Rammell: There will be blood

Fresh from his guilty plea to criminal contempt, perennial candidate Rex Rammell says "The federal government will fail. It is inevitable."

Rammell also reviews his July poaching conviction, which he is appealing.

Rammell, who spoke of the "White Horse Prophecy" during his 2010 gubernatorial race, wrote, "It has been prophesied that there will be 'blood in the streets.' Fathers will turn against their sons and sons will turn against their fathers. Mothers will turn against their daughters and daughters will turn against their mothers. People will be starving. Crime will become rampant. America will be on the verge of crumbling to pieces."

His opinion piece may again draw on the prophecy, attributed by some to Joseph Smith, that the Constitution of the United States would "hang by a thread" and be saved by elders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which Rammell is a member.

Rammell finished second in the 2010 race, and also has lost campaigns for the legislature and U.S. Senate.

He submitted his opinion piece to the Idaho Statesman and other papers, with his customary, "Thank you for running this article."

You're welcome, Rex. Here it is, in it's unedited entirety:

Blood in The Streets 

The federal government will fail.  It is inevitable.  There are too many people that expect the government to take care of them, that vote.  If you are receiving some kind of government check, you should be very nervous about the day when that check no longer shows up in the mail. What will you do?

It has been prophesied that there will be "blood in the streets." Fathers will turn against their sons and sons will turn against their fathers.  Mothers will turn against their daughters and daughters will turn against their mothers. People will be starving. Crime will become rampant. America will be on the verge of crumbling to pieces. Then a power will arise in the west holding up the Constitution as it was originally intended and the people of America will look to them for help. Then the reconstruction of America will commence, sadly however, after tremendous devastation.

Do you think scenario is not possible? Has you optimism blinded you to reality? I believe the prophesy will be fulfilled and in the very near future. If you also believe, you must join people like me who are doing everything in our power to prepare for that day. We must stand up against all efforts to destroy the sacred principles of the Constitution! That is why I fight so vehemently against the corruption in our government. Maybe you think only the federal government is corrupt. If you do, you have overlooked the corruption right here in Idaho. Heaven forbid you are charged with a crime as I recently was. However if you are, don’t be surprised when they try to intimidate you into pleading guilty to a reduced sentence, even though you are innocent.   And if you refuse and stand up and fight, don’t be surprised to find out that we no longer have a fair jury system.  The judge tells the jury what they can and cannot do and how they must vote.

In my recent trial, I was not allowed to bring forth my theory of defense, which is, according to Idaho law, that a mistake of fact disproves criminal intent and criminal intent or criminal negligence is a required element of every crime.  I was not allowed to bring forth any witnesses or exhibits, including my own testimony.

Not only was I not allowed to put on my defense, the Fish and Game officer falsely accused me of threatening to kill him in an attempt to disparage my reputation. When cross examined he obviously was not telling the truth, but what was most shocking was his “above the law” demeanor. I knew what he had done and so did he.  Unbelievably, he could have cared less and had no fear of anything being done about it. 

Judges preventing defenses from being made, judges telling juries how to vote, officers falsifying their reports and committing perjury under oath, and what do most people do?  Ridicule and mock those who stand up and fight, while turning away.

Most Americans are going to get exactly what they deserve and it won’t be long.

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Is he a candidate again?

If not, why do you feel the need to print his every rant?

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Rex 'Blight' Rammell

I can see Rex is adopting similar tactics to Warren Jeffs. I'm persecuted!!! Personally, his accusations are beyond believable. The courts not allowing the accused of defending themselves. Really Rex, do you believe the citizens are that stupid?

None of this is really

None of this is really happening, Rex. Like most of us, you are enraptured by the contents of your own mind, only more so. The whole world is against you Rex? Tell your therapist about it. Don't form a political movement on it.

Blood in the sheets

Rex is sounding more and more like Warren Jeffs every day.


Why are we wasting space on this nonsense?

