatening that’s what he was going to do,” Morrison says.

So Gift of Gab’s set was interrupted. The volume was pushed down at about 8:30 p.m. — waaaay down. It was silly-low. Instantly, the vibe morphed from "Wow, Boise can be amazing sometimes during summer" to ... bleh. Even my toddler decided it was time to go home.

“It sucked,” Morrison agrees. “It was very disappointing. I was pretty distraught over it.”

As a result, Morrison has canceled next month’s summer-ending Hyde Park ’Til Dark concert. The future of the new series, which was created to generate interest in Hyde Park and surrounding businesses such as Parilla Grill, is up in the air for next year.

“We’ll see,” Morrison says. “Maybe we’ll do something more in the neighborhood of a Dave Matthews kind of thing. Kind of softer.”

It’s hard to be optimistic. Boise’s flawed noise ordinance — which needs to be revamped in a big way — allows the intolerance of one person to ruin a night of fun for hundreds or thousands, even in a business district. (In this case, Morrison says, the police-calling North Ender claimed he lived a half mile away.)

An obvious question: Will police handle complaints about next month’s Hyde Park Street Fair the same way? Or will that event be given a temporary hall pass because it’s a long-standing tradition? Surely, the music will be “plainly audible” from 100 feet away, as current city code reads.

Morrison says he canvased nearby homes in advance of the three Hyde Park ‘Til Dark shows this summer, educating neighbors and handing out gift cards. Another neighbor complained during the July show, he says, but things apparently got worked out. He even offered to put her up in the Grove Hotel last weekend and pay for a night out on the town, he says, but didn't hear back.

“We’re trying to be as accommodating as we can with everybody,” Morrison says. “But, also, it’s Hyde Park. It’s the area you live in.”

Yep. It reminds me of the people who move to Downtown Boise then act shocked when there’s bar noise next door. Not to mention the fact that the music at Hyde Park ’Til Dark concerts ended — you guessed it — at dark. Usually, around 9:30 p.m. or so.

Seriously, a band can’t crank it up a little until dusk in Hyde Park? On just one Saturday a month during summer?

The demise of Hyde Park ’Til Dark is a shame. I was shocked by how much fun my family was having until the sound got stomped on. 13th Street Pub’s liquor license encompasses the entire parking lot behind it and Parilla Grill. It’s definitely a cool spot for a summer shindig.

Morrison says he might organize a make-up Gift of Gab concert at an indoor venue such as the Linen Building or Powerhouse Event Center.

But not in Hyde Park. That series, at least for now, is history.

“I don’t want to push the envelope and alienate ourselves,” Morrison says, “and have people get upset with us. Next thing you know, we’re ‘those guys’.”


I just wanna knock out that punk who rides a NOISY scooter up and down my street @ 7am on a Saturday morning!

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at a million decibels!

Where are the cops when there are real nuisances?

Get an STS,


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Stupid but the band is part of it

While I agree that the noise complaint ordinances are a problem, you have to admit, the bands that play at these concerts are part of the problem.

For some reason these bands take these small little venues and turn the volume up as if they're in some giant amphitheater with hundreds of thousands of listeners.

While the neighbors need to pull that stick out of the back side, the bands need to realize that they are playing in a neighborhood and act accordingly. 50 fans, even a couple hundred people packing a parking lot, does not need to be played at volume 11. Try maybe a 5 or 6.

Stupid but the band...

Very true; AND I might add that playing louder doesn't compensate for lack of talent. Good bands can play well and entertain at lower volumes. The crowd will move in closer, and it can ultimately a better experience for everyone. Speakers larger than 12" are heard blocks away. So those neighbors are most likely listening to a lot of low range noise and not much else. Annoying.

Our band asks people if it is too loud, and we adjust accordingly. I play my bass through 10" or 12" speakers, depending on the venue. 15's and above are muddy and annoying for small venues, in my opinion. Our PA speakers are 12's too, and they sound good.

Unfortunately, one loud group can spoil the music at a venue like this. And it can be impossible to get it back; becuase no club owner wants to be on the wrong side of the cops. Peace and common sense everyone!


If it's too loud you're too old

If it's no dammed good it's way too loud.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.


