Notes, quotes and observations from the Boise State football team's scrimmage

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Here are some notes, quotes and observations on Saturday night’s scrimmage. A recap of the scrimmage is available here — with some fan comments on the action.


The defense was not pleased with its performance. Their goal is three turnovers per practice — they run gassers if they don’t get them — and they didn’t get any in the scrimmage. They also allowed a couple big pass plays and struggled with the running backup quarterbacks.

“That was probably the best thing for us today — going up against those guys who are extremely mobile and that’s what we’re going to see down in Georgia as well,” senior defensive end Jarrell Root said. “It’s not something we normally see but we’ve seen it before and we should have played it a little better.”

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray rushed for 167 yards and four touchdowns last year. Considering the Bulldogs allowed 25 sacks, which counts against the rushing total, that’s a fairly impressive number.


The always entertaining Root broke down his sack of Kellen Moore, on which he knocked the quarterback down (the problem was a miscommunication on the line):

“It’s always good to get a freebie. It definitely was a freebie. The line split and I just got the holy path to Kellen and you just don’t mess with the money. I’m a little upset with myself for throwing him down. That’s not something we want. If he falls down and hurts a finger, I’m going to be sad.”

I’ll have a feature on Root in Tuesday’s paper. He is a fun guy who has become one of the leaders of the defense despite his backup role.


As I posted in the comments of yesterday’s blog, the key aspect of the offensive performance was the lack of sloppy play — turnovers, penalties and sacks. The first-team offense wasn’t as productive as it would have liked but the deck is stacked against the offense because the defense knows the plays and this offense is built around using formations to create matchup issues for the defense. In the scrimmage, the Broncos run their base plays.

The game plan should help the young receivers create separation from defenders.

“When we get to the actual game and we’re able to formation a few things, I think those (receivers) can make plays,” coach Chris Petersen said.

Said Moore: “There weren’t as many mental mistakes (as the first scrimmage) and little detail things that you have to correct. It’s kind of a progression through camp of getting better day after day. I think we’re reaching that point where we’re excited about what’s to come.”


The kicking job is clearly a two-man race between redshirt freshman Dan Goodale, the favorite, and junior Michael Frisina. Goodale has much more pop in his leg, with Frisina limited to 40 to 45 yards. But Frisina has made tremendous improvement since spring ball and had the better scrimmage.

Freshman Jake Van Ginkel apparently will redshirt. He kicked the PATs in the scrimmage but not field goals.

Goodale made a 47-yarder. He and Frisina were each 1-for-2 from 42 yards.

“I do think they’re going to be solid for us, I really do,” Petersen said. “… Those two guys have been competing pretty well neck and neck most of camp.”


My wide receivers preview ran in today’s paper. It included a depth chart that you can read here. It appears six players are going to carry the bulk of the load — Tyler Shoemaker, Chris Potter, Mitch Burroughs, Geraldo Boldewijn, Kirby Moore and Matt Miller. It’s still unclear whether Dallas Burroughs will play this year, but judging by how they used him in the scrimmage I think they’re leaning toward redshirting him. I’m fairly sure Troy Ware will redshirt.

I asked wide receivers coach Robert Prince about Dallas Burroughs the other day.

“He does bring a lot of speed to the group and that’s always good to have,” Prince said. “It took him a few days but now he’s starting to have some football speed out there. We kind of teased him a little bit about it. … When you’re on a track, you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to knock you off your course. That’s one of the things he’s learned. And he has to think a little bit out there on his feet because we do have some adjustments on some routes. He’s doing a better job with that.”


Senior left tackle Nate Potter on the offensive line: “The O-line made progress. I thought we played a lot harder than we did last scrimmage and we played more physical.”


True freshman linebacker Blake Renaud looked good in the scrimmage and has progressively gotten better through camp. I think he’s going to have to be the No. 5 linebacker, which becomes more important with J.C. Percy injured.


