Former Boise State players Winterswyk, Zabransky to take part in pre-game festivities Saturday

By Brian Murphy

Former Boise State defensive lineman Ryan Winterswyk, now a tight end with the Atlanta Falcons, will deliver a game ball prior to Saturday's Boise State-Georgia game at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Former Georgia star running back Herschel Walker, a three-time All-American and the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, will also deliver a game ball.

Winterswyk and Walker will go to midfield just before the coin toss to present the official game balls.

Former Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky — and former Georgia players Garrison Hearst and Lindsay Scott — will make appearances and sign autographs at the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game FanZone before the game. Zabransky will precede the Broncos in their team walk to through the FanZone and into the Georgia Dome.

Game organizers said Monday that Zabransky would deliver a game ball. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal is expected to handle the coin toss.

Official release from the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Announces Game Ball Delivery Honorees

Georgia’s Herschel Walker and Boise State’s Ryan Winterswyk to deliver official game balls prior to Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Saturday night.

Other team celebrities set to make appearances at FanZone event.

ATLANTA (August 30, 2011) – In keeping with its tradition of inviting team celebrities to deliver the game ball prior to both the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game, game officials today released the names of the game ball delivery honorees for Saturday night’s Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game between Georgia and Boise State.

Three-time All-American and 1982 Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker will deliver the game ball for the Georgia Bulldogs. Walker holds Southeastern Conference records for both career rushing yards (1st - 5,259) and rushing touchdowns (2nd - 49) and ranks eighth in NFL history with 18,168 total yards.

Three-time first-team All-WAC defensive end Ryan Winterswyk will deliver the game ball for the Boise State Broncos. Winterswyk was named a Sporting News Freshman All-American in 2007 and finished his career ranked fourth at Boise State in career tackles for loss (46.5) and fifth in career sacks (21.5). Winterswyk is currently playing in the NFL with the Atlanta Falcons.

Walker and Winterswyk will ride together in a KIA Optima – provided by official vehicle sponsor KIA Motors – to midfield just prior to the coin flip to present the officiating crew with a pair of game balls from the two teams.

The pair join a list of other game ball honorees that include Natrone Means (North Carolina), Chuck Wiley (LSU), Charlie Ward (Florida State), George Rogers (South Carolina), Shaun Alexander (Alabama) and Antonio Freeman (Virginia Tech) among others.

In addition to the game ball honorees, other team celebrities will be on hand to make appearances and sign autographs at the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game FanZone presented by Coca-Cola Zero including Boise State’s Jared Zabransky and Georgia’s Garrison Hearst and Lindsay Scott. Zabransky, Hearst and Scott’s appearances will precede the traditional team walks through FanZone as Boise State and Georgia make their way into the Georgia Dome.

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game between No. 5 Boise State and No. 19 Georgia will be played Saturday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome. The game will be nationally televised on ESPN. This marks the fourth straight year the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game has matched top-ranked opponents to open the college football season.

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Z Did us No Favors

that day in Georgia. Having him in the pre-game stuff is embarrassing. It drags up all the old memories of one of the sloppiest games in recent Bronco history. We don't have to crucify the man, but we don't have to honor him either. We could have asked someone from the 1980 national championship team.

No Favors?

How sooooon we forget 43-42......

Ω Z came up big ...

... in the biggest game in BSU history, a game that is widely regarded as one of the greatest in CFB history. He could have folded and blown away after that INT, but didn't and pulled it out with that great 4th down H&L pass.

The fake on the the 2-pointer was perfect, too. Big favor.

Z did a bunch to help put BSU on the national stage. Does anybody remember what Chris Myers said as he grabbed Z after that game?

I think tater2 said it best

Most of us Broncos have a love/hate relationship with Z. He also happened to play right before one of the greatest college football QBs ever strapped it on (no tomato2 Im not forgetting Taylor Tharp, geezus).

I think what fans didnt like about Z was his love of self over team sometimes. Maybe that was real. Maybe it was perception. The UGA was an example of that. Heck, the entire 05 season was that. He was athletic and fast but sometimes made bone head throws. But his Senior year, he was perfect. 13-0. He rised up. Overcame goat status. And became a legend. The only reason UGA is talked about is because thats who we play in 3 days.

Chris Meyers asked if he thought the Broncos deserved consideration for being the best team in the land...among other things.

yeah JL

We were about 2 rows from Zs family at the fiesta. When he threw the pick his name was a swear word all around the BSU side of the stadium. 15 minutes later, he sold the greatest play in BSU history. Just think if Oklahoma didnt have to pull a two point conversion "trick play" out three times late in the forth' and Z had not thrown the interception no one outside of the city of boise would even remember that game or BSU for that matter.

