Boise State defense takes offense 'to the woodshed'; Petersen addresses Bleymaier firing

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State defense manhandled the offense Friday afternoon in the Broncos’ closed scrimmage. It was the first scrimmage of fall camp.

“What’s the phrase?” coach Chris Petersen said Saturday. “ ‘They took you out back to the woodshed and let you have it?’ Our defense let our offense have it in a good way. I don’t know if it was in a good way, but from their perspective it was in a good way. In a big way.”

Stats weren’t provided to the media, but Petersen and the players provided some description.

The offense committed four turnovers and scored two touchdowns, Petersen said. The defense also scored a touchdown. The first-team offense didn’t score.

True freshman defensive back Darian Thompson grabbed an interception and returned a fumble for a touchdown. Petersen also liked what he saw from redshirt freshman wide receiver Matt Miller, true freshman linebacker Blake Renaud, true freshman nickel Corey Bell and senior punter Brad Elkin.

“There were some young guys that really played hard and played with great energy,” Petersen said.

As for Elkin: “Brad Elkin had a really, really good day punting the ball,” Petersen said. “When our offense performs like that, hopefully that punter comes through for you — and he did.”

Petersen said he didn’t need to tell the offense how bad it was. He just showed them some key stats.

“They were screaming loud and clear,” he said.

Senior nickel Hunter White said the pass rush created problems for the offense but he expects that group to bounce back. The same side of the ball doesn’t usually dominate two scrimmages in a row.

Traditionally, it’s the defense that wins the first scrimmage of the fall.

“It seems to be that way and the offense always with a chip on their shoulder comes back in the second scrimmage,” White said. “We’ll have to be ready for that and ready for all that trickery.”

The next scrimmage is at 7 p.m. Aug. 20. That one is open to fans.


Petersen addressed the firing of athletic director Gene Bleymaier. Petersen was told Tuesday night and the move was announced Wednesday.

Petersen opened his press conference with comments about Bleymaier.

“I’ll probably just start … by thanking Gene Bleymaier for all he’s done for this university, for the athletic program and certainly for the football program,” he said. “… He’s done great things here. From here, I think it’s really important for us to focus on this season, to focus on the future and move forward. That’s the one thing we talk to our team always about is not getting caught up in things we don’t control, not being distracted. That’s the main focus right now with our team and our staff.”

On the firing: “Like everybody you’re surprised but then when I also look back, nothing really surprises me anymore, the way college athletics is going. I think this is a tough business and tough decisions have to be made and are going to be made.”

On whether the firing will stall progress with the program: “I have a lot of confidence in Bronco Nation. I always think about that when a little bit of adversity hits, that’s when a team needs to come together. That’s when our team needs to play better. That’s when all our supporters need to rally together.”

On whether he wants to be an athletic director: “Absolutely not. That I have figured out very clearly.”


Here are our audio and video of the Petersen press conference.


A couple notes from Friday’s NFL games:

— Ryan Winterswyk, now playing tight end for Atlanta, had three catches for 9 yards.

— Ian Johnson, playing tailback for the Detroit Lions, had a team-high nine carries for 21 yards.

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of course our defense

probably won't be able to handle that powerful georgia of the sec offense. or maybe they will pitch a shutout that day. wouldn't that be fun.

Those folks

down in Georgia just keep saying that they outweigh us by 50 pounds per man at every position on both lines, so we're in for a big-time "whuppin." And, their local sports writers keep reiterating that UGA's dream-team recruits are, or will soon become "SEC caliber"--further hammering the view that the SEC is the penultimate class in college football. Guess the Broncos will line up and play anyway.

6-0 in the BCS NC game

including the last 5 in a row, by 4 different SEC teams contributes to the idea that the SEC has more good teams than any other conference. No credible people deny this.

The last time we played Boise, it was 48-13. Boise could not compete athletically. The recruiting services say Boise's recruiting has only marginally improved. Next we played undefeated Hawaii and their all world QB in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. Brennan took a worse beating than Zabranski.

I think the attitude of most UGA fans is show me. Until you beat a SEC team, you are not going to get much respect down here. If you beat UGA, you will be respected as a good team.

As to the size difference, it is basically true. Our FB is 274#, which is bigger than your RG and RT. If Samuel starts at TB, you will be facing a 514# toss sweep.
However, there are enough good skill players to fill out most rosters. I'm sure Boise's are good. What separates good SEC teams from the rest are the D lines. Your DE who signed a free agent contract with the Falcons could only bench 225# 18 times. That is average for a UGA RB. Geno Atkins, now starting for the Bengals, did 30 reps at 225#, and ran 4.75 at 293#, at the combine.UGA's current NT runs 4.9 at 345#

I have no idea what will happen on 9/3. I expect Boise to be ready, and I hope UGA will be. UGA can only allow one week of fall practice to prepare for Boise, as the next game is South Carolina, who, IMO, is much more talented than Boise. This is an advantage for Boise. Maybe that will be enough of an advantage that Boise will win. However, don't expect to thump UGA, that isn't going to happen.


Thank you for posting on our blog. You'll find many knowledgeable posters well as some..well, you know.

You'll find the Bronco teams the last 3 years are very improved in the areas you mentioned, athleticism, speed. We've demonstrated the ability to compete in that arena, evidenced Oregon, Or State, VT, TCU... The performances there (and record) speaks for itself.

Most who follow BSU football closely will tell you the last 2 teams are a full cut above any former teams, incl the Fiesta Team that beat OKla.

I agree the show me attitue is probably warranted.

