Boise State RB Malcolm Johnson out for the season with knee injury

By Brian Murphy

Boise State running back Malcolm Johnson will miss the season after tearing his ACL during Sunday's practice, Chris Petersen announced Monday.

Johnson, who returned to the program this fall after leaving for a year, was extremely impressive during fall practice. He was considered the No. 3 running back after Doug Martin and D.J. Harper.

"Just playing hard. He came in in great shape," Petersen said of Johnson's impressive fall camp. "He was going to be a really good special teams player, too."

Petersen said the injury occurred during a drill against "air," meaning there was no contact or even defenders trying tackle him.

Without Johnson, true freshman Jay Ajayi could see an increased role. Another backup running back, Drew Wright, has battled an ankle problem in camp, Petersen said. Wright did not play in the Broncos' open scrimmage.

Boise State opens its season Saturday against Georgia at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

• Listen to Chris Petersen's press conference here. He talks about Johnson at the very end.

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Any chance for this guy to come back next year?
I like Jay a lot.
Hopefully Harper can be a mentor for Johnson.

Cruel blow

after the guy had worked so hard on both academics and getting into football shape to return to the program. Just hope that he hooks up with D.J. and stays with the program, and comes back as good as ever. Ajayi did look good in the scrimmage, so we should be OK barring any further injuries.

Ω My sentiments exactly, charlie.

Here's to a speedy and full recovery.

How unfortunate I was

How unfortunate I was looking forward to watching MJ run this year. Hope he has a speedy recovery. Keep your head high Malcolm your time is on the horizon.

Why do we have a higher number of injuries than most NFL clubs?

We could be a lot better if we had some better training and care for our athletes.

This is getting barbaric.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Are you serious FO?

check out georgia's injuries.
Time for you to get a job, stop sucking the governments teat and make some money to donate to BSU. Put up of shut up!

No thank you, nearly had a heat stroke and threw up.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.


Have you seen UGA's injuries?

Massive! People out all over the team. JK

uh ohhh

here come the excuses from the rest of the world... BSU won because the big ridiculous G was injured.

Actually P2..I Think TampaDog

was pointing out there aren't that many or any real severe ones. I say that b/c of his JK at the end, meaning just kidding?

Read the report...





Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.


I so wanted to see him have a chance to run the ball. aaarrrgghh!

This sucks,

but we are Bronco's, someone will pick up the slack.