Athletic director Gene Bleymaier out at Boise State

By Brian Murphy

Statement from Gene Bleymaier:

"I am very disappointed in President Kustra's decision to remove me from my position as Athletic Director here at Boise State. ... This is a job I truly love, and I had every hope and expectation that I would serve out my professional career here at Boise State University."

"I was told by President Kustra that his decision is predicated on the confidence level he believes he needs to have as President in the University's compliance operation during an NCAA probationary period. And, it is President Kustra's determination that this can best be accomplished with a new Athletic Director."

• Here is a story I wrote about Bleymaier after the NCAA case came out.

Original story

Boise State president Bob Kustra said he has decided to let go of athletic director Gene Bleymaier in the wake of the NCAA investigation into the Broncos' athletic department.

Bleymaier's final day will be Sept. 8, 2011.

"I did not come to this decision lightly. After a careful management review and discussions about the future of the program, I determined that new leadership will be needed as we commit ourselves to the highest level of attention and enforcement of NCAA standards, and also continue to move Boise State athletics to the next level of success," Kustra said in a release sent out by the school.

Bleymaier has been the Broncos' full-time athletic director since 1982 and has been instrumental in the Broncos' rise to prominence. He first conceived of the blue turf at Bronco Stadium.

Kustra promised a thorough review of the athletic department this summer as part of the school's response to allegations of NCAA rules violations.

"I'll be reviewing entire management structure in athletic department," Kustra said in May.

Full release from the school

Effective Sept. 8, 2011, longtime Boise State Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier will leave his post after more than 30 years of distinguished service to the university.

“Gene Bleymaier has been a driving force behind the achievements and growth of Boise State athletics for nearly 30 years.  His dedication and guidance have been vital to the success of countless Bronco teams and student athletes,” said President Bob Kustra. “As Athletic Director, it was Gene’s inspiration that led to the signature blue turf at Bronco Stadium.  During his tenure, Boise State has upgraded athletic facilities across campus, climbed the ladder in conference affiliation, and developed a nationwide following.  On behalf of the entire Boise State community, I would like to thank Gene for his invaluable contributions to the University.  The legacy that he has created will provide us with a solid foundation for many years to come.”

Bleymaier’s tenure as athletic director has been marked by an unwavering pursuit of success on the field, and a commitment to academic excellence in the classroom, with the Broncos becoming a consistent standout in academic performance rates (APR) and other academic measures.

President Kustra added, “I did not come to this decision lightly. After a careful management review and discussions about the future of the program, I determined that new leadership will be needed as we commit ourselves to the highest level of attention and enforcement of NCAA standards, and also continue to move Boise State athletics to the next level of success.”

An interim athletic director will be appointed, followed by a national search to fill the post on a permanent basis.

Here are some past stories about Gene Bleymaier:

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Oct. 9, 2008: Gene Bleymaier extension includes big-game incentives

Dec. 5, 2008 Board OKs Boise State AD Bleymaier's five-year extension

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Didn't see this coming!

didn't see this

I certainly don't know the details, but the timing stinks.

I didnt see this coming but here is my take for what it is worth

I think the timing and action tells most of the story. The NCAA has given BSU a heads up on what is coming and BSU is trying to get out in front of it as best they can from a PR standpoint. So they fire the guy that was on watch when this happened. Then in a few weeks or so when the NCAA puts BSU on probation and hopefully not too many sanctions BSU can say the guy that this happened with is gone. It is too bad and unfortunate. The things tat worry me are the unexpectedness and the timing and the severity. No "we decided to go seperate ways, no, resignation. Just plain old trump style ya fired! It worries me that the NCAA issue may be bigger than we think. Uh oh.
One must admit. Aug 10th, 24 days before kickoff with no public "news" to prompt it..... something is going on. My only consolation is no matter how bad it is, I'll bet Chip Kelly and Bellotti have te same fate!


Meaning, you have no idea what you're talking about...because BELOTTI is no longer there anyway.

Nice ignorant speculation though


syncaster, can you tell me what belotti is doing right now?
PS you are the ignorant one. Hint, think bleys job.

LOL you really put your foot in your mouth with that one. Talk about ignorant. ill take your apology now.

are you sure?

Bellotti served as AD for about a year, I think, then he left U of O. Last season he was a tv analyst for ESPN. The current AD is Rob Mullens.

Heads up appreciated


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

yes, he is an analyst for ESPN

like gene will be now... but the NCAA investigations will follow him.

potato2....I love Jesse Venturas....

conspiracy theories too....

I agree with your premises....

Where there is smoke; there is fire!

Who is the Fall Guy?....

Lee Majors as Colt Seavers


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Firing Gene was a good

Firing Gene was a good decision. People who work tirelessly for the benefit of We the People of Idaho for virtual "chump change" cannot even get cost-of-living increases, whilst these worthless self-aggrandizing parasites get richer and richer. Good riddance! He was merely another "fat cat" sucking on the breasts of the public. Naturally someone had to take the fall for "fat cat" millionaire Petey. You know, BSU plays about in the same league as ENRON. Character building athletics exited "The Bronco Nation" long ago. It is an industry at public expense, and that is all it is. And it is also a de facto violation of Chapter 56, Title 18 of the Idaho Code. That said, it is not unusual for the madam to fire one of the aging girls.


You make me laugh. The 'Nation' is ripe for rebellion. Georgia 27 -- BSU 21

I Hope You Don't Start Your Shift at 8:00 AM....

