Idaho, Boise State could be close to scheduling 2013 football game

By Brian Murphy

Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear told the Idaho Statesman on Friday that he and outgoing Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier had a tentative date for a 2013 football game before Bleymaier's firing.

Spear said the two "were looking at the possibility of a date in 2013. Oct. 5th was thrown out there," Spear said. "Nothing was set in stone."

The game would be in Boise.

Spear said he wants to follow up the schedule issue with Boise State's interim athletic director or Bleymaier, whose last day is on Sept. 8.

Spear said he was "absolutely shocked" about Bleymaier's firing and that the news made him sick to his stomach. He said he called Bleymaier and "expressed my sympathies and condolences."

"Gene's always been professional. The rivalry aside, the people in these jobs are human beings. Gene was a tremendous human being," Spear said.

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Gene's Final Flub...............

Figured he'd work Idaho into the schedule on his way out the door. Let's hope Dr. K puts the ax to this nonsensical game that only Vandal fans want.

Mr spear,

Where oh where is this game you speak of? Taking advantage of BSU headlines with an AD situation by addressing a game that is not signed in the media? Sounds like the wrong AD got fired! Gee, maybe bleymeier can call a press conference and address the game that will never happen now that UI is in the media. I can see it now. "We are so sorry to hear about that shooting sex scandal with a crazy phycho. That being said BSU will offer UI one game on the blue in 2016 as part of an agreement with the big sky to host one team every five years."

Geesh and Bronco Bob was accused of bad form for just telling the truth. At least he didnt use another schools turmoil to further his barganing position at the table....

Ω Please, no.

How does that help BSU? That only serves to harm SoS and that's two steps backwards.

How about going after something a bit larger, like the Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC ... away or even neutral would be better.

LOL, you're worried about SOS?

How about those powerhouses Toledo and Tulsa on the 2011 schedule? Or Miami (OH) on the 2012 docket?

Give me a break...

Ω Your break

Nothing can be done about 2011 or 2012. Something can be done about 2013, so don't aim low.


that's why we just scheduled southern miss

Ω Don't like that move, ...

... either.

Bronco fans.... love see their name on TV... gives them a rise.

Hey buddy... are you ready to go? I'm okay, how are you doin'?

As long as the game is only

As long as the game is only in Boise I'm good.


If you don't enjoy watching Boise beat the dog s**t out of Idaho every year you're not a real bronco fan. We should be playing Idaho even if they get knocked down to Division III, who else are we supposed to brag too. Stop being so elitist and remember where we came from.

In regards to Bley, give him a break. He's been pretty good for BSU over the last couple decades.

Bottom Line:

The game is good for the local economy - as long as it's here, I'm good with it too.


Id rather play ISU

Southerm Miss or Idaho

Would you rather have a home and home with Southern Miss or Idaho? Southern Miss and BSU are trading $200K for travel costs, so they only real cash flow for BSU is 1 home game. If they were playing Idaho with the same trade of $200K for travel, BSU could charge extra($10-$20 per ticket) for the home game plus have a sell out. So playing a home and home with Idaho is BETTER than playing Southern Miss.


Great! Let's play a meaningless game and take a chance of our guys getting hurt instead of actually playing someone who's on the same competitive level as BSU. Might as well schedule Kuna High, while you're at it.

no more vandies

The vandies are in the rear view mirror. No need to play them anymore. And if we do, not ever in the cow palace in Moscow.

"Gene was a tremendous human being"

I didn't know Gene was dead???

Good point.

Yah. I noticed that too. You would think the writer or editor would catch that......

But then again

you are talking about Brian Murphy....

No, you are talking about a QUOTE made by that person...

Murphy was faithful to the comment.

I think you're getting lost in all of this.


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Attend to your families, have an affair yet dispatch your misery

Timult be a distant memory.


Y'all are freaky. Stop it.

BSU Future Football Scheduling and FUNDRAISING!

