Boise State's Petersen excited about Brian Scott's Bronco-themed car

By Brian Murphy

Boise State football coach Chris Petersen wants to take a little spin in Brian Scott's No. 11 Nationwide Series car. Scott, a Boise native, will drive a Boise State-themed car in the Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sept. 3 — the same day as the Broncos' season opener against Georgia in Atlanta.

"I think the car and that whole concept is awesome. I just wish I could be there in the car — for maybe a warm-up lap, get a little speed with the Scotts," Petersen said Wednesday.

Petersen said when he first saw the car and its No. 11, he thought they were putting senior quarterback Kellen Moore's number on the car. Then he realized No. 11 is Scott's number, too.

"This is perfect karma," Petersen said.

He said he hopes the publicity helps Scott. Petersen knows Joe Scott, Brian's father.

"I hope we get the name out there for the Scotts as well, the great race car driver that he is. I hope ESPN is cutting back and forth, showing some of the game and where he is in the race. It's a really cool concept," Petersen said.

Original story

Boise native Brian Scott will drive a Boise State-themed car in the Sept. 3 Nationwide Series Great Clips 300 at Atlanta Motor Speedway — the same night as the Broncos’ season opener against Georgia.

Scott, a 23-year-old Boise High graduate, said the tie-in is an outgrowth of his sponsorship with the Albertson Foundation and its “Go On” campaign to promote college attendance by Idaho high school graduates.

“One thing led to another,” said Scott, who is the great-grandson of Joe and Kathryn Albertson.


Brian Scott will drive the No. 11 Bronco-themed car in Atlanta on Sept. 3.

The race begins at 5:30 p.m. Mountain time and will be televised on ESPN2. The Boise State-Georgia game kicks off at 6 p.m. Mountain time and will be televised on ESPN.

“We’ve done a lot of talking with ESPN, who is doing our race. I think they’re going to do some cool cross-promotional stuff between the game and the race,” Scott said. “Hopefully the race fans that are watching will be able to keep track of what Boise’s doing and vice versa.”

Scott said he is a big Boise State fan. His family has a suite at the Stueckle Sky Center and he makes it to at least one game per season.

Right now, Scott only plans to run the car with the Boise State design in Atlanta. The colors are not painted on the car; instead it is a vinyl.

Scott, who drives the No. 11 car in the series, is in the first year of a two-year contract with Joe Gibbs Racing. Gibbs was a three-time Super Bowl championship-winning coach of the Washington Redskins.

Scott is currently ninth in the Nationwide Series standings. He has three top-10 finishes in 24 starts. He will ride at Bristol this weekend.

“Hands down, this has been the toughest season I’ve ever had. We’ve had some bad luck,” Scott said. “It’s been very disappointing. We’ve been fast and had some good performances, but we can’t seem to catch the breaks that we need.”

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Not a Bronco fan...

...but I do follow NASCAR and that is a nice looking car. The fact that is just happens to be #11 is a pretty cool coincidence.


Huge BSU AND NASCAR fan! With a Boise driver flashing around the track in Georgia days before the game......TERRIFIC!

same day..

as the game. race starts about the same time.

who cares he never graduated

he never graduated high school

Judging from the nonsense

of your posts, I would guess you didn't, either. Or your reading comprehension since the article clearly states he did.

How's that reading comprehension going?

He's a Boise High grad.

High School Grad

It's true he graduated high school I think it is awesome he is doing this, but isn't it kind of funny he is promoting the post-high school "Go On" initiative to get more college bound students when he stopped after H.S.

No problem here...

Looks to me like he's found a good career without a college degree. It's not for everyone.

Murphy what is this?

Blank field.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

oh god, you again !

wisebutt, just go far far away, don't come back for the good of all who live in this city. You are such a downer. Your the one that needs to be taken out back behind the wood shed. maybe we can turn you into a football and they can use you for field goals. Bet your wife doesn't even like you.

Don't feed

the attention-starved, sad little troll.

footballs are

made from higher grade material--pig skin.


It's so refreshing to see a trust-fund kid finally catch a break! Nepotism - pass it on!

Just like Paul Menard!

Won at Indy and still in the hunt for the Chase. The trust fund might get you the car, but ability is what keeps you in it. Joe Gibbs Racing won't keep him on the team if he doesn't perform. Last year he was runner up for Rookie of the Year and this year he's 9th or 10th in points. Don't be a hater.

Yes, how dare he be born into a family with money.


Great Driver in Nationwide

He is a very good driver and deserves this. Too bad for the rest of you loosers that think you deserve something. He drives fast and clean and has been knocked out of several top 5 finishes - the last in Montreal this last weekend. Go Brian - Go Boise!! BRONCO NATIONWIDE

He knocked himself out...

of the race, with no help from anyone! Most of the races he has had end badly are due to his stupidity really. Not all, but most

Nascar home drivers

Most insults about NASCAR drivers come from people that have never driven over 80 mph (most likely they drive 45 on Eagle road because 55 is too fast for them). Try driving 175 to 200 mph inches away from the driver in front and behind you for three hours or more. Then tell us how bad of a driver these guys are. Things happen very fast at that speed.

I've been over 150 mph numerous times and the difference between 120 and 150 would shock the heck out of you. I cannot even imagine what it is like going 175 mph+ around that many cars. If you are a Nationwide or Sprint car driver you deserve respect from anyone that knows anything about cars.

But back to the article, I think the car looks great and I wish him the best of luck for this and all of his races.

And go BSU!!

Yea Korp!

Let'm have it cuz he deserves it! Sounds like a terminal case of success envy.



Trust fund kid

What is wrong with a trust-fund kid?? I hope to make my kids have some, don't we all?? Those who wine about other's success are trying the wrong way to make up for their lack of it.

A truck

A truck would have been more appropriate.