Check out pictures of Brian Scott's Boise State-themed No. 11 Nationwide Series car

By Brian Murphy


Boise native Brian Scott will drive the No. 11 Boise State car in the Great Clips 300 on Sept. 3 at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Boise State plays Georgia in its football season opener on the same night in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of Brian Scott


Scott, whose father attended Boise State, is a huge Bronco fan. He said ESPN plans to update viewers of the football game about the race on ESPN2 and vice versa. Photo courtesy of Brian Scott

Here is our previous coverage of Brian Scott and the Boise State No. 11 car

Boise native Brian Scott will drive a Boise State-themed car in the Sept. 3 Nationwide Series Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway — the same night as the Broncos’ season opener against Georgia.

Scott, a 23-year-old Boise High graduate, said the tie-in is an outgrowth of his sponsorship with the Albertson Foundation and its “Go On” campaign to promote college attendance by Idaho high school graduates.

“One thing led to another,” said Scott, who is the great-grandson of Joe and Kathryn Albertson.


Brian Scott will drive the No. 11 Bronco-themed car in Atlanta on Sept. 3.

The race begins at 5:30 p.m. Mountain time and will be televised on ESPN2. The Boise State-Georgia game kicks off at 6 p.m. Mountain time and will be televised on ESPN.

“We’ve done a lot of talking with ESPN, who is doing our race. I think they’re going to do some cool cross-promotional stuff between the game and the race,” Scott said. “Hopefully the race fans that are watching will be able to keep track of what Boise’s doing and vice versa.”

Scott said he is a big Boise State fan. His family has a suite at the Stueckle Sky Center and he makes it to at least one game per season.

Right now, Scott only plans to run the car with the Boise State design in Atlanta. The colors are not painted on the car; instead it is a vinyl.

Scott, who drives the No. 11 car in the series, is in the first year of a two-year contract with Joe Gibbs Racing. Gibbs was a three-time Super Bowl championship-winning coach of the Washington Redskins.

Scott is currently ninth in the Nationwide Series standings. He has three top-10 finishes in 24 starts. He will ride at Bristol this weekend.

“Hands down, this has been the toughest season I’ve ever had. We’ve had some bad luck,” Scott said. “It’s been very disappointing. We’ve been fast and had some good performances, but we can’t seem to catch the breaks that we need.”

Petersen excited

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen wants to take a little spin in Brian Scott's No. 11 Nationwide Series car. Scott, a Boise native, will drive a Boise State-themed car in the Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sept. 3 — the same day as the Broncos' season opener against Georgia in Atlanta.

"I think the car and that whole concept is awesome. I just wish I could be there in the car — for maybe a warm-up lap, get a little speed with the Scotts," Petersen said Wednesday.

Petersen said when he first saw the car and its No. 11, he thought they were putting senior quarterback Kellen Moore's number on the car. Then he realized No. 11 is Scott's number, too.

"This is perfect karma," Petersen said.

He said he hopes the publicity helps Scott. Petersen knows Joe Scott, Brian's father.

"I hope we get the name out there for the Scotts as well, the great race car driver that he is. I hope ESPN is cutting back and forth, showing some of the game and where he is in the race. It's a really cool concept," Petersen said.

Release from Boise State and Joe Gibbs Racing

NASCAR and college football collide during the NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway Sept. 3, when driver Brian Scott will race the No. 11 Boise State Broncos Toyota.

The driver of the Joe Gibbs Racing No. 11 NASCAR Nationwide Series entry grew up in Boise, Idaho, home to the celebrated Boise State Broncos. While Scott is competing in the 300-mile race Saturday night, the Boise State Broncos will face the Georgia Bulldogs in a season-opening event at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

“For me, this is a huge honor because I was born and raised in Boise,” Scott said. “My dad graduated from Boise State, and I grew up literally a handful of miles from the football stadium. The rise and fame that the Boise football program has now has been so interesting to watch and fun to follow. I’m obviously a huge fan and really excited by the opportunity. It’s a unique opportunity that really grew out of the relationship with the Albertson Foundation and the ‘Go On’ campaign to promote college attendance by high school students in Idaho.”

The NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway is scheduled for a 5:30 p.m. (MT) start and will be broadcast on ESPN2.

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I like it!

All year long??? Why not?
BSU spends a lot of money "advertising" in lots of other ways.

Or if the racing team got the money from a commercial sponsor to support it...

Seems like college teams on a racecar is a good fit.

