Idaho Democrats rip Labrador over debt vote, other 'flip flops'

The Idaho Democratic Party blasted 1st Congressional District Rep. Raul Labrador for opposing the last-minute bill to raise the federal debt ceiling and avert a potential government default.

In a news release today, the Democrats said it was the latest in a series of flip flops by the first-term House member.

Labrador was the sole member of the Idaho delegation to oppose the debt-ceiling deal, after supporting an earlier version that passed the House Friday. His no vote risked an unprecedented default, said Democrats, "that would have plunged us back into recession."

A programming note: Our editorial board will meet later this morning with Labrador — so I'll have more to say, either here or in my Thursday column, on Labrador's debt-ceiling votes.

Here's the Democrats' news release:

This week Congressman Raul Labrador voted to let America default on its debt for the first time in history, an act that would have plunged us back into recession. He has worked all week to find additional votes for the bill to ensure its passage and then turned around and voted against it.

This vote is consistent with his history of flip flopping. At a recent interview on Meet the Press, Representative Raúl Labrador falsely claimed he supports closing loopholes saying, "I am for getting rid of the loopholes."

In reality, House Republicans — including Raúl Labrador — have already repeatedly voted to protect loopholes and passed the Republican budget that would protect taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil and tax breaks for billionaires, while ending Medicare. Labrador and Republicans also voted to protect corporate loopholes for companies shipping jobs overseas.


• Labrador Voted to End Medicare. Raúl Labrador voted for the House Republican budget. "The plan would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans, as a program that directly pays those bills," wrote the Wall Street Journal. [H Con. Res. 34, Vote #277, 4/15/11; Wall Street Journal, 4/4/11]

• Labrador Prioritized Subsidies for Big Oil Over Education. On July 29, 2011, Raúl Labrador voted against directing a bipartisan committee tasked with reducing $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction created under Speaker Boehner's debt ceiling plan to prioritize cutting subsidies for major oil and gas companies and corporate aircraft before cutting funding for education. [S 627, Vote #676, 7/29/11]

• Labrador Voted to Protect Taxpayer Subsidies for Big Oil. Raúl Labrador voted to bypass consideration of the Big Oil Welfare Repeal Act of 2011 (H.R. 1689) which would repeal key taxpayer funded subsidies for oil and gas companies. [H Res 245, Vote #293, 5/5/11; The Hill, 5/4/11; CBS News, 5/4/11]

• Labrador Voted to Protect Taxpayer Subsidies to Oil Companies that Pollute. In March 2011, Raúl Labrador voted against "a motion to recommit the joint resolution to the Appropriations Committee with instructions that it be reported back immediately with an amendment that would prohibit any major integrated oil company from being eligible for any tax benefit or relief under related provisions of the tax code." [HJRes 44, Vote #153, 3/1/11]

• Labrador Voted Against Preventing The Government From Contracting With Companies that Ship Jobs Overseas. On January 25, 2011, Raúl Labrador voted against a motion that would have added language to a budget bill preventing the U.S. government from contracting with companies deemed to have outsourced American jobs. [H Res 38, Vote #19, 1/25/11].

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The Damage is Done

Labradoodle, his tea baggger colleauges, and their billionare sponsors have already wreaked considerable destruction upon the U.S. and world economy by holding the debt ceiling raise hostage to their greed mongering demands. The next few days and weeks will serve to illuminate just how much damage their ignorant gambit has caused as measured by the fall of the stock market, the demise of the dollar, and quite possibly a downgrade of the United States' AAA bond rating. These actions will serve the tea baggers' billionare sponsors who will surely profit under these circomstances. For the rest of us there is a considerable loss of investment income to wake up to, as well as a looming increase in interest rates and furthering tightening of credit. These interest rate increases will add more to the national debt than the meager savings agreed upon in the debt ceiling bill that the tea baggers held the nation hostage for. Sure, we have the best government that money can buy. Too bad you don't have enough money to buy your own representative.

"The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names"

...a Chinese proverb..

. Thank you! Why do these

Thank you! Why do these people think they are communicating with any intelligence when the cannot face the Tea Party on an adult level?

Their immaturity is more than vulgar in many instances and just plain childish in the rest.