First, about the football schedule. Is there room for an Idaho v. BSU game? Bley was moving in the right direction with the home and home deals with U of Washington and Michigan State. My complaint was always the weak non-con games while BSU was a member of the WAC. Now the MWC offers a slightly better schedule of opponents but still BSU finds itself in a position to push hard a tougher non-con schedule. Yes, it's that old "but you guys don't play any tough teams except maybe one a year" story line that you hear from college football fans all over the country. If BSU can schedule a home and home with Washington/Michigan St then the new AD can add more -- even if at times it has to be a away-home-away deal from time to time. Colorado? Cal? UCLA? Arizona? All of those make sense travel wise. Kustra had issues with Bley's shying away from scheduling the big time games. That was pretty clear. The new AD will have Kustra all over him (....or yes, her) to beef up the schedules for both football and most certainly basketball.

And now FUNDRAISING !!! I do believe that part of the reason Bley was shown the door was due to his lack of fund raising skills. MURPHY's column today was a good one about the role of an AD in today's college sports. FUNDRAISING is HUGE. Bley was good at the few big dollar donors but weak the rest of the way down. TheTruthTeller can tell you that I was an owner of two fairly large businesses in the Boise area (and beyond) and was NEVER ONCE approached by ANYONE from BSU on athletic fundraising. NEVER -- no ONCE in 10 years. Yes, I have met with Bley and others in the athletic department but they were meetings about other business related subjects and NEVER about fundraising. I am still contacted every year at least twice -- if not more -- by the University of Washington and Washington State by reps of the athletic department for my annual donation requests. I've lived in Boise from over 11 years now and NOT ONE TIME have I been asked to donate! Now that's a real issue with the way Bley did his work and I also believe one of the reasons he was shown the door.

Lack of Fundraising - Gene's Demise

I tole you guys and tole you guys and tole you guys last December, January, February, and March that the BSU AD's Office was not doing enough to be proactive in the area of fundraising. I referenced the debacle of Bronco Stock and how it is not being marketed - the same with BAA stuff and other fundraising possibilites to get bucks generated for the stadium expansion.

I also, tole you guys that Gene's undoing, in time, would be his lack of efforts and succcess at fundraising.


in essence:

you guys were tole and tole and tole.


PS - The only person who saw it and grasped it was Fugly. Why does it take two Vandals to see it and all the Broncos seemed to be blind about it? Puzzling.

Welcome Back AQFUNK, But You have It All Wrong.........

Fugly is not a Vandal and we both know it......

Nice to see you here.


Yeah, Fugly not a true Vandal

I have to admit it is true. I have accepted Fugly as a Vandal for purposes of not being confrontational on these boards, as I have a policy of always avoiding confrontation. But down deep I have grave reservations aboaut Fugly realy being a true Vandal.

So I guess it is only one Vandal (me) that has been beating the drum about the BSU AD becoming more proactive in the fundraising arena.

You guys scoffed at me - especially tfunk and JLandon; but as it turns out one litle old Vandal (me again) seems to have his finger on the less than stellar fundrasing pulse of the BSU Athletics Department better than a whole herd of Broncos.

How many of you guys are going to pony up and buy some Bronco Stock and really show support for your team?

Prolly none, I am guessing.


PD - In all fairness to Fugly, he did purchase two shares of Bronco Stock and laid out $200.00 to support the Broncos. Seems like more than many on these boards have, so far.

As much as it pains me

you deserve to say he big I tole ya so.... You may still be wrong but you were on the story like stink on ugly and you definately earned the right to gloat. I have no idea if that even factored into the Gene situation but your version of events is most likely I must say. Cudos? Sometimes being right sucks when you are right about sucky things. Ugly someday will probably be right about gold and end of america crap. That will suck almost as much as this.

AQ, Perhaps Gene Was Unaware.....

of John Maxwells quote " Good executives never put off until tomorrow what they can get someone else to do today.” If GB wasn't good at fundraising, or didn't like it, or didn't understand it, why did he not practice a lil Maxwell on the issue? Certainly Unka Bob visited the topic with him along the way.

Or...did Unka Bob not visit it, tucking away a "bullet" for later use?

Then..when the NC2A PARKING TICKET violations were uncovered, did UNKA BOB then pull the fundraising outta storage for use?

Your thoughts?

