Morris Brown band to fill in for Boise State at Georgia game; Check out these fan events in Atlanta

By Brian Murphy

The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game has set up a number of events for fans in Atlanta for Saturday's Boise State-Georgia game at the Georgia Dome.

"When we first created this game, the goal was to have the best game on the first weekend of college football, a BCS-type game on the first weekend and a BCS-type of bowl experience for the fans," said Gary Stokan, the president and CEO of the Chick-fil-A Bowl. "We wanted a sold-out game. We wanted to create some other events around it like we do for bowl game at end of season."

To that end, game officials have lined up the Morris Brown College band to serve as a fill-in for the Boise State band, which is not making the trip. The Morris Brown band will play the Broncos' fight song and other Boise State standbys. Game organizers have purchased blue t-shirts for members of the band.

Morris Brown College is an historically black college located in Atlanta. It lost its accreditation and federal funding in 2002 after a financial scandal.

"College bands have a lot to do with that full experience," Stokan said. "We reached out to some of our friends here at the HBCU schools and they've been really first class in helping to create a band. It's going to be a unique atmosphere in the Georgia Dome."

Stokan said it was Boise State's decision not to bring its own band. Max Corbet, Boise State's associate athletic director for communications, said the Broncos do not normally take their band on the road for regular-season games.

"In fact, I can't remember the last time we took the band to a regular-season road game," he said.

Here is a glimpse of the band:

Pre-game fan events in Atlanta

Friday, September 2

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Fan Day at World of Coca-Cola

Time: 9:30 a.m – 7:30 p.m.

Where: World of Coca-Cola

About: The World of Coca-Cola invites all Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game attendees to a special Fan Night on the eve of the Georgia/Boise State showdown. Bring your family and friends to experience the complete story of the world’s best-known beverage brand for a special ticket offer.

Tickets: Adult $13 / Senior $11 / Youth $9 / Toddler (0-2) Free

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Fan Night at Georgia Aquarium

Time: 5-10 p.m.

Where: Georgia Aquarium

About: Kickoff game fans are invited to enjoy a night out at the world’s largest aquarium, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, just three blocks from the Georgia Dome and downtown hotel district. You’ll enjoy live jazz/salsa and some of nature’s most alluring aquatic animals, all for a special fan price.

Tickets: Adult $19.95 / Child $14.95 / Senior $16.95

Saturday, September 3

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Fan Day at World of Coca-Cola

Time: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: World of Coca-Cola

About: The World of Coca-Cola invites all Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game attendees to a special Fan Night on the eve of the Georgia/Boise State showdown. Bring your family and friends to experience the complete story of the world’s best-known beverage brand for a special ticket offer.

Tickets: Adult $13 / Senior $11 / Youth $9 / Toddler (0-2) Free

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game FanZone presented by Coca-Cola Zero

Time: 12:30-6:30 p.m.

Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C

About: Before heading over to the game, make sure you take time to stop by FanZone for food and drinks, prize giveaways and autograph sessions with UGA and Boise State legends and more. Located just blocks from the Georgia Dome, the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game FanZone is the official Bulldog and Bronco fan function on game day, and is your chance to take part in the traditional pregame team walks. Official team walk starts at 5:30 p.m.

Tickets: Tickets are only $5 in advance and $8 at the door.

Bronco Bash

Time: 4-7 p.m.

Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C

About: The Georgia World Congress Center is the place to be for Boise State fans looking to beat the heat and gear up for the big game with fellow Bronco faithful. In addition to a buffet-style meal, Boise State fans will be treated to appearances from the Bronco cheerleaders and mascot, a welcome message from AD Gene Bleymaier, and a big screen TV and lounge area to catch up on all the day’s college football action.

Tickets: Event is sold out

Bulldog Bash

Time: 4-7 p.m.

Where: Georgia World Congress Center, Hall C

About: ‘Dawg Nation will be out in full force Saturday afternoon at the Georgia World Congress Center in preparation for the showdown with Boise State. This year’s bash features live music, big screen TV’s, appearances by the UGA Cheerleaders and “Uga”, a welcome message from Georgia AD Greg McGarity and a huge buffet-style meal to satisfy your pregame hunger.

