Boise State president says he offered to let Bleymaier resign

By Brian Murphy

Boise State President Bob Kustra told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday that athletic director Gene Bleymaier chose to be fired rather than resign.

"I asked Gene to step down and suggested it would be best if he just said he was stepping down and no reasons were given and we'd be able to celebrate his years as athletic director and the naming of the football complex," Kustra said while on the road attending his wife's class reunion.

"He told me and his staff he wanted to be fired. He wanted that language to be used. He wanted to talk about the fact that it was for the compliance reason. People need to understand there were options here that weren't chosen and I have no control over that."

The Broncos are raising money for a football complex in the North End of Bronco Stadium.

Kustra said he could not talk about the reasons for the decision, in part because the NCAA directed him and Boise State officials not to discuss the NCAA rules-violation case before the final report is issued. Boise State met with the Committee on Infractions in June. The NCAA is expected to rule within a month on the sanctions for Boise State.

Kustra said the delay between his meeting with Bleymaier last week and this week's announcement was to allow Bleymaier time to decide what path he wanted to take.

"We could have done it whenever he wanted to do it. The timing was to give him the time to decide how he wanted to structure the announcement. He wanted to be fired and he wanted to use the compliance reason for the excuse," Kustra said.

Kustra said he hoped the announcement would not detract from Bleymaier's service to the university.

"From my statement today, I gave Gene considerable credit for all that he has done for this program, for the athletic department. No question about it. The announcement was planned in such a way so that there would be considerable fanfare. There still will be considerable fanfare with Gene's permission. The university owes it to Gene to celebrate his time as athletic director," Kustra said.

Kustra said he plans to name an interim athletic director "sometime next week or the week after." He said he has not decided if the interim director would come from within the athletic department.

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Don't blame him...(Gene)

...If you're going to push him out then none of this whitewash crap Bob, stick your name on it.

BSU Football

Johnny in the Mountains...Looks like the old president may be on his way out. Not to smart.

Not only that

But stick around!

How do you fire a guy that has been around almost 30 and leave town to announce it?


Did u read the part about the delay? It was GB's doing to decide...

Not buying it wiz

Bronco Bob could have delayed the announcement another week (it wouldn't have mattered). Bob may have had every reason to fire Gene (I don't know) but as the President of BSU, he should have shown some respect, if not for Gene then at least the job he has done, and been in town when this was announced.

I am Gonna Pass on Judgement of This...

till more comes out, and it will.

I agree he should have manned up and been available, but we don't KNOW if maybe GB wanted the timing this way.

I agree with that

I am guessing there has some been some animosity between the two for some time.

The right way (as President) would have been to make yourself available with the former AD to make a statement and answer a few questions. The easy thing to do would be chill at the lake house, gathered with family and friends, who all are telling you that you did the right thing. Im not saying thats what Kustra is doing now but sometime in the near future.

Bronco fans expect things to be done the right way. Letting Gene go might be the right decision. How Kustra did it however, just doesnt seem right.

All I Am Saying....

GB Had choices. I'm betting he knew Kustra was scheduled out of town. Would Kustra be at fault for being gone on a pre planned trip if GB wanted the release done this way?

Thats a good question

Im not sure. I think it all could have been handled more professionally which is why I think pride is a major fact in all of this. I would hope Kustra has a plan in place now but Im not so sure.

I don't know how often I have seen a joint press conference

with someone who just got fired and his former boss. Somehow, I doubt that would have gone very well. Kustra went to an event that had obviously been pre-planned. He still managed to speak with the media. I don't know that it would have mattered much if he had made his statement from Boise. The longer you try to delay announcements on something this big, the more chance their is of a leak and even more speculation. Better to quickly make the announcement when the issue is decided.
I hope this doesn't get into a lot of accusations back and forth. Nobody needs that, especially those athletes and coaches who are trying to stay focused.