Bronco fans. I thing the Johnny lunchbucket types would donate something..they just think "everyone else will". So they don't. They need the cattle prod program to pull out the small dollars in volume.


Storage Wars and the Big Bang Theory

Your concept of a 'bullet' being in storage for future use, could be right on. Very plausible.

As far as the Johnny Lunchbucket type donors go - they don't really exist. It is a myth. The stadium expansion project was ill conceived from the very start. No serious thought was given as to where the funds were really going to come from to make the project a reality or how to go about marketing, packaging, and selling it. Because a Loaded Few gave $5Mil, one time, for the project - many thought Johnny would follow suit and give a few hundred bucks or so to help The Cause.

Some of us Rational Thinkers who live in a world filled with Real Johnny's, could see from the very onset that type of logic was flawed Big Time.

Johnny buys Bronco Gear at Freddie's or Wally World and watches the games with his buddies at somebody's house while drinking beer and eating taco chips and salsa. Johnny does not care if the stadium gets expanded or not - the only important thing is the Bronco game is on his large screen TV. Johnny does not buy tickets to actual games at Bronco Stadium.

Johnny is the backbone of Bronco Nation - not the people who buy tickets for games at Bronco Stadium.


PS - I have said it before and I will say it again - BSU needs to develop Virtual Venues around the State of Idaho to capitalize on the Johnny's - not pump more money into Bronco Stadium.

So where did...

A TV show about a bunch of geeks and the woman who sympathizes work in?


Economists were invented to make astrologers look professional.

Not so fast VNDL

Gene's firing had nothing to do with fund raising. In-fact I hear that Broncobob is not getting calls returned from some of BSU's biggest athletic donators since Gene's announcement. Broncobob and Gene have not had much of a relationship for a while now (I know through a mutual friend that Gene was very upset with Bronobob's Idaho rant last year). Couple that with the NCAA thing and the Amy lawsuit (which did not paint Gene in very good light), and Broncbob had his opening to get rid of Gene.

That said I fully support BSU hiring someone from the business world (rather than the athletic world).


I hear it's the other way around- certain donors want to have a say in who the new AD will be and bob isn't giving them the time of day. Sounds more plausible, does it not?

I hear that is happenong

as well with a few supporters. In either case, GB was not canned because of fund raising.

VNDL....Spot On!....Also Ugly is a

Vandal....Don't worry what wiz says....(he is envious)....

We brilliantly discoursed this during winter to the laughter of many Bronco intelligencia....

I boldly stated 3 frictions that would lead to a 9-3 season....

the three frictions....
1. Trying to get into BCS too quickly without BCS game playing history....
2. Stadium expansion....too costly and not enough donors yet....
3. Who controls the Broncos?....Gene, Bob, or Pete?....or Nation?

As a Vandal, I was always straight forward and admitted that I am not a Bronco fan, but do admire them and will root for them....I boldly stated things that put Ugly into the 'Rings-of-Fire', but always came out much more polished and refined....

On Georgia, the Broncos will lose if they play too much Nickel style defense....Georgia can win this game if they get a strong running game established early....if not, they will lose big time....

This is why I believe Air Force has a better chance at beating Boise, than Georgia....Air Force has always had running and qb options....

Ω "Spot" has frictionosis

Or, trying to be eloquent, brilliant, and subordinate.

"the three frictions....
1. Trying to get into BCS too quickly without BCS game playing history....
2. Stadium expansion....too costly and not enough donors yet....
3. Who controls the Broncos?....Gene, Bob, or Pete?....or Nation?"

1 - Who cares other than those hung up on acronyms and the misperception that everything BCS or AQ is vastly superior? Or, those on the BCS dole? Play the games, win them all (or as many as possible), and let's see how things turn out in the wash. My guess is that BCS and AQ changes dramatically over the next couple of years. "Oh, you're in an AQ conference and you are Vanderbilt? How impressive!" The time is soon coming when the inequities will be rectified, whether by Congress, corruption, or collapse.
2 - It will be done in due time. It's only been done in countless venues since the advent of television, the NFL explosion, big-time cfb ratings and contracts. It will get done in little old outback Idaho.
3 - This question is why you, ugly, are continuously questioned. What do you think would happen if coach Pete left and the momentum went with him? Gene and Bob could take the next moonshot and nobody would notice. You could trade in your "two Bronco stocks" at REI for some waders and bug spray and nobody would care.

