Boise State football gets commitment from California nickel

By Chadd Cripe
© 2011 Idaho Statesman

Nickel Chris Santini of San Jose, Calif., gave the Boise State football program an oral commitment Monday evening.

Santini (6-foot-1, 216 pounds) chose the Broncos over Pac-12 members Oregon State and Utah, among others. He visited Boise State for junior day in the spring.

“I loved the feeling that I got when I came out there,” he said. “It just felt right to me.”

Santini is the 13th commitment for the 2012 signing class confirmed by the Idaho Statesman.

He’s powerful — he can squat 500 pounds — and aggressive, a good combination for the nickel position. He played safety last season at Leland and will play middle linebacker this season.

“I’m just extremely excited (about) how great it’s going to be when I get there,” he said, “the feeling of knowing that I’m going somewhere that’s so great.”

Here's the updated 2012 recruiting class:

— CB Marcus Rios, 6-0, 170, Cosumnes Oaks HS (Elk Grove, Calif.)
— QB Nick Patti, 5-11, 195, Dr. Phillips HS (Orlando, Fla.)
— WR/RB Shane Rhodes, 5-7, 160, Klein Collins HS (Spring, Texas)
— CB Chaz Anderson, 6-0, 175, Loyola HS (Los Angeles)
— TE Armand Nance, 6-1, 238, Dekaney HS (Houston)
— RB Devan Demas, 5-9, 170, Cypress Creek HS (Houston)
— OL Steven Baggett, 6-4, 250, Martin HS (Arlington, Texas)
— RB Jack Fields, 5-11, 200, Americas HS (El Paso, Texas)
— CB Donte Deayon, 5-9, 155, Summit HS (Fontana, Calif.)
— LB Ben Weaver, 6-1, 225, Klein HS (Spring, Texas)
— OL Travis Averill, 6-4, 280, Servite HS (Anaheim, Calif.)
— LB Andrew Pint, 6-2, 215, Valor Christian HS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
— N Chris Santini, 6-1, 216, Leland HS (San Jose, Calif.)

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..penn state got a verbal from a kid named...jesse james!
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Welcome Chris

LOL gotta love it...the smell was soo bad in Corvallis he didn't even bother to stop in Eugene.

That, combined with reading a few posts by BDUCK, and it was lights out for any Oregon School...

Great article on the kid

Chris at the Nike camp

If we're producing metal now give the nickel back.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

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BIG TIME - Nut job alert

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Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Welcome Chris,

Glad you're moving north to continue to build the tradition. Good luck, and get comfortable in the LB position.


WOW! Not a big man to be found. The tallest player is 6-4! How does BSU expect to compete against the 6-6, 6-7 300 pound lineman that the major schools have? That lineup looks like it belongs at Montana State....@ Billings! So sad! End of the Bronco era coming down the pipe!

Moore not exactly a first teamer...

...The Playboy Pre Season All America Team has Andrew Luck as the QB morons. Two Ducks and seven Pac12 overall.

Moore as the scholar/athlete is the only WAC/MWC/Non AQ pick, abeit, the usual bone thrown the way of the non aq's.

Nice selection donks...Jiffy Lube QB selected as second string...

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Go Ducks!


Who would like to see a comparison of OL and DL lineman recruits between them Ducks and those horses? What a farce...Oregon's recruits would flatten the Bronco's base on size alone.

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In case you decide to come back, here's your comparison.

This years starters:

Oregon D-line

BSU D-line

Don't feel bad, LSU-273, Oklahoma-272, Florida-269, to name just a few D-lines smaller than BSU.

Oregon O-line

BSU O-line

Well look at that, 5 pounds per man............

Your lack of football knowledge is amazing

I will await your next idiot post.

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Like most of you BSU types, you answered the question you wanted not the question I asked. I said to compare "recruits" not this years starting lineup. I specifically said that BSU was going down the tube in the FUTURE because of the size of the OL and DL line size in their "RECRUITS".

Where did you go to school? Read the statement and then give me an answer to that statement...not something you decide to make up and then answer. Any idiot can answer his own question. Being able to comprehend the premise of someone else's thought requires some brains.

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are you saying that the starters for BSU and Oregon are NOT recruits of each school?

Hmm OK, here are 2012 recruits for OL/DL

Alex Balducci
Cody Carriger

Travis Averill
Steven Baggett

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"The Playboy Pre Season All America Team has Andrew Luck as the QB morons. Two Ducks and seven Pac12 overall."

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Stop it y'all. That's freaky.