Speaking of injuries, here’s the list of guys who didn’t participate: Percy, Shoemaker, defensive tackle Chase Baker, cornerback Ebo Makinde, safety Taylor Loffler, defensive end Nick Alexander, tailback Drew Wright, tailback Zach Keiser and offensive tackle Faraji Wright. Petersen won’t say much on injuries but didn’t seem particularly concerned about them. He said before camp that Makinde likely would miss games with his chest injury. Tight end Chandler Koch limped off and wide receiver Aaron Burks was carted off during the scrimmage. Petersen would only say that those injuries don’t appear to be season-ending.


Coach Chris Petersen was thrilled to see the crowd of 15,632, which beat the Spring Game record of 14,445.

Last year’s fall scrimmage crowd was estimated at 12,500.

“Most impressive, best part of the day. Without question,” he said. “We’ve been practicing for quite a long time here and one thing that we haven’t had anything close to was that energy — not brought by our team but by Bronco Nation. We really needed that. You could tell the change in their demeanor just by (fans) being out here.”


The scrimmage was the last practice of the year that is open to the media. The Broncos will have kind of a quiet week this week, in part because of the three-practice NCAA penalty. School begins Monday, so that’s a day off. The team will be back to practice Tuesday and have another day off Wednesday, when Petersen will have a press conference.


So now that you’ve seen the team in action, what’s your biggest concern headed into the season?

Special Teams

Last season special teams production had fallen off from previous years. I hope they can amp up the kick off return coverage as well as kick off returns. If they use Martin and Harper as kick off return men we should do ok there, but they need better kick off return coverage.

Special teams

Martin and Harper are the return guys.... I wrote a story a week or so ago about the kickoff coverage. They feel like they've fixed that problem, but it is an issue considering the guys they're going to face.

Agree with OldBlue (sounds like a blue-tick hound)

I didn't like the blocked punt last night even though Geraldo's speed had something to do with it. Two other punts were also close to being blocked--scary. My biggest concern, however, is our kickoff return coverage since Georgia's return guy has taken several to the house against SEC competition. I'll be there in Hotlanta, and I'll be sweating the kickoffs. On the other hand, liked our kickoff return formation with our two 320-pounders lined up in the wedge with Doug Martin returning.

Blocked punts

Off the top of my head, I believe one of those rushed punts was real. The others were the punt-block team against the scout punt team. They're supposed to block those punts. That's one thing to keep in mind at scrimmages — special teams are never 1 vs. 1, because so many guys play on both sides. So it's the punt team against a scout punt-return team, or the kickoff team against the scout kickoff-return team, etc.


Small correction, Georgia's KO return unit ranked 85th in the nation and Boykin had 1 return TD.


But he is the only kickoff returner ever with three career 100-yard kickoff returns for touchdowns. He has four TDs in his career. Without watching the games, I would bet the team stats are skewed by a lot of sky kickoffs that result in little return.

Well, last year Boykin

ranked 59th himself. But you're right, over his career he's got almost 2,000. From what I have read, the return problems were more do to a lack of overall depth.

As a side note, we will face 5 top 25 KO returners this year.

What about a punter?

Elkin ain't the answer - never has been and never will be. He has been nothing but a waste of a scholarship since he got here four years ago now.


He's kicking the ball very well and he's much more prepared to handle the pressure than he was as a freshman. I think he'll be fine. Most of the punting last night was by Harman, if you're going off of that.

inexperienced receivers

I'm concerned about drops by the inexperienced receivers v. Georgia.......noise, different facility, Georgia crowd, long way from home, pressure of SEC, great defensive athletes, special uniforms,....

But otherwise ..

You're pretty comfortable with the way things look right? Funny stuff. BSU has a solid team. I will be pulling for BSU all year long starting on Sept 4th.

Man To Man Pass Coverage

I believe most teams we play will be playing catch up vs us, which means they'll throw a lot. If we can play good man to man, incl nickel & backers, then the blitz packages we can add will be devastating. Ad that to our stellar DL pass rush...we get sacks, 3 and out, all know the rest.

We must play good man to man coverage to make this our best D ever.

Not sure

about Troy Ware going the redshirt route, he looked awfully good last night. He is a very smooth and confident route runner, and maybe the closest guy to an Austin Pettis clone--about the same size and faster. Troy and Kirby Moore would give us sure hands on third down conversions.