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Hey Murph,

Not being critical, but I think you mean that ESPN plans (not plays) to update viewers. Anyway, I think the car looks pretty cool and it's good advertising for BSU. Thanks for the pics, and maybe Brian could have Kellen autograph it on the #11's for good luck. I think he's gonna need it more than the Broncos....Sunny...

Ω Sunny,

Murph might not get around to fixing that right away. He's too busy laughing at that Gallagher w/o hat crack.


-- murph

OT : Lets Hope Austin Does Well Tonight !!

Stories everywhere he and Greg Salas May Get Cut from the Lambs...


The Lambs are becoming the

Rams again....they are developing a very good team....hopefully Pettis makes it....he could have a very good fit with the new Rams....

I didn't see

that he did anything in the box score. Bad sign.

Yes, Lambs will make noise in the weak division. Even though their D couldn't keep opponents off the scoreboard last season, they had some great stats. Sacks, Picks, Returns, Fumble recoveries, etc. They should gel better this year.

Good observation Fugly..

Ugly was born in....

Orange, CA....been Rams, Dodgers, and Laker fan a lad, my first heros besides the Monkees, Elvis, and Beatles, were Wilt & West, Roman and Snow, and Kofax....Also, the fearsome-foursome were great....

If Pettis gets cut, hopefully he sticks it out and someone picke him up....he is a 'sleeper' talent in NFL....he can be good and definitely help a team win, much like Kurt Warner did with the Rams....

Ω Keyboard error?

I can understand everything before and after "Monkees". Feel like invoking a McEnroe quote, but won't. What, no Doors, Airplane, Byrds, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield?

No stats of any kind for Pettis does not look good. Cannot tell if he ever got on the field. Eleven different Rams made 17 catches (and another had one ball thrown his way). Hopefully he'll get a better look elsewhere if the Rams don't keep him.


It's disrespect the greatest by a mispell on his name.

What? No Great White? Sheez..Long Beach I think...

Remember Roseboro and Juan Marichal? His head still hurts...


my favorite was micael jordun, babe roothe, wane gresky, and jeery wrice.

Mine was aso....

Joey Muntane when he threw the ball to jeery wrice....they always beat the wams....

Good job ugly

nice humor. Gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.
Question? Why doesnt Idaho grow potato chips for lays?
see if you can anser some potato trivia....

P2....not sure where to go with this one, cause....

Idaho does have contracts with Frito Lay thru R&G....So not sure if this is real trivia, a setup?, or a joke....So here I go....

I don't know?

Ω Answered

No editing.

Thank you technology!

Picture in picture is gonna be my friend! Good luck, Brian - I think that they're going to love #11 in Atlanta!


Bleimeyer behind this? Did he have his hand in it? If so, another solid promo!!!!

My F-150 with the....

Vandals Sticker on bumper looks better!!! The BSU car would have looked much better on a 1965 Ford Mustang....


I woulda bet you drove a Subaru Wagon....

Fugly - how many rides do you have?

I remember you sharing you drove an F-350 Power Sroke with crew cab last January/February?

Maybe that was a different 'Ugly'.


Good catch VNDL

maybe the yield from the lower 80 just isnt going to be bumper this year. Perhaps even though he extolls the money making prowess of Gold investments the economy has given him a hit. perhaps He cant taint his 350 PS diesel ( does ford still make a PS?
Perhaps we should be worried about our bet. a 350 king cab went to a 150. maybe ugly will pay us in potato.

VNDL....Uglys timeline

is contiuous....much like what Einstein taught and what we saw on episodes of the Twighlight Zone, you know Rod Sterling?....Ugly got rid of Ford's and now drives all Dodges....Durango, Dakota, and the RAM1500 with the Hemi!!!!

The F150 with Vandal sticker on bumper was the 1990s....Ugly has no Vandal sticker now....Ugly left Moscow when Moscow moved to Boise....too many Prima Donas running show these days....

The 1965 Ford Mustang was in reference to a buddy where we fixed and decked out his old-looking 1965 was beautiful when we finished it....then he got into debt and sold it for $4000....

P2....dont worry....bought plenty of silver....debt possibilities in storage....also potatoes may be worth silver with hurricane wiping fields....

Only a few days away and then talk becomes reality....the season will be interesting to say the least....

Ω Who is Rod "Sterling"?