Or you'd be a Tax Dollar Revenue Sucker State Employee posting on the Taxpayers dime...

I have no "shift" and am not anyone's employee but my own...

And my view of your knee-jerk "wisdom" is this: if, indeed, you have any whatsoever, it would take a proctologist to find it.

grandma is cranky


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


Gene has been an awesome AD.

Good luck with raising those $$$

Kustra, you freaking idiot. Gene was worth millions to your institution and you let him go for a couple of secondary violations?

Unless something else comes out re: Gene very soon, you can expect to lose a whole lot of boo$ter$.



Not so....

Boosters have been on the fence about him for a long time! When this all unfolded, they turned on him. The boosters want him gone.

as I hale from the nanny state of California I do not here much about GB, other than sports sites and the Statesman. What was he doing to 'irritate' boosters?

You obviously do not know...

anything about the current situation, or you would have un-typed what you actually typed. It's funny how people make blank statements so passionately, with little actual knowledge.

Fact is...maybe there were 100's of millions that never got to the table that should have!

Nobody knows what we know we don't know, you know.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


There has to be some things the public doesnt know about. Hard to believe he was fired over getting angry with a womens tennis coach and the Bronco football team being told muddied info by the NCAA itself about players sleeping situations. Theres much more to this story.

Thanks GENE

We appreciate everything you have done to enhance Boise State Athletics. We thank you for our iconic BLUE TURF. I hope the best for you and for us going forward.


Not sure what to think....

congrats bsu!...

long overdue to blow out this bozo to the streets. watta incompetent who had many of you fans snowballed.

right aqfunk?


Gene has been the driving force behind the success of athletics at BSU the past 30+ years. As an alum, I have seen school presidents come and go during that period while the athletic department got better and better. From my perspective, this is another president who needs to go.

Pros and Cons

Gene's pros and cons

Weak schedule
Several undefeated seasons

Several NCAA violatons

Not a math guy, but bye Gene take care.

PENNSTATE - nope I don't agree with you.

Aparently you have not read any of my prior posts, re: Gene B.

I have always opined that he has done a fine job and BSU is in the position of excellence in large part to him.

I have pointed out things I believe he could improve on and questioned his style of advertising marketing tickets, from time to time to bowl games, BUT, I HAVE NEVER taken or shared the position that he has not been an asset to BSU and should be fired as the Athletics Director.

Never - not once. If you disagree with me, go back and repost any of my propr postings, or even any little part of them. You can't because they don't exist.

I have never called for his ousting. I have called for him to get more aggressive toward fund raising for expansion of the new stadium, though. Of course that spanking also, applied to the BAA as well as he Bronco Stock folks.

BSU will regret this firng by Kustra, in the long run. I am thinking Coach Pete is now thinking about checking out from BSU after this season. Firings are not morale motivators for those that remain employed.

This is but a further example of Bronco Bob's impetuousness and inability to control is emotions and mouth. Many Vandals have been saying for quite some time that Bronco Bob is gonna be his own downfall. That day is coming.

The big question is whether or not Coach Pete will be at BSU this time next year, and if the demise of Gene by Bronco Bob Style Execution has any long term effect on athletics department staff and/or student athletes.



It has to be the blue uniform fiasco. If not for Gene's blue field there would be no issue.

Ω Whoever takes over ...

... better back football 100% or we're liable soon to read another exit notice.

I agree

I hope this doesn't mean we lose Coach Pete too. The decision makes absolutely no sense.

President Bob Kustra needs to go next

President Bob Kustra knew of all that was going on, He is using Gene Bleymaier as the fall guy. He wanted to win at ALL COSTS.

When all the dust settles Kustra should be looking for work.

Knew what was

going on?




It's a nationwide pandemic.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Hey look

The whiney jealous vandull is telling lies again.

He has better lies than you this week.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Spell it like a Bronco

Cool jealous 'vandull'. At least you spelled 'jealous' correctly.

You dropped a comma after cool.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Get a Fact

Present one fact about what you said. Come on prove it. The only proof we have from you is that you are another dunce of a vandul.


There have been a number of big time administrators hired then fired at BSU during the Kustra era. Bleymaier predates that. One perhaps, some have said, needs to look at who hired the people,then fired them..bad judge of people? Or doesnt care that much? Who knows, really?


maybe ncaa violations?
maybe having compliance removed from his oversight?
maybe him being a defendant in a lawsuit that was settled out of court?
blue unis?...nah...

I cannot believe this. Gene

I cannot believe this. Gene has had his detractors over the years but he has overseen a quantum leap in athletic excellence. It will be extremely hard to replace him and his ability to move things in a positive direction. His hires have been excellent with the exception of Skip Hall and Graham. It has been a sweet 30 years having him involved.


Rod Jensen, Jen Warden, Houston Nutt.... and he ran off Bobby Dye. They haven't all been gems.

Calculated Decision......

1) There's more we don't know.

2) Kustra made a calculated, weighted decision: Bley's following, loyalty court, financial backers VS new conference, direction, future planning, expansion.

I'd suggest Kustra felt Bley wasn't the moving forward guy.

He'd better hope his calculations were correct...


Where have you been?

Hey JL....

Our 6 yr old grandaughter has a major medical problem. It's consumed our time and like will continue to do so

Im so sorry my friend

Keep us posted. We miss your insight and wisdom.

Sorry to hear about the kid

Hope she battles whatever it is. It is good to see you back.