Thats why Kustra should have been here theres not a lot of accusations back and forth. Clear the air, agree to disagree whatever. But now we have Kustra somewhere in the midwest sounding off and GB using "compliance as an excuse". They dont need to be in the same room to dispel innuendo. But they need to be accessible.

And his comments would be different if he were in Boise?

With modern technology, I'm not exactly sure why he has to be in Boise to make his statements.

Is he accessible?

Does his answer satisfy you? Didnt you just say you hoped there isnt more mudslinging? Im not saying either party is right or wrong. Im just hoping there isnt more lies and this gets dirty.

Would he be more accessible in Boise?

Would his answer have been any different in person? Just because he is here doesn't mean he would say more on the topic or be any more accessible. It also doesn't guarantee there won't be mudslinging. If it is true that he has NCAA restrictions on the content of his comments, it doesn't matter where he is.

We'll have to disagree on this...

But first, a story.

I had two great employees. They both worked hard, never complained, made the company a lot of money and thereby made themselves a lot of money. The two worked in different areas of the business and never worked together. They had employees under them and treated each one with respect and kindness. I never heard anything but good things about the both of them.

During a time of necessity, I had them both work together to complete a project. The project went really bad and they both pointed the finger at each other. I reviewed the project and found the answer to why it didnt go well. I asked them both about it, and both continued to blame the other but also accept some accountability. I thought this would be good enough for me. It wasnt. It weighed on me. I had an employee who wasnt being forthright. I went to great pains and spent a lot of money to get them to both come for a visit, in person. I didnt need to ask who was at fault when they came. When all three of us were together, the answer was obvious.

And your point is . . . ?


Don't run a business.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Hey BroncoGal1

Nice of you to show up...was wondering when you were going to give us all the details you are privy to. You kinda ran away scared yesterday.

You had spinach in your teeth.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

I guess if you dont get it...

you can ask your feminist friends with a job to help you out.

You'll never get a job from them...


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Thats My Point...

I know if I am a 30 yr employee that brings notoriety and success to the main facet of my responsibility and I get launched, I'd have to fight off the urge to deliver a haymaker at a Nice Guy Joint press conference. Has anyone considered how GB would feel attending a deal like that?


But I would expect Gene to be more professional then to throw a haymaker. If not for any other reason but future job offers, reputation and pride that he didnt do anything to warrant being let go.

I Would Almost Bet You...

That GB would not want to attend a Joing release.

I know you are passionate about men being men re a joint PC, but not very practical. I used the exagerated haymaker deal to try to point out feelings about an event like that.

JL. do you feel GB was the right guy, heading forward?

I need more information

And thats the point Im making. We cant judge for ourselves, at this moment, because both parties are bluffing to draw attention to their own cause. The decisions been made. Lets move on, right? But, its hard for any following to be loyal and move on unless theres answers...and if not today, then cool. But, will we ever get any?


Part of me feels he was, and part does not. We don't know. Now we never will.

Even if we get more info, what's to believe? There's already contradictions as tater oops tamater 2 pointed out in another post.


Bob Kustra doesn't owe you, the media or anyone else, other than Gene Bleymaier, the courtesy of a face-to-face announcement. He did that. He gave GB options, which he exercised. The timing was up to Gene. Kustra had to be out of town, he paid his own cash to do vacation travel. People make plans. He's from there, so I imagine he hooked up with family. How do you know GB didn't make up his mind until Kustra had already left? Does he announce it before he leaves without giving GB the time to decide how he wants to do it? Or, does he wait even longer to come back from his trip? Seems like you and others are miffed because he didn't call you personally before the public announcement.

Chill out

All were saying is someone isnt being entirely truthful.

Touche, BroncoBob!

This was the best comment of the day, Bob! Thank you for the reality check. :)


Hey food for thought...if you're going to compliment the poster for a post, perhaps you'd get the logon name correct?

Just a simple thought from a simple mind...

Who is "food for thought"?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


Perhaps this answers your questions re the timing, etc?