It reminds me of the people who move to Downtown Boise then act shocked when there’s bar noise next door.

That may be similar in the loosest possible sense. "Hyde Park" is actually a residential area, and there are likely people who have lived there longer than there has been a yuppie - or is it hippie? - noisy social scene.

Noise ordinances are implemented because some taxpaying, voting citizens are offended by the noise generated by others. And there are plenty of obnoxious noises - scooters, motorcycle, diesel pickup trucks, law enforcement vehicles, chain saws, punks in rolling ghetto-blasters, talentless garage bands... Since sound waves don't respect property lines, there has to be a noise ordinance. Yeah, the laws are often not enforced unless a citizen complains, but that's how it works.

angry neighbor crashed the party

Party pooper.

Oh Please.....noise

Oh Please.....noise ordinances are found throughout the country and in some of the busiest and most popular restaurant and bar areas.

Many cities have police officers with sound meters who take readings of noise and music levels nightly to confirm if they meet the established city regulations.

If they don't comply, they are issued a citation and asked to reduce the music to lower levels. If they fail the musicians are shut down..........people live in cities and must co-exist with these business entities and if they cannot agree on appropriate regulations those areas will never succeed.....

Bar and restaurant owners must make serious efforts to do whats best for a community and recognize there businesses location comes with accountability and responsibility.

So stop your b i t c h i n g 13th street bar & grill your an idiot to think that you can uproot residents to hotels to allow you to make money.....learn to respect the neighborhood and its residents coexist or you will fail.!

Dave Matthews is "kind of softer"?

Has Morrison ever been to a DMB show?

Harley Davidsons

I hope that this means the police will be cracking down on the very annoyingly loud motorcycles that populate Boise as well.

If you need to wear ear plugs to use your own vehicle (motorcycles) then what makes you think that everybody else likes to hear your bike?

too true!

Hate Hate Hate the noisy motorcycles.

yea ask a harley rider why

yea ask a harley rider why he his bike is so loud and he may not hear you because he's deaf but if he does he will surely yell back at you "loud pipes save lives"
that is pretty high up there on the "stupidest things I ever heard" list

too much noise

When it comes to outdoor concerts and other such; the idea seems to be 'proceed until apprehended'...why don't purveyors of these ask neighbors, etc. and approach it all proactively. Boise is much too noisy and there seems to be little attempt to quiet things down at any time, even a reasonable hour.


After years in actual cities and missing actual urban sounds, the sentence "Boise is much too noisy" made me laugh.

The trains 6 blocks from my place make Harleys like nothing.

Then again, trains are nicer than Jimmy and the Jaegermeisterz.

get a trabajo, kids


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.


Current ordinance:

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or permit the operation of any loud amplification device in such a manner that the sound therefrom:
A. is plainly audible within any place of residence not the source of the sound, or,
B. is plainly audible upon a public right-of-way or street at a distance of one hundred (100) feet or more from the source of such sound.

Proposed Deeds exception:

C. ... unless old hippies are really enjoying the tunes and the vibes, with kids on their shoulders looking like they were raised by wolves (or something).


Get out of here.
There needs to be a law about your noise.

Duuuuude... that's harsh!!


Thank GOD someone finally called

I used to frequent the restaurants in Hyde Park a LOT in the summer. And no, I'm not a north end liberal (what a crock). Since they started those STUPID concerts, Hyde Park is nothing but loud noise for 3-4 blocks in every direction. When I say noise, I mean the music is so loud you cannot possibly have a conversation with anyone. Not only that, the bands are crap. I see no need to subject myself or my friends to crap band music that is played at volumes that I know for a fact will cause hearing damage. The people running these concerts are completely brain dead to anything but themselves and obviously care nothing about customers. And Deeds is clueless. I know a lot of people that stopped going to those restaurants because of the exact same reason. The majority of people that go to restaurants go for food and conversation, rarely for the music, especially music being played by third-rate bands that are in love with their own distortion. If I lived down there, which I do not, I would have called the cops LAST year when they were doing this.


