Boise State football fans have a role in Saturday's scrimmage

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team is taking a different approach to its scrimmage Saturday. The coaches want fans to cheer for the offense or the defense based on which color roster card they receive. Fans with a blue card are asked to cheer for the offense and fans with an orange card are asked to cheer for the defense to create a more game-like atmosphere.

Here’s the scoring system that will be used:


Touchdown - 6 points
; Field Goal - 3 points
; Extra Point - 1 or 2 points


Touchdown - 6 points
; Turnover - 3 points; 
Fourth Down Stop - 3 points; 
Sack - 2 points; 
Safety - 2 points
; 3-and-out - 1 point; 
Hold to field goal inside Red zone - 1 point

The scrimmage begins at 7 p.m. at Bronco Stadium and admission is free. This is the only chance for fans to see the Broncos in action before the Sept. 3 season opener against Georgia.

The defense dominated the first scrimmage of the fall. That scrimmage was closed to the public and media.

“We got our butts whooped last time,” senior fullback Dan Paul said. “It was kind of a low-energy type of deal with no crowd. It’s definitely going to be a little different with the crowd out there. We’ll have to definitely bring it.”

Paul doesn’t mind the idea of the fans cheering for the defense.

“That’ll be interesting,” he said. “Our defense, give them props because they are definitely top of the line and they deserve to be cheered for just as much as the offense.”

Bob Behler and Pete Cavender will broadcast live from the scrimmage on KBOI (670 AM) and KKGL (96.9 FM).


My tailbacks preview ran in today’s newspaper. Here are a couple extra comments from running backs coach Keith Bhonapha:

On Malcolm Johnson: “Malcolm, when he was here (the first time), he was a downhill runner. Coming back he’s doing the same thing with a little more weight on him and he’s just as fast.”

On his goal for the group: “I want these guys to come out of the game knowing they played as hard as they could, their assignments were solid and that they had a good time doing it.”

On Jay Ajayi: “He shows flashes when he gets the ball in his hands that he has good speed. He shows some promise for the future.”

On Johnson and Drew Wright as backups: “They know what they’re doing and they can be somewhat effective. There are tweaks you have to do with both those guys, but they’re solid backup guys.”


Boise State has added the Mountain West logos to the field at Bronco Stadium. The purple-and-gray logos are at the 25-yard lines, with one in the northwest portion of the field and one in the southeast. The logos, which are much larger than the old WAC logos, were patched into the field with colored turf.

Getting close......

yeah, that's a good video for sure

I love the color effect in the video that changed the endzones from orange to grey...that really looked sharp! That might be a pretty cool way for the new AD to put his mark on a new era of Bronco Football if he were to make the endzones grey. I know the tradionalist on't approve, but to me, it looked really good. What your opinion on that B43S42U?


Hadn't really thought about it. I think the new AD can make a splash by getting a home-and-home with Texas, or USC, or Florida, in his first month or two.

Thats a Key Point....

Easier said than done, but I believe you NAILED an expectation of the fan base, supporters, Kustra, even sportscasters ...of a new AD. Get something done and quickly.

We'll see.

I'm told that a

home and home with one of historically top teams would bring in $5M almost immediately from booster.

Two birds with one stone type of things.......


for the post, cool video.

However..I didn't see any size, speed, or strength. Without that, can't run on UGA. Can't run, then can't pass.



What do you call a 350 pound Georgia fan?

A Murphy?

TF..LOL..I ran it thru and your post already registerd there.

How about a poolboy?

Did it give the answer?

If not.......



But it will now.

From what I've seen on some blogs..(not read as much as you)..they are all pretty closed minded and you have to hunt for some true knowledge.

Your take?

What I have found

is that SEC fans truly believe that their athletes are faster/bigger/stronger than any other conference/team. Even when you show them facts (they freak about Martin) like height, weight, 40 times, and such, they just ignore it. They tend to anoint a player who has yet to play a college down as future 1st round draft choice or an all-American. They completely blow off BSU's schedule. Georgia fan loves to bring up the 2005 game (even when they are reminded their QB was in junior high when that game was played).

There is some good ones as well, but all in all, they do not take BSU too seriously.

Ignorance of Facts

is commonplace with homer fans.

Rude awakening headed their way. Biggest difference is Defense (other than QB), as you well know. 05 Team was not in the same hemisphere when it came to defensive talent. IMO, speed is the huge difference. We've not had a DLine with size and speed (like now) until the last 3 years.

Martin is the "loved" NFL prototype right now. Built Low, Mach 8 to the line, peripheral vision, instincts, and of course the mule like strength. By no means a "knock" on 41, but Martin will do much better (barring injury this season) in the NFL arena. There are many who will laugh and argue, but I'll eat my crow IF it's proven I have to, and not until then.

If the game plan runs AT GA, mixes a stretch run here and there, and short play actions from Kellen, it'll be along day for the DAWGS...

This should give you an idea

This is from a Georgia fan

"Wow......I thought that what I said was easy to understand, I totally didn't mean to give the impression that UGA could eliminate the run game...let me try again

UGA's D is more balanced to defend against the BSU offensive counterparts, our DBs outmatch your WRs which leaves our LBs to focus on the running game or short pa$$es. Doug Martin is good, but without the help of P & Y to spread out the D, HE WILL BE LESS PRODUCTIVE!!! Boise does not have one of the best passing games in the country (not even close), on the other hand, UGA DOES have elite WRs, which will outrun, outmaneuver, and outsmart BSU's weak secondary.

UGA's pa$$ing game will be great right from the start, which will demand double coverage, and improve our RBs productivity.
BSU's passing game will be non-existant, which will allow man-to-man coverage, and create a dominant UGA run defense."

He's a good dude, but he truly believes this stuff.

Shoot Me A Link

to that blog..I'll watch your backside. Or, FB it if you don't want some our local Depends Napkins embarrasing us over there.


I know we will move the ball. I know out pass rush will be steller. Here's the deal. I don't want to see a game like we've had before. Big lead ar Autzen then pizzin it away. Big lead vs OK then hangin on. Nice lead vs VT then tight finish. I want a lead, hold it, and make a statement.

ESPN game board

Stay away from 'patrick", and take "walker" with a grain of salt.

Ω Read your ESPN posts

Don't see how Jefferson get suspended unless something worse than a bar fight occurred.

Miles and the "faithful" won't have it.

If he's

arrested, he gets a game suspension.......

Surely they are deceased after all these days...


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.



Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

wisdomman- the reason you didn't see any size speed or strength

is because they were wearing blue!


Is not allowed on blue. Just like green is not allowed on green. (wink)

Do they get to practice subtle opponent tripping? or whatever


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Do you happen to know

Will KBOI stream the scrimmage live on the internet?


Here's a link for the Georgia Uni's (will be posted tomorrow at noon)

Anybody have a clue on when/where the BSU Uni's will be unveiled?

your post sent me googling

didn't find anything on BSU but here's some rumored nike procombat NFL prototypes


Still no word from Nike or Boise State.

Thanks Chadd

I'm usually pretty good at sniffing stuff out and I can't find anything.....

Georgia fans

I think you guys just read the homer blog people from georgia. I was in Atlanta over the 4th of July and talked to lots of Georgians since I was wearing around BSU shirts the whole time. Most of the fans have the same take on the game as the georgia coach, in that they hope it is a good game and not a BSU blow out. They know their own team has been struggling lately and isn't the team it once was.

Our new uni's


Link does not work: OBNUG 404


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.


too funny!...