SI ranks Chris Petersen the nation's third-best coach; read the Mountain West rule on noisemakers

By Chadd Cripe
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Sports Illustrated ranks Boise State football coach Chris Petersen No. 3 in its college football preview edition, which hits newsstands Wednesday.

The rest of the top five coaches are Gary Patterson of TCU, Nick Saban of Alabama, Bob Stoops of Oklahoma and Gene Chizik of Auburn.

The preview also lists Boise State-TCU as the seventh-best game in the nation this year.

SI ranks Boise State No. 8 but predicts the Broncos will finish 11-1 overall and 6-1 in the Mountain West. Which game the magazine predicts Boise State will lose was not available, but the Broncos are the highest-ranked Mountain West team.

The Boise State story focuses on the wide receivers and primarily sophomore Geraldo Boldewijn.

The full SI Top 25 is listed at the bottom of this post.


Got an answer today from Playboy on the amount of the donation it will make to the Boise State general scholarship fund in honor of Kellen Moore being named the Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete: $5,000.

Past winners include Drew Brees and Chad Pennington. For more, here’s my post from yesterday.


Fans don’t seem pleased with the Mountain West’s rule banning artificial noisemakers (story here) — including horns. Here is the complete rule, courtesy of the MWC:

“Artificial Noisemakers. Artificial noisemakers of all types are prohibited at all times for all contests, Conference or non-Conference, indoor or outdoor. This means any such item cannot be brought into the facility or utilized. It is incumbent upon the host institution game management to enforce this provision and make a concerted effort to prevent artificial noisemakers from entering the facility and to confiscate them if they appear. This is not only an issue of sportsmanship and courtesy, it is a question of spectator safety and competitive disruption. [NOTE: Due to a number of issues with artificial noisemakers last season, this is an area of emphasis in 2011.]

”The MW Joint Council has determined that an institution which fails to prohibit artificial noisemakers will be subject to disciplinary action by the Conference office. Upon an institution's second or subsequent offense, following an initial warning, the institution will be subject to a financial penalty as determined by the Commissioner.

 Institutions should communicate with each other regarding persistent problems and/or notify the Conference office (or staff members who may be on site for the event). The policy for a non-conference road game is at the discretion of that institution/conference.

 The MW Joint Council has repeatedly confirmed that inflatable "clappers" or similar devices are considered artificial noisemakers and therefore subject to this regulation. Although the manufacturers of such devices have questioned the MW's guidelines, the Conference retains the right to establish its own regulations governing competition at its member institutions and thus will enforce the above policy as written. 

“The prohibition against artificial noisemakers does not preclude the use of institutionally-controlled traditions (e.g., cannons, train whistle). Such items, however, must not be activated during game action or at a time that could disrupt the performance of a team or player. For example, it would be permissible to fire a cannon as the ball was kicked off, but not permissible to fire a cannon as the receiver was attempting to receive the kick. 

Cheerleader megaphones and amplified sound systems are also permissible, provided they are utilized in a positive and sporting fashion. Cheerleaders are not permitted to direct amplified sound toward the field and are required to discontinue use of the system when the team(s) breaks the huddle for the next play. Amplified sound may not be utilized during game action or at any time that is disruptive to the competitors.”


Boise State will leave for Atlanta on Thursday night, Sept. 1, because of an NCAA rule that prohibits teams from traveling more than 48 hours before a game to limit the amount of class time missed. There is an exception for games at Hawaii. The Broncos, however, consider traveling to the East Coast more difficult than Hawaii because they lose 2 hours en route.


Running backs coach Keith Bhonapha told me today that sophomore Malcolm Johnson is the No. 3 tailback at the moment. He’s competing with junior Drew Wright for that spot. Johnson has impressed coaches and teammates since returning from a year away for academic reasons.


Two best plays I saw today:

— Defensive tackle Chase Baker shedding center Thomas Byrd in a 1-on-1 blocking drill and hammering tailback Doug Martin in a collision of two of the Broncos’ most physical players.

— A great catch by Boldewijn on a fade.

Also, defensive back Quaylon Ewing-Burton continues to impress. The Broncos need at least three corners and three safeties ready to go and it’s looking like Ewing-Burton, who plays both positions, will be in that mix.


Kickoff coverage was one of Boise State's weaknesses last year. Special teams coach Jeff Choate blames himself because he didn't fully anticipate how the rule limiting wedges to two players would affect return schemes. Teams often used two big linemen.