Kickoff Cookoff

Time: 2-7 pm

Where: Georgia World Congress Center, West Plaza

About: Everyone knows that college football and grilling out go hand-in-hand on Saturdays in the south. If you’re looking to sample the finest tailgate grub before the big game Saturday night, make it a point to stop by the Kickoff Cook-off. Enjoy live entertainment from DJ Suspense and watch your favorite former Bulldogs and Broncos compete in the Alumni Challenge cook-off. You’ll also have the chance to cheer on your favorite local eateries in the Restaurant Throw Down, featuring Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q and Mickey Rays. Rest assured, nobody will go to the game on an empty stomach.

Tickets: Admission is free.

• Learn more online and by following Chick-fil-A Bowl on Twitter.

Chick-fil-A officials warn of bogus tickets

Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game Offers Advice to Protect Fans Against Bogus Tickets

Chick-fil-A Bowl officials would like to remind fans that there is always the potential danger of being sold counterfeit tickets to Saturday’s Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game between No. 19 Georgia and No. 5 Boise State when purchasing from unofficial sources.

To guarantee the best possible game day experience, fans who have already purchased tickets should note the following steps to ensure their tickets are valid prior to arriving at the Georgia Dome.

Validate your ticket by checking the following:

• Look for the official foil stripe that includes a secure hologram image on the ticket.

• Make sure that the appropriate Level, Section, Row and Seat is printed on both sides of your ticket.

• Double-check the Row number on your ticket. Any ticket listed above Row 38 in the Lower Level, above Row 18 in the Club/Mezzanine Level or above Row 28 in the Upper Level is NOT valid.

• Verify that the ticket includes a vertical bar code on the right side.

• Verify that the ticket is printed on heavy ticket-style paper, that the logo and ink quality meet professional standards and that the event name and logo appear as “Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game.”

Fans who may try to purchase a ticket to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game should also note that the only authorized ticket outlets for the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game are the University of Georgia ticket office, the Boise State ticket office, the Chick-fil-A Bowl ticket office and the Georgia Dome ticket office.

Please use caution when purchasing tickets from other ticket re-selling agencies and always confirm the agency will guarantee a valid ticket.

Please be advised that purchasing tickets from any other source is done at the risk of the buyer.

Any person who purchases a stolen or counterfeit ticket, knowingly or unknowingly, will be denied admission at the gates and any individual attempting to gain entry with a ticket found to be counterfeit could be subject to investigation.

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Bronco Bash

Can't wait to hear what AD Gene Bleymaier has to say. Shoule be interesting... Kustra should probably be present for that one.


Wasn't the Morris Brown band one of the bands in the movie Drumline?


Morris Brown was the band they competed against in the movie.

Awesome Band

wish we could have them the rest of the year, every program at BSU is improving except for the band.

Band improvement

Here's a novel idea about how to improve the band, dear. Pony up the bucks!

It's a disgrace that BSU can't/won't send their band to many venues and require stand-ins.

You want better musicians? $$. You want to see them travel? $$. You want a better band instructor? $$

Those kids work their heineys off to give you the best entertainment you're willing to pay for. So, educate yourself in what it takes to field a full band and dance team or shutup.

the same 3 songs over and over....

Really, they cant do better than that? My High School band had a larger song list.... Its lame, and does not require huge dollars... just a little more practice.

BSU's new band director is from university of kentucky

maybe he'll bring radical change?

More practice?

This isn't high school. These are college students with a full class load. I've been in both and there is no comparison.

And you're gravely mistaken if you don't think it costs big money to field a band.


why do you think it is ok that these kids are getting a break on the financial aspect but cant learn more than three songs?
Get out there dancing monkeys! Get out there an toot your horns!!!
Guess who else has a full class load THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS!

Band students

I'm not sure what happened to my first reply, but here goes again.

If you think that football players carry the same type of load as the typical band member, you are also gravely mistaken. The athletes cruise during the season and make it up (maybe) during other times of the year.

And to compare a football scholarship to the pittance that some band members receive is ridiculous.