We're here to show we have better nonsense.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Come on, Dan

Come on, Dan, don't waste online space on this guy. You're responding and feeding his narcisstic ego. Ignore him.

Rex, quit

screwing around with those lightweight misdemeanors. If you ever expect to get anywhere in Idaho politics, get out there and get some dui.s, cut some state timber, "take" someones truck and trailer without their permission, make some private tax deals at the Arid club. C'mon, get with it.

We Need to See It

When a nutter like this makes runs at public office, it is in our best interests to be able to hear his insane rhetoric. Hopefully, those of us who recognize his wingnuttery will be able to out-vote those who buy in to it.

And in a personal aside to Mr. Rammell, take a grammar and punctuation class, you ignorant bumpkin.

well, I'm convinced

Rammell for Governor!

I agree with Rex...there will be catastrophe...

But then John Connor will teach us how to beat the machines, Frodo will get that dang ring thrown into Mount Doom and Maureen McGovern will serenade us about the morning after.

(One good fantasy deserves another).

"He plays fast-forward just as long as he can but he don't give a damm he's a digital man." Neil Peart

"This Ming's a psycho"

Too obscure?

not for me

but I loved that movie. :)

"Flash! Flash! I love you! But we only have 47 seconds to save the Earth!"

"exactly what they deserve?"

When Rammell closes with, "Most Americans are going to get exactly what they deserve and it won’t be long," it sounds to me like he is very much expressing contempt for nearly everyone. I think most Americans have voted a little too often for politicians who hold them in contempt. Still, at least some of those politicos maintain the pretense of caring about the common folk. Rammell is pretty openly contemptful of the mases, the law, and government in general. Yeah, let's put this guy in charge and give him a chainsaw. Ok, maybe not. I do like the attempt to fulfill prophecy though. That tactic has been working so well for us in the middle east, we might as well try it at home. Why do people have so much love for "prophecies" that call for tremendouse death, destruction, and suffering? Oh wait, I figured it out; it's because they have contempt for humanity in their hearts.

You need to soften your rant by working the word nipple in.

Less chainsaws more love.

are you telling me

we can't say incu*bent but we can say nipple?

But it's not free love...

The server is Beavis and it can only get to first base.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Rammell Rant

The only part of Mr Rammells rant that makes sense is that when you look at the riots in Europe as benefits are cut or jobs reduced its for sure we will see some of the same here in larger cities as government state local and federal cut back on benefits and spending they no longer can afford. Blood in the streets perhaps, power outages and rock concerts in New York bring the same results. It would seem Mr Rammell is hinting he will be the messiah to rise up and restore order under a new order. Perhaps he has read Mein Kampf and since he displays paranoia and delusions he probably believes people will follow him and rise up. He is a dangerous fool who has not yet reached his full potential. We do have to worry about him since he did get votes in his bid for office but I dont see that adding up to crowds chanting Rex our savior. He has a right to rant to entertain us and the canary loves his writings to line the bottom of the bird cage where they belong.

Just keep the blood off my Doritos, ya freak!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


Do we not have a serious psychiatric institution in Idaho? Cannot an obvious case of mental illness be confined? Do we not hear of people who start incoherent ramblings later do stupid things?

Sorry, these are new days!

Previously he would become god/king or they'd quietly drag him off and he'd be 3 days on the news.

Remember the stadium built (with) union leadership?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

unfortunately all the whacked out psychos

get elected to all the republican seats .... It's only a matter of time before ole Rex is Governor.

Now We Know

Why Rammell's elk escaped. He was locked in the same corral.

The CORRECT quote:

There will be BLOOD, when they pry this pun from my cold dead hands!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

the sad part is

Rex is one of the more sane republicans in this state .... This state is full of mentally challenged republicans bordering on the the edge of 25 point IQs.


Maybe the new publisher of the Statesman can get Dan some work - cause this Rammell stuff is barely fodder for the birdcage...