If you do not agree with their politics at least learn how to spell the name of your adversary. It is spelled T.E.A P.A.R.T.Y. Use your spell check and you many not look so completely stupid.

If you only had any Idea how silly you appear

Well golly gee Raunchy... Can you esplain to us illitrits eggzackly what ya mean by "you many not look" as stupid as the Rancher that posted this?

What a hypocrite

And just how many times have you referred to other people and parties by vulgar a adulterated names? Just about every post as rancher tony grizzley and all the other names you use. You are such a little man!

Are Idaho democrat leaders that stupid?

Thank goodness for congressmen who understand what is happening. This vote will do nothing but slow down our spending over the next 10 years by about 2.5 trillion. Because of base line spending our debt will increase by 10 trillion over the same period! We are now faced with an increase of 7.5 trillion...less than 10 trillion but still unacceptable. If we do not cut and cut hard the 1930's will look good compared to what will happen in a few years from now. We need an adult in the white house, not someone who gives a birthday party for himself the day after the debt is raised. Oh, I guess Obama's billionares are not as greedy as the ones you despise.

Birthday Parties

It's against the constitution to celbrate your birthday on the day you were born.


because that worked so well back then?

"If we do not cut and cut hard the 1930's will look good compared to what will happen in a few years from now ..."

Me, I would much rather put Congress on short rations than lay off 4,000 FAA employees and 70,000+ contractors when increased employment is the most important thing the economy needs.


I agree with your comment.


PRIVATE EMPLOYMENT MUST BE ENCOURAGED TO GROW!! Yeah, let's save more federal jobs,that will get us going.
Look, becasue of the policies of this man in the oval office, companies are sitting on trillions of dollars! He has to reasure us he isn't going to tax us into the 75% brackets with more spending. If these "greedy" corporations can feel secure enough on expenses they drop unemployment down to 6% in 90 days. God, what is it you don't understand. Do you really want to be like Finland with a 87% tax rate?

Sorry, thought your post was a joke …

at first. Well, we're going to see the effects of the debt ceiling bill sooner than later. The argument has been not to tax job creators. But as the facts belied the assumptions, the argument shifted to "confidence" … a hazy rationalization that business doesn't create jobs without assured profits. Right. Only Republicans could conceive of risk-free investment as an argument for corporate tax breaks, subsidies, loopholes and "holidays", while decimating the driving force behind economic growth, job growth, revenue growth, prosperity and national security. And that would be a strong and vibrant middle class.

One word. Yes.

One word. Yes.

Can you spell Tea Party?

Can you spell Tea Party?

Debt Ceiling Vote

It is typical for the leftist to whine and cry about Labrador and the Tea Party about this vote. However, there were many more Dems (95) who voted against the bill than Repubs or Tea Party members/supporters. Where is your outrage at them? Anyone who has at least grade school math, at least those that passed, knows that the irresponsible spending by the left and Obama is taking this country to financial ruin. And before you say that more people should pay more taxes you should realize that taxing all those millionaires and billionaires 100% who not have covered half of Obama's deficit spending of this year, let alone pay for any debt reduction. Part of the problem is almost half the people in the country don't pay any income tax at all. If you are so worried about the country's bond rating you should look to the left to change their ways.


It's not just their leaders, some voted for them.

Raul is a smart guy

Old representative Labrador knows that all he has to do is get through the primary in Idaho to keep his job. Now that the Idaho primaries are closed he needs to appease the most extreme elements of the conservative movement. He basically had to vote against the bill or he would have been ousted in the primary. Raul no longer decides how he is supposed to vote.

smart guy

although you're trying to deride Labrador, your comment exposes the liberal thinking behind it. Why would "he have to decide how to vote"? -- He's not there to "decide" for anyone, he's only supposed to be there to represent the wishes of his constituents. As you put it the "extreme elements of the conserative movement" (and I wonder how extreme comes into it since a MAJORITY elected him) don't want a daddy figure in a nanny state with someone "deciding" for them. They can think for themselves and that's what's REALLY P-ing off and worrying all the progressives on both sides.


Maybe I don't want joe schmoe from 2C deciding the fiscal policy of the United States but I could be weird like that. I like to think that my Representative is more informed and better educated about the impact of a bill then the people they represent at home. But I guess in your world his vote should be decided by the polling numbers from his district. In your view Raul's only job is to phone home and be told whether to press the "yes" or "no" button.

