Boise State hires new executive director of NCAA compliance

By Brian Murphy

Boise State has hired TCU director of compliance John Cunningham to be the school's executive director of NCAA compliance, according to the Horned Frogs.

Cunningham will be at least the Broncos' fourth compliance director in four years.

Cunningham, a 2001 TCU graduate who earned a law degree from Nebraska in 2005, is expected to start Monday.

He replaces Josh Snyder, who left in December for family reasons. Here is that story.

As a result of the NCAA investigation, Boise State moved the executive director for NCAA compliance from the athletic department to the president's office. The school also increased its compliance staff from 1.5 to three full-time employees.

Boise State appeared before the NCAA Committee on Infractions on June 10, facing 22 allegations, including a lack of institutional control.

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Another Piece of the Puzzle

First Gene, now...Will we see even more changes among the AD staff in the months to come?

It appears Dr. Kustra wanted........

unqualified support for the new compliance guy from Gene and didn't feel like he was going to get it. The best thing the employees in the athletic dept. can do is give their full support to the new guy, his staff, his mission, and Dr. Kustra -- and make sure Kustra knows it - unless they have employment lined up elswhere.

from TCU?

com' on man!

Sound advice for job security, John:

Never, ever, start a sentence with the phrase, "Back at TCU we . . . "

All the puzzle pieces are remaining to be seen .......

I agree, boisestfan. This is going to be a well choreographed set of movements now. Poor Gene never saw it coming. Starting to make me nervous, even though I'm not a Gene fan.

Welcome John

Git er done


Responsibility for compliance now lies in the Prez office, not the Athletic Dept...

Smells like NC2A going to bang us. SOON. Ughhh...

what the !

Watch out for this guy if he's hanging around the football offices too much. a TCU grad.

compliance guy

The story will go like this ; Hey Coach Pete, Hi I'm the new compliance guy, Is it ok that I hang out here in the football offices and learn about you guys, oh by the way, tell me, any new plays this year you plan on for visiting teams. What you ask, did I go to TCU, well yes I did back when.

Next Ex-Employee for a fickle suitor.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!