Boise State football coaches face difficult decisions on freshmen

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

As classes start today at Boise State, I’m clearing out my notebook. Here are a few leftover notes:


The only true freshman who definitely will play so far is defensive end Tyler Horn, who is on the No. 2 defensive line. Other candidates include linebacker Blake Renaud, nickel Corey Bell, wide receiver Dallas Burroughs and defensive backs Lee Hightower and Darian Thompson.

Here’s how I’d prioritize that list, in terms of most likely to play: Horn, Renaud, Burroughs, Hightower/Thompson and Bell. Renaud probably will be the No. 5 linebacker. The question with Burroughs is whether he’d get enough playing time to make it worthwhile. The Broncos lack depth in the secondary — at least until cornerback Ebo Makinde returns — but probably can get by without playing a freshman. And the issue with Bell is that his playing time likely would come exclusively on special teams, which might not be enough to justify using him.

The Broncos only have five scholarship players in the class of 2014 and would like to play some of these guys to add them to that class, but coach Chris Petersen recently backed off his previous insistence that several freshmen play.

“First and foremost, they’ve got to be good enough and they’ve got to be able to help us,” Petersen said. “You don’t want to play anybody for just a few plays. When you play a freshman, you’re playing him.”


Offensive line coach Chris Strausser, on true freshman offensive linemen Marcus Henry, Rees Odhiambo and Adam Sheffield: “They’ve been great. I’m really pleased with this group of guys. … It’s a good, competitive group. They’re all really into it. All three guys have a chance to be good players for us.”


Wide receivers coach Robert Prince, on replacing Austin Pettis: “I know he was a very sure-handed guy and I think Kellen (Moore) could use him as a crutch and we’re still establishing who’s going to be that guy.”


Defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski, on Renaud: “He’s been practicing well and he’s a good football player and he’s very instinctual.”


Versus and CBS Sports are starting to roll out their coverage plans for college football. Here’s a story from USA Today.


The Fiesta Bowl has been moved to Jan. 2. It will air at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN, following the Rose Bowl. The game had been scheduled for Jan. 5 because of concerns about potential NFL schedule changes if the lockout wasn’t resolved.

Then it looks like

Ajayi will redshirt?


He's the No. 5 tailback right now. There's no reason for him to play unless someone gets injured.

cripe he is numberr 6

get youre facts strate cripe

I would bet they havent decided that yet...

and that they might wait a few weeks for that decision based on injuries.

He did look like a good football player last Saturday night tho, didnt he?


Thats a scary thought. Is Lambert ahead of him or Wright?


Malcolm Johnson and Drew Wright are the No. 3s...I think you'd see Johnson in run situations and Wright in pass situations. ... Ajayi looks like he'll be a good player but if Martin, Harper and Johnson are healthy there's nothing for him to do but play special teams.

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Whereabouts of Justin Jungblut?

Anyone know whatever happened to Justin Jungblut? He was a highly rated defensive end.


Still here. He's a big dude, playing tackle, but he just isn't making an impact on the field. He's not in the top five at tackle or the top six at end.

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Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

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If Corey Bell

can help us on special teams, I say that's huge given that special teams, especially kickoff coverage, was one of our main weaknesses last year. I don't want to see Georgia take the opening kickoff to the house; their return guy is probably the best in the SEC. And Renaud made a strong case to play this year by his play Saturday night.

Looks like Pete has the Georgia media

a little butt-hurt.

you hit the nail on the head B43S42U

funny that the article linked to a summary of the regional breakdown of heisman votes and stressd how important it is for candidates like Kellen to get media time. He cited Mark Ingram's vote tally as southern SEC proof, yet failed to connect the dots when it came to Tebow, who despite the fact he had more media time than all the candidates combined, came in dead last in all six regions. Like you said...they're a little butt-hurt over this