And I’m not deriding Raul. He is just doing what he has to in order to keep his job. Integrity is not a requirement.

Represent the wishes of his constituents? Really?

Which constituents? There is no way he can represent the wishes of all his constituents. Lord knows, he doesn't often represent mine. His constituents aren't even aware of most of the votes he takes. Of course he has to decide how to vote. He has to make those decisions every day...sometimes with extensive input from constituents, sometimes with very little. It is his job to decide how to vote and it is our job to decide if he votes according to our wishes the majority of the time.

Yes, Labrador is a true politician....ride the fence and claim

vitory on both sides. Claim he got all kinds of things included in the bill because he negotiated with Boehner and then vote against it because it didn't go far enough.

Raul is keeping his promise...

He is keeping his promise to stand up to President Obama and Nancy Pelosi!!

Because Obama cannot be blamed

The economy is in bad shape, but it's because of W...Obama cannot be blamed.

The stimulus was supposed prevent unemployment from exceeding 8%. Since it's over 9%, it's the fault of greedy corporations sitting on cash...couldn't have anything to do with Obama.

HCR was supposed to drop insurance rates by $2500 per year. Mine just went up by $1200 per year. Must be greedy insurance execs since it's not possible to be Obama's fault.

Now that we've had TARP fail, Stimulus fail, QE1 and QE2 fail, rising oil and gas with inflation on the way, the left is positioning to blame the next 15 months financial woes on.....Obama? not on your, it's the fault of the Tea Party for TRYING TRYING TRYING to reign in spending which no leftist could possibly understand.

The debt will now increase from $14T to $21 in 10 years. Revenues will exceed $1T per year but that won't be enough spending ( not until we ALL get a gov't check of some kind ) to satisfy the left. They'll blame lack of taxes on the rich ( even though the "rich" pay 95% of the taxes now ).

Any why blame the rich and the republicans and W and insurance companies and greedy corporations? Because Obama cannot be blamed.

Question to the left: Who will you seek to tax when there are no "rich"[defined as income more than $200K per year]remaining?

Warning to the the non-rich: When the left says the rich are not paying their fair share, what they mean is that after the rich are no longer rich, they are coming after the rest of us.

I work for a rich man. Thankfully, he's rich enough to employ 400 of my fellow workers. I don't think any of my fellow workers have $100M lying around to reinvent our company.


-The economy started going downhill during the Bush Presidency.
-The housing bubble did not happen under Obama
-Tarp was Bush's bill
-Idaho has only implemented the minimum requirements of Obamacare and is still lagging on those
-it will take a very, very, very long time at much, much higher taxes for the wealthiest 2% to stop making over 200,000 grand a year. We didn't have a shortage of wealthy people in this country during the Clinton years. let the Bush tax cuts expire... All they do is help the rich get rich faster. The rich can keep getting richer at a slower pace as far as I'm concerned. They are still getting richer.

So like I said, can't blame Obama for ANYTHING. He's perfect. Just bad luck I guess that he happened to come into office and despite mustering all of his skills and 2 years of his own party controlling congress, it's only gotten worse. Bummer for him..and America.

FYI..if you taxed 100% of the income of EVERY American, we'd STILL have to borrow money to pay for all the spending. REVENUE is not the problem. SPENDING is the problem.

Revenue is part of the problem and Obama deserves blame

It was an incredibly unwise idea to go to war in two countries at once without raising taxes. Going to war in two countries and cutting taxes is insane.

Obama certainly deserves blame. He should have insisted in a much larger stimulus amount. He was warned by Paul Krugman that it wasn't enough and that he would not get a second chance. Krugman was right.

Obama certainly deserves blame. He should have fought harder for a single payer system in the health care overhaul. In the long run it would have been cheaper. The plan now is a windfall for the insurance companies.

Obama certainly deserves blame. He should have gone after all those involved in allowing torture in the name of the United States.

Obama certainly deserves blame. He should have shut down Gitmo and gotten us out of both wars and not let us get involved in Libia.

So Obama isn't perfect, but he's a world better than that mental midget, dry drunk, refused to take his flight physical, deer in the headlights on 9/11, chewing with his mouth open oaf we used to have in office.