And I don't mean sterling silver. As for the rest of that post, I leave it for "Prima Dona" (whoever that is) to decipher.

ps - Spell-check add-ons for IE are free and Firefox includes one. Use of a spell checker makes for (pick one) continuous/contiguous/contiuous prose.

Notice How Ugly Now...

uses ellipsis more and more? Copied me..I've even been accused of being the logon Ugly b/c of ellipsis..

Now.... no one can pretend/copy/fake/make up some of that crap..

Ω Yes ... ...

More keystrokes to make ellipses than to (somewhat) form words. Makes me think he's in the "Twighlight" Zone.


do you use that tense with your character/personna? For say " Ugly has no Vandal sticker now"..instead of..."I don't have a Vandal sticker now"..

Did you read the Blogs about a year ago and create this character/personna, just for the blog?
Was it then you decided your character would be a Vandal, f150/Dodge or whatever drivin, Pocy residing, spandex bicycle riding, metal collecting entrepreneur ?


Do you just make this crap up as you go?


Life is good....and Life is short....

I know that many of you just cannot handle the fact that Ugly is a Vandal....

I stated before that I found this blog by accident when googled 'Marathons in Boise' and then somehow came across this blog about of October last year....I now feel that I may have a 'calling' here....P2 has now stated that I have helped with his Anger Management issues and am somewhat helpful on the issue....

Boise State is a very good team and always has been....However, now they are not just good, but in the top 10 rankings nationally.....This puts them in a different me, it will be very interesting where Boise goes with this.... said, en parte....."do you make this crap up as you go?"....

So wiz what you say is that Ugly does not, or never has:
1. Been a Vandal and graduated from their....
2. Owned a F-150 with a Vandal Sticker
3. Own and ride a bike
4. Not within Pocatello or resides there
5. Own any metals

Wiz, the big game is a few days away....It will be fun to watch....

PSS....The Bronco Car is cool....Just not as cool as my F-150 with Vandal sticker of the past....

Holy cow ugly

"1. Been a Vandal and graduated from their...."

You just cant make this stuff up!!!
Funny stuff!


The whole point of my missed. (What a surprise)

I'll Keep It Simple..

Why do you refer to yourself and everything about you in 3rd party sense??

PS.. The make this crap up as you go comment...well..reading the POTATO conversation, most anyone can see what I mean...

On a side note

the AD for UI said that he would not set foot in a nasty car (whatever that is) until UI got one.

Anyone Seen TheBroncoKid

on any UGA SEC Blogs?

Think he'll ever be back?

Sure woulda thunk it with an SEC opponent soon...

Ω Bet he is back ...

... and under a different name. JL called out a poster for being constantly negative about all things BSU:

This person posts on the regular articles as well as the blogs. Not saying it's TBK reconstituted, but it does raise the question.

Both VNDL and Ugly have pointed out the

need for BSU to market to other parts of the state (the unpopulated ignorant parts)
Using their stats it looks like BYU Utah and UI are all doing better than BSU in these multi wived, dry, or nasty and inhebriated places.
So lets take a look at the successful marketing from both Utah schools and the UI and adapt it to BSU.
1) use 19 year old students on bluorange bikes to "evangelize" the new bronco nation.
"knock knock" Have you heard of the OTHER testament to football in this state? I'll ask you to pray about coach pete and his blue field in your hearts." Perhaps some special blue and orange gaments.....
Bottom line: you cant compete with religion for football allegience. Might as well campaing in south bend.
2 Go the UI route. the complete opposite of BYU: get drunk and party.
perhaps a blue and orange window screen, or the proffs can use blue and orange guns.....
Bottom line is BSU cares about its fans too much to kill them off.

P2... I am Thrilled..

that Ugly has helped you soooo much... how sweet!

Ω Official "Pain in the ...

... arse" by me.

Wants to debate everything from F-150s, to bumper stickers, to AQ-nonAQ, chips v salsa, "I didn't say it", "I'm going away" (not), fundraising, the California Raisins, capsaicin, blue turf, GBleymaier, anything related to dirt, "McGraffs", uniform colors, urinals, parking, two degrees (short of lunacy), the Oregon cheerleaders, Pete's compensation, potholes, and Wal-Mart greeters ... among all other things.

Friction, friction, and more friction. That's why this wannabe is here.

Fraud. Worse than richfrog ... and that's a stretch.

Reminds me of

BroncoKid...b/c of exactly what you said and what I saw..

Ω Wiz, yep.

You and P2 were ahead of the rest of us.

Gotta lower my temperance level.