You are wondering who is running the show? And, you claim to have an education from the UofI? Really?

razor....check your nostrils....I believe you are 50%

genetically related to a 'fire-breathing' dragon....down. down.

The above statements are not wishes, just answer you:

on are wrong and right....first, you care or you would not respond with such venom and want the Broncos in BCS just as bad as any Bronco love the Broncos and theur greatness and you should (Broncos are very good)---the problem is MWC and only one possible BCS team on schedule each year....the future even looks worse....this is where BDucks arguments are correct....You are right, cfb has to change either through Congress, corruption, or collapse....but it will change....

on 2....razor, I hope you are right here....I hope BSU is the Nebraska of Idaho....but it wont happen....BSU snubbings will start this year and get worse....this is why I felt BSU needs to go Indy and then into a BCS conference....You cannot be the Nebraska of Idaho if you have not connected with Idaho....along ways to go....

on 3....why bring up the Bronco Stocks as mockery?....I have never bragged about owning the two stocks no more than me bragging about my two degrees from the University of Idaho....I purchased the two Bronco Stocks as a bet with VNDL on the 9-3 season....

Ω Wrong, wrong, and wrong

#1 - First, I don't want BSU in the BCS. I don't want anything to do with BCS. I want the BCS to choke and die. Playoff, please. Secondly, if you had been around longer or perhaps picked it up sooner, you would know the Broncos are my primary interest due only to locale and length of stay. I'm from Seattle and went to high school with Jim Owens' daughter. Spent many a Saturday on the Montlake Cut. Tell you something?

#2 - BSU does not need to be "the Nebraska of Idaho" ... no need for 100K (or whatever it is) when 50k will do. BSU snubbings? WTH are you talking about? Two Fiesta Bowls are "snubbings"? Scrooge the notion of BCS conferences. Better off being the top of the "outsiders".

#3 - You have a short leash ... by your own "choosing". Neither of your degrees could be in Business. In which field(s) did you earn them?

ps - I think the whole idea of "Bronco Stock" is dumb. If you want to give money to the athletic department, just hand it over and hope for decent seating (or parking). Do you have to check the NASDAQ to see how it's "doing"?

pps - You mean to say that you purchased "two shares of Bronco stock" subsequent (means after) to the bet, or before. I thought you held them prior.

He Did Say He Held Them

prior. I remember that. He disclosed it when AQFUNK posted his "roll call" post to line up and disclose who owned any. May have disclosed it too when VNDL was drilling him when he 1st came on the know..VNDL's "lightenin round"...

Don't wait up..he's off googlin answers to my Vandie questions...

PS..VNDL tole me on the phone 2 days ago that he and Fugly have a bet THIS season..for $150...that BSU will lose 3 games. VNDL then tole me they changed it from one-fiddy to 2 ounces of silver. So, is this the same 9-3 Ugly refers to or has there been 2 bets??

wiz....razor....the two Bronco Stocks were purchased by

Ugly when VNDL offered an alteration to the $150 bet....VNDL said he would 'let me off the $150 betting hook' if I were to purchase one Bronco Stock....I thought that was nice, so I bought two Stocks instead of one....also, I felt guilty and continued the challenge of One Silver Round....We both in a way, I have admitted somewhat defeat cause I have already paid part of the bet by buying Stock before season over....Uglys and VNDLs bet is one silver round of 0.999....

the other 2 bettees are P2 and B81....If I lose, I owe $150 to each.... googlin cause wont answer your question....I know if I answered them correctly, you would just say I googled them....

Ω Wiz, I have none.

Shares of Bronco stock, that is. After forking out $100k for my daughters' BSU educations, I figure that's a sufficient number.