Tax for the war

Maybe Obama could start charging the 50% of the population that pays NO federal tax. That would be a start. How about a 2% national sales tax?

How about those of you that think borrowing money from the left pocket and putting it into the right pocket is a good strategy start sending in more of your money NOW so my kids don't have pay that bill later. A larger stimulus would have only created a larger debt than we already have. Krugman's a moron who deserved his Nobel as much as some other recent winners who have done nothing. Keynesian economics FAIL.

I'm no interested in having you pay my health care cost and I do not want to pay for yours nor anyone else that I don't choose to pay. Unfortunately, the law requires hospitals to give care to those that refuse to pay for care ( yet have no problem paying for cell phones, tattoos and satellite TV. The social safety net created by bleeding heart leftists is and will bankrupt us all and then who will the single payer program get their $ from?

Since our enemies have no problem video-taping the beheading of our citizens, I have no problem with our country using whatever means necessary to extract information that leads to the saving of American lives. I wish we were feared more than we are. I don't know what the CIA's methods are and don't need to know. many people blamed the lack of intelligence after 9-11 and then we go to get it, that's criticized as well. I prefer to gain the intelligence and apologize when caught than to prosecute those ordered to get the intel. If a country doesn't want their citizens tortured by us, than they should STOP TRYING TO KILL US.

Not let us get involved in Libya? Is that W's fault too??? What's your address? I'll be happy to let gov't know you are interested in having GITMO prisoners relocated in your neighborhood.

I love how liberals like you always resort to demeaning W personally. Of course, if EVER someone demeans O personally, that's racism, even when it isn't. Obama's an American SOCIALIST...just as you are, I suspect. As Dennis Prager wrote, the only reason to be a democrat in these times is if you are a leftist or buy into the demonization of anyone that isn't leftist....or are employed by or dependent on the government. You write intelligently so I'm guessing you are simply a leftist.

Obama had Congress for 2 years and failed to do what he wanted. I'm sure that's W's fault too.

Perhaps you could convince O to continue to golf, fund-raise and send his family all over the world on a grand vacation just long enough to NOT screw up our country any more. Just another 18 months or so will do just fine.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha....

God this is funny...

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

you just have to laugh or you'll cry

He pretty much sums up what is wrong with the Right. He starts with an urban myth and goes straight into the kind of logic that will speed up our race to the bottom.

Can you fly a fighter Jet?

I thought we were going to lighten up on the name calling seevee? Nice of you to learn a lesson from the shooting of the Arizona congresswoman.

No, but shrub could

And he walked away from it without any consequences after we had spent millions of dollars training him. I have speculated in the past that he didn't want to have to pass a urine screen and that's why he quit. Has he ever answered why he quit?

Giffords was shot by a paranoid schizophrenic. I doubt my pointing out what shrub is has anything to do with the behavior of crazy people.

This is a blog. This is where people can rant and be politically incorrect. I can't help it if Bush is an idiot. At least I'm not calling for any second amendment remedies like Tea Party fav Sharron Angle.

plunge us into a recession?

What happened to the one we've been in?? We haven't gotten out of it, yet, and won't until we get some money to cover those raised debt ceilings... Get the tax system reformed to flat tax for an indisputable tax-sharing burden. Some people may argue that the wealthy already pay 60-something% of the total taxes, but that still isn't sharing the burden equally, because the wealthy control pretty close to 90% of the total wealth (income) of our society. Also, let's see Congress slash something more than needed social/health services. how about specialty programs that don't provide anything needed for survival at this time, their pensions & healthcare once they leave office... oh, and while they are in office, they should not receive anything more than what welfare recipients receive on their healthcare plans.

The reason Raul Labrador

"was the sole member of the Idaho delegation to oppose the debt-ceiling deal, after supporting an earlier version that passed the House Friday" is because that's what he was told to do.

He needs the support from the constituents back home and the RNC figured they would allow him to cast the no vote to garner more support for him back home. Welcome to classic sausage making 101.


Idaho has Democrats? When did that happen?

No, Idaho does not have...

...DemocratS (plural). It has a Democrat, singular. She is a grandmother in Hailey with access to a fax machine.


That's about right. I also hear she has cancer.