"Now you've got two of them coming down on Josh Borgman," Choate said, referring to the diminutive cornerback. "That's not good coaching."

Choate is making some adjustments this year — and kickoff coverage will be critical in September. Georgia, Toledo and Tulsa have three of the nation's most explosive kick returners.

"We'll have our hands full," Choate said. "There are some very talented players. But that's why you do this. I don't think we've ever backed down from a challenge. It should be fun."


Sports Illustrated Top 25:

1. Alabama
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Stanford
5. Oregon
6. Florida State
7. South Carolina
8. Boise State
9. Nebraska
10. Texas A&M
11. Wisconsin
12. Oklahoma State
13. Michigan State
14. Notre Dame
15. Virginia Tech
16. Arkansas
17. Arizona State
18. TCU
19. Ohio State
20. USC
21. Mississippi State
22. Missouri
23. West Virginia
24. Auburn
25. Florida

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Sounds like

Chase is ready to go after missing some work in the spring. However, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed on Thomas Byrd's knees holding up, he's an iron-like fixture in the middle of the line.

Lose to a MW team?

Win @ Georgia and then lose to, I'm guessing,TCU @ home, I dont think so. Where do these pundits come from?

Exactly right!

Hit the nail on the head.

Statesman laysoff 9 ?

Curious if the sports department lost anybody?

Ask KTVB then

They didn't say either but as I looked over things I've seen few gone among the staff that wasn't covered by exisiting staff and shuffling.

Why don't you see if the Varsity Extra got cuts.

Why don't you wait behind a restaurant for your scraps?


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

No blue,

no noise makers..... What is this? Golf or football?

you have my vote POTATO2

what the intercourse is pulling off...what is this "kiss your sister" rule but be real quiet about it..wear skirts and don't say "boo" thing they'll outlaw a flatulent expulsion of gas..(they wouldn't let me say fa-t)..artifical noise maker huh do we clap..silent spider clapping ...spread your fingers apart on both hands then tap them together real looks good but silent..this rule sucks... the powers that be know it..i bet all conferences will adopt this stupid rule..sounds more like an NCAA rule....and what about drinking beer thru 3 quarters at RENO..oh wise men of the holding hands and surely no kissing during the game like they do at Texas A& about high fives and chest bumps that to loud..that's deafening sounds right MWC ...sounds like none of you on the council went to a college or high school football game...GOLF is right potato2 shsssssssssss..i got a big middle finger for those idiots on the speaks softly but makes a great point !!!


Now THAT'S funny. I don't care who you are. Not only does the rule suck, this conference move is really starting to suck.

So pete beats

2 of the top 5 coaches and is number three? And before you give me the patterson crap. BSU won last and with patterson and stoops they were flat out out coached...... they had better athletes, better programs and bam, statue left and brotz fake punt. COACHING.

Right Tater2

How do 2 coaches he beat in BIG games by COACHING come in higher? Guess the real ranking doesn't give them anything to strive for huh?


Simple. Same credibility crap we battle year end and year out.

How anyone puts Stoops in there, looking at his BCS record, is beyond any normal comprehension...

Stoops is No. 4...

Patterson, Saban, Petersen, Stoops, Chizik.


This is his entire career in a nutshe11-
(1) undefeated season
(1) 1 loss season
(4) 2 loss seasons
(3) 3 loss seasons
(1) 4 loss season
(5) seasons with 5 or more losses
@ Michigan he lost 24 games in 5 years
@ LSU he lost 16 games in 5 years
@ Bama he's lost 16 games in 4 years

....and SI considers him to be the 2ns best coach in football? Sure he has 2 BCS championships, but Coach Pete has 2 BCS bowl wins, which if it weren't for BCS politics, those 2 BCS wins would probably have been BCS championships

Then there's Gene Chizik with his overall record of 32-42 as SI's 5th best coach?


Tulsa & SD State Considered BCS Busters....

Improving our SOS...we'll play 3 of 6 other BCS Buster potentials..


Notice that BSU is ranked lower than two PAC-12 teams? Stanford and Oregon ranked higher. Both are in the Northern Division of the PAC-12 and the north is supposed to be the weaker of the two divisions. What's that say about BSU if it were in the PAC-12? WEAK! WEAK! WEAK!

7th best matchup BSU vs TCU.

How about the Stanford vs Oregon matchup. Must be No.1

Go Huskies!!

Enough said! Does BSU even have UofW on their future schedule? Chickens!

Do Your Homework Melonhead..

BSU had a home and home with UW,,,BSU went over there, lost, and then UW paid the buyout and would NOT come to the Blue. Who's clucking??