He is not on the radar for the rotation right now. That great catch he made last night was with the third-team offense. ... As for the Pettis comparison, the closest is Matt Miller. He's bigger and faster than Ware, and he might have the best hands on the team. He made some ridiculous catches in camp. But he'll actually play the Titus Young position. Tyler Shoemaker and Mitch Burroughs are playing the Pettis spot.

Spy v Spy....

MAD Magazine....Alfred E Nuemans out their?

Dont you realize that Dawg fans anc coaches are reading these posts and blogs?

Practice bluffing!

In my younger days, use to play poker....put down the ante of usually $5....when I had 3 of a kind, then usually upped the ante a good $50....a friend would almost always win eventhough he rarely had the best hand....he learned that bluffing was the way to win....

You should be saying....Martin sure looked good last night on his longest carry of 2 yards....or, the punter sure kicked a good 14 yarder....or, Moore was fantastic on the three completions....

You see what this does?....It gets Dawg fans over-confident and licking their chops....

What you are doing is telecasting as their (Dawg) spies....your blogs give excellent analysis of what the Dawgs need to do to beat Boise....look at the Dawg blogs, no telecasting!....look at Bronco blogs, telecasting!

We need to say Bronco stuff in secret, or using secret that Dawgs cannot decode....

Code? Fugly...

You mean like this:

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Like that fugly?

Geez dude...don't u know GA has miles of our game tape/dvd whatever?


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Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

FO....Good points....I


You're right

Dawg fans do sometimes check out your blogs .. and this is funny stuff right here. As for ugly's comments, bluff all you want, but last I checked, I have no eligibility left and won't be playing the game. The morse code was classic.

wiz....excellent code....I was able to

decode it and know exactly what you said....

On Georgia blogs, the Dawgs are taking game serious but also acting like the Carolina game more important....they are bluffing....they know they must beat Boise, or rest of season won't mean much....


Any dawg fan will tell that winning the SEC title (thus USC) is all important. Losing to BSU will pi$$ off the Dawg faithful, no doubt. But losing to USC would pretty much end a chance at an SEC title and may cost CMR his job.


My official stand is that it's


Will translate Morse to letter, list dih-dat for you and play the Morse as you set it to, for speed and pitch.

So I'm yanking your snaffle bits anyway. I don't care if Ugly knows what it was or not. Giggle, kids.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Ugly Needs To Bring His Spandex to Boise...

next weekend...and run in the Dirty Dash Event up the mountain at Bogus Basin. I't like a 5K..Up The mountain, around, and down. Obstacles on the way..wall climbs, barrels, water slide, and finishes with a 40 yard mud pit test..

Great time and good training for your upcoming marathon.

Wizs' wife will run. Wiz? Naw, Wiz is manning the beer stop at the upper lodge.

See u there? Que no??
PS it's Saturday
PSS..UGA will, like all football teams, take their games 1 at a time and BSU is 1st. Their concern with SC is they get them 2nd week...not much of a breather.

Wiz....Ugly has brought his spandex many times to

Boise....Robie Creek, Zeitgeist, Famous Potato, Barber to Boise....just to name a few....

I will look up the event you are talking about and put on list for next year....dont want to hurt calf or twist ankle before Pocatello....besides, final 40 yds might be tempting to find lady and mud-wrestle....

PS....Good luck to your wife on the event....
PSS....What did you do to VNDL? He's MIA?
PSSS....come to Pocy (poky) and I'll buy brewsky....


Do that. It's a fun time. Harder for WIZ than entering, I volunteer. Show up at 6 am sharp. We fill trucklaods of water bottles and haul them to all checkpoints. We haul mega tables around the mountain and set them up. We set up air slide. And many small but important details. Yes, the finish is great. Great hooter shots..all wet, mud, tired, fighting to finish line. Wiz takes pics.

TY for the luck wish.

We might go to Henrys Lake in Sept for a few. If we do, I'll let u know when we are passing by Pocy

wiz....thanks for the link....

I'll have on 'bucket' list for 2012....also, thanks for most events, it is the volunteers that makes things go well....

Henry's Lake....We go there quite a bit in September....usually rent cabin at Phillips Lodge....we dont go to Henrys Lake but hang around Island Park and the Bills Island area....usually go to West Yellowstone and act like tourists....