No complaints about that, either. Both are thriving in their chosen fields and making some serious money at only 24 and 22 years of age. So I'm really pleased with what Boise State delivered for my kids.

ps - Visited today with a good friend who has been a big BSU guy since the early 80s. Lots of his customers are former BSU (and some NFL) players. He told me that what he once paid for 50-yard line season tickets back in 2000 (about $650 per, times 3 seats) is now up to $3,000+ per (with BAA dues and all). Comes out to about $10,000 per season ... and he gave 'em up. Holy whatever ... that's darned near $500-$600 per seat per game! Thank gawd for sports bars.

ps - ugly is an okay enough guy. If only he could figure out the vetting process. You'd think he'd be tired of it by now.


yes, cfb needs a playoff is simple, the winners of each division, goes....

yes, the stocks were bought after the original bet....

Ω ugly, will buy ...

... you a brew, Coke, Perrier, or whatever you want after the season and "the bet" is settled.

Actually, that goes for the rest of "the crew", as well. Good people, good banter.

ps - No, this is not a weakling attempt at "playing nice"!


sounds good....Cheers!!!

Fugly is right

Fugly sez, en parte: " . . . You cannot be the Nebraska of Idaho if you have not connected with Idaho....along ways to go...."

What Fugly says is true. BSU has not connected with the State of Idaho. BSU is very concerned with being identified as 'Boise's Team' and has pretty muchignored the rest of the State of Idaho when it comes to marketing.

It is time for a Big Shake Up in the entire BSU AD Office when it comes to Marketing and Fund Raising. The same with the BAA.

BSU could be the Nebraska of Idaho if they played it right.

But Fugly is right - BSU has not connected with Idaho, yet.



In eastern Idaho, I have kept my own tabs on car bumper stickers, shirts, and hats that relate to far the leaders are in this order....

1. BYU
2. Utah
3. University of Idaho
4. Utah State
5. Idaho State University
6. Boise State
7. Oregon

BSU has along ways to go....They spend more time ridiculing the Vandals, than promoting and welcoming all Idahoans to the Broncos....

What Boiseans do not realize is that it takes alot of money, and I mean alot of money to develop and keep a top caliber cfb football program and team....Boise will fail in that money collection....that is why I suggessted at games they should 'pass-the-plates' much as they do in church....everytime Broncos score, 'pass-the-plates'....everytime they win, 'pass-the-plates'....

This would be a guilt offering....


Nice little scientific poll you got there.

Here's something that may be a tad over you're head. This is the latest "royalties" rankings from Collegiate Licensing.

Boise State (34) (up from 45th a year ago)
Utah (40) (up from 46th a year ago)
BYU (52) (down from 50th a year ago)
Idaho (71) (was not in the top 75 last year)

Now continue with your dribble.....................

So, The Only Conclusion Must Be.....

since BSU widget sales are up, is that bumper and window sticker sales in the Pocy area must be down.. ;-)

Not exactly.....

It could be there are just fewer cars in the Pocy area these days.......

Well TF....Fugly

would know that too......................

BSU4342....What you dont know is

I am trained in the sciences....I know statistics....where you error is that you pooled the national data as your premise....

You see, I was only talking about the state of Idaho, particularly Eastern Idaho....When I drive along I-15, not just Pocy, along route to IF or Rexburg, I actually write down the college decals on vehicles....I have neen keeping score since June....I do not go to ISU campus, obviously....

Those stats you posted are total and nation-wide, not Idaho....

If Boise State wants to be NC and a premeire program, they must connect with all of Idaho and its is the fans that run the program, not the elitists, prezs, coaches, ADs, fans support, no BSU....period....

Ω You are with two degrees, right?

"... where you error ..." is erroneous. "Error" is a noun, not a verb.

And "neen" is not much of a "premeire" term ... "nationwide".

You may be trained in "the sciences" and stats, but, man alive, break out your two degrees. There has to be some English and grammar there in some measure.

ps - I lay/lie (you pick) off the misuse of language in general on forums and blogs. You, however, are exceptional.

pps - What browser are you using that doesn't have spell check? (That's "browser", not "bowser" ... woof!)

ppps - Drinks still on me.


Wow, I'm not sure what to say.................

Just one question, since you started keeping "score" along the much traveled I-15 between nowhere and nowhere, what have you seen more of.....

BSU decals or.................UFO's?