Keep Whining

I love listening to Democrats whine. Keep spinning your wheels, enough people in Idaho know how to balance their own checkbook that your efforts will never matter. Democrats will always fail here and they know it.
Now go run down to Hyde park to sip your glass of whine, er uh wine, put your birkenstocks up on the table and complain about the corporations man! Meanwhile the rest of us who stayed awake in 7th grade personal finance will continue to support Labrador getting serious about or debt crisis.

Stereotype much?


7th grade what?

Come to think of it, I never had a class in "personal finance," but have managed quite well, thanks.

Now, how exactly has Rep. Labrador's "getting serious" about whatever it is he's serous about had any measurable effect? He made the front page of the Boise paper by getting strokes from the Speaker... for rounding up a few votes to pass a Bill that everybody knew was DOA in the Senate.

With that symbolic "victory," the House was able to delay the conclusion of their extortion racket just a bit closer to the deadline.

That's "getting serious"?

How about Jobs

It would be nice but shocking to see or hear a Republican showing concern for the working class rather than feeding the needs of big business as Raul has done.THEY THINK OF THE WORKING CLASS ONLY AS A NECESSARY EVIL to treat with as little respect as possible.

They all campaigned on their ability to produce jobs as the reason to elect them, so let's start seeing the jobs.

Republican concern for the working class (yeah right)

What a joke that is. It reminds me of the clip in Moore's movie F911 when shrub is speaking at a dinner (the one where he jokes about looking behind the cutains for those darn weapons of mass what a hoot! I'm sure the war widows rolled on the floor after seeing that one) and he references the crowd as his base, "the haves, and the have mores." What a crack up that guy is.

Blogss like this give

Blogss like this give liberals a chance to vent. Serves a purpose I guess.

Labrador Voted to Protect Taxpayer Subsidies for Big Oil

Ending tax subsidies for oil companies would have increased government revenue. All bills that increase revenue have to originate in the Senate, not the house. So the two House resolutions cited above were completely bogus, other than for fodder for Dems to use against Republicans.

racism almost allowed this country to default

Congress has raised the debt ceiling about 40x over the last 30 years. 18x under Reagan, 9x under GHB, 6x under Clinton, 7x under GWB, but then again, they were all white presidents. This marks a very sad time in american politics when racism almost allowed this country to default. If racism is not to be blamed, then what was the hold up with raising the ceiling this time around?

The Obama dissenters are not racists anymore,

they are now refered to as terrorists. Please catch up.

To anyone who thinks that Congress has solved anything

please note the article in tonights edition showing a -512 point drop in the Dow. Yep we fixed it ok this time Raul; just how much money is there in that deal for his home state anyway, sure not much for Idaho - so there must be some for his homies or however you spell that crud the pigin speakers have come up with.

I hate to say it...

I hate to say it, but today's drop in the stock market looks like the beginning of the next recession. Most of us just see it as a continuation of the last one. Yes, I believe it relates to what I said in my earlier post and no, I hope that all I foresaw does not come true. If you find the term tea bagger offensive I am glad. It refers to not having the cajones to think for yourself. It also has something to do with the wrinkled up old white guys who are pushing this nonsense that is destroying this once great nation.

Lets re-elect the

O....things are much better now with his 'changes', than 4 years ago....

We need 4 more years of the O....I don't want to retire untire 96 anyway....also, I don't deserve any of the SS that I paid savings account shows I am very selfish and should give it back to govt....

This is all repubs and teas fault....increasing the debt and lowering the dollar has always created jobs and lowered un-employment....poor people hire more than rich folks....

Canada is north, and mexico is interprise is nowhere....

America is safe and solvent....Hire the O for 4 more years....

Ugly facts

Just how do you think we got out of the Great Depression? By cutting taxes? By paying CEOs more and workers less? What was it that turned it all around for us?

"How did we get out of the great depression"?

World War 2.


We went into huge debt to build up the war effort. It got the economy rolling. Deficit spending is the only proven way to get out of a recession. We need to focus on jobs growth and not deficit reduction; we can face that later when the economy is more healthy. Even Darth Cheney knew that, when he said that raygun proved deficits don't matter. We need to pour gas on the fire, and quit rearranging the rocks in the pit, hoping the fire will pick up on its own.