Check out Boise State's all-white uniforms for the season opener vs. Georgia; Broncos to wear gray jerseys for MWC home games


By Chadd Cripe
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Nike unveiled Boise State's new Pro Combat uniforms for the season opener against Georgia on Thursday morning.

The uniforms are all white — even the helmets, which feature the new Bronco-head logo that Nike unveiled for the Virginia Tech game last year. Like last year, the logo is only on one side of the helmet.

Boise State is wearing new Pro Combat uniforms for the third time in the past two seasons. The Broncos also wore them last year in the opener against Virginia Tech and in the bowl game against Utah.

Coach Chris Petersen said Wednesday that the team wasn't particularly involved in the design process because these are similar to what Nike has produced in the past.

Petersen said he likes the uniforms.

"Nike's done a tremendous job for us," he said. "Once you get a couple different uniforms, it's hard to be totally radical and not look like something you've kind of seen before.

"I think the uniforms can be fun and if for nothing else for great debate."


Here's some player reaction:

Senior safety Cedric Febis: "They're good-looking. I like them a lot. We always get hooked up by Nike with some sweet stuff. I'm not surprised that they did it again. ... I heard some rumors last season about some white helmets but they never came out with it so we all just thought it was like some make-believe just to keep the fans wondering. Now that we actually got them, it's pretty sweet."

Senior cornerback Jerrell Gavins: "It amps us up a bit. Being a DB or receiver, you want to look pretty out there. Once you feel like you look good, it adds confidence to your game. Prior to (the game) it's all good but once you're out there you forget about what you've got on."


Here's Boise State's uniform plan for the rest of the year:

— For the two home non-conference games, the Broncos will wear all blue — similar to MAACO Bowl Las Vegas uniforms.

— For the four Mountain West home games, they likely will wear dark gray jerseys with blue pants. Opponents will still wear white.

— The Broncos have orange and white pants for road games and will wear the white Pro Combat jerseys.

— Gray pants exist, but likely won't be used this year. Orange jerseys exist — they're holdovers from last year — but might be unusable because of the WAC logos.

— The Broncos can use white and blue helmets with the new Nike Bronco-head logo and might also use their traditional helmet.

— The uniforms are styled similar to the Pro Combat uniforms the Broncos wore in Las Vegas.


There were reports that Boise State would wear blue and Georgia would wear red. That was the original intention of Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game organizers, who want to start a tradition of both teams wearing home colors. But then Nike stepped in with the Pro Combat uniforms. Game organizers have no problem with the Broncos wearing white.


Here's the release from Nike:

Years of having to prove themselves in the wild West has catapulted Boise State University into college football's upper echelon. To celebrate their rise, the Broncos are one of nine top college programs sporting the innovative Nike Pro Combat system of dress this upcoming season.
The new uniforms, which the Broncos will don during their much-anticipated faceoff against SEC powerhouse Georgia on Sept. 3 at the Georgia Dome, pulls from the school's blue collar work ethic and the Bronco's unpredictable and headstrong spirit. Nike design took cues from Bronco Stadium's iconic blue turf to create the awe-inspiring gear. Hues of blue and chrome showcase Boise State's dominance of the sky and mountain, while orange accents underscore the team's explosiveness. An asymmetrical placement of motifs around the uniform adds to the calculated unpredictability of the Broncos squad.

The Boise State Nike Pro Combat system of dress also delivers significant performance benefits. The robust yet light-weight padding combined with a customizable, compact carbon fiber plate in the base layer offers personal impact protection. Improved thermoregulation and Flywire technology in the collar promote breathability and keep the uniform in place, making the Broncos feel faster, lighter, dryer, cooler and more fearsome than ever.


Here is a video Nike released with the uniforms:


Boise State is wearing new Pro Combat uniforms for the third time in the
past two seasons. The Broncos also wore them last year in the opener against Virginia Tech and in the bowl game against Utah.


Here is what Georgia will look like for the Sept. 3 game:


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I bet the kids are amped to wear these. Classy and clean. Surprised we are wearing white but very cool!

"Surprised we are wearing

"Surprised we are wearing white but very cool!"

Why? We ARE the away team. ;-)


There had been speculation that the Bulldogs and the Broncos would both wear their primary colors. There also had been numerous "leaks" that had the Broncos wearing Blue unis. I guess what Im saying is that it was a refreshing surprise we are wearing all white. And finally, we see the white helmets that have been rumored since last year.

PS... Not sure about Nike's press release. Seems as if someone in Oregon is smoking some good stuff at the end of a rainbow.

Saw leaked photos of these ....

I saw leaked photos of these all white uniforms weeks ago. So I was pretty sure they would be all white.

Not sure where the information on blue unis originated, but I heard that rumor too. Both teams couldn't have worn their primary colors without penalty. Remember USC vs. UCLA a year or two ago. Both wore home uniforms out of tradition and the road team was penalized a timeout if I remember correctly.