Yeah, let me know....we may be up there anyway....I usually jog on the red rock road area and also near Johnny Sachs Cabin, about 4 miles from Island Park golf course....

On Boise....they sound very good from the blogs and from the Readings of this Sunday papers of the Journal and Post Register....Hope Boise does well....them being ranked 5th is good for Idaho and places them another shot at the NC....

Here's Link Ugly....

WOW...So BSU "Sports" Addicts Devolve Even Moreso !

"Bronco stuff" cannot be secret. It is blatant, "industrialized," greed of patent uselessness to humanity, pretending to be collegiate sport. And, as far as the enterprise of bestowing value upon the world is concerned, the Broncos are already beaten. Irrevocably.


your deal? Why the hard on for athletics, and in particular, BSU athletics?

Get cut from sports before? Failed to make the grade? Joc rip your girlfriend away at some point?

Or are you just a lil guy and croquet wasn't an official sport in your day?

Ugly was messin most of us, kinda bored until the season kicks off.

Useless? Well, what about the hundreds of thousands of jobs sports provides? Value? I suppose the $$ spent by the payrolls of those jobs, back into the economy, has no value. Right?

Or...are you just another butt hurt Vandal?

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Thought maybe he was going to go off about "Ivan Moreso", famed abalone diver.

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Mr. Vox Clamantis dresses up in midieval outfits and recites poems in Latin in Julia Davis Park. This is true. He has 3 followers.

His heart yearns for the days of yore; where hes a "knight", we Bronco fans are "peasants", and the "ladies" dig the sophisticated nerds. Society today is bad. Utopia can only be reached through a few grapes and your favorite poem. And really cool sword fights where the swords are made out of fabric. It makes one feel superior to the low lives who like steak over grapes and football over Latin.

Well, Maybe...

The poster is definitely in need of seeing a quantum mechanic for a proton tuneup.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.



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figured it out. A Renaissance Faire dude.

Splains' a lot....

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This guy might be harder to get rid of...

Vox Clamantis is Latin for gonorrheasyphilis.


And VNDL thought it was penicillan he was pumping him full of??

Sheez...No wonder we ain't seen VNDL...

PS (razor..that should lure him out in the open..snicker)

Ω Well, JL ...

... somewhere Al Capone is "clapping" right now.

BSU4342....Yeah, but you know the


If Georgia loses, it was because it was not an SEC team and they had to prepare for USC and possible SEC title....thus, didn't have time to prepare for Boise....

If Georgia wins, this will give a boost in ratings for Georgia and confidence in beating USC....for Georgia, it would have been better if USC first, and then Boise....

Boise has to clobber Georgia....

Georgia has to beat Boise....

This is do-or-die for both teams....

On Georgia blogs, they act like this is just another game and USC is more important....but most blog time is about the Boise-Georgia game...

Point made Ugly

USC's biggest game is not walking all over themselves right now.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

My biggest concern

The experience (not the talent) at WR still looms large for me. Miller may be a Pettis clone but hasnt played in front of a hostile 60k+ crowd. However, having Kellen makes a world of difference for the youth of the WR corp. And theres plenty of good solid guys in that corp. Weve come a long ways from 03 04 when TJ Acree was #1, #2 and sometimes the #3 option at WR.

The second thing is the secondary. I thought Febis was consistent and Iloka steady as always. Yet something seems amiss. Not sure if its just knowing we dont have JJ back there making sure tackles. I do like the size going 6-3 215+ for both the safeties. I think nickel is fine and my only concern about the linebackers is depth.

A little warning for

those headed to the game.

It seems Georgia fans have a little tradition........

Do not try this at home

4 BSU players on Rivals All-American team

BSU has 4 All-Americans on the Rivals Pre-Season picks.
1st team: OT Nate Potter
2nd team: QB Kellen Moore, DT Billy Winn
3rd team: RB Doug Martin
Only Alabama had more Rivals Preseason All-Americans, with 6.

special teams center

What was going on with the 6+ bad hikes on special team punting? That really gave the punters a long night.


Talked to VNDL. He's been away a lot. We'll see him on here soon.

Ω Figured as much.

He's got some catching up to do. 'Bout a lap down.