Ever play in a college marching band? I thought not.

Nope, He Hasn't Played In The

Band. He was a ball player, one of those that pop the prom queen while the band watches...

you are right domer

Football players do not carry the type of load band geeks do.
I'll take some band geeks level of free time vs Kellen Moore's anyday. Are we really having this dumb conversation? Your ignorance is showing. Go back to watching glee and let the winners play with your mom.

Truth: BSU is not sending its band because its band is an embarassment. End of story. Dead weight, an expense that brings nothing.

For years BSU has had a sub par band. Time to step it up.
Ever see the District band competitions for the high schools at BSU? EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND IS BETTER. ABSOLUTELY EMBARASSING!!


I've heard of the program, but never watched it.

Speaking of ignorance, the reason BSU doesn't send their band anywhere is simply bucks. Nothing more, nothing less.

And to try to compare any band geek to Kellen Moore is a stretch. Let's compare a band geek to the last string scholarship player. Much more appropriate.

Have I ever seen a DIII band competition? I was in them, tater. Both as a student and a parent. Then in college marching band. So get back to me if you have more experience than that.


I will demand more from my children than band. But snide remarks aside you must admit the BSU band is a joke and that those high school bands could cream them. I always find it funny when that DIII has the BTMB come out to play. Its embarassing and those high school kids know it. If BSU wants to be a big time deal then some other things must start holding their own. One of those things is band. look at any other band of a football program in the top 25. Much better than ours. Band, like cheerleeding, only exists as a piglet on the teat of the football program. Is it good for kids to have? yup! Is it a moneymaker. Nope. You have obviously never played a sport. I guarantee the most intesive band geek has more free time than even a redshirt freshman on a football team. I went to school on a acedemic scholarship, played football had a job, oh and found time to rodeo and study..... But I seemed to always notice the band geeks playing role play games and watching saved by the bell reruns..... mucho free time.
One time, at band camp..... well, I hope your kids cant finish that sentence.....

Ω When did rodeo add ...

... bull 'rasslin'?

When Fugly...

started posting...right after TBK split...

Ω Nah ... ya think?

Apart from the constant prattle about the athletic department, I don't see other similarities. Maybe there are, though.

Or, am I reading you wrong?

Naw..He Ain't TBK...

TBK had some football knowledge...some...Fugly has none..

Ω Okay, then ...

... just different bull.

Thought that might have been what you meant.


I've listened to both the musical ability of the BSU band students and the typical HS member. No comparison. My experience with the BSU band is that they have quite superior musicians.

Any other band in the top 25? Do you have any clue what you're talking about? Ohio State's Band? Michigan? Texas? USC? Give me a break! Research and get back to me on the funding for those bands.

Also, get back to me on the free time a communications major (usually the athletic scholarship major) has versus anyone with a serious major has.

Nice Job Tater

"I went to school on a acedemic scholarship."

Oh, the irony. I hope it was U of I and not BSU. You're for sure not a Domer.

Watch the video of the Morris Brown Band, then go there and call them geeks.


yeah I caught that too late. It is funny but if you know me not unexpected.
I didnt call the MBB Geeks, just the BSU fools.

P2...You've Got All The Horn Blowers & Drum Beaters On Ya!

Good luck with strapped em on and they're collecting like flies....LOL

How about Zac Brown Band instead of Morris Brown Band

Too much discussion about bands at football games makes my ears bleed

Morris DAY


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Morris DAY


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Where to watch the game in Boise if you don't have ESPN?

Does anyone know if they are going to open up the stadium or quest arena for this one? or where a good place to watch the game with kids if you don't have ESPN?

how do you not have ESPN

Does the government subsidize you internet connection?

Anyone know a good place where I can feed my family?

obviously I wasn't asking

obviously I wasn't asking you, I was looking for someone with knowledge. Thanks for trying though.


Poverty in the USA: No cable, no internet, only 2 color TVs.

(Can't we all agree that there should be a fundamental human right to ESPN, and maybe a tankful of gas? Why should only the RICH people be able to watch their sports heroes? Are you lis'nin', Obama??)