As soon as Ian crossed

I remember the stadium announcer saying: "Final score. Boise State Broncos 43...Oklahoma Sooners 42". It was loud... so loud it was deafening. But it seemed quiet too. It was surreal.

Ya I was a few rows from where the last pick 6 occurred. I was looking for something sharp after it happened. But he redeemed himself.

I Could Look It Up...

but don't want to pretend I remember....Remind me !

Ω Myers said,

"Congratulations on one of the greatest college games we've ever seen."

Followed that with: "The biggest win in the history of Boise State football."


You're right, that Georgia game was devastating for Z; it's to his credit that he weathered it, and stood fast with his teammates--and followed up with a good career and one of the best games in college football history. Plus, he set the stage for Ian's proposal!


How could I forget the proposal? Thanks!

Wrong Game

Z screwed the pooch in the Georgia game. Asking him to take honors at THAT game is the wrong venue. It is the venue that is problematic. It is the venue and the team we are playing. Wrong place wrong team.

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whiners go away!

Jared deserves no hate from Bronco nation and anyone who feels differently isn't a true fan. The ones who dislike Jared are the ones who care more about national perception and cheer for BSU because it's cool. The program is where they are today from all the accomplishments AND DEFEATS! Yeah it takes a special kind of idiot to focus on negative aspects to the point where you make a fool out of yourself. And did you ever stop to think that the coach is just as responsible as the player is for any loss?

Here is my thing with the Z Situation

If/when we play Oklahoma or in the next Fiesta Bowl I would love to see Z there. But we are playing Georgia, how can I NOT think about his performance in his last Georgia game?

I like it

yup Z did us no favors but talk about guts. This is akin to brotz coming out at the nevada game and offering an interview. Good for Z.

Z I hate you and love you.....
Thanks for all you have done for BSU!


Wis beat me to it, but anyone who wants to bash Z over that game must be perfect themselves. The guy was a huge part of some of the largest pieces of BSU football history and won a ton of games for BSU. Why honor him? Maybe because of how he persevered after that game? He's only the quarterback of the winning team of the greatest college football game ever played. Nobody was sicker about that game than he was and probably still is. I was there for the beatdown in Athens and suffered through it too. It was just a really bad day at a really bad time. Most of us that have a grip on reality have experienced the same...

Since Idaduck is Back, How About a Duck Joke? What Does

Duck Fans and President Obama have in common?

(I just made this one up)

Obama Duck

They are both at the top spot of what they do....?


thanks for tryin..

Top of what they do? WTF?

Thats just plain stupid Shaunfrederick.

PS What kinda name is that? Are you like an English Knight or do you just play one on D&D?

Be careful about bringing up Obama Wiz. tomato2 will bring up racism. He might have the lamest post of the year. No. Im pretty sure it was the worst post of the year.

LOL Racism..Yeah It Is a Prejudicial Answer LOL...

Answer: They Are All LAME Ducks.....

Good wiz

When people bring up racism its frustrating. Tomato2 can come on later and twist and turn his story and beat it to death just like he always does. I dont need to repeat it. It was lame enough once.

I lived in Europe for a couple years and attended many soccer matches. I watched as fans through banannas at African players, taunted them with obscene language and acted like KKK members at a bonfire. It was sickening. But the African players handled it with grace and I was super impressed. America has come a long ways. Its still coming. Are there still idiots and racists bigots? Of course. But what tomato2 said about America was about the lamest cr@p Ive read. America, for all her faults, is the greatest country on the planet. Period.

Ω Where, JL?

You have the blog title or a link? I'd like to read that.

Might be hard to on my cell

Leaving San Diego just waiting to board a plane back to Boise but ill find it. It was about a month ago.

Ω Thanks, JL

No big deal. Just haven't paid much attention to t2.

Whoops I meant "threw"...

Now Im spelling like weisberg....

I havent paid much attention to him since.

Ω Not quite

weisberg would have spelled it "trouff".

don't have a link for you razor but what I said was this

It wasn't on this blog. it was on a statesman's politics one. It was in response to a comment about the debt ceiling crisis. I said it's a shame that racism almost allowed the country to defualt and listed the presidents who raised the debt celing and how many times they did so. As you can see, JLandon still has an issue with it.

No it wasnt...

It was on either Murphs turf or broncobeat. Because right after you said you said "lets get back to talking about foosball". I hate people who use the race card and I hate liars.


Ω Read it.

Thanks for the link, JL.

No comment.

forgot about that

I wrote the same thing on the statesman's political blog that same day or the day before. Forgot that I did the same on here. Had it not been for FO's comment, I wouldnt have. no biggie, but for what it's worth JLandon, I find that people who use the term "race card", do so as a derogatory means to dismiss the accusations of discrimination. You evidently disagree with my comment and good for you. I'm happy to hear it, varying opinions are an ingredient for what makes this country so great. If you don't like my opinion, so be it, you can either get over it and move on with your life, and cling to it and harbor the hatred you feel towards me for expressing my views. The choice is yours.

