BLM launches geocaching program

ImageWant to play hide and seek out in the desert?

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management launched its Idaho Public Land Adventurer Geocaching program Thursday (Aug. 25) at Bonneville Point, east of Boise.

The program is designed to get more families outdoors and to appreciate and respect BLM lands through the sport of geocaching.

The agency manages river running, hiking, picnicking and camping, and is now conducting the geocaching program on its districts throughout the state. If you find one of the geocaches, you'll see a log book and other information on how to use the BLM's Geocaching Passport program, which will get you some souvenirs for the activity.

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game played by global positioning system (GPS) users. Participants search for hidden containers, called geocaches, and then share their experiences online.

Individuals and organizations have placed caches all over the world and share the locations on websites like this one such as HERE

BLM Idaho geocaching program webpage is HERE

Karson Hinrichs, 9, and his dad, Kurt, find a BLM geocache near Bonneville Point. Photo by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman.


A geocache is very close to our home up here. Fun to watch people searching for it.

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