Rammell pleads guility to misdemeanor, preserving his right to run for Idaho office

Bonneville County Prosecutor Bruce Pickett dropped a felony jury tampering charge against perennial candidate Rex Rammell on Wednesday, after he pleaded guilty to criminal contempt.

The Idaho Falls Post Register reported Thursday that Rammell was sentenced to nine months' probation and a $500 fine, with $250 suspended, by Judge Colin Luke. Luke granted a withheld judgment, meaning the conviction will be cleared from Rammell's record should he complete the terms of his sentence.

Rammell has run for the legislature, U.S. Senate, and most recently, governor. In May 2010, he finished second to GOP Gov. Butch Otter, losing by a 55 percent to 26 percent margin. A felony conviction would have prohibited Rammell from holding office until he completed the terms of his sentence.

Rammell, however, says he's concentrating on appealing the poaching conviction he received after allegedly tampering with jurors in April by handing potential jurors fliers from the Fully Informed Jury Association.

Rammell, a veterinarian and former elk rancher, was convicted in July of unlawful possession of wildlife for killing an elk in November in a different hunting zone that his tag allowed.

"There are issues in the case that I am still furious about," Rammell told the Post Register. "I think I can prove that I did not get a fair trial."

Rammell famously tangled with then-GOP Gov. Jim Risch in 2006, when Risch ordered the destruction of elk belonging to Rammell after animals escaped an enclosure.

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"I think I can prove that I

"I think I can prove that I did not get a fair trail." Typically, I would think this is a typo. However, after hearing Rammell's defense to the initial charge, I would not put it past him to appeal the results of his "trail".

Sorry, it WAS a typo

Thanks for pointing it out.

Dan Popkey



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L@@K, it's Spammerammel!


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

What a freakin' doof!!

This guy could fall in a pile of rose petals and come out smelling like stink!! He just can't keep his mouth shut when it would serve him well, he has a twisted view of reality (clearly) and he is a narcisstic crook...what more is there to say. The fact he even got a withheld judgement peeves me to no end!!


Rex is still a veterinarian? Seriously?? There are people who would entrust their beloved critters to this yo-yo?!!? I'm astounded.

Thank goodness. It wouldn't be an Idaho election without Rammel

on the ballot!

"Public Servant"

It's strangely hilarious that Rammell still fancies himself a viable politician.

If he were running for Dog Catcher, and his opponent was Michael Vick... Vick would get my vote! HAHAHAHAHA!

Mr. Otter

doesn't look so bad now, huh? Comparatively speaking that is.

He'll Fit Right In

with the rest of the ultra rightists in the upper Clearwater area of Idaho County. Remember Bo Gritz and his milita types?

Pay up or shut up

As we are in a crunch for money I think they should make those who go to trial and are found guilty pay for all the expenses incured for the trial. If he try's to fight it then once again when he loses that trial also he will have to pay up again and maybe then he will learn to keep his big mouth shut and his stupidity to himself.

Isn't it nice...

that he can plead GUILTY and get a misdemeanor charge instead of the original felony charge... that's very republican, don't you think?

Thank you for preserving our right...

to dust his butt on a ballot.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

FIJA Literature a Crime?

I'm not clear on how passing out literature from the Fully Informed Jury Association could be considered a crime. I know that prosecutors hate them, but a crime?

Dear Occupant:

Jurors are to be influence free to promote a fair and unbiased trial (perhaps Fox News has you puzzled)


Operators are not standing by (they are SITTING)