Boise State to use multiple players at right guard; catching up with Zabransky; Georgia kick returner's message to Coach Pete

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State offensive line coach Chris Strausser expects to use at least two players at right guard during the season opener against Georgia.

Three players — sophomore Jake Broyles, senior Chuck Hayes and junior Brenel Myers — are competing for the job.

“It’s going to go to the wire,” Strausser said. “No one has established himself as the guy yet.”

Hayes began fall camp with the first team but Broyles held an edge in spring ball and started the open fall scrimmage. Myers, whose four career starts include the 2010 Fiesta Bowl and the Virginia Tech game, is making a late run for the job. He was with the third team for a chunk of fall camp.

“He’s had a good fall camp,” Strausser said. “He’s been a pleasant surprise.”

Neither Broyles nor Hayes has started a game.

“I’m definitely planning on playing more than one person there in the game,” Strausser said. “I’m not so worried about who starts.”

The other four linemen are solid and are expected to play the full game — left tackle Nate Potter, left guard Joe Kellogg, center Thomas Byrd and right tackle Charles Leno Jr.

Potter and Byrd are returning All-WAC first-teamers and Kellogg, who plays between them, was a standout throughout spring ball and fall camp.

“Joe Kellogg probably has been our most solid guy for the entire fall camp,” Strausser said.


I caught up with former Boise State quarterback Jared Zabransky last week for a story looking back at the 2005 Georgia game. That story will run in Monday’s newspaper.

Zabransky, 27, lives in Huntsville, Texas, which is north of Houston. He trains young quarterbacks and volunteers with the football program at Sam Houston State. View his website here.

He won both of his starts with the Edmonton Eskimos last season in the Canadian Football League but was released before this season began. If he doesn’t get picked up by a pro team by the end of this year, he plans to retire and begin a coaching career.

“I made some (ill-advised) decisions in the NFL,” he said. “Ultimately I want to get back there, but that’s going to be a long road.”

His wife, Melissa, is expecting their first child in October — a baby girl.

Zabransky completed his bachelor’s degree in communications at Boise State in 2008. His decision to coach has been formed in the past few years.

“The more you’re around ball, the more you want to be around it,” he said. “… You really realize how much it means to you. Over the last few years I’ve been working with kids and that passion has grown.”


Georgia kick returner and cornerback Brandon Boykin (@BrandonBoykin2) posted a message to Boise State coach Chris Petersen on Twitter on Saturday:

“Dear Coach petersen, I DARE you to Kick to me.... Sincerely, Me and my #dawgs”

Boykin is the only player in Southeastern Conference history with three 100-yard plays in his career — all kickoff returns for touchdowns.

He might be in luck. Here’s what Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate told me earlier this month about the Broncos facing three dynamic kick returners early in the season:

“We’ll have our hands full. But that’s why you do this. I don’t think we’ve ever backed down from a challenge. It should be fun.”


Former Boise State defensive back Gerald Alexander has signed with the Miami Dolphins, he reported on Twitter. Alexander had been a free agent since the lockout ended. He was a second-round draft pick in 2007.


Make sure to grab today’s newspaper for our Boise State/Mountain West preview section. It includes a projected depth chart that I’ll post below. Boise State likely will release its first official depth chart Monday, but mine is pretty close. This depth chart includes updated weights, which are now available on Boise State’s online roster.

Quarterback HT WT YR.
11 Kellen Moore 6-0 191 sr.
16 Joe Southwick OR 6-1 191 so.
9 Grant Hedrick 6-0 186 fr.

22 Doug Martin 5-9 208 sr.
7 D.J. Harper 5-9 201 sr.

47 Dan Paul 6-0 251 sr.
88 Chandler Koch 6-2 246 jr.

Tight end
80 Kyle Efaw 6-4 227 sr.
87 Gabe Linehan 6-3 240 so.

Wide receiver
2 Matt Miller OR 6-3 213 fr.
17 Geraldo Boldewijn 6-4 204 so.

Wide receiver
89 Tyler Shoemaker OR 6-1 213 sr.
20 Mitch Burroughs 5-9 186 jr.

Slot receiver
3 Chris Potter OR 5-9 156 jr.
34 Kirby Moore 6-2 204 so.

Left tackle
73 Nate Potter 6-6 295 sr.
75 Faraji Wright 6-3 275 jr.

Left guard
61 Joe Kellogg 6-2 303 jr.
77 Spencer Gerke 6-3 289 so.

66 Thomas Byrd 5-11 290 sr.
65 Matt Paradis 6-1 280 so.

Right guard
76 Jake Broyles OR 6-4 289 so.
55 Chuck Hayes OR 6-2 288 sr.
64 Brenel Myers 6-2 282 jr.

Right tackle
78 Charles Leno Jr. 6-3 294 so.
54 Michael Ames 6-4 283 jr.