We are looking forward to meeting an SEC Team the caliber of UGA. Looking forward to a hard fought, physical game.

Our Team this year is quite similar to last. You know our QB...our RB is smaller but deceptively quick and quite punishing. O line has a question mark. D Line should be one of our best. We have hitters and some speed. Our receivers need game time.

I will disagree on your prep time. Look ahead to SC if you will, or perhaps set the table as a BSU advantage, but BSU is no different than any other team. Our camp is training, conditioning, development. We will spend a week prep as well. So many come in here and claim we spend all summer preparing for our "only" big game of the year. It's nonsense and just not true.

Thanks. I have enjoyed reading the columns.

UGA is projected to be the 6th best team in the SEC this year. This game should be a good measuring stick for Boise and UGA.


First let's get one thing clear, the SEC has NOT won a single NC. A team from the SEC has won it but not the SEC conference. That said, the SEC is probably the best conference in the land. But it is getting harder to tell, beside being 5-5 in bowl games last year, SEC only plays 10 non-conference BCS games this year (along with 19 FCS/Sub Belt games).

The last time you played Boise, your current starting QB was in Junior High. The 2005 game has absolutely nothing to do with Sept. 3rd.

Bringing up Hawaii is.........dumb

Our O-line goes 300-278-299-288, so no, your fullback is not bigger than our RG and RT. BTW, ask Legarrette Blount how BSU does against big/speedy backs

You probably didn't know this, but our running back (Martin) did 28 reps last year, which would ranked him 3rd in......both your D-line and O-line COMBINED.

Also, I can guaranty you that that CMR will do zero game planning for USC until after the BSU game. Also, both BSU and UGA will start game planning the final week, that's the way it works. It takes every team about three weeks to get the play book down along with timing on the field, no coach would be foolish enough to game plan before the playbooks down.

Thanks for stopping by, come back, we can discussed how well number 1 RB recruits play in their teams first game, or maybe that 3 of your 5 O-line have played in a total of 8 games, or maybe how Jenkins (your 342/4.9 guy) has, as yet, cracked the starting lineup.

All that said, Georgia will be no push-over, but the idea that they have superior athletes is truly bunk.

One last thing, you have top 10 recruiting cla$$es 3 of the last 4 years, that's translated into a 14-12 record the last 2 years.

It would be a penalty for too many players anyway.

The rest of this post is like explaining Zen and speaker cables to an kid who found a nice Garrard in a thrift store.

"Gee mister, where are the records at?"


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

"I have no idea what will

"I have no idea what will happen on 9/3. I expect Boise to be ready, and I hope UGA will be. UGA can only allow one week of fall practice to prepare for Boise, as the next game is South Carolina, who, IMO, is much more talented than Boise. This is an advantage for Boise. Maybe that will be enough of an advantage that Boise will win. However, don't expect to thump UGA, that isn't going to happen."

That is a lot of arrogance and ignorance in one post from a fan of a team that struggled to win half its games last year. South Carolina? what are they ranked....

Sad, but here come the excuses. They overlooked BSU for SC.....
I love beating teams that think this way but I hate how they gloss ovr it after it happens. I say the big fat ridiculous "G" gets toasted by more than two touchdowns.

Nobody knows what will happen on 9/3. Time travel is impossible.

Which quarters are you plying?

If you wanna enjoy a sport, don't analize it.


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Matt Miller

I predict they are going to have a hard time keeping this guy off the field.


Only be one whipping in Georgia, Bronco's whipping the snot out of the dogs.

Blah, blah, blah.

Who cares what "Coach Pete" has to say? Don't like that Bronco fans? Too bad, so sad!


L'infirmière dit que vos cooties sont terminaux. Nous envoyons un prêtre !


Stop it y'all. That's freaky.

Let History be your guide...

In recent years, Boise State has always been ready for the early games. Virginia Tech knows it. Oregon knows it. Oregon State knows it.

Their last 4-loss season was the one that started with the Georgia win... 2005.

Georgia's last season with 4 (or more) losses was last year (6-7)... defeated by South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Colorado, Florida, Auburn and University of Central Florida. It might have been 6-6, but someone made the mistake of thinking Georgia was bowl-worthy, and thus subjected them to the post-season loss at the hands of UCF.

Colorado was a 5-7 team.
Florida went 8-5.
Central Florida at 11-3 had signature losses to NC State, Kansas St. and Southern Miss. and never even got close to playing a ranked team.

True, Georgia did defeat the perennial powerhouses Louisiana-Lafayette (3-9), Tennessee (6-7), Vanderbilt (2-10), Kentucky (6-7). Idaho State (1-10 Div 1AA) and Georgia Tech (6-7). But a six-win season where none of the victories was over a team with a winning record is not much of an endorsement.

I really thought Georgia might have more of a chance until I started doing the research, but if both teams are anything like last year's, the final score should be something like Boise State:55 Georgia:0.

Or, to put things in better perspective, Boise State has lost 5 games in the past 5 years. Georgia lost more than 5 games LAST year.

But it is the south. And the heat and humidity will be high. And the Boise State receivers and running backs will get tired running up and down the field and the defense will probably take a blow on at least ONE series. So maybe 21-7 is more realistic.

What? The game's going to be played in a dome? 55:0 it is, then.

I expect Georgia to be much improved. They could scarcely get worse.


UGA, with all due respect, is not really an SEC powerhouse. I think they have only 4 SEC titles in the last 20 years, with one of them shared and I think one was a default, the year Alabama was ineligible.

I'll have to do some homework but I'm pretty close on that. FLA and ALA have dominated that scene