Boise State QB Kellen Moore makes Playboy All-America team, Broncos ranked No. 2

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Boise State senior quarterback Kellen Moore has been named to the prestigious Playboy Preseason All-America Team.

Moore won the Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete award, which recognizes a player for a combination of academics and athletics. Playboy makes a donation to the school’s general scholarship fund as part of the award.

Moore is the third Boise State player named to the Playboy list, which includes a first team only. Previous honorees were offensive tackle Ryan Clady (2007) and cornerback Kyle Wilson (2009), who became NFL first-round draft picks.

Playboy also ranks Boise State No. 2 going into the season, behind Oklahoma. Stanford’s Andrew Luck is the All-America quarterback.

Playboy’s 55th annual College Football Pigskin Preview is on newsstands now.

Here are the complete rankings and All-American team:

Top 25 Teams:
1. Oklahoma
2. Boise State
3. Oregon
4. Stanford
5. LSU
6. Alabama
7. Oklahoma State
8. South Carolina
9. Florida State
10. TCU
11. Michigan State
12. Texas A&M
13. Nebraska
14. Auburn
15. Virginia Tech
16. Notre Dame
17. Missouri
18. Mississippi State
19. Wisconsin
20. Arkansas
21. Florida
22. Arizona State
23. Texas
24. Northwestern
25. Georgia

Preseason All-America Team:

Coach of the Year: Steve Spurrier - South Carolina
Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete: Kellen Moore - Boise State
Quarterback: Andrew Luck – Stanford
Running Backs: Trent Richardson - Alabama; LaMichael James – Oregon
Wide Receivers: Ryan Broyles - Oklahoma; Justin Blackmon - Oklahoma State; Alshon Jeffery - South Carolina
Center: Mike Brewster - Ohio State
Offensive Linemen: Seantrel Henderson - Miami; Riley Reiff - Iowa; Matt Kalil - USC; Jonathan Martin – Stanford
Defensive Linemen: Quinton Coples - UNC; Jared Crick - Nebraska; Brandon Jenkins - Florida State; Jerel Worthy - Michigan State
Linebackers: Tank Carder - TCU; Vontaze Burfict - ASU; Luke Kuechly - Boston College
Defensive Backs: Jayron Hosely - Virginia Tech; Chase Minnifield - Virginia; Stephon Gilmore - South Carolina; Mark Barron – Alabama
Placekicker: David Ruffer - Notre Dame
All-Purpose Player: Cliff Harris – Oregon
Punter: Drew Butler – Georgia
Kick Returner: James Rodgers - Oregon State


In the Monday morning practice, sophomore defensive back Quaylon Ewing-Burton made a nice interception — leaping in front of the receiver and catching the ball as he fell to the ground. Ewing-Burton has made several nice plays in camp as he splits time between cornerback and safety.

Wide receiver Chris Potter had a nice practice on offense. He made a couple of 20-yard catches during a team session.

In the afternoon, Ewing-Burton made another interception. Backup quarterback Joe Southwick engineered a drive for a field goal, using his legs to keep the play alive several times.


I’ve been asked frequently during camp about the conditions in the Georgia Dome and specifically whether humidity will be a factor.

Here’s the answer from Georgia Dome communications specialist Jason Kirksey: “The Dome is completely air conditioned at always 72 degrees. Humidity is normally not a factor inside the Dome since the temperature is maintained and outside weather does not have a major impact on the inside of the building.”

Boise State has had cramping problems in humid environments, including last year’s opener in Landover, Md.

Not taking any chances, coach Chris Petersen heated up the Caven-Williams Sports Complex on Monday afternoon and created a humid environment — a tactic he also used last year.


Former Boise State quarterback Mike Coughlin has been released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So if Playboy

So if Playboy has their All-America choices get together for a team photo, do the players have to be naked? Just wondering...Sunny...

I hope

Sunny's mother in law must have hit him over the head and stolen his computer.

Does anyone actually read Playboy for the pictures anymore and not the articles? Seems kinda old school...

I can get free samples via Google, it's spendy now and YES


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

take a collection

from the folks at work and find out, who knows you might be pleasently suprised

I dont see

I don't see how Boise can be above Oregon when Oregon went to the big show last year (UD) and lost fewer big name players than Boise. Boise lost to Nevada last year. Cmon, Oregon, logically speaking, should be ranked above Boise State.

Useing YOUR Logic....

How many spots should Oregon Be Over Nevada? Nevada destroyed CAL while Oregon struggled and eeked out a last posession kick win...So.."logically speaking"...Nevada should be ranked over Oregon..???

Where do these guys come from??


He isnt the only idiot. Reading some SEC blogs its easy to see the delusional dorks. One dude said Boise States biggest weakness was its defensive line. The real issue is, these guys dont do their homework. They dont care to know anything but will be the first to spout off and act tough. They know the SEC and everyone else be dam-n-e-d. USC fan, Ohio St. fan and now Oregon fan join their ranks of delusion.


Did you hear about the Georgia

backup LB that fell off scooter?

A passerby caught it on their cell phone........

Well JL

Guess they think Swyke was our only player lol.

I look for Hout to have a huge game in the opener.

And Tyler.