41 Dan Goodale OR 5-9 184 fr.
84 Michael Frisina 5-5 159 jr.

92 Shea McClellin 6-3 255 sr.
96 Jarrell Root 6-3 262 sr.

90 Billy Winn 6-4 300 sr.
43 Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe 6-3 303 so.

97 Chase Baker 6-1 298 sr.
99 Mike Atkinson 6-0 312 jr.

40 Tyrone Crawford 6-4 273 sr.
69 Tyler Horn 6-4 253 fr.

Weak-side linebacker
36 Aaron Tevis OR 6-3 234 sr.
48 J.C. Percy 6-0 221 jr.

Middle linebacker
94 Byron Hout 6-0 239 sr.
33 Tommy Smith 6-1 236 jr.

25 Hunter White OR 5-11 213 sr.
32 Jonathan Brown 5-10 212 so.

5 Jamar Taylor 5-11 196 jr.
26 Quaylon Ewing-Burton 6-0 182 so.

4 Jerrell Gavins 5-9 167 sr.
46 Bryan Douglas 5-9 163 fr.

8 George Iloka 6-3 213 sr.
30 Travis Stanaway 5-11 199 sr.

16 Cedric Febis 6-3 206 sr.
10 Jeremy Ioane 5-10 192 fr.

49 Brad Elkin 6-2 194 sr.
14 Trevor Harman 6-2 216 so.

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Smack talk is part of

football....lets not telecast Broncos play strategy....Broncos need to make a big statement with big win....telecasting only lets other side know what to expect....If Grant telecasted to Lee, history would be different....

Yeah - we can't afford for the Dawgs to learn wat Fugly knows

It is important to not let the UGA Dawgs know what you know about BSU's play strategy. So, let's not discuss it on an open forum. We can get encrypted Sat Phones with voice recognition to communicate with each other, or we can invent some type of Code or hand sugnals that we can take pics of ourselves doing them and post them to these boards in the form of links, to communicate with.

I bet you know some stuff about the Broncos that would be a game changer if the Dawgs ever found out what you know.

It is a good thing the Dawgs don't review game tapes of the Broncos so they never know anything about the Broncos. They prolly nevver go to the BSU Athletics Site, to find out anything about the players roster.

We just can't be too careful these days, not to telegraph our punches and let the Dawgs know all the 'inside' stuff about the Broncos that you know.

That would change the outcome of the game, for sure.


PS - Remember - if you see a bright flash in the sky - just - duck and cover.

A quote from

Aaron Murray....

“We’ve been studying Boise all summer long,”


Let's have code names. VNDL will be Mr. Pink from now on. I'll be Mr. Black.

What colors do the rest of you all want?

Wiz Claims....

Whiz color....

UH OH Razor...

Ω I opt ...

... for clear, with opacity capability between 100-0%. Now you see me; now you don't.


you want to be The Predator

Ω If necessary.



Is it a surprise that Georgia is already Boynkin themselves?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Post Of The Month...


Good one!

If memory serves...

Who was the last so called 'star running back' who sent a message to the Broncos? Oh yea, I think it was Blount. He had a good game...for the Broncos.

It's not the last player to run his mouth, tho.

That honor belongs to the big-talking Utah WR just before our Bowl Game. I don't remember his name, because the Bronco defense shut him COMPLETELY down. He had 0 catches.

What the tweet

shows is what a great coach we have. Coach pete controls his team. And keeps them focused. Apparently Georgia has little control over what its players do. Seems to be an SEC problem lately. Kind of reminds me of the attitude of Blount. And we all know how those stats turned out in that game. -5 yards, a saftey, and a punch.....
Keep talking georgia.

mateo and tater2

Both of you are right on the money. Let your play do all the talking. Talk is cheap before a game, especially with a team coming off a 6-7 year. Masoli and Blount both talked like crazy before that game two years ago, with the hamster not controlling any of it. Hes still not in control of his program.

Im proud Coach Petersen nipped twitter in the Bronco locker room. What a distraction and dumb bulletin material for the opposition.

Good Tweet

I love kids who really get into the game. Challenging the other teams coach just ups the level of play and adds another element of interest. Will Pete kick to Boykin? He challenges without the trash talk. That sort of thing makes football fun and intersting. You have to love that kid. If he does take one back it could be the only time Georgia gets on the board.

We've already racked you

We've already racked you twice, it's gotten boring. Frickin' Quack, you'll never learn your lesson.


Does anybody know what happened to Jake VanKinkle? I thought he was supposed to contend for the kicking duties but he hasn't even made the depth chart.

My thoughts exactly

I was wondering the same thing..........

I'm just going to go ahead and start a completely false rumor and say that he is currently lost at sea somewhere in the Pacific. He's been missing for ten days. Obama has the U.S. Navy looking for him.

Van Ginkel

He is redshirting. The other two kickers have more experience and have been good in camp. They like Van Ginkel a lot for the future, possibly as a field goal/punting/kickoff guy. With Harman as a sophomore, Frisina as a junior and Goodale as a freshman, it makes sense to hold him back a year.