Bleymaier could have exited with grace rather than the tarnish of acrimony. Such is the case with age and ego.


Age and Ego? Whose?

Well …

I'll opine …you decide. :-)

That network again.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Why let Kustra off the hook and pretend he left on his own?

Make Kustra stand accountable for his actions.


thank God. What an arrogant assertion.

Good for you. You type well. It's a good vocational skill.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

So is Kustra going to give us the reasons

when the NCAA announces its penalty?

Im confused. Kustra said Gene is "using compliance as an excuse" but then said he cant say the reason for the dismissal because the NCAA asked him not to. So, is it compliance, or not?

"he wanted to use the compliance reason for the excuse"

Oh...was there another reason Kustra? You're a pathetic little man.

Why is Kustra pathetic when it was GB's idea?

Who knows what the whole story is but it sounds like Kustra might have been giving him a way to save face but GB wanted to play the victim. Who know? I'm sure there is still much more to the story that we will find out.


What exactly makes him pathetic? He just fired a guy whose actions (and in-actions) cost the university hundreds of thousands of dollars, lost scholarships, pending lawsuits,and likely probation. Not to mention, Bleymaier's never been much of a fundraiser. So who's the pathetic little man now? Kustra, or the guy who didn't think things through before letting his opinion be known on this message board?

When you find out, start a blog. Until then, see the Wizard.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Divisive issue. There are

Divisive issue. There are Gene lovers and those that think because he's a Boise native he 'deserved better' on one side and those that have faith in Dr Kustra on the other. First you call Kustra an idiot and now he's a pathetic little man. Your name calling makes you look like what you call Kustra, who has done more for Boise State in a shorter time than Gene ever did.

And yes, there are other reasons. It's why Dr Kustra made a point to say that Gene wanted it to appear tied to the NCAA compliance stuff. As in, it's not Dr Kustra's main reason.

Don't recall saying Kustra is an idiot...

I did say he was a chicken s--t.

He's pathetic because:

1) expected Bleymaier to ‘resign’ and pretend he left on his own. Truth be known, Kustra probably wanted Bleymaier to quietly go away so Kustra didn’t have to deal with the public outrage.
2) he fired the person responsible for BSU’s meteoric rise into NCAA athletic prominence (I know…much of that credit goes to Coach Pete and his staff as well)
3) He skipped town before going public with the firing. There's reasons other than the compliance issue for which he asked Bleymaier to go away quietly? If so, stick around and explain yourself.
4) He fails to recognize nobody is perfect…30 years of dedicated service and a few isolated incidences of secondary infractions surface and he FIRES the man? How about when Kustra opened his arrogant mouth and created the huge backlash surrounding ‘nasty & inibriated’. How about the snap decision to bow down to the MWC demand to not wear blue on blue for conference games? Stupid, stupid decision.

Yes, in my opinion, Kustra is a pathetic little man.

What Part of LOIC Are You Not Understanding?

How about this: Provide us with a list of AD's who have survived an LOIC charge. Recently, AD's from USC, UNC, and Tennessee have been fired for violations within its athletic department's. So get back to us with some concrete facts, Skippy. Instead of getting lost in the timing of the resignation, or whether or not he Kustra was in town when he was fired, or any other inconsequential nonsense. Tell us why an A.D. who can't raise money and who was in charge of a department being hit with a Lack of Institutional Control charge should keep his job.

What a LOIC is & how it affects the price of B Spears in China?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


I dont disagree with your statement. Im also seriously asking this question...was Gene B. poor at raising funds? Was he only hitting up a select few boosters for the large sums?

Raising funds is a HUGE part of any AD's job......... I can agree JL that fund raising could be a part of it all. He was good at collecting funds from those select few, but was weak at collecting funds from the general boosters and alumni.

Also, is it possible that Bley needed the extra days to consult with his legal counsel? If I were GB, I sure as heck would have wanted the time to discuss his legal options. Perhaps legal counsel suggested he was best ($) off 'being fired'??