Thats my gut..big game by those two...Of course theres Doug and Kellen but those 2 will rise up..

Going to the Pres's dinner tomorrow nite??


And these haters think Kellen is a ugly little ducklin. Playboy girls must like him, including the rest of the BSU players.

the process is

pick games, and rankings, then and only then are you allowed to model.. it is the new Heff Hr policy

iffy what's a playboy girl?

are you talking about girls who read/look at playboy, or are you talking about the playboy models, or could it be you're confusing playboy with playgirl? just wondering what you mean


I think the proper term is "bunny" ahem... not that I have ever known.....

Thespian is right.

A few could be multi-powered.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Just Sayin'

I for one never expected to hear the words Kellen Moore and Playboy used in the same sentence. Just sayin'.


Wonder if he's going to get a few chuckles from his teammates today at practice...

Boise number two!!

About time somebody put them where they belong; if only my wife would let me buy the magazine. Oh, and Nate Potter deserves one of the O-line positions, and they must have allowed the playmates to vote on coach of the year--Spurrier, is just unbelievable.

Ummmm, exactly what...

kind of donation does Playboy make??? Just curious.


The guy was non-specific. Asked for specifics and didn't get an answer.

Thanks Chad

Just wondering if they were donating gifts and merchandise. They should actually designate a specific scholarship which would get lots of applicants and have great shock-value for the parents of the lucky recipients-- "Hey Dad, don't worry about my tuition this year. Playboy is taking care of me this year."

Umm, on second thought, instead now all general scholarship recipients could say, "Playboy played a small part in my education this year. And this wouldn't be possible without Kellen!" LOL


I got an answer today — $5,000.

Payboy Rankings

Playboy ranks college football teams?

55 years in a row

Unless annual means something else.

It does to plants.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Playboy is expensive!

Still, no respectable website about mothers who dig their son's best friends has produced any credible football rankings.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

I can hear it now

As Kellen brings the magazine home....."But honey, I am really in it..............."

Congrats Kellen.

As if I ever needed an excuse to pick up a playboy...

#2 ranking for the season opener

A little commentary from the Deep South....first of all, it is both an honor and a privilege to play you guys in the season opener. I've watched a lot of Boise State film from last season and you have a very disciplined, solid, fundamentally sound team that is a pleasure to watch. Color me impressed. At Georgia, we've had plenty of talent over the years, but have had problems with fundamentals, motivation and conditioning that have been maddening to true fans like myself. I just hope we don't get humiliated on national TV. Coach Richt is a fine man, and he seems to be saying and doing all the right things to get the team back on track, but we'll really not be certain until we hit the field on September 3.

There's a reason that you are ranked #2 and we're #25. Let's leave it at that.

Second, you will find that southern fans are as passionate about college football as they are about anything. Unfortunately, idiots are everywhere, and sometimes tend to be more vocal than the folks who actually know something (perhaps hoping that volume trumps actual information somehow). Those of us who truly understand what you guys are all about recognize the strength of your defensive line, particularly on the pass rush side of things. Our young (and thin) OL will have its hands full. Aaron Murray is a pretty mobile QB, but the plays will have to develop quickly or he will spend a lot of the game staring at the Georgia Dome ceiling.

Those of you who are traveling to Atlanta, have a safe trip. Here's to a great contest on Labor Day weekend!

heeldawg....those are nice comments from a southerner to a


I'd like to go to the game, but unfortunately I'll be running the Pocatello Marathon on the same Saturday....

At 6:00 pm though, I will be glued to the tv....

Lets hope it is a very good game and that both sides are satisfied on how they played the game....

Good luck for your team....hope things go well....

PS....I do wish good traveling conditions for those Boiseans heading to the game....


On the Marathon too...or just ridin the bike?

Ω ugly would win ...

... if we could get VNDL to chase him.

There's NO DOUBT 'Bout That......

I've met VNDL....HaHaHaHa

That'll snake him outta the woodwork!

Ω OT, golf

How'd it go. Anyone break par, 75, 80? How were the Pings?

Pings Were Great

Started POORLY, rallied, 44-40. Played 36 in the HEAT..42-39. Strick rules.

Thanks heeldog

(sorry I refuse to type the other canine reference) You are a gentelman and a scholar. Good luck to you and it will be a fun game to watch. You represent well and have given respect to us.

Ω That's class

BSU is equally pleased to play Georgia, as well.

As far as "idiots are everywhere ...", you must have been doing some reading here before you posted. Unfortunately, we don't have either an "idiot" or "ignore" button.

Whichever team wins, it's a big one. And, yes, here's to a great game.

Razor, if there was an "idiot" or "ignore" button... would be the first one buzzed...moron!!


Good to hear from a true southern gentleman and thanks for the kudos. I just hope that Bronco players don't read your post and become overconfident. Let's hope the game is settled with two seconds left in the fourth quarter. On second thought, don't think my heart could survive that kind of finish.

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Hey Razor, your village called...they're missing their idiot...


Hee Haw...Rack Me Moron!!!!

Poor bcluck

You a little butt-hurt from the Playboy rankings. Well don't fret, it will hurt a lot less when you drop the LSU game and out of any NC talk (almost as if you were in the WAC).

boise state ahead of oregon

now & forever.