I like my version's more "theatrical" and "exciting".

Jake VanKinkle

is red shirting.


No one kicks deep to him anymore. They all pooch kick to the 15 or 20 yard line. I expect Boise to do the same.

OD green please

for my color, and VANAL don't you still have a SINGARS radio so the dawgs can't break our code?


No, Its really kind of an "off white" No more like um "eggshall". Naw that aint right, it kind of a "butter". I'll get back with ya. (maybe). Ya know what I mean Vern!


My favorite color is clear

Ω It may be.

It's also taken. Not that it matters much.

it's working...

See Razor -ATC didn't know clear was taken because it was, well... clear!
Georgia will never figure it out now!

Ω Good to see you back.

Don't stay away too long. If I had to pick another color, it would be "swamp".

Wow!!! Just look at stars!!!!

Casey Mathews...Starting LB Eagles...NFL
Max Unger......Starting center...Seattle...NFL
Walter Thurmond III...starting CB Seattle...NFL
Haloti Ngata Startin NT...Ravens...NFL
Ed Dickson...starting TE...Ravens...NFL
Jonathon Stewart...Co-Starting TB...Carolina...NFL
Patrick Chung...Starting S...Patriots...NFL
TJ Ward...Starting S...Browns...NFL
Jarius Byrd...Starting S...Buffalo...NFL
Adam Snyder...Starting C...SF 49ers...NFL
Igor Olshanski...Starting DE...dallas...NFL

Titus Young...
...speedster WR, not even on Detroit's depth chart
Austin Pettis...
...4th string wide out Rams
Zabranski...CFL washout
Ian Johannseeen...NFL never was


Ω Tripe for sale

Listen Boise fans...
Submitted by BDuck2009 on Sat, 08/06/2011 - 3:07pm.

"...I do say things to rile up the blog. I am not a Boise fan for reasons that are really unrelated to the team. It's the other things and Ive said them all before and Im sure I will again."

Beyond boredom.

No One's Buying tripe...

He can't even get it right. Co Starter? LOL like they're both lining up for the 1st snap...

Then he leaves out BSU starters..Clady + + + know the rest

Ω No need for tryouts

fumduck is the clear "winner" in the "idot-looser-moran-leeming" overall. First place in all four events.

We've already "racked you"

Twice! It's now gotten boring. Most Duck fans are intelligent enough to do everything in their power to never, ever join in a Boise State conversation. Then there's you...

Ω Saw your first post ...

... and figured it wasn't meant for JLF.

I don't know if you are new here, but BDuck (fumduck, bcluck) has only one reason for posting. It's the one I cited above. He's strictly an agitator dressed up in feathers. Most of the regulars simply ignore him ... the posts are always the same theme and often are "copy and paste" jobs.

He's been in the "useless" category for some time. Don't confuse him with IdaDuck, who is one of the good guys.

L. Blount...starting beast TB...Tampa bay...NFL

Im sure you mules havent forgotten about him...

Im sure Hout hasnt forgotten being knocked out either...

Hee Haw...have fun getting punked in Ga...

Hout knocked out?

He took a blind-side punch from a big man, and went down on one knee and bounced back up. That shows a pretty strong jaw from someone who has been a boxing fan since Rocky Marciano and Joe Walcott. LSU is going to control the middle of the line against the Ducks--it's going to be deja BSU Blue all over again.

Charliebub, Cut Blount Some Slack..

He was just upset at tallying -8 yards and contributing a 2 point safety for the entire game. Easy to understand why he'd cheap shot, sucker punch an opponent as well as hitting a teammate (who was fortunately still wearing a helmet). After all, he apologized...................

wis, need to correct you.

You see, it's a common misconception that Blount only had a minus-5 yards rushing. The NCAA, after reviewing replays of Blount's blind side sucker punch and his subsequent, and immediate, 15 yard back-peddle have tacked on an additional negative 15 yards. This would give Blount a total minus 20 yards for the game.

Just trying to keep the record straight.

Your Math Sucks....

or wiki is wrong. LMAO..Blounts Wiki Bio has a bunch of print dedicated to his sucker punch. He could go on to break all NFL rushing records and it'll still be there. But I like the penalty...wish Wiki would update it..they have him at minus 8.

Thanks for the correction..more backwards might induce another sucker punch??


but just check the NCAA and they have him at -5 (they haven't put the additional 15 yards yet).

Punking Could Be Happening A Lil West of Georgia.....

In Louisiana. Everyone knows Ore can be beaten physically and LSU's Defense is very physical......Tigers know that from watching BSU-Ore film.....twice..

Word is

LSU has worn out the replay button studying the BSU defense v. Oregon 2009.

I like LSU in this game but I don't know if either team will score.


They were watching it purely for the comedy called "Oregon Ducks Offense".