What a whiner. I've lived in and out of Hyde Park for many years, the last place was a half a block from said establishment. "When I say noise, I mean the music is so loud you cannot possibly have a conversation with anyone." You've got to be kidding, right? I was at this show and the only way you couldn't have a convo was if you were right in front of the speakers. Sitting on my porch? It was a lovely evening and even if I didn't like the music, it was nice to see my neighborhood alive and having fun at all ages.

"Not only that, the bands are crap."

Gift of Gab is one of the most intelligent, gifted songwriters of the last generation. It was an honor to have him here and embarrassing that people like you ruined a great night for hundreds. The music is great, and the message is positive, but I don't expect a crotchety old taint like you to ever even appreciate that, even if it's not your style of music.

Something must have happened to you to make you feel so angry at the world that whenever other people enjoy something you don't understand, you get a rage inside you. A rage that lets something as petty as this get to you, so bad so that you have to go show everyone how upset you are. Go out in the mountains and get some fresh air for EVERYONE'S sake.


You must be that hottie Cheap Trick expert, Cheryl.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

A direct result of drugs

The cops have been making all those North End drug busts, harshing peoples mellows.

Let the herbs flow, makes for friendlier North Enders.

More apartments please.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.


Let's see; you want to promote your business in a way so loud that you ruin a resident's quiet enjoyment of her home, and your solution is that she should move out until your party's over? And then you get a music critic to carry your water? Maybe that's a solution for the small sliver of humanity that you were able to draw, but for the rest of us that's over-the-top heavy handed.

Somebody has to water the drinks?


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

you got it right

promote a business and use the statesman as a tool
all in the name of the peoples rights
won't be eating there anytime soon
thats my democracy

You haven't got a satanic poke at what they DO here.

AND you replied to a TEN MONTH OLD THREAD.


You fry wants with that?

Hello my name is Henry what's yours


Let me start by introducing myself my name is Henry I'm a local talent buyer in Boise. I do not wish to hide behind some alias with the courage of a lion that isn't present in my day to day life.

I was hired by 13th St. Pub to book live entertainment this summer.
I really want to start things off by giving a big thank you to all the people who did attend last Saturday night. You guys were awesome and still managed to have a good time despite a completely ruined concert. I have never been more impressed by a crowd in Boise.
So thank you!

Now let's address the neighbors who were not impressed or amused by the concert. I hope that you know that we did not go into these events with an attitude of "we don't care about the NE residents". On the contrary we were aiming at making a great event that Hyde Park and Boise could get behind and enjoy with their families. I do understand that no concert I promote is ever going to make everyone happy. I didn't expect however that someone would go out of their way to spoil an event that some 500+ people were there to enjoy at 8:30 p.m.. I guess I am not built that way, but I am sympathetic to the anger and ego that would take to see that through. YOU got your way, maybe doing something nice for someone this week could help, worth a try.

I guess more then any of this the thing I want to get at here is the extreme nature of some these comments. However clever your alias or your punchlines might be I think it's a little alarming that some of you are attacking people which you have never met or seen before because of how you perceive a line in an online post. Some of the people you are bashing are really decent people with great intentions. Something to think about ya'll. Be kind to each other regardless of your feelings on an outdoor concert.

Get a limiter, Henry.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

No matter what

Someone is always going to complain. Even Hawks Stadium personnel were apparently popped in the 1990s after a neighbor (either on the Mountain View Rim or Riverside Drive) complained to the police about the PA system being too loud.

Now I am not certain about the income level of the Hyde Park residents, but I had a friend tell me a story about how Boise was once "home to several very wealthy families who felt that if something needed to be done, well it darn near better be done or political heads would roll." Hence how the Boise Police adopted so-called "paramilitary" tactics.

Musician's Point of View

I've been playing music in the Boise area for over 25 years. I've played in almost all the bars that have had live music, at weddings, the Western Idaho Fair, St. Chapelle Winery and numerous times at the Hyde Park Street Fair. I play for free quite often at benefits for those who need assistance with medical bills, the Food Bank and other community causes. Summer used to be the best time to be a musician in Boise. Now there are fewer and fewer opportunities for locals to perform outdoors around Boise because of the noise ordinances.

It's sad. I live in part of town where I can hear sporting events carry on until 11 p.m. all during the week. Does it bother me? No, I just adjust and let people have their fun. When it comes to live music outdoors in Boise, there really is a double standard.