Boise State football coach Chris Petersen addresses scholarships, redshirts, injuries, captains; Scandrick lands big deal

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State football coach Chris Petersen met with the media Wednesday. Here are a bunch of notes (audio here):

— Walk-on offensive lineman Matt Paradis, the backup center, has been put on scholarship. Offensive tackle Zach Waller, who didn’t practice during fall camp, will not be with the program this season.

— Boise State has 82 players on scholarship for the season. That allows the program to take the full three-scholarship penalty this year that was self-imposed in response to the program’s NCAA violations. Petersen could have deferred some of the penalty to next year. The NCAA still hasn’t announced whether there will be additional penalties.

— Three true freshmen are on the redshirt bubble — wide receiver Dallas Burroughs, defensive back Lee Hightower and nickel Corey Bell. The only true freshmen who definitely will play are linebacker Blake Renaud and defensive end Tyler Horn.

— Boise State will not name captains this season. They will have single-game captains.

— The starter at right guard hasn’t been determined and there is a third entrant in the race — junior Brenel Myers. Sophomore Jake Broyles and senior Chuck Hayes were the primary contenders in camp.

— Tight end Chandler Koch is questionable for the opener. Wide receiver Aaron Burks is day to day with a sprained ankle. They were injured in last week’s scrimmage. The only player who has been ruled out for the opener is cornerback Ebo Makinde, who was injured during the offseason.

— Boise State can take 70 players to the Georgia game. The officials will be from the SEC.

— Petersen on fall camp: “I thought it was good. I thought it was pretty clean. I was proud of the guys. I think I said way back maybe at press conference one that we thought these guys have that workmanlike attitude. They’re not a huge rah-rah crew — when they are, they’ve kind of got to work at it, take out one or two guys. They were very focused. I think they get it. Now it will just be whether we can continue the process because that’s just fall camp.”

— On the first day of practice after school started Monday: “I thought yesterday’s practice was not wasted, but average, because of the combination of it was pretty hot, it was school, it was a completely different routine for them. And they were trying. They were trying to get it right, but you can tell we need to be better.”

— On the kickers: “Practice is the driving range. I’m even decent on the driving range, but not on the golf course.”

— On the Pro Combat uniforms that will be released Thursday: “I like ‘em. … It will look different than it did before. … Once you get a couple different uniforms it’s hard to be totally radical and not look like something you’ve kind of seen before. It’s not totally radical. … Either people will really appreciate them or really hate them.”

— For the regular season, Petersen said the Broncos will mix and match with the uniforms they already have.

— On nobody wearing No. 1: “It just didn’t come up. We’ll dust it off maybe again next year.”

— Petersen also was fired up about Brian Scott’s race car. Check out Murph’s blog here.


Here's a list of the 46 Boise State football walk-ons who have been awarded scholarships since 1998, when Dirk Koetter took over the program. Coaches Dan Hawkins (2001-05) and Chris Petersen (2006-11) have continued the tradition.

1998 (5): OT Willy Van Gorder, WR Matt Sevieri, TE Jeb Putzier, TE Nate Colbert, DT Tony Altieri

1999 (6): FB Shay Swan, DE Jeff Copp, DE Sky Dumont, RB Brock Forsey, PK Nick Calaycay, WR Jerry Smith

2000 (1): TE Shaelan McDonough

2001 (4): LS Tom Anderson, OG Jeff Cheek, LB Kris Foster, WR Tim Gilligan

2002 (3): FB Greg Swenson, WR T.J. Acree, PK Tyler Jones

2003 (5): RB Jeff Carpenter, DT Andrew Browning, TE Trent Lundin, OL Klayton Adams, P Kyle Stringer

2004 (1): LB Colt Brooks

2005 (5): LB Ben Chuckovich, ST Ia Falo, WR Cole Clasen, WR Vinny Perretta, S Robby Jones

2006 (1): RB Brett Denton

2007 (5): FB Michael Lose, WR Tanyon Bissell, LB Tim Brady, PK Kyle Brotzman, DE Ryan Winterswyk

2008 (3): OT Matt Slater, WR Michael Choate, WR Tyler Shoemaker

2009 (4): FB Andy Silsby, S Travis Stanaway, OT Michael Ames, LB J.C. Percy

2010 (2): LS Chris Roberson, TE Sean King

2011 (1): OL Matt Paradis


Former Boise State cornerback Orlando Scandrick, drafted in 2008, has signed a contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Schefter reports the five-year deal is worth $27 million with $10 million guaranteed.