Whatever dude

Dont back pedal now. Come on. Family and friends who are not white think that the race card is a joke and used to create agendas. Maybe, secretly, they hate their own race, right? You got called out for being the clown you are. Again. You are ashamed so you resort to flipping it on me and how I view the world. You offer very little actual insight on these posts and think its your duty to be the moral police. "The choice is yours." Really dude? Do you not get to be anyones daddy or something? Yup, the choice is mine to view you as the little runt you are.


Knocking it out of the park. Call a spade a spade. these obama supporters dont even believe this stuff themselves. Yup the debt crisis was because fat white guys hate a black president...... geesh even jesse jackson would laugh at that.
Its actually sad that the first black prez has to be such a failure. Now liberals know how we felt with GW. You are stuck defending a guy with positions you know are idiotic. So you toe the party or ideoligical line and say the dumbest things imaginable just to try to back your guy. reminds me of the maury povich show...

T2: Is vegas racist because BSU is favored in the Georgia game?


It doesnt matter what sport I play with my buddies...hoops... golf... football...we always say the same thing. Good is good. We all have different backgrounds, come from different cultures. Italians, Polynesians, Irishmen Native Americans etc...We make fun of eachother for who we are. We also respect eachother for who we are. Like I said, racists can still be found everywhere. But maybe because I grew up knowing that racism is terrible with movies like "Glory" and others and teammates and friends from all cultures that I dont see what t2 sees.

If You Played Sports All Your Life, You've

had numerous encounters with hateful racism.

My high school was large, 3500. White Bedroom community. Out of the 3500, we had no more than 16 blacks enrolled in any year at any time. Most were athletes and good friends of mine. My best friend was black. We got in numerous fights defending his culture and his right to be an American (it was questioned by many in those days), mostly from the "N" word and other slurs. It got so bad that Lenny transferred to another school, 11 miles away, which wasn't so unbalanced white. Crushed me. He was my starting FB in our wishbone. He was a prince of a human being and never held it against whites for all the prejudice he endured.

We went to my 10 and 25 year reunion together. No one messed with us.

He passed in an auto accident 6 years ago. His son went to UCLA and played football, didn't start, but graduated and is now a VP with Xerox. He calls me occasionally and he loves to hear football stories of his Dads days on the field.


Im not saying it didnt exist when I played or doesnt exist now in some way. What I was stressing is that from my view, and living in different places, America , as a whole, detests racism. And anyone who says the current president cant succeed because of racism is short sighted and has an agenda. Both parties are corrupt and power hungry. Money. Cash. Lots of it, trumps racism everytime.

I Knew Your Point JL...

the convo just reminded me of my great friend, athlete, and person and I wanted to remember him yet again with my post. Thats all.

Its a week of good memories

Of lost friends. Im proud you stood by him.

Speaking of lost friends, I wondered what Pokey would think about the Broncos being favored going to Georgia opening weekend.

Somehow I'm betting

he knows and is very proud..


One of my best friends from high school is in an interracial marriage and I can honestly say that everywhere I've been with them over the years there seems to be at least one person who has an issue with it. I suppose that JLandon considers me bringing that up as playing the "race card" because I have an "agenda". I don't know what's worse, racists or those who pretend racism doesn't exist. Maybe it'll make more sense to JLandon if I can relate it to BSU football. You think he's aware of the death threats that Ian Johnson received for marrying a white girl? It's f'n everywhere and it really bothers me when people like JLandon claim that it isn't. I know that you weren't defending me in any way, but wanted to say that I appreciate and respect you for your expereinces with it and how you responded to it, as well as posting that story - I wish there were more people on this planet like you.

JLandon - I never said Obama couldn't succeed because of racism. I said that we almost went into default because of it, and it's just an opinion of mine that I based on the resistance he got that previous presidents didn't. Maybe if you had more experience with it, you'd be able to see it for what it is. I guess I'm expecting too much from a guy who's perspective on racism is partially based on the movie "Glory".


I won't judge you for your comment, nor will I take sides. I do know things can be taken out of context at times, as well as unveil underlying motives. We see this everyday. However, I do feel argueing about it doesn't help your case. If in fact you did not intend your post to be construed the way it has been, then you'll gain more ground apologizing for the way it came out and state, up front, that wasn't your purpose. I've had to do that. I made a comment re a certain one really knew his background...and I stated I felt he was a disabled vet. VNDL nearly killed me for "stereotyping" vets by this certain type of behaviour. In a way, he was right. In a way, he was wrong b/c I was referring to this posters habits in comparison with a personal experience with a friend who was a disabled Nam vet. There were consistancies there. I was not sterotyping that behaviour to any group, just a single personal experience. I just clarified my comment, apologized for the way it looked, and moved on. End of story.

