Idaho State Parks: Water's OK for Lake Cascade Triathlon

If you're signed up for the Lake Cascade Triathlon this weekend, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation says there are no issues with water quality in the reservoir around the state park, 70 miles north of Boise

Water quality monitoring by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has identified that the water at Lake Cascade in and around units of Lake Cascade State Park meet state water quality standards, state parks said Friday.

Concerns earlier in the week prompted the most recent DEQ sampling. There are rumors flying across all forms of cyber and social media about Lake Cascade and the water quality and participants were dropping out, said Jennifer Blazek, communications manager at state parks.

". . the water is clean . . very clean in fact," she said Friday afternoon.

“State Parks sample the water within their management area routinely to ensure the safety of our visitors,” said Lake Cascade State park manager Theresa Perry.

Lake Cascade State Park is ready to host the Lake Cascade Triathlon event this weekend.

For questions, contact Lake Cascade State Park at: (208) 382-6544.

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