Common misperception that Washington bailed on Boise State. That was always a one-game contract. The upcoming games are in 2013 in Seattle and 2015 in Boise.

TY Chad

I stand corrected. I had heard that, seen that posted on many occasions


Are you apologizing?

The Huskies would never "duck" out on a chance for a gimme game. Frankly, the BSU facilities are not up to the standards that the Huskies typically schedule. I'm sure they'd rather play in a facility like the Kibbie Dome against a quality team that represents the whole state of Idaho not a regional team like BSU.


You're just a troll and not very good at it

Haha trolls are so funny

Noteable up to Huskie standard facilities on their first game of 2011:

Eastern Washington Univeristy and it's lava field.

Be nice BP, UW just hired a BroncoAlum as their Assistant Tennis Coach, Luke Shields. Boise State has some quality product, at least the people that actually represent UW (not trolls like you) understand that. Have a great day!

Maybe by 2015

Maybe by 2015 BSU will have a decent sized stadium. Then again, this is the state of Idaho...sooooo maybe by 2025?


we do, but that's a little too much football knowledge for you

How about them DUCKS!!!

BSU would lose to the DUCKS!


that before......



in your wet dreams

You quake like a duck, but if your such a duck fan, then just read the oregon papers. Good lord, we're not over there ragging in the oregon papers about your ducks.

We used to be. No need to anymore.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.


In your house or ours, opps guess we've seen both. Think you package has been in the duckie pool a little too long, it's looking little swiveled up and backed up against it own end-zone.

BSU Would Pluck The Ducks Tail Feathers

You Duck fans said that in 2008 and 2009 if we were to play this season it would be a BSU threepeat.

The Ducks are fast, real fast

But they are in deep trouble. Here are a couple of soon to be "dead ducks" as far as this football season is concerned. That they were caught going a marijuana propelled 118 MPH, the driver without ID or license, in a car that was rented by a University employee is likely to be of great interest to the NCAA.

Oh well the Ducks will recover from this little setback, in about a decade or so.

I have

always maintained that we are more likely to watch coach Pete go to the NFL rather than another school. When great coaches get to this level it is usually a natural transition point...
Just sayin....


You have maintained wrongly!

I've never seen a community college coach go directly to the NFL.

That's because you are short-sighted

happens all the time........

never seen an outhouse rental guy on here before

So what outhouse rental co. you work for now.

Outhouse Company

I work for only the best outhouse company...Bronco Billies Blue Turf Toilets!

SI saids we lose to a Mtn West team.

Well that should put the chip on the shoulder there for the team. Guess the rally cry should be, Remember Neveda !


In the Pac-12, BSU might be a .500 team. Decent but middle of the pac. I honestly just don't think they could hang with a scedule where they're playing quality teams week in and week out. You have to admit that playing in their conference is not exactly going to get them ranked in the top 100 toughest schedules. Geez! Bronco fans...get real!

Oh Yeah!

Go DUCKS!!! Quack Quack!!

why is an Andy Dalton-less TCU getting so much love?

especially so considering key losses in the O-line?



SI is Wrong!!! They Dissed the vandals

SI has really blown it. How could they disrespect that mighty vandals from u of i and Coach Akey? Certainly it must be an oversight to not have vandals in the top ten and Coach Akey in the top five for coaches. I do hope the vandals decide not to retaliate and cancel all 15,012 subscriptions they have to SI.

Is the Mountain West

Is the Mountain West Conference the NFL (No Fun League) or what. Maybe Gene forgot to tell Bob about all of these rules when blind ambition was the rule of the day and got the axe for it. Who knows....

I can't believe they have a committee about joints

Shall we fine 'em?

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Okay, so the committee has to split and head over to Gina's, and somebody has to soothe her old man, he about killed me last week!

We're gone.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

South Carolina?

We would kick the GamecoX...uh, cox? (I swear, the system is making me change this...very weird)
Well, you get the point. And Oregon? Give me a break. Home or away, I'd give them 9 points.

Cannot wait for football!


MWC does not like anything drowning it's own noise.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

It is really funny to me how the names change...

It is funny to me how the names on here change but it's the same comments. Memo to Oregon Duck fans... we beat you soundly in both your house and ours. The sooner you accept that the easier your life will be. I love the high quaility of the new pac12 teams. We distroyed Utah in the Vagus Bowl last year and Colorado couldn't beat a Junior High PE class. Way to add quaility programs Pac12... WOW!!!!