People of Burning Man

Burning Man, annual the pop-up art community/festival/happening in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, kicks off on Aug. 29. It's always been a popular destination with Boise's hip, experimental art crowd.

Now, fans can reconnect with the spirit of Burning Man, whether they go or not, with a new book "The People Of Burning Man," ($34.99) by portrait photographer Julian Cash.
For nearly a decade Cash set up a portrait studio in the desert and captured the unique personalities who showed up to express themselves. It's now all rolled into a book, thanks to a campaign that used micro-donations to cover printing costs.

Check out the book's trailer and order it here.

Warning: There is some tasteful nudity, and risque poses, but remember it is Burning Man.

P.S. Anyone from Boise in this book?

Who isn't burning, man?

I've burned inside and out waiting for deviants under domes to do something other than dance around idols.

Happy naked people in the stupid desert are futile and meaningless.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

What if the future Mrs. FO is out there.

Dusty desert wench dreams.

I'm not riding my bike for that. Can't even dance with...

'em between karaoke and most of them claimed them were thespians.

Acting, indeed.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!