Boise State, Georgia to wear Nike Pro Combat uniforms in season opener; Dan Hawkins joins ESPNU as game analyst

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State and Georgia football teams will wear 2011 Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms for their season opener Sept. 3 at the Georgia Dome.

This marks the second straight year that Boise State will wear the special Nike uniforms in a high-profile season opener. The Broncos and Virginia Tech wore 2010 Pro Combat uniforms last year.

Boise State also wore special Pro Combat uniforms in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas.

This year’s uniform designs haven’t been released. Images will be made available next month, according to a Nike spokeswoman.

Other schools participating this year include Army, LSU, Michigan State, Navy, Ohio State, Oregon and Stanford. Army and Navy will wear their uniforms for their annual showdown.

“We are thrilled that Boise State has once again been selected to wear the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms,” Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier said in the press release. “Our selection last year to wear the state-of-the-art uniforms against Virginia Tech created a lot of excitement for that game and we know this will do the same for our game against Georgia on Sept. 3 in Atlanta.”

Boise State sold last year’s Virginia Tech uniforms to fans, raising money for the football program. The school gave the bowl uniforms to the players as part of their bowl gift package.

Information from the press release follows:

The fully integrated uniform system, which the University of Oregon debuted during the (2011) BCS National Championship Game, incorporates the latest in performance innovation and design from the world’s most renowned athletic outfitter. The redesigned base layer facilitates the uniform’s overall innovation, delivering the ultimate in lightweight protection for maximum speed. Strategically placed seams, pads and cooling zones also help minimize distraction and optimize protective coverage.

“Nike takes pride in giving athletes an advantage by providing them with cutting edge innovation. The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniform delivers unparalleled on-field performance benefits while inspiring the team through each uniform’s unique design,” said Todd Van Horne, Nike’s Creative Director for Football. “It is a privilege to collaborate with the coaches and student-athletes to develop a look that’s truly distinctive to each university and their teams.”

While each school’s uniform delivers the same superior lightweight performance and protection, each will tell a different story through its design. Nike worked closely with each university to bring relevant elements of the school's rich heritage into a distinguished, modern uniform design. The uniforms capture each team’s unique character.


Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and quarterback commitment Nick Patti are at the Elite 11 quarterback finals, where Moore is a counselor and Patti is a competitor.

Here is a story from on the pair.

Barton Simmons of ranked Eagle High’s Tanner Mangum third and Patti fourth during Tuesday’s Elite 11 action. It was day two of a five-day event, which concludes with the naming of an MVP. The website listed Mangum first and Patti sixth on the first day.


ESPN announced its college football announcers for this season Wednesday.

The Saturday night ESPN crew, which likely will call the Boise State-Georgia game, is Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge and sideline reporter Holly Rowe.

Former Boise State and Colorado coach Dan Hawkins will serve as the analyst for ESPNU’s Saturday afternoon games. The play-by-play announcer is Pam Ward.

Hawkins won four WAC titles at Boise State, where he was the coach from 2001 to 2005, but was fired last year to end a rough tenure at Colorado.

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Why? They were so ugly.

I liked BSU's Nike Pro Combat uniforms/helmets

and I really liked the orange home uniforms they wore against Fresno

Nike tries too hard to be cutting edge

I think the designers up in Beaverton sometimes forget what they are doing, which is designing football uniforms for real use and not designing video games. Also, I never liked the all orange, IDoC jumpsuit, uniforms.


Nike's pro combat uniforms are designed for real use and are worn by real players playing in real games. You don't like them, others do. The all orange uniforms looked great on the Blue, but would be horrible on a natural field or regular colored turf. imo- the blue on blue is horrible, but that's just my opinion


Not nearly as ugly as some of the Oregon uniforms.


Initially I thought last years uniforms were unattractive too. However, after reading about the process behind their design along with the meanings of placement of symbols, etc I began to appreciate them. Also, I had the opportunity to attend the VT game and they looked much better in real life than in a photo or even on TV.

I will agree they weren't

I will agree they weren't the greatest...but when NIKE is willing to do something for the team free of charge who is to complain...GO BRONCOS....

I hope they are similar to the MAACO Bowl uniforms

I liked those better than the VT ones. Gray is not a primary Bronco color. Blue and Orange only please! Now if they take the big horse head and put it on both sides of the helmet, that would be great.


Nothing wrong with changing it up a little.

Bronco Stadium and Stueckle are grey

grey all day

I don't give a crap about uniforms, they don't play, students do


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Here's hoping that the helmets

are the 4 and or 5 star rated ones from the VT helmet test as reported a few days ago, not the old sloppy head bangers from years ago. Look good and play safe is the best answer. Go Bronco's.


Its always nice to see something different.

Nike Gear

White Helments anyone?

