Boise State president says uniform decision came quick; read the agreement between Boise State and Mountain West

By Brian Murphy

Boise State president Bob Kustra said the decision to accept the Mountain West’s insistence that the Broncos not wear all-blue uniforms at Bronco Stadium was made quickly — and that it was influenced by the league’s membership at the time.

According to a provision in the March 7, 2011 agreement between the Mountain West and Boise State signed by commissioner Craig Thompson and Kustra: “beginning with the 2011-12 football season, at home conference games BSU shall not wear solid or predominantly blue pants with solid or predominantly blue jerseys and shall ensure that the uniforms include a non-insignificant amount of contrasting colors.”

Here’s how Kustra recalls the decision going down: “I was the one they asked originally whether or not we were willing to make an adjustment. I called (athletic director) Gene (Bleymaier). Gene gave it back to me and said it’s OK with us.

“… My recollection is that they did raise the issue of the blue turf and it was quickly dismissed. I laughed at that one.

“… The uniform thing was something that Gene and (football coach) Chris (Petersen) had to work out. We’ll see down the road how it all pans out.

“… One thing I think people have to understand is the Mountain West we were going to had TCU, BYU and the University of Utah sitting at the table. And when I first met with TCU’s, BYU’s and Utah’s presidents, it was a pretty inspiring moment. I knew I was sitting with the top dogs of that conference.

“When they come to you and give you a bottom line, a year ago, we didn’t have a lot of elbow room. There really wasn’t much give. If that same conversation were to take place this year, I’ll guarantee you we wouldn’t be talking about no blue uniforms on the blue turf unless somebody decides how to keep green uniforms off the turf in Fort Collins and any place else where there is such.

“People tend to forget it was a different context in which this decision had to be made and we had literally minutes in which to make it in. They were clearly doing their vote.”

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Well, we are top dog now

time to rewrite the rules BSU use some muscle. If we can host TCU we can pick out our own clothes.

top FROG trumps yo skankay-"topped" DAWG

don't be sad u can't wear BLUE,... Broncs can still be #2! (Frog got a new uniform for the smurfturf,... a purple that will dazzle yo sorryBroncass' back to Brotzland.) ALL HAIL DA BROTZ!!!!! BroTCUman LIVES!!! Who will step it up for that coveted BSU BrotzAward? Give it up (again) for da FROG! (positions, Boise,... blue meltdown INEVITABLE )

Nice try but . . .

I don't buy it. I've met a lot of TCU fans and I've never run into one with so little class. I'm thinking Vandal but you could be another form of Bronco-hater. In either case I'm calling BS.

Ω Well done

You have replied to last year's overall winner of the "leeming, moran, looser, idot of the year" award.

I agree...real TCU fans are much classier.

Even most Vanduls are much better.

No big deal

I don't think it is a very big deal. It is our players that are winning games not the uniforms. However it does make the MWC look a little stupid. Some of the teams are making excuses for loosing before they ever even play us. I was listening to a national broadcast the other day on the radio. Right in the middle of them discussing NFL teams this issue came up. They all thought it was pretty funny and really idiotic of the MWC to even ask for such a thing. Everyone agreed blue on blue is no different that green on green.

I know that Coach Pete does not like to run up the scores, but there is one team in the MWC (I'm sure you all know which one) I hope we run the score up as high as possible.

I agree with you Korp

It isn't a big deal and yes, it makes the MWC look bad, but so does them losing their top three teams (TCU, Utah and BYU)


Doesn't look nearly as stupid as blue on blue on blue on blue etc, etc...

all we need is BSU to lose one game early so we can skip all the silly national championship talk.

Read Between the Lines...

... and Kustra just admitted that the new MWC sucks compared to how it looked a year ago. It's something we all knew, already. But the fact that he said it in public... that's pretty significant.


Utah and BYU were on their way out, thats why they all the sudden decided to allow votes for BSU to join, they just played their cards close to their chest.

I am not a BSU fan, but I think this rule is the most retarded thing since Corky on "Life Goes On"

Thats pretty funny...

And tet, I couldnt agree more. Pat Hill said a few things about the Blue on Blue in the past and when the team went all Orange last fall against Fresno, played a complete football game. Well the last three quarters anyways.

I think Robb Akey said it

I think Robb Akey said it best when he said it wasn't the blue on blue that caused teams to not win.

However, I do believe it did make it hard for coaches to prep for the games in Boise, but isn't that what makes college football fun? Seeing how people strategize to defeat their foes on the grid iron?

The Broncos are short

The Broncos are short on tradition. We dont have prestigious fight songs (we stole ours), Oregon or USC cheer girls, Clemson's rock, Chief Osceola, Touchdown Jesus, biting bulldogs, Buffalos or Longhorns running on the fields, 12th man or a gator chomp. The Blue, as gimmicky as it is to outsiders, is what we got. We have a band that tries hard (thats cool) dance girls who dont train as hard as our athletic teams (see Fiesta Bowl II) and a mascot that finally got a makeover. And a couple of dogs who chase the tee after kickoff.

I guess, short term, this motivates the players. Long term, who knows. The Broncos have gotten speed at most positions whereas in the past just at the skilled spots. I think that helps winning as much as Blue unis.

Stop the whining and just......

pick from among the many uniform possibilities and then beat the crap out of every opponent who sets foot in Bronco Stadium. Nuff said.


I don't think I have heard anyone whine about this. I have just heard people make comments about how stupid this is. I guess BSU is #1 again. We are the first and only team that I know of from grade school up to the NFL that has a restriction on what colors they can wear.


Those blue uniforms against the blue turf were nothing but a form of camouflage. This was a good decision to remove an unfair advantage as the Broncos move into a bigger league.

Got Your Panties Bunched?

Guess you have never played football or been on a football field. The rule is you look in front of you not down on the ground. It doesn't help BSU to play Blue on Blue anymore that Hawaii, Oregon, or Michigan State, wearing their all green playing on a green field. Just an excuss for whining fan and some team that are afraid to play the Broncos. Grow up bozo.

Go to Kmart ya slaves and save yer junk already


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!


I can't believe this new rule has gotten that much of a rise out of people.


to change the turf to all orange.


Broncos don't always wear blue uniforms on the blue field, and they still manage to win ALL their games. Just an observation.

fact is, the Broncos

fact is, the Broncos outscore their opponents by a bigger margin in away games than at home.

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