I got a Schwinn and the karaoke bar serves PIZZA.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Try Pache's Place..

He's offering free beer....

Hats off to Morris Brown for stepping forward, but ...

... does this situation strike anyone as being more than a bit weird? If Chick-Fil-A was so intent on creating a bowl-game-like experience, did it not enter their heads that the band travel costs for Boise — clearly a school with a far lower operating budget than Georgia, let alone athletic budget — would be fairly mind-blowing for just one game at the beginning of the season that's not against a traditional opponent? To wit, could it not have been negotiated for Chick-Fil-A to underwrite those costs if they wanted a Boise State band so badly?

Again, nothing against the Morris Brown band — thanks to them for taking the task on. But geez ...

Boise is getting paid

> $1 Million for this game. Why don't they pay to send their band?


I don't know for a FACT but I suspect because of the tough times. BSU's budget is @ 30 mill (ish) for all sports. Football has to subsidize the others. Hence, no band travel. I don't know but I'd guess UGA's is twice that, perhaps 3 times. I remember reading about Alabamas NT BCS cut at 17 mill. After they sent their band, execs, top boosters, etc, their net out of 17 mill for the Natty was less than 200K. Pretty astonishing.

UGA is losing

$1.1 million dollars to play this game. Ticket sales generate about $2.8 Million/game in Athens, or $20 Million per season. Chik-Fila is paying UGA $1.7 Million. Maybe we should leave the band in Athens. :)

UGA's Athletic budget is $93 Million.

Who does have ESPN in this economy

I have what airs on free tv in this valley and I'd be suprised if any local channel can afford to show this game, or any other BSU game come to think of it.


Ummm you have no idea how TV contracts work. Even ghetto subsidized housing has free cable. get yourself a studio apartment in garden city, find a freind, go to a restaurant..... geese people!!! This isnt that hard! But some people love to stand there with their hand out wanting people to give them stuff they think they deserve. trouble Ill bet your cell phone costs more than my satelite TV

I do indeed!

Don't give ESPN the right so suck any games out of my scheedule.

Kill the infidel mouse!


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

At first I was worried...

I never heard of Morris Brown and how good can a band be at playing Football? lol.

The Chic-Fil Bowl

Want to see a great band , Watch the GEORGIA REDCOAT BAND pre-game and halftime!!!! Go Dawgs

I've Heard That....

Lookin forward to it.

My son is a member of the

My son is a member of the BTMB. He got next to nothing with regard to scholarship money even though he was a state solo champion on his instrument his senior year in HS. He has class from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday straight through and nearly that long on Tues/Thurs. When he isn't in class, he is in a practice room or his dorm room memorizing 24 pieces of music. He has blisters on his feet from marching on the black top for 12 hour days during band camp two weeks before anyone else was even on campus. Yea, I agree the band needs to add a few more songs to their repertoire, and I do believe they have this year. But the day that Oklahoma stops playing Boomer Sooner or the USC Trojan band stops playing that annoying fight thing they play every TWO SECONDS, then the Blue Thunder can stop with Iron Man or whatever it is that bugs you. It's all part of the experience. Now sit down, shut up and watch...cause that's my son out there you jerk!


Nough said. Im glad your son works hard. I really dislike the band but I will sit down and shut up for your kid.....

Strike the tent, men.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Ω And a happy Appomattox ...

... to you.

Boise State is Football

Bands should be the biggest supporters of the Football team. I don't care how many different songs they play....just go nuts when Boise scores, makes a first down and wins. Bands shouldn't be the focus...they should put the focus on the team. Go Boise State in the neutral site game of 2011. I was at the 2010 neutral site game in Washington, DC last year. 5% Boise and 95% VaTech. Boise State #5 and climbing!

Danswife wins

The award for not knowing what he/she/it is talking about. Great bands are incredibly expensive.

Also to the other people making fun of the band: Really? That's what you have to do on any given night? Bash an organization that works hard to support the team? You must be absolutely stellar quality human beings.

I'm singing karaoke and eating pizza Thursday night.

You're welcome to come to Ontario and bite me in person!


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.