We're not BYU.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

last nights rant about Kellan from Mel Torme look alike

what a joke; Urban was not so bad but the other guy was a dpstick. Hawkins has to be better.

hawkins go away

gfo bulldogs

Danny Boy Takes a Knee

Anybody here seen our old coach Hawkins
Can you tell me where he's gone?
I think I saw him walking on over the hill
With Mahatma, Martin and Tom.


Don't forget the orange peoples.

The Change

is sweet. I love the Combat Uni's from the VT game. People will always voice/write their negative opinions when change occurs, so I am here to write my favor for it. People were upset when BSU went away from the cursive Broncos on the side of the helmet. Also, the younger generation loves know the kids that play the game. GO BRONCOS!

Maybe the Earth will implode.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

Hey, how d you think

our defense will hold up against georgia? awe never mind we have different outfits on! Is the game airing on TLC? This is the most girly thing I can imagne. Our biggest debate is if our outfits match...... What has corporate america done to the game?????


you really think it's girlie for BSU to be honored by Nike? Team uniforms and apparel are big business and they also provide teams with a unique identity/look. Would you rather have the Broncos wearing something manly like Carhartts and hard hats?

Here's the Nike Press release for last year's BSU Pro Combat uniforms:

Boise State University’s relentless drive to win has earned the Broncos a place among the country’s
football elite. Respect for the Broncos’ rise to prominence can be seen in rankings, recruiting, media
attention, and even, in their uniforms. This year, Boise State is one of 10 top college teams to don the
innovative Nike Pro Combat System of Dress. On Sept. 6, the Broncos will open their season against
Virginia Tech in uniforms that say, yes, we have arrived.
The Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress makes a statement in Silver Wing and vivid Game
Royal, echoing the famed blue turf of Bronco Stadium. Nike designers also drew inspiration from the
school’s mascot, noting a link between Boise State’s unpredictable style of play and the headstrong
nature of an untamed horse.
These insights show up throughout the uniform. A reflective, orange-eyed bronco-head logo is found
on the right shoulder of the jersey. The same logo wraps around the side of the chrome Game Royal
helmet, with the player’s number at the back lower right corner. Boise State’s incalculable style is
referenced in the asymmetrical placement of motifs throughout the uniform. The cuff of the left sleeve
is bound in orange. On the left knee rests a slanted block “B,” while “Broncos” appears on the side of
the right leg—both in reflective lettering that will shine under the lights of FedEx Field. Corresponding
gloves capture Boise State’s pride: The slogan “Bleed Blue” is used as a background pattern for a
bronco head that forms on the gloves when the palms face outward. “Bleed Blue,” a saying adopted by
the players, can also be found inside the back collar of the jersey. Footwear in Game Royal and Silver
Wing with orange-tipped studs completes the commanding ensemble.
A bold expression of Bronco bravado, the Boise State Nike Pro Combat System of Dress also delivers
significant performance benefits. The uniforms are 37 percent lighter than current designs, relieving
players of extra weight in a game that demands top speed. The four-way stretch twill fabric rapidly
sheds sweat and water, ensuring that even when wet, these uniforms are lighter than their standardissue
counterparts when completely dry. Dual-density foam padding provides critical protection and
greater mobility than traditional pads for unencombered speed. The Nike Pro Combat base layer allows
for specific pad placement to suit every position, providing a highly customized solution.
The game of football has evolved. Players are stronger and faster, collisions more forceful. For the
Boise State Broncos, the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress delivers unmatched lightweight protection
in a formidable head-to-toe package.

That was an aweful lot of effort

to back an opinion on an outfit....
But yup, I agree and hope the "outfits" are something stacey and clinton would approve of. Hey, I get that it is an "honor" and I accept that only programs in the national spotlight gt tinkered with like this but blue on the road and white at home would be fine with me forever.

simple copy & paste

no effort whatsoever. I had that press realease from last year on my hd


Watch out Lee Majors.

I think the issue beyond meaningless. Move on?


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!

hawkins retire oldtimer

retire with all the oltdtimers

oldtimers hawkins and then petey

so long oldtimers

Another former turd HC out of football...

...Koetter, last I head was OC for Jacksonville...???

Hawkins coached himself right out of coaching, thinking he could successfully guide a BCS program...

...why else would peterson not even try for the texas, florida or michigan jobs, to say nothing several other high profile jobs...answer is...he wants to stay in coaching...he knows the tuuth...that in Boise it's all smoke and mirrors and wac's and mwc's but zero substance!!

Might as well be ultra successful on a level below BCS standards than out think and out coach yourself like Koetter and Hawkins did...right out of football!!

Hee Haw...another laugher from Boise!!! Have fun in the superwac...12-1 and bowling in vegas...again in 11!!!

Rack me...been a long time since I rock and rolled...your world that is...Ive been to long Im glad to be back!!!

Rack me for now!!!!!!


remember when kelly had to have belotti come down and help him coach on the blue? Speaking of ole chip how is the ole cheater doing? Thnking of joining hawkins on the speaking tour?

It's a football team. You should try it.


Too literal? I'm sorry you feel I have a Literal Agenda!