You are correct blue...


Rule change

That rule has since been changed:

NCAA rules state that the visiting team must wear white jerseys. The color of the numbers for the visiting team’s jerseys has to be different from that of the home team. Visiting teams may only wear colored jerseys to away games if both teams agree in writing to wearing colored jerseys for that particular game. The home team’s respective conference must also officially certify that the visiting team’s jersey colors contrast with the home team’s jersey colors.

Me too. OBNUG had a photo of the helmet back in June

I might be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that photo has been on the web since last season, as were the white uniforms

Link from Chadd!/IDS_BroncoBeat/status/106786376988631040

I wondered

about that.

The uni's are sharp!

Love them

Simple is better.

All White Everything

Does not matter

I would have preferred at least BLUE helmets...but who cares...Bronco's are go'in to Georgia to kick some bulldog butt. I can not wait to hear to KKK inference as to the ALL WHITE for IDAHO.

I really like this conceptual drawing of a BSU uniform

add blue or grey pants and change the helmet logo to the bigger/current PRO COMBAT logo and that would be a great uniform for home games



If this works

If this works, and we Take care of business with UGA , then wear these uniforms for the home games since we can't wear our blue.

Ω What happens ...

... if it snows? Another round of "we can't see 'em"?

Like the look!

Was thinking the Same thing

Next time it snows on the blue lets wear the white unis!

Sorry Brick

But "Visitors" wear white based uniforms, as the home team we can't wear all white uniforms. Still White Helmets and Pants, with our Blue/Grey combat tunics from last year should be a pretty cool look on the blue, at least I think it would. Have to see them on the actual turf to get a real feel for it though. Luck to all in the Georgia game, going to be tough to beat a team that has a former quarterback of ours down there showing them the plays and signals beforehand. Not to be too nasty but it'd be ok if he sprains his knee or ankle or something and gets off the practice field like as of today.

What if White is your

What if White is your primary team color? I thought that home teams were allowed to wear their primary colors at home? Yes I realize that BSU is Blue Orange just wondering if there are any teams that have white as a main color or is the color white not allowed as a primary home team color?

White as primary

The only team whose primary color is white is LSU, and the visiting team always wear their home jerseys when they play in Death Valley.


White is also a primary color for Kansas State

big white potato

Could these be more boring???



Let it begin ..... LET IT BEGIN!!!!

Only 9 more days left!!


Wonder what this does for recruiting? (If anything....)

MWC New Rule!

Boise St is not allowed to run within 3 yards of any sideline during the game, while wearing these uniforms. They will blend in and nobody will be able to see them.


Love it


LMAO! This is the best comment i have seen on here in a looonngg time. Nice one!

Very Nice

I like them a lot....much better than the all Orange (vs Fresno).

The Helmet and graphics rock (wouldn't let me say kick ***). I can't make it to the Georgia game and so, hope to see the uniform at home and shutup the BLUE whiners.

Looks like Moore has been working out



Funny, I had the exact same thought.

And he has developed...

... a heck of a tan over the summer...

I think they are awsome

I really like the new look. I also think they should have keep the blur helmets however.

I dig the gloves!


They look

like the storm trooper uniforms Oregon has had for a few years, with different accents. Overall I do like them better than the uniforms they wore in the VT game.

I do like Oregon's new look, which, as expected, are a darker colored riff on the uniforms they wore in the national championship game in January.

I like the all Black

Very dark, very villain like. Schedule a game between us!

Please no

Boise State played Oregon twice, everyone thought it was going to be the start of a great rivalry, but the Ducks proved themselves to be whiny Nike-trustfund babies and sore losers. I live in Portland so I had to listen to them cry all season. Nevada and Fresno State may not be NC contenders but at least when they lose they don't act like they just dropped their lolly.

They Look Bad

azz...esp with the black sight shields too

Can you see me now?

I like the cut of them.

Kellen got a tan!!

What's up with the black guy...who is running...with #11?? Kellen, bro, we like you at QB, no need to switch to RB.


I was trying to figure out why they used Moore's number with a guy that looked nothing like him and played a different position. Then I remembered that it is 2011 aka 11. Kellen can play RB, LB, CB. He is the Mike Ditka of Boise.

Except Oregon's Uni's have

Except Oregon's Uni's have James # 21 on their promotional uni preview plug.

now see if they can play football

another alow day on the beet


drinking I see.


Thank you weisberg. I was beginning to worry. I had to scroll down a long ways before seeing your post. I thought maybe you weren't up, yet.

I like them!

Much better looking uniforms than last year's VA Tech game.

Just one word.........


sweet. i usually root


i usually root against bsu to irk the family/friends/neighbors, but these uniforms make them look just too cool to go against.

Goin' all Storm Trooper

How sweet would the white helmet look in all orange?

LOVE that helmet

Unis look great too!