JLandon is a well repsected poster here and many of us have known him for a long time and he's straight up. No agenda's.

I can relate to the marriage. My sister married a black man 26 years ago. They're very happy and I have a wonderful niece and nephew.

My opinion on racism being's in 2 forms. Those that are outwardly racists and make no bones about it (this seems to be diminishing over the years) and those who claim they are not and try to hide that fact. They are the dangerous ones, IMO. They are getting harder to identify or their numbers are shrinking, I am not sure which.

My final story.. I snow ski @60 days a season and still race. Bogus Basin has a last day of the year party and hundreds wear costumes. I went as OBAMA. Spendy full head, lifelike mask, suit and tie, and for grins stuck a fake ciggy out my lips. It was a smashing hit. In red neck Idaho, I kinda figured I may have taken some flack and some abuse and was prepared for it. NONE, In fact, I skied hard all day and was as visible as possible. I was cheered all day. I signed over 50 autographs and posed for pics over 10 times. No one jeered me. I didn't have a single racial encounter or comment. At the end of the day, they have a judging ceremony and award a prize to the best costume. LOL, now, in the large gatering I was told over and over that they felt I was best, but couldnt vote for me to win as it would be a show of support for Obama.

Why am I telling this story?

You decide.

PS..thanks for the compliment. The regulars on here know I don't get many LOL

Thanks Wiz

Great post man.

tomato2 Im not going to make any bones about it...I dislike you. A lot. You twist and turn everyone elses words but you are not man enough to own your own. Never did I say racism didnt exist. I said America has come a longs ways in its 200 year said "Maybe if you had more experience with it, you'd be able to see it for what it is" and I cited examples at a European soccer match where racism is still rampant. Has anyone thrown a banana at a player in the US recently? You said I got perspective on racism based on the movie Glory. I say, as a person growing up, many things influenced me that racism is terrible, including movies. You said "Its f'n everywhere and it really bothers me when people like JLandon claim that it isnt." Thats the only thing you got right. BUT YOU GOT IT WRONG! IT ISNT EVERYWHERE! Listen, you were a dbag before you even posted here. You'll be one long after you stop. You came in here spouting off garbage and you've been called out. End of story.


Yeah I agree with you. And while I have kind of come to terms with ugly and T2 I also note that T2 originally came on here because he heard someone at a barbque make fun of my online personality. kinda makes me proud in a way but also silly because he actually thought that P2 was me as a person. I think t2 has some issues but after he and I had it out he seemed to mellow out. I think he knows how ridiculous his position was but he thinks he has to back it up now rather than just say "awe crap, I dont believe that I was just trying to win a debate.... And my north end freinds in subarus would disown me if I thought logically." Bottom line is I have a great life and you do too. Not everybody does and sometimes it is because of their pride and personality flaws... now T2 has been pretty good in reguards to FB knowledge. He might not be right or fun to talk to but at least he knows more than ugly. I dont know anything about t2 in real life but I can tell you I dont think he has what we have. Family, freinds, faith....

Think about his premise of the racism of Obama. It is so out there that there has to be some kin of emotion behind it that kills the logic. "This country's buget crisis has nothing to do with different economic philosophies or being at a place we have never been before as a country and a world and is just because obama is a black man."

See, there is somethig else driving his worldview. Who knows, maybe he has experienced racism, maybe he has white guilt. I dont know or care. But there is one thing I do know, his NPR braiwashing is saran wrap clear.

Z is to BSU Football what

Z is to BSU football what Water is to soup. He is a part of what we have become but really not that big a deal.

Ever had freeze dried soup

without water? Its kinda important.

Eat it outta the can and wash less,


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Let it go

In my mind Z is right behind Kellen Moore. He was a superior athlete that had a bad game. Lets not forget he led the Broncos to a 32-5 record during his stay here. Impressive numbers to say the least. Just imagine if Kellen could run like Z........Scary for opposing defenses.

Z is not even close

I would take Moore, Dinwiddie, Hendricks, Hilde, Rhode, and Verdin before Z. He and his tatoo are pretty embarassing. He never fit the mold of a BSU QB.

Anyone wonder if...

the reason Zabransky had to run so much was because he didn't have the O-Line protection that Kellen gets? Either way, it's apples and oranges. They are two completely different style QB's.

You must be joking

Seriously? Ryan Clady was his left tackle dude. Z ran because he was fast, didn't know how to throw the ball away, and couldn't find open receivers the way Moore can. Z is rotten apples, and Moore is a sweet sweet lucious orange.