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I guess having SEC refs couldn't be avoided

Referees from any of the BCS conferences would be biased against BSU guess doesn't matter.

I thought Kory Hall was originally a walk on...? Guess not.

Hall wasn't

There are two common misconceptions about Korey Hall - that he was a walk on and that he played as a true freshman. Neither are correct.


...was a scholarship recruit.

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SEC refs

I agree that Boise gets a raw deal with the BCS - but lets not start whining about refs a week BEFORE the game....dont ya think?

slow sports day for the mac

who cares about the minor confernce it will all be over after the first game

sorry mwc

where is uncle gene

Tyler Horn


Tyler is not a true freshman. He is a Greyshirt freshman. Same as a redshirt except he came last spring instead of last fall.


Put the clutch in before you spew your BS...he's a true freshman that greyshirted last year. But if you like your term greyshirt freshman go ahead and have fun with it.


He's a true freshman in terms of eligibility. All true means is he has the option of redshirting.

Ah Cripey!

You've been Criped!

it's impossible to be a greyshirt AND be on the team

due to scholarship rules, a greyshirt is a kid who has to wait a semsester before enrolling in school, or pertains to a kid who enrolls, but does so on their own dime. Either way, greyshirts are NOT on the team and cannot participate in any team function.


Good to hear Aaron Burks just has a sprain and nothing more serious. Looked like it could be worse watching the scrimmage.


I disagree with the self-imposed penalty approach. It's ok to admit you did wrong & work to clean up the program prior to the NCAA's findings. However, it's tacky to penalize yourself after years of denying the infractions. We should let the NCAA do their job & penalize us accordingly. End of story.

It's not tacky,

and not the end of the story. Everybody self imposes penalties to show that they take compliance issues seriously. Sometimes the self-imposed penalties are deemed satisfactory by the NCAA, and sometimes they aren't. Years of denying the infractions? The football team opened itself to additional minor infractions by honestly self-reporting things for clarification that they weren't even sure were infractions. And, the only major infraction was by the women's tennis coach who was immediately fired by the university as soon as they learned what he had done. Boise State football runs a pretty clean program. End of story.

Redshirt bubble

I'm hoping all three of those guys play this year because I think they could help us win at some point during the schedule--even if they don't play in every game. And, I believe that this may be our best chance to make a run at the NC game and that will require tremendous depth at all positions. Jeffrey Worthy should be on that bubble too, he has that monster size and strength to contribute right away.

The SEC officials will

The SEC officials will subject Georgia to far more scrutiny. As a matter of practice, Georgia commits a lot of penalties. Playing penalty-free football is definitely not their "forte". Georgia typically commits very...'stupid and untimely' penalties. They keep the shotgun aimed at their foot and 'shoot often'. They improved some last year, but even that improvement obviously did not provide any advantage. It seems to be derived from "poor coaching" and a very undisciplined mindset. Advantage: Boise by a mile!"

The SEC officials will - CHECK YOUR FACTS

Interesting you point out Georgia's penalty problems. You are right that they have had some trouble. As for Boise's advantage...lets look at the NCAA website updated as of Jan 12, 2011

Ranking of Fewest Penalties Per Game
Georgia - tied for 31
Penalties - 68
Penalty yards - 545
Penalties/game - 5.23
Penalty yards/game - 41.92

Boise St. - tied 51 (lower is better as it is fewest penalties per game)
Penalties - 74
Penalty Yards - 771
Penalties/game - 5.69
Penalty yards/game - 54.69

Officials Will

do the best they can. Does not matter which conference they are from. Will they make mistakes? Yes, they are human. It's part of the game. It makes more sense to use SEC off's for the game as they are from the South and the game IS being played in the South. What would you have them do, fly in Big 10 or PAC 10 off's for a non com game in the South?

Give the refs a break.